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Social Media Video Marketing – Everything You Need to Know

Social Media Video Marketing – Everything You Need to Know

by Meghashree Das June 20, 2020
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Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing

If you are a business who is looking to grow their online presence, then you should consider looking into Social Media Video Marketing. It is a very useful tool to leverage to grow your brand online.

The video features on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram is taking a life of its own and has become a major part of the online social media scene. Now that companies have seen the potential of social media to grow themselves, they are also taking advantage of the video formats on these online platforms.

Video marketing benefits

Videos are more accessed on mobile with 93% of all videos on Twitter being viewed on mobile devices. Data scientists have also observed that video tweets are 6 times more likely to be retweeted than photo tweets.

Branded content on YouTube has also seen a huge boost, with a doubling of views over the past three years. Meanwhile, Facebook similarly has seen as 258% increase in views of branded content.

Social Media platforms themselves have started seeing the importance of video content. Instead of separating picture and video content, apps like Facebook and Instagram have integrated them. Video and Photos appear in the same feed stream.

Videos even autoplay, and they do not require a user to click a play button. To avoid inconveniencing the user however, the videos auto-play with no audio. A user can choose to listen to the audio if they are engaged with what they see in the video.

Social Media Video Marketing Advantages

Research conducted by the Web Marketing Video Council shows that 60% of all companies are actively using social media today, and post a minimum of twice a week.

If you are a brand, chances are your competitors are already utilizing social media video platforms like YouTube and are making the most of Social Media Video Marketing.

Video marketing 2020

Social Media Video Marketing

Image source – Smart Insights

Social Media Video Marketing is basically free advertising. Gone are the days of paying large sums of money for a 30-second TV Spot. Especially since the Internet has billions of active users who spend a minimum of two hours online, brands must seize every opportunity to advertise online. Video ads seem to have the most impact on the minds of consumers.

Studies showed that 90% consumers believe that video ads are better than other advertising formats.

Social media video marketing

Image source – Marketing Land

Therefore, Social Media Video Marketing has a proven edge, especially in online spaces. But it is not just enough to create video content.

It is also crucial that this content be attention – grabbing so that users do not simply scroll past it. It is vital for companies to be on the pulse about what their consumers expect from them and how to exceed those expectations.

Influencers use Social Media Video Marketing

Meanwhile, Video-only platforms like YouTube have also seen incredible growth and companies are aware of this. Instead of now putting ads before videos, companies have started sponsoring YouTubers or Influencers themselves.

This means companies will pay YouTubers a fixed sum for the YouTuber to read an ad for the company in the middle of their video. This has led to a revolution in Social Media Video Marketing. Now, companies no longer need to build audiences themselves.

Instead, they can find influencers with relevant audiences for their products and advertise to them. For example, makeup companies sponsor makeup YouTubers and art supplies companies sponsor artists on YouTube.

This also lends credibility to the company. Consumers are more likely to trust these influencers that they watch every day and have thus grown attached to. Consumers are less likely to believe a company preaching about the quality of its own product.

While a lot of companies prefer traditional routes, the internet is all about possibility. Social Media Video Marketing is vast space with untapped potential.

Social Media Video Marketing

Image source – Hubspot

There are no rules for this space and the rewards are worth the risks. But while many companies have found themselves being rewarded for taking these risks, some have faced penalties.

Beat stereotypes

For example, Nike released a video ad that showcased female Muslim athletes who sponsored Nike’s sports Hijab. The ad was very well done and received unanimous praise across the internet. When done right, video marketing can boost company exposure through the stratosphere.

Internet users tend to stay away from online advertising by using ad blockers and despise any online marketing. Therefore, best measure of whether or not a video campaign has gone right lies in whether users share the advertisement on their own accord.

Consumers are more likely to do this if an advertisement has some social message that they agree with.

