Ubercircle is a software application for the web and mobile, designed to manage accounts in social networks, by providing the means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as analyze their results and engage with their community.

  • Our Dashboard will show you the detailed status report of your social media posts

The report is divided into 3,

  1. Succeed – The number of posts which are posted successfully on your social profiles using Ubercircle
  2. Failed – The number of posts which are failed to publish on your social profiles using Ubercircle
  3. Total – Total number of posts (Including Failed and Succeed)

ubercircle dashboard report

  • Account Manager – It will help you to connect your social profiles on Ubercircle. It is the first step you should do when you are logged in to ubercircle for the first time.

ubercircle account manager

  • Publish all – Once you had connected your social profiles you can use publish all to publish your posts on all social networks

ubercircle publish all

  • The Keyword Overview report gives you a detailed analysis of any given keyword you may want to analyze. This report will break down how much search volume keywords get for mobile and desktop devices over each time period of the year, and will even give you demographic information like the searcher’s age range.

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