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How To Make Your Social Media Dream Team?

How To Make Your Social Media Dream Team?

by Meghashree Das September 12, 2020
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Social Media Marketing is the new hit; it is the present and the future of the marketing industry. But like all the other strategically planned activities, social media marketing is also teamwork but the team required for it is different from the usual teams.

In terms of Social Media a dream team should be such that has a strong Manager, Content creators, community managers, public relations managers, etc. To get your ideal dream team it is necessary to first know your requirements.

There are certain questions that you must find answers to before creating your social media team, about the size of the team, what are your goals, what roles will each person plays in that team, etc.

This article is here to help you create your own social media dream team, by considering the various aspects that are important before the creation of such a team.

Before heading into the fundamentals of creating a social media team, it is first important to learn how many kinds of social media teams are there, so let’s dive into it.

Types of Social Media Teams

The types of Social Media Team can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Agency Teams: Such teams work for more than one client, the purpose of the Agency team is to provide social media services to other clients, such clients can be one or more than one in number. Agency teams are larger in structure and size as they involve working as a team for many other social media teams.
  2. Client Teams: These are the in-house teams of the company, that is, they are present in the company and work for the marketing of the company itself and directly target the clients, which is the end consumer. There are many types of in-house teams like start-up teams, enterprise teams, medium company teams, etc. It depends on the size and the structure of the company as to which team will be the in-house team or client team.

What to consider before building your social media dream team?

To attain a perfect team it is important to grow on the parameters of your company, thus, to get the dream team you must first need to know about the structure and requirements of your company, following you can learn the essentials of how to create your social media dream team:

Reviewing Your Company

To know what can be categorized as the perfect dream team for your social media, it is first important to know the strength of your company based on the budget, workforce, resources available, after assessing all of these only then you can attain a social media dream team.

The Budgetary measures help you analyze, what is the monitory strength of your company on which depends how many people you can hire for your social media team and thus influence the structure of your team.

social media dream team

Image source – Training-gems

The workforce will help you determine, if you already have people in your organization who can contribute to your team or will you need some hiring to be done.

Resources again aid you in defining the workforce that you will need, the more resources that is the assets you will have for marketing, the lesser number of people will be needed in the team. Therefore, resources are another important factor in the creation of a social media dream team.

Set Your Goals

After learning and assessing the current dynamics of your company it is now necessary to set a goal for your social media team that you wish to create, such goals include, what should be the appropriate size of your team, what should be the structure of your team, etc.

social media dream team

Image source – Pryor

The main goals you must aim for while preparing your dream team must be, Brand awareness, Traffic for your site, increase in the sales, increment in the engagement of the audience, maintain public relations, as well as employee relations and upgrading your customer services.

Size Of The Social Media Team

There is no proven perfect size of the team, it varies according to the structure and needs of your organization, the size of the social media team will largely depend on many other factors like as we discussed above, one such factor is the budget of the company, the larger will be the budget, the more can be your team’s size, if you have better resources available technologically, you will require fewer people to do the job and last but not the least the goals that you aim also determine the social media team’s size, the larger your aim is, the more people you will need.

Image source – Sprout Social

Skills to look for in a Social Media Team

While hiring people for your team it is first important to take note of what skills are you looking for such hiring, after determining which you will get an idea of who you want to hire and why.

Image source – The Connected Church

We shall discuss the structure of a Social media dream team further, but the major components of it are a manager, content creators, community managers, advertisers, Analysts, Public relations specialists, customer support groups, designers, developers, etc. All of these require varied skills which must be your basis of hiring.

Structure of the Social Media Team

The final step of the creation of your dream team for social media, is deciding on the structure of your team, it can only be done after the completion of all the above steps. The structure of the social media dream team can be categorized as follows:

An informal structure where no single department manages the efforts of the organization, employees are not connected, it is known as an Organic Structure. Next would be a centralized structure that stands alone and is managed by a single head.

When an organization has a central team that is working with the other departments in the same organization it is called Hub and Spoke structure.

When there is one main team in an organization with many other small social media teams under it, it is called Multiple Hub and Spoke Structure.

When all the employees, managers, and all the existing people are involved in the social media team, in one way or the other, it is named as a Holistic Structure.

So in these steps, you can learn a broad overview of the steps in which you can create a Social media dream team, now we shall learn about the size and the structure of the team in detail.