Social Messages 

But the surefire to ensure that your company’s ad goes viral: make it mean something. For example, Nike’s Sports Hijab ad spread a message of acceptance and inclusivity for all religions. People were quick to praise the company for its message and shared the advertisement thousand of times.

When a brand shows support for the community, consumers feel more attached to the brand. In the current political climate, silence equals complacency. So, it is important to make sure that your company goes down on the right side of history.

For example, in June, companies release video ads and social media posts dedicated to Pride. June is LGBT+ Pride month and holds a lot of value for this community.

This is where the brilliance of Social Media Video Marketing comes in. Companies have been praised for representing LGBT+ characters or parents in their advertising. Or even for coming out in support of the community by donating to charities.

Updates on current events

More recently, following the death of George Floyd, companies have observed #BlacKOutTuesday. This entailed companies posting a black image with a short messaging pledging support for the movement.

Social Media Video Marketing

Image source – Variety

They also refrained from posting anything for a day in honor of George Floyd and every person who was a victim of Police Brutality. Companies were likewise praised for their support or persecuted for their silence.

The founders of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream were even arrested at one of the protests held. Once news of this broke out, users on Twitter weren’t afraid to tweet things like, “I will buy this overpriced ice cream for the rest of my life.” It isn’t hard to see that people are willing to support companies that support them.

Transform Your Brand’s Online Presence

Social Media Video Marketing can be a very powerful tool to boost your public visibility, when done right. Keep in mid that your content must be relevant to the internet and its users.

Social Media Video Marketing is very different from traditional video marketing like TV advertisements.

To truly excel at Social Media Video Marketing, you must think outside of the box. Since, social platforms included viewer interaction, show the viewers why they should care about your brand. You can do so by showing the value you have to offer them. But perhaps more importantly, show them that your company is a part of the community.

We have all head the phrase “Global Village” and the internet only made this global gap smaller. Large multi-national corporations that have global reach need to show their consumers that they work in service of them.

Social Media Video Marketing Formats

Each app (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) have different types of posts and video formats that can be used, depending on the need of the hour:

  • Regular posts: These are the same ones that regular users have access to. They appear as a post on the page. They can be anywhere form 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Ads: They need to be published using an advertising tool (Facebook Pixel) and appear to users while they are browsing. They do not appear similar to regular posts and can distinctly be identified as ads. They should be avoided as they tended to avoid users at times.
  • Stories: This feature exists in Instagram and Facebook and can post videos that will disappear after 24 hours. It can be used for content relating t0 trends and memes. It is not a good option for long-term content. There should be preferably vertical, as they most often viewed on mobile devices.
  • Profile Video: These are the video that are pinned to the profiles and will appear at the top of the page. They need to be the best videos as people are more likely to discover these first. They should show the products or services that your company provides.
  • Cover Videos: This is long-form type of video that serves as an introduction to the company’s YouTube Channel. They entail an introduction to the product, brand or company. They also set the tone for the rest of the company’s video content.

Types of Social Media Video Marketing

This term does not always mean advertisements for products. There is a very diverse range of video content that companies can use for social media platforms such as:

  • Demo Videos: These are videos that include a demonstration of how the product works and who it is best suited for.
  • Brand Videos: These are usually part of a larger campaign and might depict company values, mission, etc.
  • Event Videos: These highlight a particular event that played a major role in the company’s history and might refer to a conference, seminar, awards ceremony, etc.
  • Customer Testimonial videos: These include a customer’s testimony about the product and lend credibility to the brand.
  • Live Videos: These are streamed live on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram Live and require a host as well as planning and preparation.

Tips for Social Media Video Marketing

Unique content

Social Media Video Marketing

Image source – Bloomreach

It is important for marketers to see that each video platform is different and use that specific video format. For example, Instagram uses vertical video while YouTube uses horizontal. Facebook is known for its live video engage while Snapchat does best with short videos.

