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Tips and Tricks for social media and online reputation

Tips and Tricks for social media and online reputation

by Meghashree Das May 21, 2020
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In today’s time, everyone lives through their social media account. It like our presence made felt through our social appearance. One may not have a number of actual friends but would definitely have a thousand friends on Facebook.

It’s been like our life has become a social media page. When such importance given to social media, social media management starts holding extreme importance in people’s life. And hand in hand comes to the online reputation management needs. As we live through our social media accounts.

Why is online reputation important?

Not just personal life, people are accustomed to involving social media to every facet of their life. Be it a new start-up, for influencing, for the promotion of a cause, social media is used for everything. People are assessed on the basis of their social manifestation. Hence it’s a great platform to influence people and their thoughts. And hence comes online reputation management into the picture. Everyone is ought to be conscious of their appearance when it impacts their reputation online. A new area of social media management and online reputation management has evolved all together. Social media is a part of everyone’s life as everyone is drawn by the concept and idea of having smartphone connected to their hands. Social media is a part of everyday life as it has became a boon and a connection between the humans and the media graphics.
Online reputation management is important for a few of the following reasons:
  1. First impression
    The internet is the landing spot for many users who are looking for products or services. It is of utmost importance that at this landing spot, you maintain a good reputation so that you can encourage people to use your brand/company.
  2. Better credibility
    A bad reputation spreads much faster than a stable and good reputation. If you want your customers to keep coming back to you and like your brand then you need to make sure that they hear good, honest, and genuine feedback about your company. Reputation management is important because it helps you build this kind of trustable credibility.
  3. Better SEO ranking
    Search engines have an algorithm that gives you a better ranking if you have more positive feedback, review, and ratings. So if you have poor ratings all over the internet, your SEO ranking will drop miserably. But if you follow a stable reputation management strategy using this guide then you will be able to boost your positive reputation. Boosting your positive reputation will help get higher SEO rankings.
It is hard to name a brand that hasn’t created its online presence and still surviving. Businesses in the 21st century, are driven by their online reputation and social media appearance. Those firms who couldn’t cope up with the changing scenario had to leave the market. Those who haven’t created their social media presence is not able to flourish and grab a market anymore. With a social media presence, people are not even accepting a brand to be trustworthy and promising.

Startups are regulating in today’s world more than ever

successful startup
Also, when people promote their business or start-up through social media. It can reach a large magnitude of people. Having said that, the way something is promoted or displayed significantly.

clearly reflects the importance of this segment in the 21st-century living. Influencers, models with stand-up comedians, make up artists, photographers, social media has become a gear for them to drive their careers. For it a product launch, a promotional campaign, volunteering, social media has facilitated each of them.


The media for social media reputation not sourced out

The reputation people and businesses have been able to earn today, is all because of social media networking and people’s trust in it. Social media influencers like Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Huda Kattan and many more have gained a humongous magnitude of followers. And fame just from their social media presence. Today, the world meets on social media platforms and has made its virtual reality.

In this world, where social media validation is everything, the art of social media reputation and online reputation management is
incredibly crucial. The impression is the key and conveying the message rightly is the mantra here.

How far has social media reputation and online reputation management gone?

Social Media reputation has hence lately been the most important art to learn and the second step would be online reputation management. Social media reputation presently is of such great importance. It is that institutes grant certification in social media reputation building. New startups and businesses have evolved that take care of people’s social media appearance and develop their image.
Big business firms have sought to invest a great deal in their social media performance and hence raised the bar for others. An average company nowadays allocates approximately 10-14% of its budget for reputation management.

Social media reputation management is something of your own field

Social media is nothing new. It is an age-old concept from the time when people used to write letters to their loved ones and send notes through pigeons. Social media has just reformed from letters to online standards. And people have been investing so much in it that it would keep on evolving in the future. An average human being is found to spend approximately two and a half-hour daily on social media.
That itself tells us its reach and impact. Even if we consider small kids and elderly people, they too are a part of social media networks these days.
Big influencers like Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo, have been spending big chunks on their social media reputation management. Some of them have just progressed completely by improving their social media appearance and an online reputation.
People are going way out of the box and coming out of their comfort zone to create something new for their audience and followers. Hence social media reputation and online reputation management. For that, they are using and have been progressing through leaps and bounds due to the importance it has gained recently.