Structure of a Social Media Dream Team

As we have learned earlier, there is no perfect size that can determine the structure of your organization, however, there are a certain set of skills that you can look for while hiring people for your social media team, based on which you can decide the people you desire in your team, such people and qualities are defined as follows:

Social Media Manager

A Social media manager is someone who knows the company and the brand very well, he can control the functioning and divide the tasks among the employees of the company. His responsibilities include formulating a strategy, setting up goals for the employees, planning campaigns, plan out ways in which the content can be promoted, should have leadership qualities and a charisma that allows people to listen and believe him, he is the driving force of the team. Thus, he should be equipped with both hard and soft skills.

Content Creators

What drives social media is quality content, the content creators are the main creative force of the team who keep the social media marketing going. The responsibility of a content creator is to persistently strive to create content that interests people and does not get boring, post content regularly, maintain such content on all platforms, collaborate with designers for innovations, and coming out with new ideas every day. Without a strong content creator, social media marketing is null and void.

Community Manager

A community manager is a person who handles the engagement and the communicative part of brand marketing. Whenever there is a conversation about the brand it is the role of the community manager to answer the questions related to the brand and its products. The responsibilities of a Community Manager include building a bond with the audience by way of engagement, answer questions relating to the brand, etc. Thus, a Community Manager has to be witty, smart, and prompt in his communication skills.


Every organization needs a person who can monitor the growth or downfall of the organization, to know if you are stepping in the right direction or not. The work of an Analyst is to analyze the trends on social media and give an appropriate review of where your brand stands. The responsibility of an Analyst includes that, they help the brand reach its desired goals with optimal resources and provide any report that is needed by the manager to observe the development of the company.

Graphics Designers

Content is not only written content but also includes visual content and in present times, visual content is the demand of the hour, thus, a company needs copywriters as well as graphic designers and video creators. Their responsibility is to create animations, images, graphics, videos, etc, they have to work together with the content creators and align the graphics with the content provided by the content creators. They must be well versed in designing and know appropriate software. Creativity is the most important feature of a graphic designer.

Social Media Influencer Manager

Social media influencing marketing is the next big thing in the social media world, huge brands have opted for it and have used such social media influencers with mega followers to endorse their brands. A Social Media Dream Team must include a social media influencer manager who can conduct campaigns with such social media influencers, keep collaborating with new influencers, making their brand trend by the way of such influencer marketing.

A social media influencer manager must always stay up to date relating to the new influencers in the market, who will be interested in promoting their brand, etc.

Other Components who are also essential for the social media dream Team

While the above mentioned are the main components of a Social Media Dream team, there are some other people also who are responsible for the functioning of a social Media Dream Team, these are:


Image source – The Connected Church

Brand managers: They work under the manager and know the best about the brands, thus, must be included in all the strategies of Social Media Marketing.

  • Human Resource Department: They are responsible for maintaining relations between employees and the manager, it is responsible for the recruitment of the employees and all the work related to human resources in an organization.
  • Salesperson: Responsible for generating revenue for the brand.
  • Legal Department: The legal department is responsible for the matters that involve any legality and when any advice is needed on laws relating to the marketing strategy.
  • Public relations: The public relations department is responsible for creating the brand image and the brand value in the public eye and maintains the goodwill of the brand.

These are the people and the skills that constitute an appropriate structure of a team.

Deciding based on your company

There is no proven formula of an appropriate structure of a Social Media Team, what might be an ideal or a Dream Team for one organization, might not work effectively for another company. Every enterprise is different, every brand is different, the target audience is different and it is upon you to decide what all qualities, skills, and perspective are you looking for in your dream team.

This article shall help you analyze the criteria based on which the structure of your Social Media Dream Team should be placed.

Lastly, one must always consider the demands of their customers before formulating any decision and then take the appropriate action.

Hopefully, this article would’ve helped you in making an informed decision and you are now a step closer to your desired Dream team.


What is a social media team?

A broad definition would be that whether it is an agency or an internal team, the main role of a social media team is to grow the business by strategically creating content, ads, and engaging with the target audience on different social media platforms.

What are the benefits of building a social media team?

The following are among the top 7 benefits and advantages of having a social media team to complement your marketing strategy. SAVE TIME. ... BRAND BUILDING. ... focus. ... Reputation management. ... Effective strategy & Tactics in getting more sales. ... Leveraging on skills set & Experience. ... Attract More Potential Sales.

What companies are good at social media?

In short, social media isn't only a marketing option but a mandatory part of any business. However, there's more to it than just creating an account and uploading random posts. ... The 5 Best Brands on Social Media GoPro. ... Nike. ... Spotify. ... Wayfair. ... Pop-Tarts. .

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