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TikTok Marketing: A Beginners Guide to Success

TikTok Marketing: A Beginners Guide to Success

by bhargavi July 30, 2020
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TikTok has over 800 million users every month. It is a platform that has a lot of potential for marketing. It has a lot of undiscovered opportunities.

TikTok is a platform where people create short video clips, they can use special effects or different settings. A lot of the GenZ’s use TikTok to show off their creative sides, on the other hand some brands are using Tik Tok to their advantage.

But is TikTok marketing the right platform for marketing? It definitely is highly popular. Only recently it has launched an advertising process.

Along with an advertising process, they have also introduced hyperlink facilities for the brands. Since the videos on TikTok are quite quirky it is important for your brand to put out videos that are attractive and attention grabbing. A simple ad might not work here.

TikTok Marketing strategies

Here are some ways in which you can catch some attention for your brand

Step 1 – In-Feed Native Ad

In this ad type you have the options of adding a link to your website and order-now buttons on the ad. These links will redirect the users to your website. It is something like advertising on Instagram stories.

TikTok marketing

Image source – Quora

These ads can be skipped by the user. These ads have a lot of design options. The usage of the ad can be calculated through the CTR (Click-through-rate), impressions, viewing time, total views and total engagement received.

Step 2 – Create Challenges with Hashtags

This is a banner ad. You create a challenge and give it a specific hashtag. Put that hashtag in your ad. The user will see the ad and click on it, it will take them to a different page where the rules of the current challenge are mentioned.

TikTok marketing

Image source – OMR

This ad is put up on the discover page. It can be measured through banner views, clicks, number of user generated content, engagement, trending rank and number of views.

Step 3 – Brand Takeover ads

Images, short video clips and GIFs are a forerunner of the brand’s page or a hashtag challenge. These are category exclusive, only one brand can take a slot in a day. This helps your brand engage in TikTik marketing with a level of exclusivity that almost no other social media permits.

TikTok marketing

Image source – Awario

Your reach using brand takeover ads during TikTok marketing can be measured through impressions, CTR and unique reaches. The tools are simple and user-friendly and they have a great effect on the brand.

Step 4 – Do Challenges with Hashtags

You created a challenge with a hashtag already? Now take part in one. It is a very famous and common activity on TikTok, following challenges.
The hashtag challenges are generally non-sponsored and with the right strategy in place, you can make any content popular amongst users.

TikTok marketing

Image source – Contagious

Following a challenge created by an influencer is bound to increase organic engagement. All you need is, know a blogger or influencer and have some ideas. These ideas should be fun and enjoyable and relevant to your campaign idea.

Step 5 – Involve users

TikTok marketing

Image source – Facebook

This is the most engaging form of advertisement. Essentially, user-generated content is utilized to advance the causes and brands with tools and features that make it simple and empower clients to post thoughts and content by tagging the concerned topic and brand.

Why is TikTok marketing great for brands?

TikTok is an up and coming platform for marketers. Brands who have successfully conducted TikTok marketing campaigns have reaped the benefits.

Content on TikTok does get views faster than Facebook and Instagram. If your content is great and video editing skills are good too, you will get thousands of views and followers in a short span of time.

TikTok marketing may also involve introducing a link in bio option to make marketing easier for users. Currently only few users are able to add a link in their bio but soon it will be available to all the users. TikTok is constantly evolving to help marketers and advertisers.

What type of content should you put on TikTok?

You can put out original and unique content but TikTok is really a trend based platform. If you want to catch attention, follow the trend or make spin-offs of the current trend.

So many TikTok dance routines are now a part of Pop Culture. It’s not only dance videos that trend but animals, lip sync videos, beauty and fashion videos, fitness, workout tips, comical moments, hacks, camera hacks, pranks and hundreds of challenges.

A lot of times the most basic videos are famous on TikTok and become a trend. For instance, a dog rolling on the floor, some challenge fails.

If you are not sure which challenge to take up (since there are literally hundreds), check out TikTok’s discovery page. Here you will find the trending challenges according to your geographical location.

If your first video is not a success, it’s okay, don’t be disheartened. Keep posting and be consistent and you will gain success.

How to create a TikTok

Here is a step by step guide to create a TikTok video!

Step 1: The much obvious. Download the app and create an account

Once you have downloaded the app, browse through the different tools and settings. You can take a video from scratch or upload from your gallery.
To start shooting, click on the Create Video symbol.
You can then choose from the various filters available. They are at the bottom right of the screen.
Some filters you can pick from:


As you can see the FLIP button in the top right corner:

Image source – YouTube

Choose between front facing camera or rear facing


TikTok marketing

Image source – Adweek

You can slow down or speed up your recording using this feature. You can also use if for specific parts of your video as well.


TikTok marketing

Image source – YouTube

You can remove the blemishes on your skin. It gives a smooth look. An airbrushed look.


There are a variety of filters you choose from. You can add the filter while shooting or after shooting.

