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Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

by bhargavi June 24, 2020
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Social media Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business procedure of recognizing, foreseeing and fulfilling clients’ needs and wants. Since marketing is utilized to pull in clients, it is one of the essential segments of business, the executives and commerce.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media websites and social networks to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing provides companies with a way to reach new customers, engage with existing customers, and promote their desired culture, mission, or tone.

Also known as “digital marketing”and “e-marketing,” social media marketing has purpose-built data analytics tools that allow marketers to track how successful their efforts are.

Social media marketing strategies includes the making of substance that is “clingy,” implying that it will stand out enough to be noticed and increment the likelihood that he/she will direct an ideal activity, for example, buy an item or share the content with others.

Social media Marketing Strategies

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Advertisers make viral substance intended to spread between clients rapidly. Social media marketing ought to likewise urge clients to make and offer their own content, for example, item surveys or remarks.

Social media marketing first started with publishing. Businesses were sharing their content on social media to generate traffic to their websites and, hopefully, sales.

But social media has matured far beyond being just a place to broadcast content. It makes use of social media applications to promote products and run effective campaigns. This helps in drawing attention of the audience and increases sales.

Social media marketing helps in seeking attention of the younger generation. The campaigns which are run online and which were successful have proved that social media marketing has helped in the increase of sales and worldwide promotion of the product or service.

Further, social media marketing helps in promotion all over the world without any geographical boundaries. It helps to gather audience support through campaigns all over the world and of all ages.

There are 5 core pillars of social media marketing- Strategy, Planning and publishing, Listening and Engagement, Analytics and Reporting and Publishing.

There are several social media marketing strategies already implemented all over the world by various companies. They are extremely helpful for the company’s name and brand value.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

1. Using Chatbox

Through this strategy one can communicate and resolve problems for your customers without the potential need for any human interruption. This creates a more personal experience, creates an environment for trust. It helps your customers understand your product better and is a platform for them to clear their doubts. 

Social media Marketing Strategies

2. Creating a personalized experience for your customers

This strategy helps in creating a loyal fan base and a good way to interact with the audience. It will help you create a rather personal connection with your audience. This will also boost social media engagement. It will also strengthen customer loyalty. 

3. Creating a community for your audience

This strategy helps to safeguard the interest of your customers. It will further help is safeguarding your customers’ interest and maintain loyalty as well. 

4. Diverse content

This strategy helps in reaching out to the diverse audience and connecting to the people all over the world. This will help you connect to a larger demographic. This is sure shot way to increase your audience and expand your horizon. 

5. Using brand advocates

This strategy helps in promoting the brand professionally and building a professional space. It will open your gates to new promotional activities. It will definitely help you achieve a broader reach. It will help you reach new markets. 

6. Creating profiles on the relevant channels

Create your profiles on various other relevant platforms. This strategy will increase  your reach. It will help you reach a larger demographic and will help you promote your product on a larger scale. 

Even though the existing social media marketing strategies help in promoting our brand, the strategy differs from company to company. The strategies should be customized according to the product/service.

Each company should make their own strategy and make their way through to the top. Based on the principles and goals, the social media marketing strategies should be tailor made by the companies. Each strategy should have its own objectives.

The mission and vision of the company differs and so should the strategy. The social media marketing strategies is the most important aspect in determining the success position of the company.

If the company succeeds in making a successful strategy then the company has a greater chance of being placed in a successful space. Strategy which is successful in gaining audience support and interaction leads the company to progress.

It is one of the most important aspects of marketing. So making a good and effective strategy is very important for the brand. Here are a few ways in which you can create your own social media marketing strategy-

5 W questions

Why do you want to be on social media?

Social media helps us to increase our audience boundary and reach customers all over the world. It helps increase brand awareness and drive traffic to our website.

It helps us provide social customer service and increase our brand engagement. It helps create a community of customers and keep a check on the conversations about the brand and company.

Social media Marketing Strategies

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Who is your target audience and how to approach them?

Depending on our product or service, we determine our target audience. For example, if a product in the field of sports is to be launched, the target audience will be from the sports field and teenagers.

Social media Marketing Strategies

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Hence determining the target audience is essential. While determining the target audience, we need to ask W questions related to the audience again and research in detail about their activity, likes and dislikes etc.

What are you going to share?

Here we are worried about the type of content you want to put out in front of your audience. This gives an impression of our brand to our audience and also talks about our behavioural pattern.

Furthermore, the content we put out must be relevant and on point and not beat around the bush.This is where a good understanding of your target audience will be helpful.

The key lies in understanding your target audience and how you reach out to them.

Where are you going to share?

Here we decide which social media platform we want to promote our product. Again we need to think where our target audience is most active and focus on audience engagement.

Which platforms are your target audience most active on? For example, teenagers and young adults might like scrolling through Instagram whereas old adults might like to scroll through Facebook.

Social media Marketing strategies

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It is not necessary to have our brand and company promoted on every social media platform. It might get annoying for the audience to view our product on every single social media platform.
When are we going to share?

Jumping back to understanding your target audience comes into consideration and we need to understand their behavioural pattern and how do they use their time on social media.