Relevant and short videos

Social media Video Marketing

Image source – TechSmith

Every platform has an optimum time frame for the video content. For example, Instagram (26 seconds), Twitter (45 seconds) and Facebook (1 minute). The videos should not exceed these limits and should deliver the entirety of the message in that time frame.

Grab attention in the start

Social Media Video Marketing

Image source – YouTube

Every time a video appears in a users’ feed, it begins to auto-play now. That is why the first five seconds are very important. It needs to be able to capture the viewer’s attention so that they do not scroll past your content.

Add subtitles to your videos

Social Media Video Marketing

Image Source – Uscreen

Since videos start to auto-play without any audio, you are more likely to capture your audiences’ attention with subtitles. They will be able to get a taste of the content and then decide to watch the rest of the video.


Social Media Video Advertising

Image source – SingleGrain

It is important the video not act as an informercial, but tell a story. The story could be about the product or could involve the product in some manner. Keep it short, but engaging. The best example for this is Extra Gum’s, ‘The Story of Sarah & Juan’.

End with a call-to-action

Social Media Video Marketing

Image source – The startup videos

The video should end with a call-to-action, or something for the viewer to do. It can be a request to subscribe or share the video, to offer it a like or a link to buy the product. This achieves the true aim of Social Media Video Marketing.

Negative side of social media video advertising

But companies must be careful about what they post online. There have been countless stories of companies and tone-deaf ads that summon a fiery backlash online.

People have called out Dove, Gucci and Pepsi for their racially insensitive advertising.

No one is safe from the wrath of their consumers, because as the saying goes, Consumer is King.

Negative values

So is the case with Social Media Video Marketing. Look at the case of Kendall Jenner and Pepsi. In 2016, protests broke out in the US opposing police brutality and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Pepsi released an ad with Kendall Jenner handing one of its drinks to a police officer as a peace offering. Users were enraged at the ad’s insensitivity towards the Black Lives Matter movement and its tone-deafness.

Social Media Video Marketing

Image source – Metro

The ad was withdrawn and both Pepsi and Kendall Jenner were forced to make apologies. Consumers want to know the values that brands are aligned to, and neutrality is deadly. People are quick to boycott companies and products if they feel they are in opposing political view

Social Media Video Marketing hence, can be a double-edges sword. However, there have also been companies that have gotten it right.

Reaches out to a large population

With the ability to reach millions in a matter of seconds, Social Media Video Marketing can bring the company closer to the people it serves. Which is why it is important that any message speed through this platform is universally accepted.

This is why social messages about racism, sexism and equality do so well. They are universal struggles that people of all nations can relate to.

Don’t be afraid to embrace this new platform and explore all the potential it has to offer. Video content will help viewers engage in more long-form content of your company. It can make your break your image in the public.

But most importantly, it is a creative space for you to display your brand’s values, mission and core ideas. It can paint your legacy in audiences’ minds. Don’t be afraid to embrace Social Media Video Marketing as the true art form that it is.

Social Media Video Marketing Examples

While it is a very fine line for companies to tread, there have been several successful campaigns over the past few years. These prove the power of Social Media Video Marketing and show how companies can use it to their advantage.

Wheels by Canadian Tire

The best example is the ad titled “Wheels” by Canadian Tire. It aired during the Summer Olympics in 2016, and portrayed a boy in a wheelchair. He feels excluded by the boys who plays basketball. But one day, his friends bring him a wheelchair designed for him to play basketball in.

The reason why this ad did so well is because they avoided talking about their products at all, and instead told a story with their advertisement. In the end, the company also called for viewers to support the Canadian Team at the Olympics.

Dollar Shave Club

And talking specifically of social media platforms, Dollar Shave Club provides the best example. Michael Dubin, the founder of the company starred in the hilarious commercial. While it did talk about their products and services, they also added a touch of humor.

But most importantly, they showed the customer what value they offered. The ad only cost the company 4500 USD to produce. But within 24 hours, they got 12,000 new orders on their website. Talk about a success story!

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