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Twitter Header Size as a beginner’s guide

Twitter Header Size as a beginner’s guide

by Meghashree Das May 30, 2020
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Twitter Header Size

Why Twitter is important?

Twitter is a place where news is cracked first and posts get trendy and viral more easily. Eminent personalities ranging from Presidents, Prime Ministers of different countries to your favorite celebrities from across the globe are present.

Irrespective of different fields personalities are working this platform is used by all of them. So people who are passionate about their career domain can easily follow and get connected with their role models. This enables them to get insight into their day to day activities and get inspired by their work

One can follow their favorite brand and follow them to get the latest updates and fashion trends entering the markets. This platform carries a lot of pros with itself. Twitter can help you to easily connect with customer care services.

If you are not satisfied with the product or services provided by the company, you can easily post on your twitter account by mentioning them in your post. And the great news is that they listen and take a desired action for the same.

Twitter Header Size – knowing the importance

Twitter pivot on the concept of followers. By default all the tweets that one tries to post are public. But one can always change the setting and restrict the visibility of their tweets to their followers with whom they want to share.

Similarly, if you want to look upon another person’s profile and tweets you need to follow them. Generally, notable personalities have their tweets accessible to a general audience. But you will need to follow them to revert them or make comment on their post or to retweet them.

Popular celebrities have a huge number of followers in millions, they tend to influence a larger audience through one tweet. People getting inspired by them and are trying to make emulate the same on their profile by gathering bountiful followers.

When they make this as their full-time profession major question that encounters their mind is how to get twitter followers. Even many famous brands try hard to generate voluminous followers on their profiles.

Society always runs on a simple fact that where there is a larger crowd more reliable the service will be and the rate of customer satisfaction would be more. How to get twitter followers is still creates a sense of inquisitiveness among many. This curiosity leads to finding the right and perfect solution. So all your queries regarding how to get twitter followers in a good number will be answered in the coming lines.

Twitter header designing tips

Twitter header designing is very important. So to design an attractive twitter header you need to consider these rules while practicing:

  • Ensure that your critical information the center of the header. So that when you are fitting the photo following the twitter header size steps, you don’t end up cropping the main and crucial information.
  • If you have a logo, then use the logo ONLY as a profile picture and not as a twitter header.
  • Always use high-resolution pictures for your Twitter header. Due to the responsive nature of Twitter it enlarges and squeezes accordingly. So to avoid the impact on picture quality it is recommended to use a high pixel picture.
  • Do not overdo your twitter banner or header. Try to keep it simple yet effective.

Twitter header size guidelines

Twitter has millions of users, yet getting a perfect and accurate  Twitter-Header remains a struggle for many. So you are not alone, many are struggling to get the right twitter header size for their profiles.

The dimensions given by twitter for getting a right twitter header size are 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall. But even by following the guidelines offered by twitter while setting up a photo size, still it at many times it becomes difficult to fit in the photo. It may sound weird but yes you heard it right. The photo in twitter header gets crops unimaginably even by following the rules or dimensions.

Twitter Header Size pixel and dimension

Following are the details of twitter header size:

  • Banner dimensions : 1500 pixels x 500 pixels
  • Dimensions of twitter profile picture: 400 pixels x 400 pixels
  • Safe area size of twitter header: 1500 pixels x 360 pixels
  • The images used in twitter header or profile pictures are only accepted in the form of JPG, PNG or GIF. No other format of picture is supported in the twitter header or the twitter profile picture.

It depends on the platform as a whole

For other social platforms, you get an ideal banner or cover size for your account. For example, in the case of youtube, you get the bulls-eye banner size for your profile or account. Kudos! To their online help center. All thanks to Youtube’s support center which helps you in matching your photo right in the frame.

Unlike these Twitter simply holds a different story to tell. It makes its users hover over countless google searches helplessly.  This whole process of finding the right frame for twitter header becomes cumbersome and tiring.

You need not go anywhere now. This website is going to provide a one-stop solution to your Twitter header size. You do not need to punish your eyes by doing countless searches to get that perfect twitter header size photo.

Twitter Header Size caution and steps

There are certain loopholes in which a person while adjusting his or her twitter header size tends to fall.  These are the mistakes that one needs to look into and avoid are:

  • If your banner has the dimensions of 1500 px x 500px, make sure that you resize it again to 1500 pixels x 360 pixels. This has to be done to escape the hustle of using hit and trial methods of cropping and randomly resizing the header photos again and again.
  • It is known that Twitter header accepts the GIF files, but keep in mind that animated GIF files are yet not supported by twitter header. So kindly avoid using animated Gif files for your banner.
  • While choosing a header template to be cautious of the profile photo section of twitter header. This profile picture section is present on the leftmost corner at the lower end of the Twitter header.

Different Twitter Header Size for screens

twitter photo size guide

Since there are millions of people active on twitter, not everyone will be using the same device as yours. Since every device will have different screen resolution. Therefore your twitter banner will not be perceived in a manner in which you have adjusted your header photo through your device.

So twitter banner will look differently on a different screen until the screen resolution matches the original set up where the banner was set earlier.

