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Top Social media messaging apps you need to look out for

Top Social media messaging apps you need to look out for

by Meghashree Das May 19, 2020
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Our smartphones enable constant and instant communications, work everyone all around the world. However, the built-in options that are out of the box are not always the best.

In today’s era connectivity through mobile messaging is on the rise. Also, to note that the traditional, SMS text messaging is now old fashioned, particularly with the explosion of popular easy to use social media messaging apps.

The development of social media messaging apps has become an effective way of engaging customers, and billions of people access social media messaging apps today, so it’s increasingly important that your business takes advantage of them too.

Why are social media messaging apps important?

Social media messaging apps are taking over as the most essential and easiest way to connecting with people, friends, family, and businesses. These social media messaging apps are also known as chat apps many times.

They are essentially newer ways of texting apps that use, the apps interface and the internet to send the messages. Social media messaging apps also provide rich services offering all kinds of interaction with others.

It is the way to interact lively

Social media messaging apps can interact with others in many ways, from texting to voice calls, to video calls, to photo and file sharing, with added benefits of encryptions. Social media messaging apps, allow you to send personalized messages, to your audience.

The users, today, want to feel important to the business, and hence social media messaging apps makes the interaction feel more one to one and personalized. In a nutshell can say that social media messaging apps, allow your business to interact with current and potential customers, and provide them a more advanced and hands-on personalized experience.

To share information

Social media messaging apps have made sharing information a matter of a few clicks! Social media messaging applications are important because they have revolutionized the way information is passed from one person to the other. Top informational organizations like the Harvard Business Review, Ted Talks, Forbes, etc. share information through social media.

This information can easily be shared amongst its viewers on their personal chats.

For promotional strategies by brands

Using social media messaging to reach your audience gives a ‘soft-touch’ to your audience. It feels more personal, direct, and genuine. A marketing consultant, David Stroh, stated that he would use social media messaging apps to send personalized messages to his customers.

He also stated that message may be specific to what the consumer wants or messages can be broad and general.

Therefore, social media messaging apps have become increasingly important as promotional channels for brands and marketers who want or strengthen their public relations front.

Why should one land on social media messaging apps?

As per top websites like a business insider, the top business interacting social media messaging apps now have a combined user database than the top social networks. Such social media messaging apps are particularly more important if you are marketing to customers in Asia- Pacific region where more than half, of all worldwide messaging apps users, can be found.

Social media messaging apps should be on your radar, as a key way for readers, to share content via private channels that not necessarily register as social networks. And have no referral sources attached.

In today’s time, through social media messaging apps, 85% of media is on online sharing and takes place on private channels, so even if you are not on social media messaging apps, your readers and customers already are!

Top social media messaging apps to choose from:

Today, from business to interactions have taken the transition to messenger apps, and now our lives are unknowingly dependent on them. It’s all the advancement in technology through data science, that has made this transition possible.

We have now known well enough their advantages and importance, and that they impact our daily lives, right from sending messages, or audios, or videos on these apps, or using them for video conferencing, etc.

What are they?

Social media messaging apps

Image source – drift

From shopping to selling, these apps have made this too much possible, that one would never have dreamt about. Hence it is very essential and important to choose and rely only on the best social media messaging apps today.

Some of the top social media messaging apps for marketers today are:

WhatsApp:  Considered to be the best!

Social Media Messaging Apps-Whatsapp

Image source – Daily express

The largest mobile app that has 1.2 billion active, users’ monthly, worldwide, sending more than 50 billion messages every single day. Less than a quarter of such users are in the United States, and more penetration rates in South Africa, Europe, and Asia.

This app is downloadable on IOS and android devices, it allows you to send text messages, from your tablet and mobile phones. This app is much user-friendly and easy to use and understand.

What can you do out from here?

Not only chat but you can also share things like your location, photos, videos, location, contacts, and even documents. You can use this app to voice calls over the internet and video call up to 4 people in the best network.