To apply it, tap on the filters symbol and wipe left for a preview.

TikTok marketing

Image source – TikTok


You can set an auto record countdown if you want to shoot hands-free. You can also adjust how much video you want to shoot at one time.

TikTok marketing

Image source – AdWeek


The music note symbol is at the top of the screen. Click on that to add sound. You can choose a song or any other musical overlay.

You can search the discovery to find trending sounds. You can also use the existing sound in the video by clicking on “use this sound”.

TikTok marketing

Image source – Social Media Examiner


This option is at the bottom left of your screen. There are hundreds and hundreds of effects you can choose from. They are classified into various categories as well. These categories include, trending, beauty, animal, special effects, interactive filters, workout, artistic and face.

TikTok marketing

Image source – Blogspot

Step 2: Record

Once you have selected your recording settings, start filming!
For a hands-free video, click on the timer setting. The timer ranges from 3-10 seconds. You can also adjust how much you want to shoot, or you can stop the video manually.

TikTok marketing

Image source – Adweek

You can shoot your videos in segments and edit it later. You can do this by holding the record button and shoot where you left off. You can delete a segment if you aren’t happy with it. The option is on the right of the record button.

Step 3: Edit

Once you are done recording the video, move to the editing section.

The options available here are, filters, you can adjust clips, voice effects, voiceover, trim and volume controlling.

TikTok marketing

Image source – LightMV

You can add a custom voiceover to your TikTok video. Click on the record option and record the voice for the video.

In the bottom bar there are options to edit sounds, add effects, add texts and stickers. Once you are happy with the video move ahead.

Step 4: Publish

Before sharing your creation with the world, it is better to add a caption and a handful of hashtags. Hashtags will increase discoverability. Your caption should be short and related to your video.

Pick who can view your video (private, public or friends). Further pick your comment settings and duet settings.

Next, hit post! Share your creation with the world.

TikTok marketing

Image source – WikiHow

Note: promote your TikTok videos on other social media platforms too. It will increase views and engagement.

TikTok Pro Analysis for TikTok marketing

Analytics are only available for pro accounts. If you are serious about your TikTok marketing strategy, you should make the upgrade. It is free to do.

Here’s how to do it

TikTok marketing

Image source – Later

TikTok pro analysis is very beneficial for TikTok marketing.

Go to “manage my profile” on the top right corner. They are 3 dots and tap on “switch to pro account”. Choose the industry of your business.

Your TikTok account will then reload and will now be a pro account. You can check the analytics of your TikTok marketing scheme like this:

TikTok marketing

Image source –


Here you will see views, followers and profile views. This data will be available for the last 7-28 days.
With the help of this data you’ll be able to see which type of videos work. You can use this data to also figure out a future strategy.


You will understand how your videos are performing over a time duration.
You can see the number of videos you have put out in the past one week. And which videos have trended the most.
Keep a track of your videos, you will find a pattern and it will help you greatly.


It shows how many followers you have had in the past one week, the gender breakdown, top geographical location, follower activity and most watched videos in the past one week.

Understanding your followers will help you understand if you are reaching your target audience or not. If your demographics don’t match, if your followers are not your target audience, you need to come up with a new strategy.

Understanding the timings when your followers are mainly active will help you know the best time to post.

While posting keep in mind the current trends and hashtags.

Some brands that did exceptionally well at marketing on TikTok are, Chipotle, NBA, United Nations IFAD, The Washington Post, Guess, The San Diego Zoo and NBC’s Stay Tuned.

Wrapping it 

This article talked about why TikTok is a good platform, the ways in which you can advertise, how to advertise better, some features and how to use pro analytics. Marketing on TikTok is a great plan. It should definitely be a part of your social media marketing strategy.
Let us know how was your experience marketing on TikTok in the comments below!


Is TikTok good for marketing?

We're full of fun and creative ideas for marketing on TikTok. ... Boutiques can use TikTok for the ever-popular try-on videos - you can film a whole seasons worth of sales in a fun sped up video and you can even add your own hype music. Of course, larger clothing brands also see almost immediate success as well.

What is TikTok marketing strategy?

Set a Hashtag Challenge One of TikTok's ad types involves sponsoring hashtags. Hashtag challenges are highly popular on TikTok. They are an excellent way for businesses to increase engagement and brand awareness. You set up a challenge for users who share videos of themselves attempting your challenge.

What companies advertise on TikTok?

Teenagers are gaga for TikTok. And with the advertising floodgates wide open, brands are too. Chipotle, Nike, Skittles, Fenty Beauty, Pepsi, and Universal Pictures are among the many companies that have already been lured by TikTok's warpspeed success.

How does TikTok make money?

As at now, Tik Tok gets money through the in-app purchases mostly in terms of coins. This starts from 100 for $0.99 reaching 10,000 for $99.99. ... They offer them coins in the exchange of digitals gifts. Reports by Sensor Tower have it that users globally spend up to $3.5 million a month for such in-app purchase.

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