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Social Media Mistakes That Customers Hate

Social Media Mistakes That Customers Hate

by Meghashree Das September 14, 2020
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social media mistakes

While social media is the easiest and the fastest way of marketing, making your brand popular and selling it, there are some rules to social media marketing. There are some very frequent and common mistakes that almost every brand commits that leads to losing customers and even lowering your rating.

Almost all of us know what to so on social media but what not to do is another major concern you must address before making any marketing strategy for your social media.

So this article is not about what people love on social media, rather here we will concentrate on what the audience hates about social media. What can make your brand annoying and hopefully you can learn and avoid it in the future.

So let’s begin the list of practices that customers or your audience finds annoying and you must maintain a distance from these

Social Media Mistakes that annoy customers:

Following are some of the common social media mistakes that easily annoy customers and makes your brand irritating to follow, so read, learn, and do not follow them:

Begging for Engagement: 

There is vast content on social media, of every category, of every genre and people surf through these contents according to their interests, if you provide quality content to the viewers then you will undoubtedly get views, likes, shares, and comments.

But what one of the social media mistakes that is annoying for the viewers is the urge of brands to continuously ask for these likes and shares. Without putting in the effort of providing with the content that people find worth lining and sharing to just ask for it time and again is only brushing-up yourself to lower your brand image.

Image source – Beyond The Game

Therefore, instead of asking the customers for such likes, you must work on the qualitative aptitude of your content. The like button on Instagram, the reactions of Facebook will be only used by the users when they will genuinely like something and just by you asking for it.

And let’s also accept this that too much desperation only puts your brand in a negative light and a little irritating.

Tag Along: 

So how will you feel if you are not interested in cooking but all you get to see are posts relating to cooking, without your own will. It will agitate you and make you irritated. That’s what tagging does to the customers.

When you tag someone in a post, they become bound to see it, and while on occasions it is a good idea when you know that such customers are your regular viewers, but when that is not the case, it feels like spamming to the customer. Spamming is a big NO-NO social media mistakes.

So, avoid tagging and instead use means like hashtags that make your brand more accessible and it may also trend if you receive more audience.  

Stop Spamming: 

Sometimes, in the hope of engagement, your brand may overdo stuff that can be only categorized as spamming, like in real life, when someone approaches you too much, you feel like being spammed, social media is no different.

The social media mistakes of sending too many messages on all social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, it freaks customers out and makes your brand look clingy. And who likes clingy?

Image source – Malware bytes

Hence, do not spam in the name of marketing, moderation is the key and one must know how much advertisement is enough advertisement. Try spreading the message through one single engagement and then give the customer the time to absorb the information and decide if they are interested in your provided content.

Too much promotion: 

Being a brand that wants to sell, it goes without saying that promotional activities are important but too much promotion only deteriorates the customer base.

If people will follow you, it will not be because of your promotional feed it will be because of the content you post, the subjects you cover, that is what interests people.

Thus, for accuracy, you must always know how much promotion is good promotion, and after what amount your brand will appear to be annoying and irritating and turn into social media mistakes.

The proportion of your posts relating to the content that your brand is about must always be more in value than the promotional activity.

Being Unapologetic: 

When you are running a brand, sometimes while pursuing advertisement activities you might commit a mistake that can offend a certain stratum of an audience, or your posts can be offensive to some people, in the wake of such a situation the worst thing you can do is being ignorant and unapologetic towards the customers.

social media mistakes

Image source – Stream Creative

Social media is a very sensitive realm, you lose if you hurt feelings because there are real humans behind those screens, and starting a movement on social media is a lot easier than starting a movement in real life. This can turn from small social media mistakes into a big mishap.

Thus, always be courteous, apologize is by any chance you have hurt someone’s sentiments, and avoid the same in the future, being apologetic will only take your brand image forward.

Not taking feedbacks: 

It always feels good when you receive positive comments and positive reviews from your customers about your brand, but it is equally important to know what people do not like about your brand,

Constructive criticism is the key to the growth of your Brand, only someone who is capable of accepting the critics and can rectify and improve whatever the audience is finding negative has the capacity the develop.

Therefore, listening and then taking actions on such negative feedbacks is the mantra for your brand to grow. Ignoring customers is grave social media mistakes.

Also, the customers are no fools, they can notice when you are listening to what they have to say, so always be communicative and reciprocate about the demands of your customers.


While as we discussed, communication is essential but you must note that, keeping such conversation professional is also important.

