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Social media for business- All you need to know in 2020

Social media for business- All you need to know in 2020

by Meghashree Das May 23, 2020
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Social media for business

When we talk about or even encounter with word social media, the very first thing which crosses anybody’s mind is software applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We consider these social media applications as tools to connect to a large audience. But it is often misunderstood by the people. Initially, all these online platforms were accessed via computers. In other words the computer act as an interface for users as well as for the software apps. These apps, in turn, become terminal for users to connect expansively with the world.

What is social media?

All the websites and applications which can be accessed through the internet or without internet referred to as social media. It enables people to share different kinds of thoughts and ideas in the form of pictures, write-ups, etc thereby making people aware of the person and often about the background as well of the same.

These days sharing has become so quick that content becomes viral so easily and efficiently to greater masses in real-time. Time to take a bow and salute to the ones who thought the idea about the internet and also the ones who exploited the internet to benefit in any which way possible.

Social media for business is a whole business name

Social media engenders networking. It is a kind of web of which users are becoming part of in great numbers. With an increasing number of users base on these platforms every second day, week, month and even a year.

It empowers people in terms of imparting education, permitting people to establish the business, trying their hands onto different ventures. Helping them expand to a wide audience via virtual groups or society and networking. Social media for people are correctly stated these days.

Social media businesses

There are different kinds of social media. Some are built-in and some are evolving. There are many standalone social media applications in the form of photosharing, microblogging, video sharing, forums, business networks, blogs, products and services reviews, etc.

Social media for business purpose

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Accessing social media apps has become our daily routine. Entrepreneur minds have smartly taken social media to their advantage and turning out to be a great achievement.

  • There is a lot in store on online platforms for business-minded people to grow their business.
  • Ranging from small scale businesses to large scale businesses scale.
  • Ranging social media has been fruitful and is continuing to generate desirable results for owners as well as for customers.
  • Social media platforms becoming popular among people to have an expansive reach. Social media for business is a great marketing tool.
  • It’s a powerful medium for all businesses to create a huge impact on society. It enables the team to have a live interaction with the customers.
  • These days it is vital to stay connected to people now and then. This only helps in garnering more knowledge regarding needs and requirements among people, also helps them in improving their product.

Remarkable successes are the result of great marketing. What can be better than social platforms! These platforms not only help in constraining the budgets but also makes great profits.

Social media marketing for business

To make your product reach masses internet marketing (also known as social media marketing) by sharing the content to a great extent, by discovering creative means to promote your business or brand or product. One needs to be active enough on these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to expand the business.

Promotions can be done in free or one can opt for paid promotions as well. Live interactions can be done by constantly engaging the audience in various activities on your website or application.

How to do social media marketing for business?

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind before campaigning on social media platforms. Some of the points that one needs to consider before starting or while starting are stated below.

Plan Social media for your business

One should always come up with a plan regarding the basis on which one needs to promote its product. Keep business goals in mind before you start campaigning. Don’t just randomly start with campaign staff. Have a precise idea about how the brand or product should appeal to your clients or customers.

It is required to do meticulous research on the latest and demands among the people and abide by them. Don’t let your mind wander haywire with no long term goal in mind. It is better to not get lost in your mind and look at better outcomes that would generate long term excellent results.

Keep basic things in mind such as:

  1. What set of audience do you want to target?
  2. What does your target audience do on social media?
  3. On what kind of social media they are active?
  4. What do you want to achieve by promoting a business on social media?

Once you can find answers to these basic questions you become unbeatable in your domain.

Content Planning 

When we say social media for business, the very first thing which comes to mind is that one requires great content to attract people. Content holds great supremacy when it comes to social media marketing for business.

Elite content always catches the eye of everybody and helps in building the reputation of your business or brand in their mind. Make sure to be very active on social platforms and keep posting relevant stuff. Post informative and valuable stuff that users find interesting and knowledgeable to read.

Brand Image 

When you use social media for business, it automatically created a brand name among users on different platforms. So it is vital to use social media with utmost sincerity, keeping the brand it will going to establish for the future.

Different social media platforms for business

Using different social media platforms for business is the most appreciated way of doing business in today’s digitally active society. Such platforms include:


Since a great proportion of people are active and present on Facebook. Thus, Facebook becomes the first preference for the business to attract a large audience. Create a business fan page on Facebook. Make sure that The page appeals to the masses. This can be ensured by working on your feed daily.

Make your feed visually attractive. Facebook is a place where people come to take a break from their mundane work so make sure you keep the content tone light and fun to go through. Try to be informative in a fun way. This way it solves the purpose of both business and the target audience.


Pinterest is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms.   This platform is generally for promotes brand or business through uploading pictures. Though the majority of the female population accessing Pinterest, so it becomes important to keep the demographic in mind while making a marketing move.


Instagram is an American photo and video sharing networking service that has rapidly gained acceptance and has become famous since its inception. To date, this app is widely being used unlike other social media platforms like Orkut, Wechat, Vine, etc. which has now become obsolete. It has been largely taken advantage of by the influencers, thus a lot of people follow them.

Its user-friendly interface has attracted people across the globe.

So Instagram is a go-to place for business to expand their empire by creating a business account


Twitter is another best social media for business. With the wide acceptance of this social media among its users, it is completely justifiable to use for promoting businesses. Like any other platform, this tool too allows you to broadcast updates across the web.

Twitter – A viable Social media platform for business

Twitter is a place where news is cracked first and posts get trendy and viral more easily. This platform allows its user to follow their favorite brand to get the latest updates and fashion trends entering the markets. This platform carries a lot of pros with itself.

