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Social Media Engagement Strategies – Top 6 strategies to know

Social Media Engagement Strategies – Top 6 strategies to know

by Meghashree Das July 30, 2020
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Social media is one of the easiest platforms of marketing for many brands and businesses. It is the key catalyst for the growth of brand or business. It helps people while working from home to boost brand/business reach and increase conversions to improve company profits.

Promoting yourself through social media is therefore vital and profitable to businesses. You attract a lot of customers through social media engagement strategies. The key to becoming a successful social media user is in the engagement.

Anyone can create a business profile but the growth of it relies on the proper way of engagement with the public. Right and correct engagement will make your account reach to many people.

Your customers in the form of followers/audience will keep on increasing and will bring a lot of profit to your business.

Social media engagement strategies are the key to profit. Owners of business or personal brand accounts should know about how to properly engage with the audience. That will turn the audience or followers into their loyal customers. Below are some of the social media strategies listed to help you with your business/brand account?

Importance of Social Engagement Strategies

Brands that are looking for the best social media engagement strategies that will help in increasing their reach and will direct re-engagement goals should discuss their topics more rather than their brand. For example – A skincare brand when posts about a product should discuss what and how the product will benefits the users.

Discussion about your brand instead of the product may seem irrelevant to the users and they might unfollow you which will make your profile value slow down. On the other hand, social media engagement strategies help your audience feel involved in groups that are relevant to your business. Social media engagement strategies will also improve the chances of reaching your targeted audience and making your brand known by potential customers.

Joining and reaching out to the similar brand, collaborating with them and giving a shout-out will help you make your brand reach out to more users. It will not only benefit the other brand but your brand as well.

You will also get to know what your brand lacks in comparison with them. Try to organise giveaway and offer a discount on your products, in order to make your following increase further. Stick with the latest trends to keep up with the social media audience.

Social Media engagement strategies

Numerous businesses make the error of guessing at what their followers would want on the feed and only focus on publishing posts. You should not only focus on the content but also on spending your time and building social media engagement strategies for your users. Engaging with your audience on social media platforms is necessary, then you can start making beneficial generalizations.


Social Media engagement strategies

Image source – Hootsuite

Organise questionnaires to know what more your followers want from your business/brand. The questions asked by the audience will let you know about what your brand or business is lacking to deliver directly to the audience.

When you clear the queries asked by your audience, their trust build-up more on your brand and they will buy and engage more with you than the other similar business/brand accounts.

Questionnaires on Instrgam stories, stickers, posts, etc. are one of the most efficient social media engagement strategies.

Feedback forms

Social Media engagement strategies

Image source – jotform

Taking feedback forms is another one of social media engagement strategies that is often overlooked by marketers.

It will not only make them more interested in your business/brand but will also allow you to tackle the competition with other similar brands. People prefer to engage more with the business/brand who cares about their users and value their suggestions, feedback and pay attention to their complaints.


Social Media engagement strategies

Image source –

Respond to the Emails sent by the people. There might be some important question related to a product. Don’t lose your audience and followers by not responding to the Emails.

People will determine that you are not interested in engaging with the audience which will not be good for your business/brand. You can also reply with the pamphlet of a product they might be interested in or based on their previous purchase.

This is a clever social media engagement strategy as you not only advertise your product but will also provide a response sealing the faith of the audience in you.

Reposting Audience or Follower Posts

Social Media engagement strategies

Image source – Quora

Content or posts from various businesses/brand on social platforms should be considered as one of the most cheap and easy social media engagement strategies. It is also important that you share your followers or audience’s posts or content as well. This will not only make them repost the contents from your feed but you will also gain their trust and loyalty.

The audience does become happy when the business/brand they follow takes a glimpse on their profile, the exposure from you means a lot to the audience. It is also a best practice of engagement with the audience as they become content that the business/brand they follow have an eye on their feed as well.

Sharing the Content of other business/brand profile

Share the Content of other creators in order to connect with more audience is one of the widely used social media engagement strategies. Creators like to share each other’s content in order to attract the audience following the collaborated creators towards their accounts.