On the same note, the twitter profile picture will also get shifted or resized accordingly.

Twitter is a completely responsive site

In other words, Twitter is a responsive website that adjusts according to the screen resolution of the respective devices. This is why it is imperative to get the right twitter header size.
The process while adjusting the right twitter header size becomes even more tricky for the profile picture. So, do the sizing accurately.

You will not add any important segment of your Twitter banner on or near the zone of your profile picture. Because when the screen resolution changes, your twitter header along with the profile picture will enlarge or squeeze. So make sure that you do not add any critical element near this area. Remember this is a DANGER!! sign for you. Do not surpass and trespass this region. Fiddle only in the safe zones.

Knowing the use of Twitter Header Size

Why twitter header holds so much importance? Answer to this is simple, whenever a person encounters your profile. The very first thing that will attract him or she will be your twitter header or banner besides profile picture and description.

To understand this importance better, let’s take an example of a restaurant. Whenever you opt to visit a restaurant, the very first preference of yours will be going to be the ambiance and décor of the place. The neatness and décor often top everybody’s a priority list. Of course, food to tops that list.

A profile depends on the header

Similarly, when a user comes across your profile the twitter header will surely leave an impression on him in terms of your personality, your brand or company. Surely you don’t want to leave a wrong impression on any of your followers or non-followers mind.

That’s why maintaining twitter header size is pivotal to make for account look aesthetic and rhetoric.

Also to note these headers play an important role in marketing strategy as well. So use this twitter header or banner to your utmost benefit. This becomes another main reason for you to consider twitter header size meticulously while fitting the photo in the frame.

Online video streaming platform, Netflix uses its header efficiently to promote its upcoming series or movies. This way they promote their series remarkably by garnering a great number of views and earn magnificent profits in return.

Twitter header and followers count to know

No wonder how good you write or how major impact you want to create in society by using twitter as a medium. If you don’t have followers in good numbers, your opinions and thoughts will all go in vain. To display leadership skills, you need to have a good number of people who follow your account.

This is how your rhetoric would work in form writing and can help you in garnering supporters who will help your thoughts reach out to masses.

The same goes for those who are planning to start a business. A good amount of follower ratio will add trust and credibility to your brand. This will in turn help in spreading your business to a greater extend by establishing a good customer base.

Depends on the social media influence

For social media influencers more the number of followers still you feel short of followers. You need to abide by the fact more the merrier.

Be it any field or domain having an appreciatable number of followers is a necessity if you have an expansive mindset.

To get bountiful of followers for your profile, an excellent twitter header will serve as an icing on the cake. Twitter header size has to be adjusted in a crafty manner because, in the end, it will help you in getting a huge amount of followers. What is the purpose of expressing your thoughts when you don’t have a good amount of listeners or readers? I am sure nobody wants to express their views on the wall. A good amount of followers would act as a shield to you in times of crisis.

So having an eye-catchy twitter header or banner is a need of an hour for any social enthusiast. This you can very well ensure by following the guidelines of twitter header size as described in this article.

Referring to the established Twitter Header Size

In case you are having tough times in deciding the kind of twitter header or twitter banner you want for your account. You can always look up to certain established brands or popular ones. This brand has a team that works dedicatedly for this purpose only. So getting an idea as a reference isn’t illicit. Don’t shy away to get inspiration from such accounts.

Taking a look at the popular ones

There are certain takeaways you can take from the profiles which will help you in the future for designing your twitter header. And, then following the consequent process of twitter header size.


airbnb twitter header

The simple and a impressioning takeaway is to show or flaunt what you are offering to your customers.

When you look to the twitter header size of Airbnb you will be highly impressed and jaw dropped with the authenticity the banner or header holds.


uber twitter header

Everybody is well aware of UBER and its services. When you scroll the official twitter page of UBER, take a moment to look at its twitter header and applaud its twitter header size management. They have a text speaking louder through their minimalistic words along with the contrasting background.

Choosing Twitter Header Size is not hard

While following the rules of twitter header size and trying to upload the image you can keep in mind that your image should speak company values.

twitter image size

How do I make a picture fit my twitter header?

To upload a header photo to your Twitter page, navigate to the gear icon in the top-right of your page and select Edit profile. Then, from the menu on the left, click Design and scroll to the bottom. Under Customize your own, you'll notice that your header defaults to a gray box

How do I resize a photo for twitter?

Right-click the image you wish to make your company's Twitter profile picture or post alongside a tweet. Select Open with, then select Paint. Click the Resize tab to be presented with the Resize and Skew window. Next, click the box beside Maintain aspect ratio to remove the check mark.

What is the best size for Twitter header photo?

1500px x 500px is the size that Twitter recommends, but if you'd rather not have the image resized, the exact dimensions are 1263px x 421px. Twitter released an updated design for profiles which features a new header photo size and dimensions.

What is a header on twitter?

Your header photo is the large image displayed on the top of your Twitter profile. This large image welcomes people to your personal profile and illustrates a bit more about you that maybe you couldn't fit into your 160-character bio.

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