There are new trends for your social media reputation management

A new trend in the business world’s social media reputation management is seen as an inter-brand war through Twitter and Facebook. Every firm tries to refine its appearance to its customers to get a bigger market capitalization than the rivals. This healthy competition has also boosted the competency and the innovation of the big firms. There are companies have been paying big amounts to the third party for maintaining their social media presence and reputation.
The new generation audience is smart and gets bored easily. To continuously grab their valuable attention, firms have resorted to advertising through memes, hashtags, and challenges. This growth is captivating. Trending hashtags, rivalry memes, brand challenges, etc, is the new way of ensuring growth. Any product or service that a firm is going to launch, is first put on social media for the validation by their customers.
 Every firm is hence working through the social media platform to excel in their particular fields.  The amount of time, efforts and resources that are being employed for social media management and operation management evidently show its worth for the business enterprises and their future growth.

Social media reputation management

The most viable marketing medium- social media management, isn’t as simple as it looks. It is not just tweeting once in a while or maybe posting a couple of pictures on Instagram related to your work. Social media reputation management is a typical and long term process that requires extensive brainstorming and a big plan.
Not just for now, but for the following next 3 years. Below are the major steps that cover the efforts involved in creating a spotless social media presence-
  1. Start to build your online social media presence on every major social media platform. If you have already started, this is the time to check where you stand. You need to analyze your current position in terms of how a decent brand value has been created by you.
  2. The next step is to find your target market. This is the most important thing to do while working in a social media presence. A firm should know its target market and the people who are its prospective customers. This applies to influencers and other media personalities as well.]
  3. Setting your goal in terms of what things you want your social media to incline to is the next important step. Knowing which type of appearance you prefer is most important when creating content for your audience.
  4. Now the biggest step in social media reputation management is to start creating content. Creating content that is appreciated by your targeted customers is the most essential element. The content should be arresting and attention-seeking.
  5. Improvisation and Optimization are key. The market would not be as stable as you have maybe assessed it now to be. The business environment is dynamic hence it keeps on changing.

The steps involved in Online Reputation Management-

This is more or less the exact procedure followed by firms that offer online reputation management services. Looking at the below-mentioned steps gives you the gist of the gigantic task undertaken by the big business houses or the third party they outsource this task to-

Know your step here

The first step should always be extensive monitoring of your clients’ customers and assessing what they need and what are their opinions on your client’s brand value. A survey may also help you with the same.

Create a strategy plan

The next step is to create a strategy on the basis of your observations. This strategy is dependent on your client’s customer’s demands and expectations. The full-fledged strategy is developed for reputation building. Developing a strategy starts with identifying the “bad views” of the customers about your client and working on eliminating them.

Make time for the presence

The next big step is to build your client’s social media presence on every major social media platform where your client’s customers are mostly present. The start should be big and noticeable.
Now the biggest step in online reputation building is to start creating content.
User-friendly content Is extremely important to engage the customers and thereby grab their attention. Start marking your client’s presence with great content and networking.

Know your clan right here

Building your client’s own clan is of utmost importance. Connect to the service providers of your client’s industry, make a community, and spread the word.
Hence the above points are important steps taken to build a firm’s online reputation. It isn’t as simple as it looks. It requires huge manpower, diligent research, and precise analysis. This is also not a short term process. It takes years and years to develop a reputation and a position in social media and amongst the customers.

Social media management is a part of online reputation management-

Social media management is just a part of online reputation management. Although these are two different concepts, both of them are mutually inclusive and hence cannot exist separately. In the process of online reputation management, social media management is a key task to undertake.
Hence these two segments are always discussed together. Social media management is futile without the building of an online reputation. On the other hand, building an online reputation cannot be accomplished without social media management.

