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The Dolly Parton Viral Meme Challenge

The Dolly Parton Viral Meme Challenge

by Meghashree Das June 07, 2020
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The meme community is one of the best things to have come out of the millennial generation. It is a specific comedy genre that is not tailored to the liking of many but it is hilarious nonetheless. In this time and age, it is hard to tell what may turn into the next viral or trending meme. Dolly Parton, the 74-yr old singer shared a picture of her profiles on LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder which soon became a meme challenge.

What are memes?

Memes are an image, video, or text that is relatable, funny, and shared on different social media platforms. Even educational platforms are taking advantage of the meme culture and putting it into good news. It has been noted that students tend to retain information better through the means on the internet.

One of the famous examples of a meme is this meme called the Salt bae. It’s about him seasoning the dish he was preparing, but it got viral due to a number of reasons.

meme challenge

Image source – SayingImages

meme challenge

Image source – Step Feed

What is  a meme challenge ?

Now that you know what is a meme, let me tell you more about what is a meme challenge ? A meme challenge is when you edit a pre-existing meme and do something related to your self with it. Whether it was the Facebook 10 year meme challenge:



Facebook meme challenge

Image source – Quora

Or the Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge:

Dolly Parton LinkedIn-Facebook-Instagram-Tinder Meme challenge

Image source – YouTube

The creative thought process that goes into the creation of these is very interesting with LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder . What is even more amusing is the fact that we never know who may start the next chain of meme trend. Such was the case of the famous singer, Dolly Parton.

Who is Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton is a 74-year-old singer shared a picture of her dressed representing the different social media platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. Imagine being powerful enough to hold down the music industry and take over the meme community simultaneously. Her timeless classics, ‘Jolene’ and ‘I will always love you’ still dance on the lips of many today.

What is the Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge?

This hilarious meme challenge became a trend when the iconic singer, Dolly Parton dressed up as what she presents herself as on different platforms.

For the app, LinkedIn, the singer is seen wearing a formal dress.

Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

For Facebook she posted a version which was a more casual and real version of who she is.

Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

For the Instagram block, she posted a picture that was quirky but aesthetically pleasing.

She also had a guitar in her hand which speaks volumes for itself.

Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

Lastly, for Tinder, the dating app, the singer did not shy away from turning the heat on as she posted a picture of her in a sexy Playboy bunny costume.

Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

To add the final touch to what can be called perfection, she captioned it, “Get you a woman who can do it all.”

How Dolly Parton’s collage become a meme challenge ?

The meme trend took the internet by a storm. Celebrities all around the world followed the singer’s lead and participated in the viral trend.

A-listers such as Miley Cyrus, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington, Mark Hamill, Priyanka Chopra and so many such celebrities chipped in on the trend giving their followers something to giggle about.

Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

Image source – The Sun

Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

Image source – The Commercial Appeal

It took an even more hilarious turn when a lot of these celebrities went to the extent of posting unflattering pictures of themselves under each app.

It is amusing to see the different versions of our celebrities online. We see an image that we are not accustomed to seeing.

Miley Cyrus was stoked by the fact the 74-year-old Dolly Parton was creative enough to make this trend when she doesn’t even use these platforms regularly. Nevertheless, it is a trend to remember.

Celebrities weren’t the only ones who joined in on the trend, restaurants, art galleries, national parks, aquariums, even famous Instagram dogs and cats posted pictures of themselves presenting the various apps.

Virality of the LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

It seemed like a brilliant idea for brands to promote their product. The virality of the Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge goes beyond the simple speculation of what we present ourselves as on different platforms. It seemed like a perfect marketing idea for some of the most famous places around the world.

Seeing animals posing for the same under the heads of different platforms seemed even hilarious.

Animal doing the Dolly Parton LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

Image source – Pinterest

The cheeky picture of Instagram’s favorite dog, ‘itsdougthepug’, showing his butt to the camera for Tinder is one such example.

LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder meme challenge

Image source – Amazon

It’s unclear whether or not the singer thought this trend would go viral the way it did, in a way it paves the path for self-introspection.

