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Social Media Management Jobs- types to get

Social Media Management Jobs- types to get

by Meghashree Das May 19, 2020
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Social Media Management Jobs

Social media management is getting popular among people today. Many people would like to work in this field but are not quite sure about the entailment of this job. A social media manager has to monitor all the posts and activities of a company’s social media outlets. However, job responsibilities do not end there. They also have to handle the firm’s customers by interacting with them and growing the audience as well.

The ultimate goal of any social media manager is to advertise any brand, company, product, or person. Their responsibilities also include driving traffic for their company online, offline, or both. They need to build their brand and associate them with the audience through various platforms. This includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogging, or any new, popular social media platforms.

Social Media Jobs

There is a significant increase in social media management jobs in the past decade. This demand is not going to slow down anytime soon and more likely to grow 10% yearly. Their role has three different categories; Advertising, Promotion, and marketing. Companies need people who are creative and strategic to lead successful goal-oriented efforts on social media.

Anyone interested in taking up social media management jobs should have versatile skills that span copywriting to design. They also need to have a focus and expertise in various social roles. After you take social media management jobs, your first role is to identify ways to grow your company. You will also need to develop and enhance various skills to become an expert in social media management.

Media manager job description

Roles and Responsibilities in Media Jobs

People involved with social media management needs to take care of a lot of things. They get the responsibility of their brand’s or company’s all social media accounts. They curate their brand’s social channels as well.

If you get any social media management jobs, you need to monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments. Your job is to manage social media partnerships with other brands as well. It also includes creating and posting sharable images and videos to your audience.

Strategizing and executing digital marketing campaigns is also a part of these social media management jobs. You will need to gather and analyze the data results from these campaigns as a part of your job. Any social media management jobs will require you to work with a design team.

A design team will help you make illustrations and memes for the company. Your job will also require you to track the traffic in all your company’s social media accounts. You can work with an analytical team to check what content is performing the best. You can then use this data to grow your company’s audience.

Skills Required in Media Jobs

Skills Required in Media Jobs

We all know how to handle social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; hence operating them, is a no-brainer. However, you will need to maximize them all by understanding how these platforms differ from each other. You will need to recognize and understand your audience on each account. This will enable your success in your social media management jobs.

Excellent communication and writing skills are also critical in social media management jobs. Whenever you are crafting any message, just keep your brand and audience in mind. It is vital to have a thick skin while doing so as well. Because when you send your messages, you will get your audience’s feedback. Their feedback is in the form of praise or even criticism and trolls.

Other Details to Know About Media Jobs

If you are wondering who would be your boss, then don’t worry. Because it entirely depends on the firm you are working for. If you are working for a large corporation, your reporting head is probably the head of communications or marketing. You may also report directly to the CEO if you work for a small firm or startup.

Stay ahead in your social media management jobs by being creative and staying on top of emerging trends and technologies.  Make sure to come up with engaging and sharply written content on all your social media accounts. You can use the same using the next big tool and channel both online and offline.

First, you need to have a degree in fields like journalism, public relations, or marketing. Then you can easily set your foot in social media management jobs. You are spending time on your social media accounts to hone your skills to the next level.

The Reality of Social Media Management Jobs

The Reality of Social Media Management Jobs

Even though this field is new in the market, it has proven itself as a powerful way to reach customers. It involves tweeting and posting updates. Many people think it’s an easy and fun job. However, the reality is far more different than it sounds in social media management jobs. Because the thing is that social media never sleeps hence it requires a good deal of work. Any social media manager handles multiple responsibilities and duties on any given workday. It includes staying updated with things that happen overnight by reading new emails, checking twitter, and other social media platforms.

Any person involved with this job needs to check his company’s profile several times a day. Keeping an eye on trending hashtags is also a part of the job as a social media manager. You can use various hot topics to apply them to your posts to expose your company to more people. It involves monitoring the mentions of your brand as well, so you can address any praise and complaints quickly.

Social Media Job Details and Salary

Social Media Job Details and  Salary

Your social media manager’s salary may vary according to your area of expertise and experience. It also involves your education, certifications, the firm you work for, and other factors. Your social media manager salary may vary if you are working freelance, in-house position, or full-time in a firm. A social media manager can make from INR 400 an hour to INR 10 Lakh or more in a year.

The social management salary is higher in bigger cities as the demand is higher for social media managers there. The social media manager salary of freelancers is significantly lower compared to in-house managers.