Conference voice calling in the best quality is also available on WhatsApp. To set up WhatsApp, you only have to grant access to it with your contacts, media, and camera settings. One of the most attractive and secure things about this application is that it has the feature of end to end encryption.

The features are uncanny!

This feature has a lot to do when keeping your chats and information completely private without the intrusion of any third party. In this app, you can also forward an important message without having to re-type it.

Other cool features about this app, is its invite link feature, group forming, and group broadcasting feature, with WhatsApp web, so you can operate it in your laptops too. Owned by Facebook, this application had made connectivity cakewalks.

FacebookComes right in the second spot

Social Media Messaging Apps-Facebook

Image source – Digital Ready

Facebook messenger app has been the most dedicated and amongst the first advanced software interface messaging apps. It was built on Facebook, chat network, and adds more mobile messaging features as well as extensions and add-ons.

How can users use this app?

Users can sign in this app and can use it to send chat messages and voice messages also. Apart from features like voice calling and video calling it also has some other interesting features. These include GIFs support and photo and location sharing.

Facebook has updated its software with a slimmed-down interface that reduces, the number of tabs so that it is easier to access, the chat apps features. Most recently, the app has added the ability to delete messages too from a chat within 10 min of activeness.

The advanced and more secure features of Facebook, like activity log and blocking today make it safer for it to be used for all purposes.

Viber: An uncommon part of the journey

Viber is a free social chatting app, for your businesses with over 260 million users. Its service allows you to make calls and send messages. It works with phones tablets and computers making it a great way to connect.

What are the special tones?

Social Media Messaging Apps-Viber

Image source – Viber

It also gives you the power to share photos, stickers, and GIFs with others. You can also send short video messages too. It enables you to like and reply to specific messages in group conversations.

Viber is more advanced than traditional chatting apps with limited outwards. So, you are searching for an interesting app with more capabilities Viber is the one.

LineCoolest messaging app!

Social Media Messaging Apps-Line

Image Source – Download Line

The line has been a very popular app, especially in Asia with all most 600 million users. It retains all the smart features of today’s apps. It has a timeline like Facebook, where you can post and your friends can comment on those posts.

How are the calls made?

Calls to landlines and free line to line voice and video calls are also available. There is a fun store of special line stickers that has been its key attraction. Group chat is allowed for 500 people in one with support of encrypted chats.

You can also follow brands and artists online. Not only this, but you can also set up albums and share it with your friends too.

Slack: Best launch for workplace chats

Productivity and team-oriented apps names are slack, which has been a hit for corporations and casual users, alike with its mix for messaging, scheduling, management tools, and app integration.

Slack is an app that covers your IM basics and has real-time messaging synced across devices and also supports file sharing with direct and group messaging tools. In addition to this, the app features a system of chat channels allowing you to set up easily for subgroups, for tasks or topic-oriented discussions.

How are communication archived?

Slack can also archive your communication allowing you to search through old messages, channels, and also shared files, which includes integration with a variety of services, such as cloud storage, Zendesk, asana, and more.

To archive a channel follow the following steps:

  • Select the channel you want to archive
    Social Media Messaging Apps-Slack

    Image source – WikiHow

  • Select the setting icon
    Social Media Messaging Apps-Slack

    Image source – WikiHow

  • Select the ‘additional settings’ option
    Social Media Messaging Apps-Slack

    Image source – WikiHow

  • Select the ‘archive’ option
    Social Media Messaging Apps-Slack

    Image source – WikiHow


Premium plans for slack have more features, such as expanded file storage with better integration. Hence for all business and solid communication, slack is the best application you can move in for.

Telegram: Coming to the old terms

Social Media Messaging Apps-Telegram

Image source –

Telegram offers numerous great features, such as the ability to integrate bots, stickers, and free downloads. Telegram enables you to choose a theme so that you can make your messages more personalized and that is reflective of your businesses.

