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How to start your Twitter live – A complete Guide for 2020

How to start your Twitter live – A complete Guide for 2020

by Meghashree Das June 29, 2020
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By starting your Twitter live, users can share audio and videos through their devices in real-time. This means you can create a stream to share audio and video content with your followers. The audio or video is are also available for you to replay.

With this tool, Twitter has helped social media marketers make a stronger connection with their followers. After all, a live video is much more gripping than a virtual sentence. It’s a great way to engage viewers and promote events while they’re happening.

Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made social media a common part of daily life. This has helped digital marketer’s level up their tactics by going live and connecting with people more often.

Twitter Live

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Fortunately, to cure the woes of social distancing, twitter has updated the Twitter live stream feature. This allows users to go live directly from twitter, without having to download Periscope. It also allows you to add audio guests to your live stream before actually broadcasting.

By dint of this, you can now connect with followers conveniently while backing the social distancing protocol.

How to go start your Twitter live?

Twitter allows users to choose the way they want to stream. This means you can choose to go live with only audio content, or with video content as well. Once you’ve started streaming, you can even add audio guests to your broadcast.

Your audience can engage with you using reactions and comments. They can even send you hearts if they find your content interesting. So, you might want to plan a really well-made live stream.

Here is how to create your master plan to start your Twitter live:

By going live, you can engage with your followers in real-time. Your followers can even participate in your stream by using the features that Twitter provides.

Sign in to your Twitter account

Twitter live

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On opening the app, you will see text fields that ask for your username and password. You need to enter these details to log in.

In case you’re not a registered member and don’t have a username or password, tap to the ‘sign up’ option and make a new account for yourself. If you’re a registered or active member, add your username and password to the text fields and tap on the sign-in button.

Tap on the compose tweet icon

Twitter live

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Once you’ve signed in, here’s how to start your Twitter live.

Open a new tweet by clicking on the ‘compose’ icon. This will take you to a text field in which you type in tweets.

Find the camera icon and tap on it

Twitter live

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Find the camera icon below the text field. Tap on it. This will take you to the camera.

From here, you can take a photo, access your photo library, and of-course, start your Twitter live stream.

Switch from capture mode to live mode

Twitter live

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Tapping the camera icon takes you to capture mode. You need to switch from capture to live mode.

Swipe your screen from right to left or simply click on the button that says ‘LIVE’. You will be taken to the screen on which you record your live stream.

You can add a tweet to your Twitter live

Twitter live

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Once you’ve switched to live mode, you can add text to your broadcast. This could be a title, a tweet, or a description of your live stream.

Use mentions, relevant keywords, and trending hashtags.

Add your location

Twitter Live

Image source – Twitter

You can add your current location to the live stream and let your followers know where you are right now.

You can even go live at events and boost your news feed.

Invite guests to participate in your Twitter live

Twitter live

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Tap on ‘invite guests’ to go live with others. The invite is sent to the person via DM. This is done to maintain privacy.

The person you send an invite to receives a prompt in their DM. By clicking on view, they get added to your live stream. You can invite up to 3 guests to your live stream.

You can only add audio guests to your live stream. The feature for adding video guests is not yet available on a Twitter live.

You can choose to have an ‘audio-only’ stream

Twitter Live

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You can stream live with only your audio as well. To do this, you need to disable the camera’s audio-mic option.

Click on the mic icon before you start broadcasting. This will disable the video and you can have an ‘audio-only’ live stream.

Tap on the ‘GO LIVE’ button

Twitter live

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If you’ve gone through all the previous steps, you are now ready for broadcasting.

Tap on the ‘GO LIVE’ button. Once you’re live, your followers will get a notification on their devices.

End your Broadcast

Twitter live

Image source – Hootsuite

To end your live video, tap on the X that you see at the top left corner of the screen. In doing so, you will get a chance to confirm.

In case you want to continue streaming, click on the cancel button. If you want to end the stream, click on the stop broadcast to confirm.

Tips to improve your Twitter live

Handy features – flip, flash and mute

Twitter Live

Image source – Hootsuite

The three icons at the top of your screen can be handy for when you live stream.

These icons allow you to flip your camera from front to back, use your camera’s flash, and mute or unmute your microphone while streaming.

Edit your Twitter live broadcast

Twitter live

Image source – Hootsuite

After ending the broadcast, your screen will show two options – edit broadcast and view stats. To edit your broadcast video, tap on edit broadcast.

