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4 pro tips to be a successful social media manager from the start!

4 pro tips to be a successful social media manager from the start!

by Meghashree Das October 13, 2020
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Social media manager

Social media is the new downtown for every one of us. Various social media platforms help us connect. Evolution in social media for so many years has transformed it into a successful business ideation where anyone and everyone can come to promote, partner, and sell. Owing to this reason the profile of a social media manager has become such an integral part of businesses today that it has a separate profile in companies.

Social media manager

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You might have guessed it by now, it is a social media manager.  The basic job of a social media manager is to look after and promote the growth of social media accounts on behalf of the company and manage everything on the social network. This involves making brand posts, promotions, tweets, and advertisements. However, the job that looks pretty much doable can become a nightmare when you do not where to begin.

It is not a correct option to just jump in your position and start making tweets, comments on behalf of your company when you have not known enough and still are a fresher! Managing social media in the first week as a social media manager calls for a lot of learning, tests, and eventually your growth. Let’s see what’s more this role and how should you start working as a social media manager in the first week of your work.

How should you start working as a social media manager?

Working as a social media manager is fun and an easy job when you have the correct resources, knowledge, and techniques in your hands. For this what you first have to do is simply understand your job and the seriousness about it. Through social media, you shall be responsible to further promote the brand and make people aware of it.

This requires you to thoroughly understand your brand and know a few things that can help you gain a positive audience reaction and eventually build a stronger brand name. Here are a few effective steps that you can take to start on a positive note.

  1. Find the current position of the brand

Before you take your first step on social media and make the operations, you need to know about the brand and how it has been working in the present scenario and the past. The best way and most recommended one to do this are going through the social media audit where you can identify what is working, and what is not for the brand. Identify the key points and the gap area that can be further fixed by you.

Understanding the aspects helps a lot, as it gives you a clear insight over how should you get going at the beginning and what should be your pace. By this, you will be able to gather all sorts of resources and necessary information to make sure that you bring all your data into one clear spreadsheet to make your life much easier.

social media manager

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You can take the help of various social media audit templates that can be downloaded for getting started.

Once you know the overall results, the next step would be to attempt deeper research and get some insights into the channel-specific metrics. Here you need to make some new sheets in the file and take notes of the metrics that matter to the brand for each channel. Each one has a lot of different data available for you to choose from, so you can customize the files to check for reflective results.

It is better to focus upon the information that you can interpret, and try to stick to few factors at the beginning only. This can include concentrating on KPIs which makes a lot more sense than just filling the forms.

  1. Observe your followers and customers activity

A large part of the social media is made by their followers, and for the brand to excel, as a social media manager, you need consistent and loyal audiences who believe in the brand. Here you need to closely observe the responses, activity of the customers. This builds directly on top of the social media audit, from a customer-centred starting point.

Keeping checking the history of the brand’s social media channels and try to identify what kind of content worked the best so far.

If you find a post that did well as expected, follow up on what went for its making. Collect points from here and try to incorporate them in the next follow-up. Every social media channel differs from the other in levels of engagement that it gives.

Social media manager

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This means you need to build a strategy differently for every social media channel as a social media manager. A trick or uniqueness that worked on Instagram might not work on Pinterest.

Focus especially on what kinds of posts do well per platform. Each channel will have its specific benchmarks for you to compare all the posts to, stick to those points. Alongside figuring out what type of content works per platform; you need to concentrate on the customer demographics.

Find out what are the topics they are interested in. For a fact, most social media platforms have this information ready and available for you in the form of insights.

As a social media manager, you need to follow up on those insights and plan for better techniques that can engage your customers. Do not forget to respond to every customer on social media and answer their questions by providing them special DM assistance. This makes them feel special and user-oriented, rather than just being brand-oriented.

  1. Make customer engagements more interactive

Once you have collected data, worked over insights, and known the weak and strong points over every social media, concentrate on your customers and mend the gaps. All the insights depend upon your customer engagement. More the customer engagements better the results over the insights. Here you need you to find out ways in which you can reward the customer’s sentiment about the brand.

This is a sort of textual analysis of the chatter that people have online about your brand, letting you as a social media manager understand whether they feel positive or negative about the brand. Figuring out how people feel will help you to develop a goal to work on, like improving customer sentiment by 5% over the next year.

social media manager

Image customer – MCIexperience

This is how you can start working on strategies and improve the overall sentiment and realize that marketing goal.

When you are starting, the best places to look for this is at comments under all the posts on various social media platforms. As a social media manager, you need to check for the key elements like the used hashtags, tags, and the reviews over any of the random posts once every week.

All this gives you a great lead and insight into what the brand’s unique selling point is and where the customers feel that the brands provide the most value.

  1. Identify industry trends

Because you are a social media manager, you need to stay relevant and updated about all the social media trends that go on. Some new developments and trends keep going over social media and this is something you should be aware of. Although things change when you are working as a social media manager in a wholly new and different industry. For instance, doing social media for a B2B company is different from a B2C.

With changing models, you need to change and stay relevant as well, for this you should identify trustworthy news sites operating in your current working niche. News is the best place to collect up-to-date data. What you can do is sign up for these newsletters so that you can get the latest posts directly in your mail, and you are the first one to read them and initialize a brand strategy.

social media manager

Image source – Aliste Marketing

Apart from social media or news outlets look for what the competitors are working on. It does not matter what industry you work for because there is always someone who can offer the same as you are into. This calls for a deeper investigation into your competitors’ activity and recognizes how can you make the brand more appealing than those.

What are the things you can make better? What are the campaigns that did not work out well?

Once you have that information, metamorphosis and change the strategies as per the current trends and stay up to date building the brand reputation.

  1. Draft a plan of action

When you are the social media manager your responsibilities include more than just investing and improving the failures. Such positions call for immediate actions in times of need. For this, you need to be well prepared with the findings and researches that you have been doing as a social media manager. Good decisions should be based on data. Now that you have collected that data, it is time to put them all in action!

Create an overall report that not only you but all your co-workers can understand. The report should contain all the key points and it should highlight everything that you have discovered. Many times, certain points of optimization can fall into a blind spot for more seasoned workers.

This when a good social media manager is needed who can study the company with a fresh vision of improvement and work towards the holistic development of the plan for action and boost sales.


The job of a social media manager is not easy and much more than people can interpret. To be a good social media manager you need to be well equipped with all the skills required to sustain in this industry.  It requires great study, research, and hard work to handle a brand’s social media platform and improve it.

Therefore, to be a social media manager who knows his/her work focuses on the necessary points, like the once mentioned above, and emerges out as a star performer.


How do I become a freelance social media manager?

Skills you need as a social media manager: 1) An ability to run Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram ads and get good results. 2) Good content writing and research skills. 3) An understanding of how to create engagement on social media and how to grow audience. 4) An understanding of marketing in general.

How can I be a good social media manager?

Here are some things to focus on if you want to maximize success: 1) Be an expert on your social channels. Being successful as a social media manager starts with knowing your channels. 2) Know what your competitors are doing. 3) Set aggressive but realistic goals. 4) Use analytics effectively. 5) Learn the basics of graphic design.

What should I expect from a social media manager?

Manage editing, approval, and scheduling of all posts for all platforms. Plan and oversee all paid social campaigns, including partnerships with influencers. Engage with brand followers and fans on social channels. Stay informed about trends and tools in social media, marketing, technology and advertising.


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