You have better chances of getting more pay if you have a degree in a particular field. This includes a degree in marketing, journalism, public relations, or new media. Social media management salary is mostly low if you are part of a small company. These companies usually prefer to hire freelancers with or without a proper degree.

You have higher chances of getting a job and getting expected social media management salary. This is possible if you have the right work experience, even if you don’t have a relevant degree.

Various Media Jobs and Salaries

Yes, we know social media job titles are very confusing sometimes. But it’s important to remember that their titles define their specific roles in social media. Every job title has a different social media management salary as well.  Hence you must understand the average pay-scale of a social media job. You can then select the most appropriate job for you based on its description and salary.

An average salary of any social media manager is around INR 15 lakh a year. The average salary of social media strategists is the same as a social media manager. However, if you get a promotion or if you are a senior social media strategist, then the scenario is different. You will get at least a 20 – 30% hike in your annual social media management salary in this post.

The salary scale is similar as well if you are part of parallel jobs. This includes Digital marketing manager, Content strategist, and Content Manager with an approximate annual salary of INR 35 lakh a year. Job titles like social media specialist, community manager, and Brand ambassador has a yearly salary of around INR 10 lakh.

Salaries of Top Management Involved in Social Media

 Top management includes individuals with a title as Brand manager, Creative director, and Chief marketing officer. The hike in salary between these social media positions is quite gradual. An average salary of a Brand manager is INR 50 lakh a year. Your wage can hike up to INR 60-70 lakh if you become a Creative director. For a Chief marketing officer, the annual wage is anywhere between INR 80-100 lakhs.

How to Get a Hike in your Media Salary?

If you have specific skills and qualities, then you are bound to get success in your job. Ensure a hike in your current social media management salary by following some skills. This includes social media knowledge, writing skills, ability to engage an audience, company knowledge, and strategic thinking. If you successfully enhance these skills, it will surely give you an edge on your job.

You need to have an in-depth knowledge of social media to increase your success and social media manager salary. You need to keep up with the latest social media trends on a day-to-day basis. Don’t forget to emphasize catering to your online audience with your excellent writing skills. This will surely make you climb up on the ladder of your social media management salary.

However, writing something bright in 140 characters or less is not enough to get success in social networking. You need to present your brand or company in a way to attract and engage various audiences. Interact with your audience to grow their numbers through social media, a higher number of viewers is here. Get and use this key to improve and get more top social media manager salary.

Why Company Knowledge and Strategic Thinking is Important?

Company Knowledge and Strategic Thinking

You must know as much as possible about the company you are writing to ensure your success. As an integral part of the marketing process, you need to know everything you possibly can about the company. You will get a hike in your social media manager’s salary if you keep a few things. This includes balancing your updates with online networking, growing business, and strategies that work individually for your company.

Strengthen your career and your social media management salary by becoming a master of social media. It doesn’t matter which industry you work for, as long as you keep working on your new media skills. Every industry is using social media, so what type of industry you work for doesn’t matter at all.  Hence the opportunities are limitless for you to grow and achieve high social media manager salary.

Social Media Manager Job Description

Social Media Job Description

There are different social media jobs out there that range from multiple standards to unique roles. This includes titles like social media manager, community wizard, social mediaholic, and more. Hence, to make your life a bit easier here, we have provided the various social media management job description.  We have also talked about different social media management job descriptions, as well as about what makes it unique.

The Social media manager is one of the most common job titles in this profession. In many firms, they use this title as the catch-all term as their social media manager job description. It makes sense because many small companies only have one person that handles social media. However, the scenario related to social media management job description is different in a midsize and large company.

A social media manager is strategic because they need to create and execute the company’s social media strategy. Their main goal is to increase brand awareness, driving traffic to the company’s domain, and cultivating leads and sales. One of their primary responsibilities is to represent their organization on social media and its campaigns.

The day-to-day tasks of a social media manager include tasks like writing social copy, answering follower’s questions, and more. The social media manager job description of a Social media manager depends on many things. This includes your skills, personality, experience, and place of employment.

The difference between Social Media Strategist and Social Media Manager

The role of Social media strategist is slightly junior to the Social media manager in a large company. The social media management job description plays an important role when it comes to planning a social media strategy. Their primary purpose is to design a company’s strategy around marketing, advertising, and finding leads via social media.

They need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organization’s social media strategy. Then they need to use those points to improve the organization’s future posts and campaigns. Their responsibilities include promoting events, contests, or new products in the social channels of the brand.

What is a Social Media Specialist?

