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Twitter Account Basics You have to Know

Twitter Account Basics You have to Know

by Meghashree Das April 12, 2020
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Today there are various social media networking sites to choose from which confuses the user. Even though most of the sites may seem similar but almost every site is designed to cater to the specific needs of specific users.

If you are looking for a platform where you can socialize, express and get news from all around the world- Twitter is for you.

Twitter Account basic amnesties

Twitter is a microblogging site founded in 2006 with its CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter is not only for entertainment and to a social messaging site. But it is an ocean of knowledgeable content. Twitter is a productive way of using social networking sites

How to create a Twitter account?

Steps required in creating a new Twitter account are:

twitter signup form

  • Step 1 for creating your Twitter Account-Go to the official twitter page and choose
  • Step 2 for creating your Twitter Account-Fill in the details asked for. Fill in your name, phone number, Email. Do not give fake information as all this information will be verified in the next step.
  • Step 3 for creating your Twitter Account- Verify your information. Put in the verification code
  • Step 4 for creating your Twitter Account- Create a strong password. Do not keep your date of birth, phone number or name as your password Or anything predictable.
  • Step 5 for creating your Twitter Account- Sync your contacts with your account. This is done so it’s easier for your friends to follow you. And for you to find more and more followers.
  • Step 6 for creating your Twitter Account- Search for interesting accounts you would like to follow. After the search twitter will recommend various accounts similar to what you searched.
  • Step 7 for creating your Twitter Account- To get started on twitter with tweeting select the blue-button Tweet. Make changes in your settings, put on an attractive profile photo.

How it get more followers on your Twitter Account?

Be consistent

No matter which platform but being regular and consistent with your posts is important. As when the audience observes consistency in your content they find you to be reliable. It creates a feeling of trust as a feeling of uncertainty is no more present.

Make a plan with a consistent schedule and pattern.

Attractive content for your Twitter Account

When it comes to the question- which is better text or video content? Video content is the obvious answer.

According to reports and analysis, visual posts are 4 times more likely to be liked and shared than text posts.

People are easily attracted to videos, images, and gifs. Long texts tend to appear boring that sometimes people lose interest mid-post.

Good and interesting videos and GIF’s are one of the important elements for increasing followers.

Post when your audience is active

Check analysis reports on twitter to first know when your audience is the most active. If you are posting your content whenever you want will be like shooting in the dark. No matter how good and attractive your content is if it’s received at the right time.

With thorough research find out the exact time and date when users are active. Once you understand your audience and their patterns post your content when your post will be received by a large audience. This will also lead to an increase in account recognition attracting more followers.

Post often but don’t overdo it on your Twitter Account

Post frequently now and then. Post on topics you think need some discussion or on which you want to express your views. Post when something interesting or significant takes place.

But this doesn’t mean you tweet about everything every minute of the day. It shouldn’t be too little but also not too much. Maintain a good balance to post when appropriate.

Make appropriate use of hashtags

Appropriate use of Hashtags brings a large number of users to your page.

By taking the help of Twitter Analysis you can find out the most trending hashtags. Try and make use of these hashtags as this will increase traffic on your account drastically. But it’s important to use this tool moderately. Avoid manipulating hashtags.

Do not use hashtags that have no relevance to your content at all this will frustrate users. Even if they like your content they will not follow you as they won’t be able to form that trust with you.

Engage with your audience through your Twitter Account

Engaging with your audience is the best technique used for increasing your followers. The more you engage with your audience the more they connect with you. Thus forming a bond with you while relating them with you.

Engage with them through comments, liking their posts, retweets, tagging or shout outs.

It’s fairly easy to gain new followers but the real work goes into maintaining them.

Controversial topics are a Big no

Controversial topics are a no-no until and unless you are fine with negative publicity. A common mistake that a lot of twitter users tend to make is to indulge in controversial topics. Stay out of any negative topic or support any such cases.

Avoid making politically incorrect statements. Always try and give a positive perspective.

How to maintain your Twitter account and make it more interesting?

Setting yourself a twitter account is the easiest but maintains your account and your followers take effort. Try and make your posts interesting to attract more traffic. You can make your Twitter account interesting in the following manner:

Use polls to engage with people in Twitter Account

Twitter polls

Make use of poll type questions to interact with your audience. Users are more probable to take a poll question rather than read the whole text post. As poll questions are exciting and take less than 30 seconds to take part in while giving quick results. Poll type questions add a little mystery to the question thus intriguing their curiosity.

Tweet on trendy topics

You can look for trending topics in the twitter analysis report. Posting on trending topics will attract more people to your page.

Use Brief sentences which leave the readers intrigued

Try short sentences that leave a little mystery in the end.

Include visual content

Post colorful visual content. The majority of our population are visual learners so it’s best to post gifs and short clips.

Use unique hashtags for Twitter Account

Create unique hashtags that people may find attractive bringing more and more people to your profile.

Put on humorous content

Humor content is the safest post to go with. Everybody likes a good laugh. Make sure your content is original.

How to make sure your Twitter Account doesn’t violate Twitter rules?

Do not threaten another twitters safety

  • Do not encourage or threaten violence against anyone.
  • Do not promote or indulge in terrorist activities
  • Do not share or promote child sexual exploitation content
  • Do not harass or abuse any individual at any point in time.
  • Do not conduct hateful speech towards any sex, race, etc.
  • No posting of explicit adult content
  • Do not validate or share self-harm content or images

Respect others Privacy

  • Do not release or give out somebody’s personal information without their permission
  • Do not post someone’s intimate images or videos of which were taken without their consent or knowledge.

Focus on authenticity

  • Do not copy some body’s work or creation and pretend to claim it as yours.
  • Do not impersonate someone as you will be booked for identity theft.

A big no to Third-party advertising

Twitter does not support any promotional advertisement for third-party services on its platform.


Twitter is a micro-blogging social site. Best suited for someone who wants to indulge in intellectual discussions once in a while? Twitter is a combination of fun and awareness with its versatile and informative contents.

It provides Updated news from all over the world and helps people get informed about different incidents and changes.

Twitter Account takes time to organize

To get started on twitter make a twitter account and have a witty yet appropriate name. Start tweeting, retweeting, sharing and engaging with others.

Post creative content makes use of appropriate hashtags to gain more followers. Post unique content and schedule your posts. It’s important to post when your followers are most active.

Make sure that your twitter doesn’t violate Twitter’s new policies. Do not engage or promote violence, hate, sexual content or invade any user’s privacy. It’s important to adhere to these rules because if not twitter has its way of dealing.

Need to manage your Twitter profiles along with other social media profiles? Then you should try Ubercircle. It will help you to Publish, Analyse and schedule social media posts on different platforms from a single dashboard. Get Started today!

If appropriately made use of twitter can be of great advantage to you.

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