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Twitter Analytics and Basics To Know in 2020

Twitter Analytics and Basics To Know in 2020

by Meghashree Das April 18, 2020
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Twitter Analytics

“Look what the prime minister tweeted about the election”. “Donald Trump’s tweet is trending in the market right now”. “That actresses’ tweet started a new wave of feminism”. We hear these lines on a day to day basis. The internet has gone crazy over Twitter. The platform that was so underrated in the beginning, is now sweeping the market.

Twitter Analytics which helps in going viral

Every other day a new tweet goes viral. It is a platform that people widely use today to share their opinions. From a layman to a big business owner, everyone is on Twitter these days. There are complex algorithms involved behind the functioning of Twitter.

Businesses and individuals manipulate the Twitter algorithm in their favor. They modify their twitter engagement to attract maximum traffic to their tweets. This what we call Twitter Analytics.

What is Twitter and how Twitter Analytics are based?

Twitter is a social media platform. The key aspect that separates twitter from other social media is microblogging. Twitter is a microblogging social media platform. The concept of microblogging is very easy to understand. It comprises of two words, micro, and blogging. This means microblogs. People on Twitter share opinions through microblogs.

These are comparatively shorter and precise. It also uses many hashtags in this process to share the tweets to a larger audience. There is a word limit prescribed by Twitter for your tweets.

Unlike other sharing platforms, twitter is more about opinions. The realm of success Twitter has got in recent years is commendable. As a matter of fact, Twitter is now a lucrative platform for people to gain popularity. People from all over the world follow twitter.

History of Twitter

Twitter came into existence in April 2007. It established as a corporate entity. Twitter’s base is in San Francisco and has around 25 branches worldwide. Twitter was the result of a brainstorming session by the company Odeo. Odeo was a podcasting company at that time.

The original project got the name as twttr. Initially, twttr was an SMS sharing group. An idea that came out from the brainstorming session. Later the organizers purchased the domain name And thereby Twitter came into existence. Earlier the word limit of tweets was 140 words. Later in 2017, it revised to 280 words. Ever since then, Twitter has not stopped. It has continued to gain unparalleled success.

How to use Twitter Analytics?

Twitter has its committed site extension for Twitter Analytics. It helps you understand how Twitter Analytics works. It helps you create ad campaigns for your business or profession. Twitter Analytics page stresses on analyzing your tweets. Analyzing helps you better understand the level of engagement of the tweets. For this particular area, twitter recommends a thorough analysis of the below aspects-

Using Twitter Analytics with your Twitter Account

According to Twitter, your account home reflects your progress. It tells you how well you are managing your tweets. Take a look at your top-performing tweets. Get to know the influencers in your network. Twitter Analytics helps you in all of this. How your tweet is performing and how engaging it is, everything.

Tweet Activity Dashboard

Your tweet activity dashboard is your operational area. It shows you all the statistics on how your tweets are performing. It tells you how well you are engaging others with your tweets. It also tells you the number of times your tweets are being retweeted or visited by others. More the traffic, the better the promotion.

Twitter Analytics and businesses

All major brands have their presence on Twitter. Being a business on Twitter is about creating conversations with your audience. You have to be as active as you can. The first step is to build a cycle. Make sure that your tweets create a conversation amongst your audience. This is very important for your promotion.

Twitter can be very well used to talk about your brand and your product. You can give an insight into your product in great detail.

Create content that is out of the box. But these content should also build the trust of your audience on the product. It is not hard to get the attention of your target audience with wordplay. If you frame it right, you have the spotlight.

Convey your brand’s personality by talking about your industry. Be a brand that stands out of the entire industry. For something good obviously. And help people differentiate your brand from others.

It helps you to retain your audience for a longer run. Make sure you do not just create content. It’s important to be a part of a conversation too. Like, retweet, comment and engage. This, in turn, helps you strengthen customer relationships.

Messure the Engagement of businesses with Twitter Analytics

Businesses benefit the most from Twitter. If you are a growing brand, twitter can help you grow even more. But there is a sequence of steps that businesses have to follow. You don’t get publicity overnight.

twitter engagement

Your brand needs months and years of a powerful engagement strategy. There are various steps that businesses need to consider for better engagement.