Twitter can help to easily connect with customer care services. If not satisfied with the product or services provided by the company, one can easily post on your twitter account by mentioning them in your post. And the great news is that they listen and take a desired action for the same.

This process always turns fruitful for businesses to remain in a constant loop of making amendments and improving their services for future growth. Also by conducting a poll enables businesses to cater to user demand.

Understanding the concept of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform for promoting business. This platform is completely business intensive. It provides an opportunity for like-minded people to share business opportunities. And encourages those holding high positions in businesses as well as clients to give the best business recommendation. It is considered one of the most reliable and credible sources of finding jobs and promoting businesses.

Managing the work of Social media for business with Youtube

YouTube is the best social media for business for sharing video content. Many ventures in education have become a well-established brand over the period. YouTube has become an online hub for free video tutorials. This is helping the majority of the population to learn from the expert and empowered. Businesses often use YouTube for promotions. This benefits the YouTube channel to generate revenue and take their businesses to new heights.

People are usually more inclined towards making viral videos, but there stand slim chances for them to grow further. On the other hand, one who makes instructive and useful video has high chances to grow their business in the future.

Social media marketing for business


Paid promotion on social media for business is usually cost-effective when compared to other means. All you get to do is play smart and choose your cards wisely. The main advantage of promoting via social media for business is that it is flexible to your budget. Depending on your budget, one can find the best way to promote the brand.

Advantages of social media business

Due to the wide availability of the audience on Facebook, promoting businesses via ads in this platform is the best way to give a push to your business.  Similarly one can promote their brand via ads on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

With the advent of technology and the advancements in devices, your opinion is just one click away.

Social media platforms for businesses have emerged advantageous for both start-ups(also known as budding businesses) and for established ones as well.

Promoting on social media has emerged out to be of great savior for the business who are unable to reach the masses in a short span. The various benefits include:

Generating traffic for business

For a business to grow online generating traffic has become a key. The more you generate traffic on your website or application more popular it will become. One can get their website made and hosted on the internet. And thus using the website to optimum advantage. The main motive is not only online engagement with the customer but to drive them closer to your business zone which will help them know about your business.

One can engage with customers online by conducting various activities and incentivizing them. This will help to garner greater traffic to the website or application.

Customer Interaction with the help of Social media

Customer interaction always remains a key especially for online businesses to prosper. Social media for businesses can well be used for customer interaction. Taking feedback provided by the customer into account one can make amendments if needed.

Also, interacting with customers helps the creative minds in the business to launch the product catering to their demands.

Social media allows one to make personal bonds with customers and gives a sense of satisfaction to both parties.  Besides this, it is a great way to establish a connection.

Social media Sales on the lead basis for your business

Promoting business on social media leads to an increase in sales. As through social media one often reaches a greater audience. When you make a connection or network with a wide set of audiences, products or brands will automatically become popular. A wise social media strategy often leads to productive outcomes in terms of sales.


Advertisement on social media for business is a cheap and budget-friendly means to promote the product online. There is no need to worry about infrastructure or manpower. With minimalist resources, you can target a great set of audiences, without burdening your pocket. Social media ventures put less strain on one’s bank account.

Also, provides freedom in terms of creativity and ideas. Such unrestricted and stress-free environment always gives quality and quantifiable outcomes.

The best part is in order to create a business page on social media platforms, you not charged for it. So it is free to use.

Easy Communication

As stated above it is one of the most reliable, fastest and easier ways to communicate with the users. This helps both customers and businesses to flourish in the long term.

Track competition which paves with Social media for business

To survive in this competitive world, one always need to track their competitors. This will not only help in making pace with the competitors but also urge the business to go one step ahead of what others are doing.  Also, this will provide great learning too. It’s always you grow through learning new things.

In this world, businesses survive only when they have an edge than others. One needs to keep this motivation all the time in order to keep achieving the new feat in the business world. There has to be a rush to do than what is done by you before.

Social media management is a time consuming and cost-effective task especially when you have more profiles on different social platforms. That’s where Ubercircle comes into play. You can use the ubercircle to post, schedule, analyze and engage with your social media audience.

Measure analytics

Your social media business must not be aimless. Make sure that you make use of various tracking and analytics tools. Most social media platforms have in-built report systems like Instagram analytics, Facebook page analytics, Google analytics, etc.

The insights from such pages give you reports about your account usage, traffic, followers, gender, age-range, etc.

Social media for business - Instagram analytics

Image source – Later

Create authority

Social media is widely used by marketers and businessmen for advertising, marketing, and business. By creating content, employing influencers, and advertising you can create authority within your field.

To build authority you must do the following:

  1. Create content promoting your product. Don’t focus entirely on the product. Make sure your content is relevant, interesting, and inviting.
  2. Create content for other websites that talk on the same topic as your business.
  3. Share customer testimonials.

Optimum use of social media for business works out

Make optimum use of social media features for businesses to achieve great heights. Ensure that you make the best use of the available resource you have.

Social media can help you achieve your goals provided the strategy on which you are working is based on strong fundamentals. Sticking to fundamentals makes the business less prone to risks.



Why businesses should use social media?

Businesses use social media because they can promote their products, inform and educate customers, and stay in touch with their target audience from anywhere.

How can social media benefit you?

Social networks encourage discovery. ... If users are looking for something more specific or unusual then they could create their own groups or social networking sites. Social networking services can help young people develop their interests and find other people who share the same interests.

Is YouTube a social media?

YouTube is a social media platform. Its core functionality beyond presenting videos to watch is to allow for social interactions. It's the quintessential social video platform because it reaches so many people

Use Ubercircle to easily manage all your social media channels from one dashboard. Grow your brand, engage customers, keep up with competitors, and measure results. Try it free today.

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