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Social media storytelling: The ultimate 3-step guide

Social media storytelling: The ultimate 3-step guide

by Meghashree Das July 24, 2020
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social media storytelling

The thing which binds us all together is a good story. Good stories are important because they have a good plot and on the same side. Ubercircle is here to help you on your social media storytelling journey.

What is social media storytelling?

social media storytelling

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If you don’t know about social media storytelling, don’t worry because you are not the only one. According to a drastic survey, around 80% of the influencers don’t have a story labelled to their brand.

A story helps you to connect better more than anything. When you are telling a story, you are becoming a part of the crew. This way, it will help your brand name to come out and stand better.

When you are telling a story about the brand you have developed, you are helping your audience to know who you are. When people hear the word stories, always fantasies about books and movies can cross their mind. This is not what a story can only be made out of.

A story can be made out of anything that you want. It can be personal, tell your life experience and what not. Stories are a medium to help you educate everyone around you.

Once you have developed your brand, you want your audience to connect with you. If you are promoting your brand with the help of blogs, it can only help your audience to know the part you. But if you are doing the same with a story, it is a perfect way to help yourself come out.

Stories stands you out among the crowd and if you have a perfected social media storytelling technique. Storytelling is a social media sense and with the prospects of the media to help you build a platform, stories can make you the hero of the day. It is your personalised way of doing so and that is what makes you unique.

The biggest problem that most of the influencers face is the lack of a good story. You might have heard that a good story can make a product sell better so with the newcomers, it becomes a piece to make their audience engage with them.

On this note, it is a strategic way of enticing the brand name you have built. You surely do know that social media storytelling is a subtle art which should hit all the right notes. This is why you need to make sure that the story you are telling is selling with the audience.

Lowkey, your audience should relate with that story. It should not be highly maintained or something which comes with twists and turns. Just a normal story which is made out of a heartfelt note.

Ingredients of a social media storytelling

Before you get on with your social media storytelling, here are some steps you need to follow. Every story should be planned and sorted out before you get it to the public.

You might not know because there are a ton of people out there who can scrutinise every detail which you present. The more you sound convincing in your stories, the better it will be for your audience to know better.

Bring out the protagonist

Social media storytelling

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It is time that you bring out the protagonist of your story. Social media storytelling needs a protagonist, that is the hero.  For your social media storytelling, you need to make sure that your brand has some strengths and weaknesses.

Taking a note from your ideal brand and then finding out what makes it fall down from the lot is important. This is why you need to make a list of every single detail of your brand.

Know the goal of your story

social media storytelling

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The next thing to do to move ahead with social media storytelling is –

to understand the goal of your story.

In this matter, you need to have a subtle goal which is not having a far-fetched idea. The goal of your story should be realistic and on the same hand, it should have common norms met. Here is how you can make the goal of your story believable.

  • Analyse the situation you are in.

You need to have a proper action and understanding of your situation before you jump into your story. It is a basic way to engage the attention of the others. It will help you to have a prosperous start as well.

  • It is time for you to settle onto your clear understanding of what you need to state out.

Once you present your story out there, you cannot change it. This way, you will know what to include and what not to.

Development of social media storytelling

social media storytelling

Image source – faybbolton

The third way is to understand the arch and development of social media storytelling. If you have a good story in your hand, you need to present it in such a manner that the reader can understand. If your story does not have an arch, there can be readers who might lose interest once and for all.

The main thing to do while drafting a story is to get why you are narrating it in the first part.

For social media storytelling you need to have compelling twists and turns. It makes it interesting.

For example, when you are telling a story about the brand you have formulated, make sure that it is downright amazing. It should have the plot which makes your story really good to read and connect with everyone.

On the other hand, every character that you are introducing in your story should have their personal development. With the scopes of development, you are letting your audience know that the story is real. We people have an arch in our life and a turn point where we learn and develop to the learning curve. Just like the same, you need to deliver your story accordingly.

How to write a story on social media?

Once we have come down to the basics of what is a story and how you need to tell it, it is time for you to understand how to write.

The story that you are drafting should be out to the media at the end of the day. So whatever you are presenting to the public needs to make a proper sense. In this way, you can make your story your personal journey and then publish them in journals. It will help you to showcase who you really are as a person and what have helped you to come forward.