Why social media management is accompanied by online reputation management?

Online reputation management is more important for big firms and famous personalities. Online reputation management essentially means employing techniques and strategies to maintain one’s social stature and facilitate public relations. Social media management comes in hand in hand with online reputation management. What kind of reputation a firm or a personality has maintained throughout, reflect the brand value of that concern.
 Online reputation management is a critical and complex task that is not the same for each and every one. It involves personality building and much more. A firm’s or a person’s future endeavors depends on how good a reputation it has maintained amongst its audience. User-generated content is of extreme importance when talking about social media management and online reputation management.
We are dealing with an active set of audiences who are smart enough to know which brand is misleading them and which one is not.

Social media management is more than ever

Online reputation management helps companies build a strong image that creates a sense of reliability for their customers in their brand. This helps to build a long term relationship with the audience and capture a bigger market every time they come up with something new.
There are particular online reputation management and social media management enterprises for this particular task. Big firms outsource this task of online reputation management to these third parties who work in and out to understand their client’s current and prospective market. Then they work on the content to suit the market and hence builds a reputation for their client firm.
This task isn’t of a small magnitude. It requires extensive research and development, assessment of client’s customers, products offered by the client, its target audience, future prospects and much more. Online reputation management is a gigantic task as it needs, continuity, and consistency.

The scope of social media management and online reputation management

online reputation management scope of work
Social media management and online reputation management have a long way to go. The importance which these social media platforms have acquired is of a great wavelength. Every firm, every enterprise, models, influencers, has gotten its way into the heart of their audience through these social networking platforms. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc are the platforms that most of us have access to. This is going to develop into a big community where each and everyone is just a click away.

The advent of the big data is larger than expected

With the coming of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, social media management and online reputation management will keep growing in the future. Later, it would be easy to access what the customer wants and what it may want in the coming future.
The whole world is going worked out and hence creating and holding your online presence is incredibly important for people and for business enterprises. The brand reputation going to be judged on the basis of how accurately the brand has managed to capture the online social media market of its customers.
Hence recently social media influencers have started planning for a longer-term to cater to their online market. With technology and its daily disruptions, the online social media market is going to be the real war zone. It is between companies in the years to come.
Build your online reputation with Ubercircle. It helps you to automate, publish and analyze your social profile and it’s audience. It will also help you to save a lot of money and time in the long run. Ubercircle will help you manage all your social profiles from one single dashboard.


Social media reputation management and online reputation management is a varied part of the corporate and social world. It is going to evolve into something as great as the world could think about. Social media has occupied a major portion of our daily lives and hence the impact it makes is grand. Not all business and work, social media reputation management, and online reputation management are going to find its place. In each and every facet of life and hence its reach is going to get broad.
The social media reputation management forms an important part. The reputation helps with people finding relavant ways to post on social media and formulate a specific image.
The most important part of social media and its impact is that it is through the internet. The internet is the driving force of most of the things the world has these days. This network of the internet is going to be more tight and sturdy in the coming years.
The internet would evolve and so is social media going to be. It is the right moment to assess its importance and benefit from its future advancement.


What is your online reputation?

An online reputation, or e-reputation, is the reputation of a company, person, product, service or any other element on the Internet and digital platforms. This online reputation is impacted by the content an organization distributes, the reactions of and interactions with web users, activity on social networks, etc.

Why is your online reputation important?

A great online reputation is one of the most powerful marketing assets a business has. These days most people do research about a product, business or service before they make the purchase. One of the first things many people do is check for online reviews.

What's a good reputation score?

With, a “good” reputation score would be anything over 600 (on a scale that goes from 0 to 1,000). A typical industry standard reputation score is around 525, and while it's better than a bad reputation, it's not going to do much to make a business stand out from its competitors.

What is an online reputation score?

Your personal online reputation score represents the total value of your online footprint. That value is based on a number of factors, including the sum of positive, negative and neutral items that show up in Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and how they rank when people search your personal brand

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