Engagement is not tweeting at regular intervals. It is much more than that. To get success, it is important to make your presence in the network. Businesses face a tough time dealing with rivals as well. Brand rivalry in Twitter is another topic to understand in brand promotion.

This is not a one-day miracle. It takes consistency and commitment to the same.

Fun fact is that people find Twitter as an underrated platform. The real problem lies here. People do not quite understand the power of tweets. For most of the population, Twitter has been just a conversation platform.

They couldn’t recognize the power of Twitter in business marketing. The value twitter can generate for your brand is incredible. This can only be visible after effective engagement with the target audience.

brand engagement 

As said, engaging the audience is not an overnight process. Engagement requires a series of steps to follow. Below is a step-wise description of how you can keep engaging your audience on Twitter. The important thing here is that this is not for a particular business. These steps are universal.

Be active

Be active. Be active as much as you can. When you tweet, your work doesn’t end there. You have to keep the content flowing. Engage in conversations and comment more frequently. Do not let your rivals put you down. Stay uptight in the brand rivalry games. Keep posting frequently. It could be about your business process or your backend work. Anything that engages your audience. Start with tweeting 1-3 times per day. Gradually you can decrease the number.

Commit resources

You should know that marketing through twitter isn’t a time pass job. It requires experts. Professionals from businesses work day and night to devise a plan. Brands should dedicate a part of their budget for twitter marketing. Tweeting the right thing at the right time is an art. Word games have immense value here. Opinions matter. It’s not easy to attract people on twitter as the audience is vigilant here. Create a department for the same. Add funds. Don’t make it a loose end.

Be cautious

Your audience is waiting for you to showcase your brand value. Try to see what others think about your company. Your every tweet is an impression of your company. Make sure you are cautious enough while tweeting. Because once people view your tweets, you cannot undo that. Be spontaneous in your replies. Don’t appear weak in a brand rivalry. Be confident and use the right words.

Understanding the interface well

Twitter’s interface is the place where you’ll be tweeting. It is very important to understand the twitter interface before understanding Twitter Analytics. When you know the interface well, you understand the points of leverage in Twitter Analytics.

A basic point to understand Twitter Analytics

A key point to note here that your twitter timeline is very important for analysis. All the tweets from people you follow, show up here. On the left of the home screen, you see your credentials. Your credentials include your followers, people you follow and tweets.

An interesting thing to note here is that the timeline was chronological before. But now it has changed. Twitter is now working on showing the most relevant tweets first. The most relevant tweets are visible in the beginning. It is very important that your product is relevant to your customers.

How to use the Twitter Analytics on the basis of following parameters?

Only then, you’ll show up in the top tweets. You have to make a place in your audience’s timeline. That’s why the right engagement is very important. If you keep engaging your audience in conversations, you’ll occupy their timeline. And once you occupy their timeline, you’ll get attention. It’s important that every post reaches your audience as soon as possible.

Clarify your objective

Before starting off with Twitter, you need to set your goal. What do you want to accomplish through Twitter? When you are able to answer this question, you know your objectives. Every firm is not on Twitter to market their product. Various firms have various motives behind using Twitter. Your motive could be anywhere between full-fledged selling and mere existence. Below is a brief discussion on what motive you can fulfill from Twitter. It may help you determine yours better.

Customer service with the help of Twitter

samsung support usa

The sole motive of your Twitter engagement could be mere customer service. Here, your engagement would be measurable in qualitative terms. How well you engage with your customers is the most important aspect here. You don’t have to promote your brand. You have to be there for your customers and enhance brand engagement. To be good at this task, strengthen your wordplay.

Brand recognition with Twitter Analytics

When your motive is brand recognition, you are here for full-fledged marketing. You focus on generating authority in your particular niche. You prove yourself through twitter. You outperform others in terms of process and engagement. Here, you can measure yourself both in qualitative and quantitative terms. What responses you get also determines your success here.