Brand archetypes

If you have a puzzle laid right in front of you with all the pieces scattered, it becomes easier for you to finish it. This style helps you to lay down the puzzles for your audience and let them finish your story. The one you are drafting is for the audience to know what they want to conclude from the story. It is more likely to have a better and positive impact because your audience might conclude the story the way they like to. There are three archetypes you can manage.

Social media gives us a space where we can make sure to develop our brand story. The three horseman’s which keeps the story ruled out is the outline, the prototype and the shape. These three things should always be in the story when you are creating it.

  1. The outline makes the story more amicable to the audience.
  2. With the help of the prototype, you will understand how to lay down your story.
  3. On the other hand, the shape of the story is how you want that to be. It might even be like how your audience wants that to be.

Synecdoche action

The synecdoche action is a highly underrated form of writing which we generally don’t use.

Social Media storytelling - Synecdoche action

Image source – fluentland

When you are using to write a story in this form, you are presenting the whole statement of the story with one part. It means that a single part is used to make out the meaning of the whole story. An easy way to use it to post from your ideals. Once you have a draft in your head, you can plan it out. Make sure that you put it down before you forget the important points. The idea is to take care of the writing style which can be really catchy.

Writers use this form of style to draw in the attention. If you have a part of your story which lays down the entire summary, it can help you to build from it. This is one technique which helps you to realise what you want as a reader and a writer. So next time when you are reading your story, this writing style can help you to flounder. All the mistakes are pointed out and you get an outline.

Sharing your story on media

So before we conclude to our topics, there is something you need to know.

When you are done with a good story, you need to present it to the media. A story should have a basis and as said, it should have an arch. You need to find a mojo to your story which can help you to catch every attention you want to draw in. marketing your story in front of the media is a quick way to catch every attention. If you have a story in your hands and you have kept it right with you, no one will be able to see it.

Marketing through social media stroytelling

It is time for you to take the higher road.

Facebook, Instagram and there are a ton of different sites which can help you to market your story or even videos. The point lies in the fact, which site can actually help you to master. Well, social media marketing is a boon these days and a lot of marketers are shifting their chores. The one way to master and nail the art of media marketing is to understand the type of audience you may find there.

The audience that you get from Facebook might be different to the audience you get from Instagram. This is why you need to have your story prepared in different ways. Through media marketing, you will footage on the story that you have presented. There are marketers who don’t like the idea of marketing their story but it is a personal decision. If you have a piece which can move people, why not share it?

Media marketing becomes an important route in every part of your life and helps you to have a grasp on your business too.

In brief…

By concluding saying this but, Social media storytelling is all about what you want to present.

If you have a story in your head, you need to find a way to bring it out. There are a lot of marketers who are thriving to this day, struggling to find a voice of their own. This is because there are a ton of product and services in the market.

It completely lies on the customer which story they would like to accept and which they can deny.

Make your story completely unique from the lot. If you want people to know your branding and marketing style, make sure that you bring it out. There are a ton of ways to start Social media storytelling but the one to grasp the attention is to put senses of personalisation. It helps reader to connect and enjoy what you are saying. The personal your story is, the better for everyone to relate.

On the other hand, the more passion you put into it, the better chances of success you can derive. Storytelling as said is an art, but if you master it, you can reach heights.


How can social media tell a story?

Below are 5 ways you can start using digital storytelling on your social media accounts today: 1) Show Your Brand's Human Side. People connect with people, not brands. ... 2) Share Your Brand's Story. ... 3) Work Narrative into Updates. ... 4) Share Consecutive Posts to Tell a Broader Story. ... 5) Incorporate Elements of Story into Posts.

How do brands use storytelling?

Brand storytelling is a powerful way to build lasting connections with your audience. Compelling stories engage consumers, elicit emotion and foster loyalty, forging a meaningful relationship that goes far beyond product and service.

What is storytelling method?

Storytelling is a means for sharing and interpreting experiences. ... Storytelling can be used as a method to teach ethics, values and cultural norms and differences. Learning is most effective when it takes place in social environments that provide authentic social cues about how knowledge is to be applied

How effective is storytelling in marketing?

Storytelling can be a powerful tool that enables marketers to understand what is going on in the marketplace and what that means for the customer, consumer, society, brand, and company. ... Because there is such media fragmentation, consumers are not just looking for different experiences but different delivery.

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