Self-introspection through LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder memes:

Memes are made to be relatable. Through visual and commentary humor we attempt at making our lives a little easier by sprinkling meme humor through our schedules. It’s an exclusive community, the more memes you know, the references you can make around your friends.

Meme challenge – How it is roaring on social media

Although all memes are in some relatable, this particular trend calls for self-introspection because of the idea behind it. On social media, we tend to portray a different side to our personality. It is safe to assume that we all have a social media façade that we use at the forefront to gain popular approval.

People have always caved into peer pressure, even in a social setting, we find it hard to disagree with a group of people who have the same opinion that differs from ours. To feel accepted into the social circle, we find ourselves pretending to go along with popular opinions just so we do not feel left out.

Does personal gain and popularity go hand in hand? Slicing into a viral trend like a meme challenge may not be ideal, but the meme has given us so much to analyze about ourselves. We portray a different image on LinkedIn because we are looking for employment and we do not want to risk the chances by posting something unorthodox.

Facebook feels less judgemental so we post something a little more relatable to who we are as a person. Instagram is an app of aesthetics. The app helps in giving the impression that we are living our best sides, we can be quirky, we can post a little about what we love and so on. Tinder is an app for relationships, love, or even hookups, so it doesn’t hurt to be a little daring and flirty.

Something so simple yet intriguing, our personalities are divided into four already. Of course, many of us do not shy away from showing our true personalities whether it be online or in real life, but the theory for introspection this has sparked must be discussed.

Mental health on social platforms:

A more serious turn to this topic would how our social media image can take a serious toll on our mental health. The word mental health is thrown around all over the internet and because of this, it has started to lose credibility. It is important to understand self-actualize from time to time. We often lose ourselves in the loop of timeless scrolling.

Instead of coping with things directly, we use social platforms to distract us from intense emotions. It is unhealthy because eventually our insecurities will be projected on to the platform.

This will not be taken easily by the people on the internet. Relentless trolling and cyberbullying are important issues we must be mentally prepared for before portraying yourself on social media.

Boomer humor on LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder:

Although meme humor is just a light take on things happening around us, it also had a negative side to it when it was gaining popularity. A lot of people thought the intent behind it was malicious and it took a long time for the older generation to come to terms with this.

The lack of humor that was being displayed by the older generation led to famous meme “OK boomer”. With LinkedIn – Facebook – Instagram – Tinder, it was there.

Boomer is someone who does not understand the meme culture and is quick to take offense to it. This is another reason why Dolly Parton, despite her age, actively joining in to create a viral meme trend is surprising.

It is a collective way to tell that boomers are who lacks behind

The Gen Z and Millennials have lost this round against the boomers since the singer has managed to redeem the generation through her viral post. Even her caption gained traction amongst people. It is being used ironically and unironically as captions.

Humor that can be easily understood by the older generation is labeled boomer humor, or in simple terms Dad Jokes.

For example,

Jack: Dad, I’m Hungry

Dad: Hi hungry, I’m Dad

It’s cringy but the simplicity of it makes you unwillingly smile.


Social media defines us

Social media is a huge part of who we are. The fun and games behind meme culture take an ugly turn from time to time. For example, we often find the memes, categorized under “Dark humor”, if you are sensitive, or will take offense to things quickly then it is highly recommended that you steer clear of the same.

It borders on taboo topics that we do not speak in a social setting. Similarly, many memes use the appearance of another individual to incite humor. Memes do not have copyright claims and if they do, people rarely use them.

Humor can’t always go hand in hand with other people’s feelings. It is more so an attempt to make people just giggle for a second and then move on. Dissecting a meme would take apart the originality and humor in it.

This is why humour is needed

The Dolly Parton meme was a little different from the usual genre as it sparked something for all of us to think about. Even when posting in homage to this meme, most of us would have scoured our galleries for images that suited the meme just so we can be part of it. It shows the influence of social media on our thought processes and so on.

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