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Twitter with most followers: Your 2020 Guide

Twitter with most followers: Your 2020 Guide

by Meghashree Das April 10, 2020
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Twitter with most followers

Today we see people keep boasting about their online influence and the number of followers they have. Today our lives revolve around our existence and influence over social media. People showing such behavior behave in such a manner to seek Social validation.

Social validation and the need for approval are a few rising issues in our new generation. Social media has become so important to us due to this need for approval from others.

Social media are social networking platforms where individuals share their opinions or posts they find interesting. It allows you to keep in contact with your loved ones across the globe. It can be used to increase your fan following if used appropriately.

Twitter with most followers is a social branding

Twitter is a powerful social media and networking tool and a search engine based site where you can find anything that is trending on the web. Want to know what your favorite celebrity on his Friday night? Well, hook onto Twitter and get the updates because there will be a ton of retweets on that matter.

And this also includes the business or the brand which needs marketing to their name. If you are thinking about Twitter, then you are taking a good leap since you can make a considerable investment for your brand if you want. There is a lot of business that is marketed on Twitter, and they have practically gained their investors from the said platform. Twitter is not a hoax.

Understanding the concept of most followers on Twitter

Twitter is a platform that lets the public connect with their celebrities, get updated news happening all over the world. It can also be used for marketing or a platform for one’s creative expression. There are 330 million monthly active users using twitter

There are some accounts with a huge number of followers; these people are mainly celebrities, politicians or motivational speakers.

and then sell them to your audience that you have.

Ways to use Twitter to get more followers!

Here are some of the best ways you can use for Twitter to market your follower count right now. Let us know them all, step by step.

  1. Make sure that you have chosen an appropriate username according to your follower count. Your username will matter a lot here. If you don’t have the right username, then people will think that your account is fake and you are trying to dupe them.
  2. Create a profile that is centered on just your follower count. Make sure that you are only talking about your market on Twitter. Don’t take up the political issues and then retweet them. You need to market your follower count name, not fall into controversies that are not even related to you.
  3. Become a good listener and observer as to how the other follower counts are doing in the market. If you become a good listener and even a reasonable observer, then you can remake your profile accordingly. Don’t try to mirror them out or you will fall into copyright issues.
  4. Interact and respond to your client. Always try to find out what they want from you. If you are listening to your client, then you will make an excellent follower count name for you. Understand what your audience wants to see from you. Ask them questions and get a Q/A round from them.
  5. Tweet often about your follower count name to be out there in public. If people do not know about your follower count, then they will never get the gist to what you are trying to market.

Here are names of people on twitter with most followers:

In the list of twitter with most followers is-Barack Obama:

Barack Obama former 44th president of USA is on twitter with most followers with an audience as large as 113.3 million.

In 2019 his account was over the headlines for his heartfelt positive message for the New Year.

After Trump, the 45th president of the USA took over the Whitehouse Obama tweets about his personal life. He posts about The Obama Care foundations progress. He also keeps sharing his opinions with balanced and witty tweets. He posts about interesting activities and his family.

In the list of twitter with most followers is-Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer discovered at the age of thirteen through YouTube. His first hit “Baby” made him a star overnight selling more than 150 million records.

He is among the 7th most influential men on Twitter. He is followed by Iggy Azaela,

Jaden Smith and other music artists.  Justin doesn’t post much on twitter besides any

In the list of twitter with most followers is-Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an American pop singer with a 20-year-old successful musical career. We all saw Katy’s music and she grows from a teenage dream to a Roar.

She has around 108.5 million followers and is the most influential woman on Twitter.

Katy uses twitter to express her opinions, thoughts, and feelings on a variety of topics. Along with her bold expression of herself she posts updates about her career. She has limited promotional posts and focuses more on engaging with the audience.

In the list of twitter with most followers is-Rihanna:

Rihanna is yet another pop singer known for her soulful powerful vocals.

Along with being a successful singer Rihanna is also an entrepreneur. She has launched her makeup line “Fenty” in the beauty industry. Along with a successful lingerie company. Her companies in both fields are doing wonders.

She has around 96 million followers. Rihanna was in the news during Trump’s rallies and campaigns while he ran for the 45th presidential elections. She had criticized him and his supporters for using her music for their campaigns which she didn’t appreciate.

Rihanna posts a lot of promotional posts. Along with these she also expresses her political views and gives shout outs.

Rihanna is known for her savage, bold and sassy comments.

In the list of twitter with most followers is-Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift is a 29-year-old famous pop star. She has around 85.8 million followers. She found fame after her first drop, back in 2009 and since has grown to become the most influential artist on twitter. We have seen her grow from romantic songs “love story” too controversial, deep hits “look what you made me do”.

Taylor is more focused on delivering hits then promoting them. She barely posts on twitter yet is the 5th person on the twitter with most followers list

In the list of twitter with most followers is-Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo is a name almost every child or a football lover knows. He is the lead of the Portugal national team. He is also a member of esteemed football clubs Juventus, Real Madrid, and MU.

Ronaldo has around 82.8 million followers being the only athlete on twitter with most followers list.