Sales driven through Twitter

Another reason for your twitter existence could be extensive selling. Your product promotion is what you are for on Twitter. You try to induce sales through Twitter. Here you would cover all your product announcements, links, and promotions. Your success here would be in quantitative terms. This means your success will be measurable straight from your revenue. One key aspect of a sales objective is a website. Make sure you have your website ready without any errors and redirections.

How to write quality tweets to market using Twitter Analytics?

Writing great content is the main driver of Twitter Analytics. You’ll be able to engage your customers only through quality tweets. Generating quality content is the most important aspect of Twitter Analytics. Twitter is a microblogging site. You engage your viewers through tiny blogs. If you fail to deliver quality content on Twitter, you will be out of the market. Below points would help you generate quality tweets that will be relevant to your brand and audience.

Set the goal when targeting your Twitter Audience

Again, it is important to set a goal. When you know what your goal is, you will know what to tweet. All your content revolves around your primary goal. After you decide your goal you are ready to tweet. Whether you will promote your product or induce conversations, it all depends on the goal. Promotions will need tweets that try to sell the product. Customer service would need conversations and retweets.

Action plan set to drive your analytics

Your action plan is the next important step in here. Whenever you start tweeting, you should know what you expect from the audience. Do you want retweets to increase brand value? Do you want sales? When you answer these questions, you understand your action plans. For example, if you want sales, your action plan would be to include links to your website in the tweets. If you want brand recognition, you’ll want your customers to retweet more.

Media is the key start here

Adding pictures and photos adds to the virility of your tweets. If your content is eye-catching, it gets more recognition. Try to add more photos, videos, and graphic content to lure your audience. It follows basic human behavior. Something which is attractive gets the attention. Make it colorful. Be creative. Generate attractive content and not only plain text.

Why rich content is important in Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics revolves around great content. And great content is something that attracts attention. To seek your audience’s attention, you need to make your content, rich. Rich content refers to a complete package of content and graphics.

Media is what makes the content, rich. Be it photos or videos or links. Anything that drives your customer’s attention is valuable to you. Media enhances your tweets. People would wait and read what you share. And when they find a relevant picture to your tweet, they get attracted. It is very important to make your tweets appear too attractive and appealing.

Benefit driven through Twitter Analytics

Another benefit that you get from rich content is space. Pictures and videos occupy a lot of space. Hence when your tweet is on the timeline, it takes the entire page. And when you get the entire page, you get all the attention. Plain 280 words text can get you nowhere. Either you start attracting your audience or you lose the game.

Remember, Twitter works through trends. If your content is attractive, then only it can trend. Another thing to keep in mind the relevancy. The media you share should be relevant to your content. If there is no connection between them, the audience loses their interest.

Custom your content for mobiles and laptops

To make the best use of Twitter Analytics, correct the algorithm behind. A person who views your content through a laptop will have a different experience. Also, a person who uses a mobile phone for the same will have a separate experience. Images and videos shrink and resize itself for screens. When you use a laptop, you see a broad version of the image or video. But, if you use a mobile, the view is quite different. Hence, it is important that you customize your content according to that.

It is important to check your content on both mobiles and laptops. Because some images can distort very much when viewed from a laptop. Set your pictures and video clippings in accordance with it.

How does linking works with Twitter Analytics?

After that, check your links. Did you move your webpage somewhere else? So the link is redirecting the audience to your webpage or not? Does a 404 error occur when you click your links? Rectify that. Another important aspect is patience. Your audience doesn’t have much patience. You have limited time to capture your client’s attention. Check if your links open fast or not. Check if your webpage loads quickly or not. If not, your audience is going to move from your content.

Make the best use of your audience’s time. Your tweet is visible to the audience for a very short period of time. Only for some seconds. If you are not able to deliver your content within that time, you’ll lose the engagement.

Linking helps to attract followers

To gain momentum, you would need to attract followers to your account. The more followers you will have, the better the recognition your content will receive. In the beginning, gathering followers is going to be very hard. But as you get your first 100 followers, the momentum will grow.

The quality of Twitter Analytics is increased

The quality of your followers is very important. You would want followers who would wait for your feed. You need followers that show interest in your posts. Junk followers are of no use. Also, make sure that your followers are active on Twitter. You can check that through their retweets and likes. If you don’t get a response often, consider them dormant. Of you don’t get replies at all, consider them junk?