While people appreciate replies, they simply hate when the brands get into a casual conversation. This is one of the social media mistakes.

social media mistakes

Image source – Granted

Whenever replying to any customer, always remember to keep it short, precise, and only relating to the needs of the customer.

This will ensure the correct balance between being accessible and being professional.

Not Knowing your platform: 

Social Media is one big family but there are various platforms on social media, namely, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The audience and the nature of the audience as well as the sites differ from each other.

Thus, when you post about something on your page it is important to note the platform where you are posting it on.

You can put a link is in my bio, kind of thing on Instagram but not on Twitter, and what can irritate customers is the fact that the brand does not know what it is doing and it does not care about the audience of the platform.

In addition to this, your main purpose is to make it easier for your audience to reach your content, thus, knowing the platform is one of the basic things you must take care of.

Act as a brand: 

As discussed, people love prompt communication, but with professionalism, they expect you to not only be a professional but behave like a brand.

While for some brands, replying cool, like a teenager, might have been the key but it does not work every time, because the customers are smart, they know they are talking to a corporate and thus they expect a formal behavior like that of a brand.

And sometimes the people take the brand’s coolness to be a cheap shot if not done in the right way.

Hence, it is imperative to act as a Brand and let people know you as a brand.

The wrong use of Emojis: 

When it comes to expressing your emotions, emojis are the biggest bliss on social media as it helps you convey the exact emotion, without the emojis, people may confuse a lot of statements, like confusing a sarcasm with a genuine offense to someone.

However, while Emojis is of such prime importance, it is also essential to know what each emoji means when to use it, and in what quantity.

social media mistakes

Image source – AgoraPulse

Using too many emojis can also make your feed look annoying, kiddish, and social media mistakes at times. And choosing the wrong emoji for a sentence can be a game-changer.

Thus, another aspect to take care of when you are on social media is emojis.

The wrong use of Hashtags: 

The most catchy thing on social media that makes your brand trend instantly are hashtags, these are the catchphrases that people get attracted to and if it works right, can make your brand popular like no other trick.

On one hand, hashtags are like a boon for social media marketing, on the other hand, they are quite complex and if you do not create them correctly, you can easily become a means for mockery.

Creativity is another important feature for the hashtags to go right, basic hashtags don’t work, apart from being catchy, they should make sense and must be relevant to the audience of your platform. The hashtag should be such that people of all platforms can relate with it or you can use different ones on different platforms.

But the wrong use of it can have the exact opposite effect, as fast as the hashtags draw people in it can also show people out as one of the social media mistakes.

Being Boring: 

What worse can you do to your customers apart from being boring? People follow a brand and their feeds for a reason, that reason is sometimes entertainment, other times the information provided, or they just like the posts of your Brand.

Posting boring content is the slow death that you can give to your customers and ultimately to your brand.

It is important to always be on your toes and keep your customers interested all the time.

For which you require excellent creativity and marketing strategy, thus always concentrate on the quality that you are providing.

Because on social media with such a diverse range of options, quality is everything and you cannot afford to be boring.

These are some of the annoying activities that brands can avoid for better social media marketing.

Customers hate about your brand:

We just learned the activities that annoy customers, now let’s take a look at what customers hate about your brand when looking out for the answer statistically.

The things that customers hate about your brand depends on the demography of the customer base, while the majority of the people with mature generation’s customer base, find the use of wrong English, or poor English, when the updates are too sales-related, constant chimes from the brands, forcing the funniness on to people, and not being regular with the updates too annoying.

On the other hand people with the demography of the age of 18 to 24 years, do not care about the English much. For them what they hate about the brand majorly is if the brand is irregular with their posts, the millennial generation wants constant engagement from the brands and that is their biggest concern.

Image source – Venddo

Thus, while observing what your customers hate about your brand it is important to know who your customers are, different things matter to different customers on different sites.

What might be irritating to customers on Instagram, may not be the same for those on Twitter and vice-versa, therefore before moving forward towards the formation of any strategy one must learn about their customers, what matters to them, and take the action accordingly.


Social Media Marketing is the future of the marketing industry, thus, it is important to learn the norms of it and do it right. Most often we are so focused on learning what to do that we forget to learn what not to do, which is sometimes equally or even all the more important from the dos.

Social Media is a boon if the brands know how to put it to use correctly for which you must avoid all the above activities mentioned in this article and not just these, observe from your own experience, what are the things that your customers don’t like, after which they lose interest and the engagement declines.

Listening to the demands of the customers is the most important thing and if you are vigilant enough you will never commit a practice that customers hate about social media.


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