Using this, you can change the title of your live video and even choose a thumbnail for it. After you have edited your video, click on save changes.

Next click on ‘Done’ to exit the edit screen.

Take a look at the stats

Twitter live

Image source – Hootsuite

Along with the ‘edit broadcast’ option, you will find an option that says ‘view stats’. This allows you to go through various details of your stream.

This feature allows users to check the number of viewers that attended the broadcast. You can also find additional details on audience engagement. This is based on the participation of the viewers in your stream.

Pin your Broadcast

Twitter live

Image source – Hootsuite

Tap on the dropdown arrow at the top right corner of your tweet. You will find an option that lets you pin your tweet to your profile.

This means that your stream will end up as a tweet on your followers feed. With this feature in use, your live broadcast will appear at the top of your profile.

Know you know how to go live on twitter. By following these steps, you can create a successful live stream. This will help you engage with your followers and friends conveniently. Using these tools correctly can also help you increase your reach on Twitter.

Prepare for your Twitter live

Are you thinking to go live on Twitter and wanting to look in front of your audience? Well then these tricks will save you from the time haul.

Prep your skin and your hair

Twitter live

Image source – YouTube

When you are going live, your followers will have their hawk eyes on your skin and hair. This is one of the most embarrassing thing to count out for as we tend to overlook the matter everytime.

Keep your fashion right on point

Twitter live

Image source – Giphy

Here we are. If you are going live, your followers will have their hawk eyes on the type of dress you are wearing. Make sure that you wear something that really makes you stand out. If you want to present a political issue, dress appropriately for the matter.

For events and party discussions, there are a ton of dresses you can choose from. Make sure that you lively as possible while you are presenting for the Twitter Live.

Better lighting

Twitter live

Image source – The verge

Here is something that you cannot tend to overlook at any costs apart from the two mentioned. Your lighting describes a lot about your surroundings. Help your environment to be brighter and better from the surrounding you are focusing in.

Mark for a good set when you are presenting for your live option. Your followers will have a better understanding of whatever is going on if you have an excellent lighting. This is a perfect way through which you can shine as well.

Final thoughts

Going live can be a fun thing among friends and people you know. But it is the holy grail for those digital marketers who seek to increase their presence online.

Twitter has the widest audience reach amongst the other platforms nowadays.  So now that you know how to start your own Twitter live, its time to learn to use the platform for your benefit.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to have the best possible live stream. After you’ve learned how to start your Twitter live, these tips can help you grow your reach and engage maximum participation.

Stream using multiple networks at the same time

Twitter live

Image source – Medium

Go live for a larger audience. Why use only twitter when you can go live using multiple platforms? Increase your reach among viewers by setting up a Twitter live and a Facebook live simultaneously. This will keep viewers interested and help you get the most out of your stream.

Go live at an event

Twitter liveWe already know how live-tweeting can be of tremendous use during events. Imagine what going live would do! Using the live option on twitter, you can go live from events. This will help promote your event excitingly and creatively.

Connect to your audience using emojis/icons

While adding tweets to your live stream, make sure to use eye-catching emojis. This will help grip the attention of people. Choose an emoticon that means something. It can help increase audience participation and engagement.

Launch a new product on Twitter live

Twitter live

Image source – Restream

You can use Twitter live to launch and promote your products. This will help excite the audience about your brand. You can even use live streams for launching new teasers.

Provide important links for replay viewers

Add links to your stream when you broadcast. This will invoke a call for action among your audience. Those who want to watch the video later can also make use of the links while replaying.

Observe the reactions

While going live, take note of how the audience is reacting. Viewing starts can help you with the numbers. But, engaging you and looking for reactions can work for you on another level.

So now you’ve learned how to start your Twitter live and how to use it for your benefit. Following these simple tips and tricks, you can engage with your audience and create a strong connection with them.


Twitter has increased its reach among people with the live streaming option. The new update is cherry on the cake. It allows users to add guests even before the broadcast has started.

This makes live streaming even more convenient and fun. By now, you must be clear on how to go live on twitter. So go ahead and start your stream to connect with people.


How long can you live stream on Twitter?

Once a broadcast is live, you can edit only the “Ends” field, either to end the broadcast early, or extend to a maximum of six hours.

When I go live on Twitter where does it go?

Tap Go live. Your live broadcast, with description and location (if added), will appear in a Tweet in your follower's timeline and on your profile

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