Targeting the audience becomes really easy

Target your colleagues and your customers. First of all, understand who your target market is. Once you identify these set of people, go behind them. You have to get them to follow you. You can do this through ad campaigns. Follow your colleagues and get a follow back. Please don’t hesitate. Reach out to your customers and your colleagues. They will be very helpful.

After you have your first set of seed followers, you are set to go. After this, you’ll only invite more and more followers if your content is good enough.

How to grow with your community using Twitter Analytics?

Your community should have three main sets of people. These people are the ones that are going to help you shape your presence on Twitter. These people are-

  • Experts of your niche

  • Your audience

  • Your colleagues and other members of the network

These parameters for knowing Twitter Analytics helps

These three sets of people help you grow on Twitter. The synergy of all three helps you redefine your presence. The experts in your niche are people that you follow. They are going to give you great ideas and insights about your industry. Your colleagues would help you grow. And your audience will add value to your posts. It is important to understand that you need all three groups to function well on Twitter.

How can tweeting often helps with analytics?

Tweet often. Your community would not want a dormant brand in it. And not only tweet often, but tweet well. Quality matters a lot when you share content. Engage yourself in conversations and comments. Retweet as much as you can. When you want to grow with your community, you have to show them your presence.

Generate value for them through meaningful insights and comments. Do not forget to share your profile on different mediums. This shows that you are an active user. Share your profile as much as you can. Do not miss an opportunity.

In the end, follow relevant people. These will be the experts from your niche. These are the people who generate value for your brand.

Follow these experts. Look at what new they are doing. Learn new techniques from them. These are the people who excel in your niche, do not let their expertise go in vain. Learn from them.

Delve into conversations. Great conversations drives Twitter Analytics!

As a brand promoter, engagement, and involvement of your brand is in your hands. Delve into meaningful conversations across twitter. Remember, every conversation is a platform. A platform to showcase your brand. Pick the right conversations going around in your niche. Be an opportunist.

Follow the current trends to find meaningful conversations. Do not forget to share your profile for them to explore. When you indulge in meaningful conversations, people notice you.

And when they notice you, they want to learn more about you. But do not waste your time in stale conversations. Find those conversations where there is scope.

Finding the specific niche for branding

And it easy to find such conversations is by following the niche-specific trends. Follow what is trending and you might end up somewhere good. Another way to go about finding those conversations is hashtags.

You can follow various hashtags to end up into great posts and conversations. Once you find such conversations, leave your impression there.

Two ways to use the search option to find such conversations are-

  • Basic search

  • Advanced search

The basic search is through the Twitter search bar. For searching, you need to first find out keywords. Find keywords that are relevant to your business. Or are relevant to your customers. For example, if you make footwear, you can type sports shoes. And this will land you to posts related to that product.

Advanced search is through the filter section. There is a specific option of advanced search over there. Advanced searches help to search through various filters. You can get more precise searches from here.

The hashtag in Twitter Analytics

Hashtags are the new trend in social media marketing. Leveraging hashtags for Twitter Analytics is a great deal. Twitter Analytics runs through content. And to find the best content, you can use hashtags. Hashtags index keywords on Twitter. As a brand, you can gain a huge advantage through the use of hashtags. Below are the points that help you leverage this amazing algorithm-

Start a trend with Twitter Analytics

Come up with a unique hashtag in the name of a motto or promotion. Spread this hashtag through all your tweets. Once your hashtag becomes the new trend, you’ll generate a lot of traffic to your profile. Also, brand recognition will increase through this.

twitter trends

Follow hashtags of your niche

Remember you have to keep a check on your industry. Be aware of what your competitors are doing. Follow relevant hashtags from your particular niche. Learn what others are doing. Follow their trends to better understand their tricks. As in, follow the hashtags that take you to relevant content.

twitter hashtags

Don’t be clumsy which can hamper Twitter Analytics

Do not make clumsy hashtags. There are anyway no spacing and no punctuations in a hashtag. Hence deciphering a hashtag is anyway difficult. Do not make it worse. Do not use more than 5 words in your hashtag. The shorter the better. Remember, you have to attract attention. So think out of the box.

