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Twitter marketing – Boost sales and grow your business

Twitter marketing – Boost sales and grow your business

by Meghashree Das August 10, 2020
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Twitter Marketing Featured

Twitter is a place where everything from being public, brands can be reached out for directly than any other platform. Twitter marketing has witnessed exponential user growth every year.  With almost 320M users, twitter stands as the most interesting social media platforms active for all business

It is very easy to put promote brands on twitter with Twitter marketing tactics, when you use the correct hashtags. Unlike other social media platforms where there is an involvement of the third party, Twitter marketing works on direct linking and tagging.

This means Twitter can be utilized to share with anyone publicly the information about you’re a certain brand, if they master the platform. Thus, Twitter marketing becomes a great to grow and promote a business, whether experienced or a start-up.

Social commerce through twitter marketing

With social commerce, it is easier to shop, with few clicks and taps rather than traditional webstore or physical stores, on twitter platforms. The efficiency of twitter commerce purchase journey is far more than what it seems to be.

To be specific with the math, if one has a social media like twitter store, where you get 10,000 visitors to the site. Out of them, almost 25% give you their email, 5% respond to your email by opening them, and 2-3% end up buying something through it.

This game of ending up with 1 buyer over 10,000 can be changed through various social commerce models, and twitter offers its promotion tools to do the same with twitter marketing.

What difference does twitter make to marketing?

Twitter handles are the best promotion points for any business, and twitter marketing an essential tool to sell products. Now there are many ways, how twitter can be used to market your business, including promotions and sponsorships.

With the help of twitter hashtags and tweets, fans can “like” the business, brand, celebrity, cause, or organization, masses can be reached. In this article you will find, tips for successful twitter marketing strategies, and what attracts the customers and enhances marketing.

twitter marketing

Image source – Business 2 community

No matter if your business has had visibility for years or is getting started, this guide will help you with all. Twitters powerful tools cater to the business that wants to form an authentic relationship with their audience. It permits marketers to create and distribute very helpful quality content.

8 powerful tips for twitter marketing

As you start warming up to make your traffic significant, some steps will work for you if you follow, resulting in a larger audience.

When a customer looks at your twitter profile, they should realize that it is you. This means on twitter you have the power to customize and brand your twitter profile automatically to be known.

This can be achieved from anything relating to logos, color, and any other recognizable and significant details you want to incorporate.

  • Customize your profile

twitter marketing

Image source – Triella

    • Handle
      Your twitter handle is your username, which is written as @yourname.  It should include your company names, so your followers or potential customers, fans can easily find it. You can create your twitter handle when you sign up for an account.
    • Header
      As shown as number 4 in the image.
      The header on the twitter profile, works as a background image. You might choose to create an authentic image for your header, use your logo, or another branded image.
    • Profile picture
      As shown as number 2 in the image.
      The twitter profile picture represents the company’s interaction mode, post, and tweets on the platform. It is an image that is uploaded above your bio and be anything from a logo to the company’s initials.
    • Bio
      As shown above number 6 in the image.
      A twitter bio initiates a small synopsis to whoever visits your bio, which is about 160 characters or less. This can include your company’s mission tag line or statement, a summary about the company, or something humorous or engaging
    • Website URL
      As shown as in the image as number 6.
      Beneath the profile picture and bio, there is a location where you can include your URL to direct traffic light straight to the website.
    • Creating twitter lists
      A twitter list is something that every user can create and view. It is an organized group of twitter accounts you can select and put together in specific categories. For instance, lists in sites like HubSpot comprise leadership, marketing and business podcast, and more.
      When you operate on twitter, you only see tweets posted by the accounts on the list. Twitter lists are amazing if you want to follow only selected accounts. One can segment lists into groups such as business, competitors, and target audience as a part of twitter marketing.
  • Implement hashtags

Tweets with a hashtag receive two-times as much engagement as tweets otherwise, which is a proven fact! A Twitter marketing campaign is incomplete without any hashtags. Hence adding hashtags to tweets is a great way of expanding your influence on twitter.


twitter marketing

Image source – Agorapulse

  1. Make hostages that are unique to your business so your followers and target audience can easily find you and the content.
  2. Make relevant and memorable hashtags for other groups of tweets like the ones related to a specific campaign your running.
  3. Using Twitter analytics can be equally important to review the most successful hashtags so you can ensure their use in the coming times.
  4. Never overuse the hashtags in the name of twitter marketing, as it may feel and look spammy to the audience. Again, tweets with more than two hashtags can decrease 17% of audience engagement than those with one or two hashtags.
  • Organize a Twitter chat for better twitter marketing

Have you heard about twitter chat, as an essential part of twitter marketing? If not then here is what you need to know. You can schedule and host a twitter chat for your followers and customers, based on a topic.