The time of the day to publish and promote is essential because at a particular time of the day, there are many users online while at some other point of time, there might not be as many users online.
Further, We can go in depth of the research and create our own social media marketing strategies. There are various things to do and remember while creating our custom strategy.

How to a social media marketing strategy

Selecting Realistic Goals

We have to make sure about our social media marketing goals. These goals need to fit into your business planning as a whole.

The goals we set help our business to progress. There is a term called SMART. Which stands for

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time bound.

Social media Marketing Strategies

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It is said that SMARTer the goal is, more successful the strategy is.The goals are to be personal and can focus on long term or short term.

Moving on, these goals determine what kind of strategy you want to go forward with.

Determining most Relevant metrics

This is a precaution about the matrix we use. It is suggested not to use easy-to-measure vanity metrics, such as followers count.

Social media Marketing Strategies

Image source – Alamy

The fake followers on any social network means that follower numbers have very less value as a metric. If our goal is more of a sales-based goal, then you should take notice of the number of Clicks.

Hence, determining the appropriate metrics is really important to know more about our strategy success.

Deciding Social media Audience

One of the most crucial things to determine is the audience. Most people make a mistake of assuming that all followers are useful and good for them. Whereas the fact is not all followers are essential.

Buying fake followers is not suggested as fake followers don’t engage with your account. We need to target a particular audience and be focused on them. For example, a sports product or gaming equipment, the target audience will be young adults and teenagers.

The target audience should be given light upon and focused on. The content we share should affect our target audience first and it should manipulate them to buy our product.

Selecting Social media Network

Most people think that it is necessary to be there on all social media platforms and promote our brand on all possible platforms.

It is necessary to find the right social networks for your business. We want to discover the social networks where our intended audience spends their time.

For example as mentioned above, Teenagers and young adults spend most of their time on apps like Instagram whereas old people and adults spend their time on Facebook. Once we know our target audience, we are clear with what platform or which social media network to go ahead with.

Knowing Competitors

It is very important to get to know your competitors. We need to have a look and analyze our competitor’s strategies as well. We can immediately conduct a competitor analysis to help us better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Social media Marketing Strategies

Image source – WordStream

We can do a SWOT analysis and work on accordingly. We might spot our competitors’ weak social areas and be able to exploit the gaps.

For example, if the competitors strategy lacks of content on Facebook, we can do a analysis and make sure that we fill up the gap and reach out to the left out audience in a better way.

Planning The content

Most common mistakes many companies make is that they share excessive promotional material. The platform we are planning to promote is not meant to be a promotional place.

Hence our content should be a mixture of informative and entertaining items, with a little tinge of promotional material added in. We get to know our audience and hence we have to plan our content accordingly.

On their likes and dislikes, we need to plan the content. Furthermore, our content should be catchy and appealing as well.

Most importantly, do not mix up your taste and preferences with the ones with our audience. Be practical and not assume the same taste and preferences.

Setting up accounts

It is essential to make a good looking and attractive account. This is the 1st way of interacting with your audience. This gives the 1st impression on our audience and as you know ‘First impression is the last impression’.

It is important to set up your account professionally. This helps in giving us an upper hand while starting off with the marketing.

Deciding time and content calendar

Target the audience and know them well with the analysis playing its role yet again. We need to figure out what time of the day is the best time to post content which will be seen by the most number of people at that time.

For example, teenagers are online and using social media platforms at night. Hence we need to fix our content and time fixtures accordingly.

Social media Marketing Strategies

Image Source – Mobile App Expert

The content to be put out should be planned and fixed as to when will it be published and promoted.

Creating suitable content

Creating suitable content is one of the most important aspects of creating an impact and promoting our brand.

It includes the number of hashtags we use, the emojis we use, the colors we use in our posts, the topic we focus on etc. we can use trending topics to create our content which will attract the audience and seek attention.

Each social media platform has a specific way of posting content. Keeping in mind all of the regulations and ways to attract an audience, the content should be created.

Engaging with Audience

The content posted up should not just be a post where people come read and go. It should be a way we interact with people and people interact with each other.

A series of content with more interaction is a more successful way of engaging with the audience.

One of the ways to engage with the audience is to create custom hashtags. Through this, we get to discuss a similar topic with the audience and gain their interest and attention.

Working with Influencers and paid promotions

We need to think of ways through which we get new followers and many people get to know about the existence of our page.

Hence we think of ways to promote our social media page. We can either go for paid promotions offered by social media platforms.

Social media Marketing Strategies

Image source – JivoChat

It helps us boost our followers count. Further, we can also get connected with social media influencers and promote our brand through them.

Analysis of results

We can’t expect all of our campaigns and strategies to go as we decided. Hence it is important for us to do analysis of each series of posts and content we put out so that we can work accordingly in the future.
This is a way to adapt and improvise on our content and get to know our audience better. Furthermore, the analysis will help us improve our page and eventually gain more audience support.


In this article, we have read about how social media marketing helps us in promoting our brand. We have read about some strategies used by companies and also read about ways to create our own strategy.

Through this article we will be able to know about social media marketing strategies in depth. We have learned how the audience matters and how to go ahead with our marketing strategies with respect to our audience.

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