Apart from the above points, it is important to know the basics. To leverage the power of hashtags, you have to understand it first. There are no spacing and punctuation in a hashtag. Also, hashtags start with the ‘#’ symbol.

Tools used for Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics runs through its tools. If not thousands, there are hundreds of tools available. These tools help you enhance your twitter engagement and your impression.

Apart from the standard interface, there are many classic tools available for brand recognition and marketing. Remember your goal before choosing the right tool.

Different tools are for different purposes. It would only be a waste of money if you spend on unnecessary tools. At the same time, make the full use of these tools. Since many of these have a hefty monthly subscription fee, carve your budget well. In this section, we would be discussing such tools.

Out of all the tools that a brand can use, some are more popular. The next section would discuss those important and outperforming tools for twitter.

The most famous tools for Twitter Analytics

There are 4 important tools that rank high in this field. Twitter Analytics uses these tools for better outcomes. These tools are as follows-

TweetDeck- TopMost Twitter Analytics

You can get into TweetDeck by clicking on TweetDeck is a great tool in Twitter Analytics to help your branding. TweetDeck is a free tool to customize your Twitter account. You can manage multiple accounts through this tool. Also, you can customize your views and searches through this tool.


You can get into Hootsuite by clicking on Hootsuite is a lot like TweetDeck. Both have more or less the same type of dashboard. Hootsuite is a little different from TweetDeck though. Hootsuite allows you to connect across all your social media profiles. Like you can connect Twitter, Facebook, Instagram together. You can manage all of them from one place. This makes content distribution very easy.

Buffer- Third Most used Twitter Analytics

You can get into buffer by clicking on Buffer helps you collect content from all across the world wide web. It puts the content in a queue and redistributes the content to your feed. And it does all that at the frequency and time that you decide. Buffer is a fun tool if you are very active on Twitter. It helps in brand recognition and aggressive activity.


You can get into IFTTT by clicking on IFTTT is a rules-based trigger system. If somebody mentions your username, it is going to send you an email. This is a kind of rule that you can set up. Like this, there are multiple rules that you can setup. Also, it connects all your accounts in one place. And it helps to manage all of them at once.

Using Twitter cards for Twitter Analytics

Twitter cards

The Twitter card is a function designed to give your users rich media content. This is a very useful function to generate traffic to your content. These cards attach to the tweets that have links and media. There are five major types of twitter cards to your rescue. These are as follows-

Summary cards

The summary card helps in giving a preview of your content. Hence one can use summary cards for news, blogs and other posts. The preview has your content title, thumbnail image, and your post description.

Summary cards with large image

The summary card with the large image is the same as a simple summary card. The only difference here is the presentation of the pictures. It has full-width pictures of large size. These are more compelling pictures. Here the size of pictures can be as big as 280X150 pixels.

Player card

The player card is for streaming videos. It also enables links to work in a seamless manner. Twitter influencers share a ton of videos including vines, spoofs, short films. The player card is of utmost use to them. It makes the viewing experience smooth and great.

App card 

If a business wants to promote its app, they can use the app card. The app card helps to induce app installs. It puts a title, description, icon, and rating of the app. The links are there to help the audience to install the app. The link would direct you to the play store or the iOS store.

Lead generation card

Lead generation card looks for potential customers. This card doesn’t ask them to fill in details. On the contrary, their details are already in. This card looks for prospective customers. It detects those people who show interest in the tweet with lead generation cards.

Twitter Analytics- Ad Campaigns which actually works!

If you are a business on Twitter, you should know about Twitter ads. Twitter ads help you promote your business on Twitter. They even help you reach out to the audience who don’t follow you. Twitter ads are not just about a single ad but an entire campaign. This is the most useful functionality of Twitter.

Twitter ads help to generate traffic on your page. Before you begin with your advert’s journey, it is again important to define your goal. You have to set up a goal. The type of ad campaign you chose depends on your goal. Below points would walk you through the Twitter ad credentials.

