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Top LinkedIn Guide To Follow

Top LinkedIn Guide To Follow

by Meghashree Das June 07, 2020
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LinkedIn is a popular social media platform that is used for Professional purposes. One may use the application for finding jobs, hiring employees, or even as a marketing platform for their companies. The application is also a channel that conducts content marketing as well as direct marketing.

Business owners no matter what size focus on uplifting their company. The LinkedIn banners, help these companies to attract and communicate with followers. They also help the company invite and follow others. This way the company can spread the word about their business, promote their brands, and uplift their values. They can also share their mission and vision to the public easily.

What is LinkedIn ?


Image source – Authority labs

The channel is one of the most popular social platforms. It is a user-friendly marketing application that helps especially when it comes to promoting your business through social media. The design is an amalgamation of Twitter and Facebook. The medium is made in such a way to help the company branch out into social platforms. It helps in understanding how to carry their business in a consumer-friendly manner. It also helps them focus on current trends

The LinkedIn platform focuses on giving the business an upper hand when it comes to marketing. This is why you need to remain cordial and official on the platform. Many companies base their hiring process on your social media.

Is it a responsible management for companies?

Research by EConsultancy stated that “LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites”. This is an important note to consider because the platform has peaked over popular social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many business owners need to understand the importance of using LinkedIn as a platform to rise in the market. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will increase engagement and traffic in your profile. This will inadvertently lead to your company being in the same league as some of the top competitors in the market. You need to understand the intricacies that go behind working and promoting the company profile.

How can you Optimize your LinkedIn account?

Social media is the best platform for marketing. The best platform for promoting your company is LinkedIn, we have established that. Next, let’s move on to how we can use the app to gain an upper hand over the competitors.

Competition in the market is inevitable. To gain an upper hand over other companies we must create a unique perspective. The company must focus on how to strategize and optimize so that the website may gain traffic.

The following are points to help you explore the most effective options for your account:

  1. Optimize Profile
  2. Befriend relevant groups
  3. Creating your page
  4. Publishing routinely
  5. Resharing relevant content

Optimizing profile:


Image source – Soul Creative

This process is simply upgrading your profile with the help of posts, images, texts, etc. Although it is similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn has some differences. You need to make your profile accessible.

You need to be honest about yourself and/or the company. You need to ensure that you do not make any grammar mistakes in description or profile. Make sure to proofread before publishing. When uploading an image or media, make sure it remains professional cordial. Focus on the content you are uploading. It is essential for your career enhancement.

Relevant LinkedIn groups:


Image source – The Interfaith Observer

Content marketing is only successful if you give people something in return. People need to be convinced that you have something of value to approach you. You can only spread your value by socially interacting with different groups or individuals. Although, it is up to them to decide whether or not they like your content. you can provide a convincing case.

LinkedIn shares the same feature as Facebook. You can easily approach peers and groups. In order to learn better about LinkedIn Groups refer to this – ultimate guide on LinkedIn groups.

Promote yourself by prodding and answering questions of communities. Give them a reason to follow you. An Alternate scenario would be, to allow the platform to help you discover groups based on your skills and interests. Your main focus must be to branching out as much as possible to gain traction.

Creating your page:


Image source – LinkedIn Business

A company needs to market itself on platforms. LinkedIn allows you to engage with the world and different communities’ behalf of the business. You can attract different companies to visit your profile simply based on your page features.

The platform is not image-centric, but it is important to focus on what your company represents

Keep a look at the cover photo:

The LinkedIn cover photo is essential in designing your page. Many online designing tools help you create the best banners within no time. One such tool is the BannerSnack. It helps you create a LinkedIn banner under a few minutes with minimal effort. Your page will end up looking professional and attractive.

Moreover, the designing tool will help you access different templates. You can choose the best template that will help you gain attention. Your banner is also a representation of your visual identity. The LinkedIn banner size is set at 1584 pixels x 396 pixels.

This is for the cover photo. For the profile image, the resolution is set at 400 pixelsx400 pixels. It is important to note that the feature does not apply if you are using the BannerSnack. The app has already built templates. You need not worry about resizing the templates.

Publishing Routinely:

Consistency is the secret behind successful marketing. Especially on platforms such as LinkedIn, it is important to consistently upload content. You need to put into a working plan that helps you strategize content marketing cases and much more. You need to focus on noting down ideas and creating a schedule that helps attract people. Your content must be interesting enough to invite people back to your feed.

Tips for better engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing is better for engagement than any other social platform. You must focus on consistently posting content.

Here are some tips that you follow to increase engagement:

Allot a budget for social media marketing. LinkedIn features sponsored posts. If you are a beginner and you want your account to gain more attention you can spend some money on advertisement. This way your feed shows up on many people’s timelines. It also helps you to branch out to as many people as you want. You can focus on your company’s growth while easily managing marketing.

What are the basics to know?