Like in this a user shared the post by a corporate kitchen on their Instagram story:

Social Media engagement strategies

Image source – Sproutsocial

Sharing the content of others with relevant information will make your feed stand out and traffic will flow towards your brand, hence, more people will be encouraged to follow you discovering your account as different and unique.

Content shared should always be diversely relevant and from different contributors keeping the followers interested. Business/Brands account gets encouraged because of other creators sharing their content. It will lead them to re-share your content as well.

You can connect more with the audience when Influencers advertise about you. Influencers have a high following and when they advertise or share your content, you will end up gaining a lot of audiences.

Adding Relevant Hashtags to the Posts

Hashtags will help as one of the social media engagement strategies because it makes your posts reach a larger audience even the ones who don’t follow you. It’s a beneficial and easy way of making posts reach out to more people. Make sure of using hashtags that are related to your content/product.

Social media engagement strategies

Image source – Digital Ready

This will make the viewers have a look at your profile and they might end up following you. They help the keywords to stand out in the content uploaded. Hashtags will also connect you to the people who have a similarity with your content or who you can advertise the products of your business/brand.

The hashtags not only connects you with the targeted audience but also help you to reach your ideal audience.

Do not use too many hashtags and also which are irrelevant to your posts. This can cause damage to your social media feed and business/brand reputation.

Hashtags also help in obtaining feedback from the audience and generate complete discussion around the products and the brand itself. The main benefit of using hashtags is to reach not only your to your followers but also to the non-followers that might get interested in what your account offers.

Posting Frequently on your Feed

Make sure that your social media platforms are active. It is important to display to your followers that you are updated with the latest and top trend. Frequent posting will them keep updated through your account and you will also attract new followers.

Social media posts move rapidly and once you have posted, it is uncertain that a user will see it in a week or even a few days after it is published. Social media is a place where many publish their post and content and new posts can suppress your old posts.

Social media engagement strategies

Image source – Sproutsocial

Users might not get interested in your account anymore if the content is publishing at a very slow rate. Make your customers convinced and keep publishing relevant and useful content for them regularly.

Try to publish your posts at the times when your targeted audience is most likely active. It is one of the best ways to ensure your followers will see your content giving you the best opportunity of generating engagement.

Importance of your content

Creating good content and posting it onto your social media feeds is the best way of letting users know what you are about and an easy social media strategy.

By using the ideas from the audience based on the Questionnaire sessions, Emails and Feedbacks you can figure out what type of content your audience demands from you. Based on the demand you can curate your own social media engagement strategies.

Work on the content that is based on their taste. In this way, not only your audience will be satisfied but you will earn more traffic from the praise earned as well.

You need to offer something unique and significant to ensure your audience benefit from investing time with your content. Apart from content, what matters the most is the way you’re delivering it.

You need to convey your content in such a distinctive manner that is worthy of attention. After your content is successfully shared you can also approach your followers for advertising/promoting it further or re-sharing it.

Brands/Business accounts who mostly share content about the products should make sure that the representation of it is in a unique manner.


In monitoring the levels of engagement on social media platforms and websites, Analytics Tools prove themselves to be very helpful.

The insights of data that is obtained by you will make you do the necessary changes and improvements. You can track the number of times your profile was viewed. It will help you in finding the optimal time of when to post in order to make it reach to as many people you can


What is a social media engagement?

Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes and comments for an online business' social media efforts. Engagement has historically been a common metric for evaluating social media performance but doesn't necessarily translate to sales.

How can social media improve engagement?

1) Talk About Your Topic (Not Just Your Brand) ... 2) Join Question & Answer Sessions. ... 3) Share Other People's Content. ... 4) Make Your Posts Visual. ... 5) Add Relevant Hashtags (#) to Your Posts.

Why is social media engagement important?

Social media engagement is more than just the accumulation of followers across social platforms. ... Businesses that focus on building their social media engagement can benefit from better marketing reach and ROI, and a greater brand awareness that makes it easier to attract new customers.

How is social media engagement measured?

If you want to measure engagement, then look for metrics around retweets, comments, replies, and participants. How many people are participating, how often are they participating, and in what forms are they participating? If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, then track URL shares, clicks and conversions.

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