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Bad Sales Tactics

Bad sales tactics to avoid

by bhargavi September 08, 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy, everything, social media marketing

How do bad sales tactics spread? Regularly, a bad sale begins when an individual salesman reports some accomplishment with a methodology and afterward every other person needs to attempt it. In any case, albeit another tactic may add up to […]

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What Is The Best Time To Post On Pinterest?

by Meghashree Das August 20, 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy, everything, social media marketing

To go big on social media, the most essential part is posting quality content on a regular and consistent basis, however, what’s more, important than posting is knowing when to post! Posting content that your audience likes is only half […]

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Social Media Collaboration Intro

Social Media Collaboration: Choosing the right strategy for you

by Meghashree Das July 30, 2020 everything, social media marketing

Two things are true when it comes to human beings; one that we are social animals. We love to socialize or mix up with other fellow humans. And second, our media for communication with one another has changed over generations, […]

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