LinkedIn Basics

Image source – ArcStone

A LinkedIn article should not be shorter than 300 words. Although you may go over 100 words it is important to vividly describe your company. The LinkedIn post must be a representation of what you stand for or what you stand for. When you put in a content less than 300 words, people may question your integrity.

The platform is for marketing, so you need to sell what you represent. Ensure that you creatively use your platform. People must focus on what you’re attempting to portray. You do not want them to be easily distracted away from your post.

Resharing relevant content:

If you have an article, a blog, or a guide that did well on your website it is recommended that you reshare it. When your account is losing traffic, you can always repurpose content so that people may engage with the post again. You can also use it to promote your company on other social media channels.

Curiosity is the key

This will spark curiosity and people want to visit your website. LinkedIn as a marketing platform has already proven its efficiency in this regard. An alternative to republish your content would be to rewrite and adapt. You can also publish highlights of the best parts. This will help pique the audience’s interest. You can also provide links to the original content.

Hack by larger engagement ratio

Engagement of content is one of the best marketing tools available. You can focus on creating traffic on your post from time to time by reusing your best content in different contexts.

A guide to creating a visually pleasing account on LinkedIn

As mentioned, the platform is not image-centric, but it is a place where the smallest details hold a lot of value. Your LinkedIn account background photo, personal profile photo, banner, and other images help employers or clients an understanding of what you represent. These are cues to help outsiders gain a better perspective on your values and morals.

You can be more laid back on other social platforms, but LinkedIn is one such site where the focus is on how you present yourself. These are things you need to keep in mind when selecting a picture for the following types of photos,

Personal Photo:

When selecting a LinkedIn profile picture, you need to have an essence of professionalism in the photo. This conveys to the viewer that you are serious about how you want to be viewed by others. Headshots are more preferable than body shots. It creates a personalized touch and the person will feel more welcome. Dress professionally as though you may be going to an interview.  Keep in mind the image resolution for your profile picture 400 by 400, before uploading or working on a picture.

Background photo:

If you have a personal LinkedIn account, one where you use to promote yourself then these are the things to keep in mind:

Use an image that may be personally significant to you.

An alternative to this would be to use a LinkedIn image generator. You can put in the image of a field of flowers, whatever may befit you.


Image source – AvidCareerist

Use the appropriate resolution for the background image, 1584 by 396 pixels. Use an image without text for easier results.

The opinions on what you need to choose as a cover photo may vary. It is highly recommended that you select an image that conveys professionalism. Even a plain background may seem ideal. You do not want visitors to your profile to focus on your background as opposed to the actual content.

Logo and Cover Image:

LinkedIn business profiles differ slightly from personal profiles on the website. The company focus on incorporating their company logos into the banner and so on. The banner size for a LinkedIn business page has a different resolution than the one on the personal page. A LinkedIn banner size for an official page is 1536 by 768 pixels. It is subtle but important nonetheless for the company to upload a befitting cover.

Company Cover Photo:

LinkedIn business profiles are different from the personal profile pictures uploaded on private accounts. Businesses tend to incorporate company logos into LinkedIn banners.

Personalized pages do not incorporate logos and such in their pages. Since the latter is used to promote business. They need to focus on incorporating their logos to increase recognition.

The LinkedIn banner size for business is different than the LinkedIn cover photo size on a personal account. The resolution of a LinkedIn banner size for a business page is 1400×425.

Life Tab Images:

The overview tab in LinkedIn’s life tab displays aspects that are tailored to the company’s culture. This helps them target a specific audience to promote their brand. This also becomes part of their brand identity. The life tab icon also has an option to upload a cover photo. The cover photo should be something that represents the resolution of this cover photo is 360×120 pixels. The focus of the tab must be what your company represents since marketing is your goal.

Example of top LinkedIn profiles

Alan O’Rourke


Image source – komarketing

Top features of Alan’s profile are:

  1. Cover photo displays his company.
  2. Third party references, and the featured images, stand out very prominent.
  3. Bulleted and concise summaries


LinkedIn is one of the best social media channels that has delivered the best results in marketing. The low popularity of the platform has resulted in negligence in its efficiency. Marketers don’t usually prefer the platform as a tool for promoting their company. Many popular professionals and companies use the platform to socialize and share their skills. You can also publish your CV and other information to gain popularity.

It surely matters for the size you are implementing

For an average marketer, LinkedIn has delivered unexpected results. The results triumph over other applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The LinkedIn image posts focus on helping companies and individuals in their marketing process.

The site evolves and adapts according to the likings of the audience.

The platform continues to focus on giving a personalized and customizable option to new accounts, personal or business. This is why you need to optimize in order the make the most use out of it. The best strategies have been implemented through this platform. This has helped companies to focus on aspects apart from marketing.

Many people rely on LinkedIn to enhance their careers. The rules governing their marketing are often beneficial and efficient to those seeking to create a name for themselves.

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