Promoted tweets

Promoted tweets are an easy concept. These are general promotions that the advertisers pay for. They but promoted tweets to reach to a wider audience. There is a clear label of promotion on these tweets. It will help you enhance your brand recognition.

promoted tweet

Twitter ads account

Twitter ads account helps you monitor your promotional tweets. These accounts act as your dashboard to track the promotion ads. You can learn to create a Twitter ads account from the Twitter help desk.

twitter ad account

Twitter ad campaigns

Twitter ad campaigns is a complete pack of advertisements. You can create an ad campaign from your twitter ad account. This campaign will have an expiry date. You’ll have to put in the date when this campaign expires. You will also have to allocate a budget for the campaign. You can control many promotions under one campaign.

Twitter ad campaigns

Cost delivered for Twitter Analytics

Your promotion cost would differ on the basis of the audience. It matters to whom you want to deliver your content. Different audience sets have different prices. Hence there are many bids that you can place. These include maximum bids, automatic bids, and target bids.

Influencing on twitter with the help of Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics helps you become a great influencer. To get success on Twitter is a great task. Influencers have to work in and out to make an impact. But there are a few things they need to follow. Below is a list of practices that they should undertake. These are the must-do while influencing your audience. These are as follows-

Target audience with the use of Twitter Analytics

The first step is to know who your target audience is. Remember, every influencer has a target market. Like a fitness freak cannot promote his ideas to fashionistas. Select your audience and then devise a strategy. Be clear on your target.

Interaction is the key!

People are not on Twitter just to listen to you. If you do not interact with your audience, you would not build a connection. It’s important to retweet, like and comment. Once you engage in a conversation, your followers find you important.

Reputation management with the help of Twitter Analytics

Do you know what hate comments are? These are by the people who try to defame you. The reason could be a bad service from your end or a bad opinion. But they tarnish your image. Resolve customer grievances. Tackle hate comments with care.

Maintain a standard using Twitter Analytics

Don’t be superfluous. Be precise in your tweets. The word limit that Twitter gives you is 280 words. But do not write that much every time. Posting a tweet of about 150 words or less is standard. Do not write for the sake of it. Write only when you have value to add.

Retweet often

Keep retweeting your important content. Because many times your audience misses your list of important tweets. Hence it is important to keep retweeting your old good content. This keeps your content in the flow. This way your audience keeps a track of what you are up to.


Twitter is a great place to promote your business. And Twitter Analytics is the way to do that. Twitter Analytics can change your online marketing strategy. There are various tools and methods that help you promote your brand.

Not ads and tools, but also cards and other tweaks. Learning Twitter Analytics is a one time task. After you understand the working of Twitter, you can leverage its reach.

Twitter Analytics helps you better understand your needs. It helps you grow. It helps your brand to grow. The recognition you can get from Twitter is unmatchable. Twitter has great strength to take your business to the heights.

Learning Twitter Analytics is a great start for you with Twitter. When you know the algorithm behind Twitter, you are able to harness its usefulness.

There are plenty of courses online that help you better understand Twitter Analytics. You can find them on LinkedIn, Udemy, Courser, etc. I wish you a happy learning experience.

twitter analytics

Does Twitter have analytics?

Twitter Analytics Now Available To Everyone. All Twitter users can access a detailed report on their followers and individual tweets, including impressions, clicks, and engagement. ... Analytics are provided to users who have had a Twitter account for at least 14 days, the company said.

What is a good engagement rate for twitter?

Engagement rates between 0.02% and 0.09% are considered to be good. An influencer with a good engagement rate on Twitter could expect between 0.2 - 0.9 reactions for every 1000 followers.

Does twitter analytics show location?

Twitter uses this data, provided in GeoJSON form (a standard format designed for representing longitude and latitude), to determine audience location. Twitter users must have their location settings enabled to authorize Twitter's collection of this data.

What can twitter analytics tell you?

Analyze your Tweets and understand your followers Every word, photo, video, and follower can have an impact. Twitter's analytics help you understand how the content you share on Twitter grows your business. ... You'll know exactly how many times Twitter users have seen, Retweeted, liked and replied to each Tweet.

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