Social Media Specialist

The social media manager job description for a Social media specialist is more junior and specialized. In a large organization, they need to focus more on day-to-day operations.  They rarely take part in social media strategies and audits. However, they may provide their assistance on both.

Implementation is the primary concern as per the social media manager job description of a Social media specialist. They need to stay on top of key trends in social media as social media specialists. They write social copy, draft replies to messages and comments, and the like as well. Networking with key influencers and making valuable connections is also part of their jobs.

Community Manager Job Description

According to the social media manager job description, the responsibility of a Community Manager is often confusing. This is because their responsibilities frequently cross over with a Social media manager. Community management is part of a Social media manager’s job in many small firms and companies.

The social media manager job description is, however, different from the role of a Social media manager. The position of a community manager includes growing and maintaining the brand’s online followers. The purpose of Social media managers is to focus more on sales via social media.

The social media manager job description of a community manager also contains various other things. This includes keeping track of the latest social media trends and monitoring the conversations happening in their communities.

Brand Manager Job Description

As the name suggests, they influence and manage the perceptions of a brand in the market. This position is more senior management, and they work with marketers, advertisers, researchers, and product developers.  Their job is to make sure all new products and campaigns are according to the brand’s voice, image, and values.

The brand manager needs to check every step of a consumer’s experience as per the social media manager’s job description.

They need to supervise the creation of the ad campaign and social team to make sure everything is consistent. A brand manager needs to make sure that everything is according to the organization’s overall brand voice.

Social media is a key role in a business and it’s very helpful to create a community and to find a new audience. The Social media manager is the voice of a brand and social media management tools help social media managers to achieve their goals faster in less interval of time. Ubercircle is one of the best and most affordable social media management tools of the Internet. It helps you to manage and automate your social media posts and accounts all in one single dashboard.

Creative Director Job Description

A creative director focuses on the artistic side of marketing according to the social media manager job description. They have a cohesive vision of design and messaging to sell a product rather than concerning finances and operations. They are a high-ranking member of their department who directly reports to the Chief Marketing Officer.

Their social management job description requires them to work and lead certain professionals. This includes designers, artists, sales staff, marketers and copywriters. He works with these professionals to plan and execute perfect ad campaigns.  The CMO controls the budget of social media advertising and the creative director monitors the ads himself.

These are very diverse and visible roles but they are still considered as entry-level positions by many. Any company should hire a proper social media management team. They will surely be able to win the hearts and minds of the organization’s followers and internal stakeholders.

Digital Communications Manager Job Description

The main purpose of a communications manager is to communicate about an organisation. Here communication means promoting and creating awareness of the company’s product, mission, and vision. S/he works with the management wing of the company to shape how the company’s image and idea would be communicated to the public.

The main skills that a digital communication manager must have include being creative, and proficiency in writing. The internet is a wild place and so it becomes very essential to manage how people hear about your company.

Other duties of a digital communications manager are managing the company’s website, helping content creation (e.g., scripts, graphic design, photography), recording analytical data and metrics, keeping an eye on recent technologies and new trends, as well as planning budget. Digital communications managers are in demand in both domains – the private sector and the public sector.

Brand Ambassador Job Description

A brand ambassador is an enthusiastic, and extroverted person who has connections and a good social media presence. The job of a brand ambassador is to present the brand in a positive light to all its target audience.

A brand ambassador has to have good understanding of what the audience wants. This is why brand ambassadors also assist with writing blogs, product reviews, and work closely with influencers. A brand ambassador is like an expert opinion leader in the market niche.

Along with positively talking about the brand, a brand ambassador also provides insights, analytical data, and feedback about what the people think about the brand. The brand ambassador communicates both ways:

  • From the brand to the audience
  • From the audience back to the brand


What does a social media manager do?

Social media managers are in charge of representing a company across social channels as the sole voice of the brand. They respond to comments, compile campaigns and create content. These experts provide organizations with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

How much money does a social media manager make?

The average salary for a Social Media Manager is $48,376 per year in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 1,326 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Social Media Manager employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

What degree do you need to be a social media manager?

A bachelor's degree is usually required for someone to become a social media manager. Areas such as communications, public relations, business, and journalism are particularly important. Some also complete master's degrees in internet marketing.

What skills are required for a Social Media Manager?

Strategy planning. ... Tactics and execution. ... Community management. ... Understand how content works on a social web., Optimizing content and technology, Creative mindset, Writing skills, Be on top of the latest digital marketing trends.

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