Can you make the audio and video from it?

With telegram basic features of audio calls and text messages are obvious. What’s more to this is its secret chat feature, which lets you send timed messages. So, after their time is up, these messages will expire.

Telegram has over 200 million active and happy users, people can enjoy this app on laptops, smartphones, and on tablets too. It works on cloud-based managing services.

Kik:  Fun texting app for everyone

Social Media Messaging Apps - Kik

Image source – Lifewire

Kik is a great messaging app for youth. Unlike many other apps that require you to link to your mobile numbers, Kik only requires a user number to start their service.

Simple and way more fun than it is

Adding your friends to Kik is very simple, all you need to do is scan their Kik QR code with your phone camera. The interface is so fun and user friendly that you can literally play games inside your chat rooms.

Having almost 70% of the user population between the ages of 13 to 24, Kik is a great way to start interaction and make new friends. It has 300 million active users and is designed to seamlessly, incorporate, GIFs, photos, stickers, and emoji. Hence it is a great social media messaging app to get started on.

WeChat:  Forms better line

Social Media Messaging Apps - WeChat

Image source – Brand Social Watch

With more than 1 billion users, WeChat completely dominates the Chinese mobile web and is making a serious push in the global market. WeChat provides the user with free mobile instant messaging, voice, and video calls.

Multimedia messaging app with proper form

They can also access group chats, multimedia messaging, likes photos, audios, videos, stickers, etc. it includes some quirky features like friends’ radar, people nearby and shake, to quickly friend new people to chat with nearby. It is also accessible on android and apple watches wear.

Snapchat: fun and useful for the Gen Y!

Social Media Messaging Apps-Snap

Image source – TRIBE social magazine

The most fun and amazing app that is loved by more than 1 billion people. Though Snapchat may have soared popularity, as a simple self- destructing photo and video sharing messaging app, over time it has added more to its feature set.

A core value for short duration notes

At its core, users can send each other’s short duration snaps, photos, or messages. Over time it has added more features like funny filters and photo editing tools and more advanced story sharing settings, bitmojis, adaptive chats and more.

All this while not losing that fun part of cool, that has helped to keep it relevant and wanted in today’s time too. Snapchat is more like a hangout app with chill features that you can work upon and gave fun sharing sweet moments.

TextraNew to the journey


Social Media Messaging Apps - Textra

Image source – YouTube

The classic texting and vital communication app, which has a stylish and feature-packed SMS and MMS messaging app. Textra comes with a customizable interface and numerous themes, a chat bubble type message interface, message scheduling, and quick replies for voice and text.

The app is free and ad-supported, but in-app purchases can allow you to remove them as well.


The top 10 social media messaging apps have formed the core of interactive communication in the data worlds. Each of the above-mentioned apps fits in well for business, lite, or constructive communication. So, whether its personalizing with slack, or all-rounder WhatsApp, or the eldest of all Facebook, with lite apps being Snapchat, each one is personalized as per your needs.

What is new to these social media messaging apps?

To add the cherry on the cake, most of the features of each of these social media messaging apps are free which gives its user more flexibility to explore and enjoy. Each app has been interfaced with its own importance and the way of usage. Not all apps hence are used in the business perspective and not all have lite features for a chat app.

Hence as per your requirements and needs, you need to choose from the best apps to experience the best on hands, social media messaging apps, boom explosives in the 2020 era of modern and advancement. So, go ahead and try them all, and step in the fun world of messaging apps.


What is the most popular messaging app in USA?

Facebook Messenger As of September 2019, Facebook Messenger was the most popular mobile messenger app in the United States with 106.4 million unique U.S. users. Snapchat ranked second with an audience of almost 45.98 million users. As of that period, Facebook Messenger had a 57 percent mobile audience reach in the United States.

Who owns tik tok?

ByteDance TikTok has more than 1.5 billion all-time downloads, and is owned by a Chinese internet company called ByteDance.

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