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Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics and Basics To Know in 2020

by Meghashree Das April 18, 2020 everything, social media marketing

“Look what the prime minister tweeted about the election”. “Donald Trump’s tweet is trending in the market right now”. “That actresses’ tweet started a new wave of feminism”. We hear these lines on a day to day basis. The internet […]

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Twitter Account

Twitter Account Basics You have to Know

by Meghashree Das April 12, 2020 everything, social media marketing

Today there are various social media networking sites to choose from which confuses the user. Even though most of the sites may seem similar but almost every site is designed to cater to the specific needs of specific users. If […]

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Twitter with most followers

Twitter with most followers: Your 2020 Guide

by Meghashree Das April 10, 2020 everything, social media marketing

Today we see people keep boasting about their online influence and the number of followers they have. Today our lives revolve around our existence and influence over social media. People showing such behavior behave in such a manner to seek […]

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social media marketing strategy

Best social media marketing strategy steps for 2020

by Meghashree Das April 04, 2020 everything, social media marketing

Numerous companies and brands get into social media on an impromptu basis. Everyone, including businesses, realizes the growing importance of social media.  But many have no clue how to create and execute a social media marketing strategy?! Well, with this […]

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