Image source – Talk tech with me

You can share this information with your followers in a tweet on the website in your bio, and everywhere else as per traffic. For everyone who wishes to participate in twitter chat should be able to view all the responses, questions, and comments relating to the topic.

These responses should be visible by searching your unique hashtags, as well as sharing their comments and thoughts adding to the hashtags as their tweets. In this manner of twitter marketing, chats promote interaction and customer engagements on your profile, which gets people talking about the brand.

  • Twitter marketing through advertising

Advertising through twitter is an amazing way to reach out to your audience. This will make the tweets easily available and discoverable by many people, which helps in increasing traffic and following. This can be done via, promoted tweets or twitter ads.

Image source – Web walk

Promoted tweets make your tweets appear in the twitter streams or twitter search results of selected users. In this manner, anyone looking to get more people on a specific webpage can find some. Your business will have to pay a monthly amount as long as the promotion continues.

Twitter ads, on the other hand, is an amazing alternative, if you are planning to use different types of tweets to achieve one goal for your business. It is amazing if you are looking to grow your following base of followers and brand awareness significantly through the platform.

  • Bring traffic to your website

Twitter marketing helps a lot in generating traffic to your website, there are several ways to include a website URL on to your profile as well as add links to your webpages and blogs in the tweets.  Here is how you can use to divert traffic to your website.

  1. add your website URL beneath your bio on the twitter profile
  2. include links to your website in your tweets.
  3. Retweet any content to your website that includes direct links to your website or blogs.
  4. Embed tweets on the website with a twitter timeline.
  5. Set up advertisements to generate users to a specific landing page on your site.
  6. Make use of twitter moments

Twitter has a collection of tactics they can be used to implement successful twitter marketing campaigns, one such tool is twitter moments. Twitter Moments is a collection of tweets about a specific topic or event.

Image source – Megic Byte solutions

They are like a “best of” collection of tweets relating to the topic of your choice. For instance, twitter moment’s section includes “today”, or “news”, “entertainment”, and more. Similarly, you can also create your twitter moments for your followers to view in profile.

You can organize your twitter moments into chunks or groups of tweets to help you market your business events and campaigns or related industry news. This helps immensely into twitter marketing tactics and improving business performance. In any form promoting your brand in friendly ways brings growth.

  • Get verified on twitter

You can apply to make get your twitter profile verified depending on the size of the company and industry you are into. Twitter proclaims they only accept requests for accounts verification if you are in, music, fashion, politics, government, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other fields of interest.

Image source – SproutSocial

If twitter accepts your request and verifies your profile, a badge with a blue ticker checkmark will appear next to your handle name. This symbolizes an original verified account. Being verified, customers believe in your product much easier and this is beneficial for twitter marketing.

  • Build your followers base

The stronger customer base you have, the better for your brand. On twitter, you get better chances of improving brand awareness and direct more traffic onto your website when you build your follower count on twitter.

This can be done by ensuring that your content is shareable, hashtags are unique, linked with influencers, links your twitter on your profile, and more. Interacting with your current followers can also be an option, and retweeting their content, so they are more likely to do the same.

  • Use influential CTAs

The complete idea behind twitter marketing is to bring sales, generate leads, boost clicks and increase the download numbers. Creating post for such purposely is good, however CTAs is the quickest help.

Some common CTAs used on twitter are like, follow us, visit our site, shop our sales, download here, learn more, etc.  More attractive CTAs that do the trick is “shop now” or using the word “free” where ever possible, as freebies are loved by everyone.


Marketing is the art and science of exploration, creation, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Hence your marketing tactics speaks a lot about your brand value and authenticity.

The marketing trends today have shown that every virtual-reality today influences a man’s daily life, and that’s how marketing statics uses various methods to influence every purchase that you have. Twitter marketing has emerged out to be one of the greatest platforms, where brand promotions are made easier and reaching an audience simpler.


Is Twitter good for marketing?

Twitter is a place where users share fleeting opinions and disseminate timely news and memes. From a marketing standpoint, Twitter's social ecosystem enables business owners to listen to consumer opinion and leverage that information to create relevant and engaging content for their audience.

Can you follow someone on Twitter without them knowing?

Method two involves private Twitter lists. Lists allows you to get updates from one or more Twitter users without having to follow them. They don't get notified by email and as long as the list is private their inclusion will never be publicised.

How do you market on Twitter for free?

4 easy and free ways to market on Twitter are: 1) Offer a 'Twixclusive' A “Twixclusive“ is an offer that is available exclusively on Twitter. 2) Run a 'Flock to Unlock' Campaign. 3) Generate Interest in New Product Launch. 4) Promote Events.

What should my first tweet be?

Introduce yourself by sending your first tweet It's not going to be anything earth-shattering, and you won't have any followers (yet) to see it, but it will let people know you are a real person or business and not a robot or spammer. Make the tweet something simple; your introduction to the Twitter world.


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