He is followed by other famous celebs like Usain Bolt, Lil Wayne. He is known to be the 4th most influential men on twitter.

He posts a picture of his family, adventurous pictures and seems to be pretty active here.

In the list of twitter with most followers is-Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is a singer and actor with a successful 20-year-old music career. She has won 9 Grammy awards.

She is the 3rd most influential woman on twitter with most followers list. With followers like David Guetta, Miley Cyrus, and other celebrities. She has around 80.9 million followers.

All of her fans went Gaga over her acting debut in 2019 in the movie

‘A star is born”. She won a BAFTA, Golden Globe, Academy Award and the Grammy award all for her first movie.

She usually makes use of twitter to post about born this way foundation, her music, and acting career.

There are other honorable mentions in Twitter with most followers list are:

  • Selena with 60.1 million followers

  • Twitter with 57.3 million followers

  • CNN with 56.6 million followers

  • Britany spears with 56.1 million followers

  • Modi with 53.3 million followers

  • Shakira with 51.8 million followers

  • Jimmy Fallon with 51.9M Followers

  • Donald J. Trump with 76.4M Followers

  • Dwayne Johnson with 14.4M Followers

All of these people are huge influencers and influence a large audience. They influence not only their opinions but also influence their market demand.

Ways to increase followers:

Be consistent with Twitter with most followers

No matter which platform but being regular and consistent with your posts is important. As when the audience observes consistency in your content they find you to be reliable. It creates a feeling of trust as a feeling of uncertainty is no more present.

Make a plan with a consistent schedule and pattern.

Visual content helps with Twitter with most followers

When it comes to the question- which is better text or video content? Video content is the obvious answer.

According to reports and analysis, visual posts are 4 times more likely to be liked and shared than text posts.

People are easily attracted to videos, images, and gifs. Long texts tend to appear boring that sometimes people lose interest mid-post. Good and interesting videos and GIF’s are one of the important elements for increasing followers.

Post on specific active timings

Check analysis reports on twitter to first know when your audience is the most active. If you are posting your content whenever you want will be like shooting in the dark. No matter how good and attractive your content is if it’s received at the right time.

With thorough research find out the exact time and date when users are active. Once you understand your audience and their patterns post your content when your post will be received by a large audience. This will also lead to an increase in account recognition attracting more followers.

Post frequent for Twitter with most followers

Post frequently now and then. Post on topics you think need some discussion or on which you want to express your views.

But this doesn’t mean you tweet about everything every minute of the day. It shouldn’t be too little but also not too much. Maintain a good balance to post when appropriate.

Make appropriate use of hashtags

Hashtags will be the best tool you can make use of to increase followers.

Appropriate use of Hashtags brings a large number of users to your page.

By taking the help of Twitter Analysis you can find out the most trending hashtags. Try and make use of these hashtags as this will increase traffic on your account drastically. But it’s important to use this tool moderately. Do not use hashtags that have no relevance to your content at all this will frustrate users. Even if they like your content they will not follow you as they won’t be able to form that trust with you.

Engage with the audience to induce Twitter with most followers

Engaging with your audience is the most important factor required for increasing followers. The more you engage with your audience the more they connect with you. Thus forming a bond with you.

Engage with them through comments, liking their posts, retweets, tagging or shout outs.

It’s fairly easy to gain new followers but the real work goes into maintaining them.

Stay away from controversial topics

One mistake that a lot of people tend to make is to indulge in controversial topics. Stay out of any negative topic or support any such cause.

Avoid making politically incorrect statements. Always try and give a positive perspective. Use such a huge platform to spread awareness.

Some additional tips are:

  • Attractive profile
  • Attract traffic from other platforms
  • Interesting bio
  • Pin favorable twits
  • Tag others


Twitter is a great platform for self-expression. This site is not only entertaining but also educates us. It keeps us updated and spreads awareness on a large scale.

According to twitter analysis, we can see that those accounts twitter with most followers mainly belong to the artist. Twitter accounts with most followers consist of politicians, singers, and actors.

If you have to manage too many social accounts try Ubercircle it will help you to save time and money in the long run by providing amazing tools to schedule, publish, Analyze and engage with your audience. Run your social accounts in autopilot today!

Using hashtags, engaging with the audience, retweeting, and attractive profile and avoiding politically incorrect statements. These are a few tips to increase your twitter followers.

It’s important to make good and proper use of twitter to convey your message to the world.

Who has the most followers on twitter 2020?

As of December 2019, former U.S. President Barack Obama's account was followed by over 110 million people. Second-ranked singer Katy Perry's account @katyperry had 108.3 million followers.

What is the most retweeted tweet?

The most retweeted tweet of all time is Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, promising money to 100 people

What was the most liked tweet ever?

former President Barack Obama, had a response that resonated with millions. Last night, this tweet from Obama became the most-liked tweet on the platform ever, with more than 3 million likes at the time of writing.

Who tweets the most?

As Twitter celebrates its 10th birthday today, @VENETHIS will send approximately his 37,771,000th tweet. He's by far the service's most prolific user, according to Twitter Counter, a statistics and analytics service powered by Twitter that tracks the accounts with the most tweets.

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