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Social Media Campaign and How It is Done?

Social Media Campaign and How It is Done?

by Meghashree Das May 23, 2020
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Social Media Campaign

As we all are a part of the 21st century where social media has become an important part of our daily routine. Social media is a huge platform with various different applications. There is for different types of people and one can pick any of these according to his/her comfort and need.

Apart from this, we can also actually use this platform for campaigning purposes. This will provide you great help to increase your worth. Social media campaigning is the best way to reach more and more people in very little time.

Social Media Campaign is more than you think

It’s a coordinated marketing effort on behalf of a business. It is that’s designed to reinforce information or sentiments through at least on the social media platforms.

From the study, we come to know that 78% of businesses have dedicated teams for their social media. On and by demonstrating that increasingly, organizations are acknowledging the power of social media to attract and engage customers.

Also, about 90% of marketers claimed that social media generated extremely immense exposure for their company. And that’s only one of the many advantages of using social media for campaigning.

Social Media Campaign needs a lot of research front

social media campaign research

We’ve done a bit of research on your behalf through which come to know about some successful campaigns. There is what that made waves across various social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Their success is directly proportional to the daily usage of social media. It’s easy to ensure that social media campaigning is a key element for success in marketing. Also, there are and many marketers realize the potential for business growth using this platform.

Here we thoroughly explaining the advantages of using social media to market your business:

Increased Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Increased Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital campaigning/marketing methods used to organize content and increase the reach of your business visibility. Implementing the social media strategy will effectively increase your brand recognition since you will get engaging with a bored audience of consumers.

To get a kick start, create social media profiles for your campaigning and start interacting with others too. Get employees, business partners, and sponsors to “like” and “share” your page. Simply having people to interact with your content will increase brand awareness and this will begin building your reputation as a business.

Social Media Campaign is done on the basis of attention

Each post that is shared that had shared on your social media handle will be introduced to a new network of individuals, which can lead them to become potential customers, and the more people who know about your business, the better than before. By investing only a few hours per week, over 91% of marketers claimed that their social media campaigning efforts greatly increased their exposure and create a hype for their product in the market.

Higher Conversion Rates for the use of Social Media Campaign

With increased visibility, your business will gain more opportunities for conversion. Every image, blog post, video, number of likes and comments may lead viewers to your company’s website and increase traffic.

Social media campaigning allows your business to give a positive impression through a humanization factor. When brands are interactive by sharing content, liking, commenting, and posting statuses on social media, it personifies a brand. And this creates a strong connection between the customer and a marketer.

Social Media Campaign is all about the stats

People prefer to do business with other people, rather than companies or any brands. Over 51% of marketers claimed that taking time to develop relationships with consumers showed them positive results in sales. Putting your brand in an environment where people are sharing, liking, commenting and talking, can only improve the conversion rates on your existing traffic. Using social media and linking it to your website will automatically increase your traffic tremendously.

Better Customer Satisfaction comes with Social Media Campaign

Customer satisfaction is the basic key to unlock success and this platform is an open-source to grab the opportunity. Social media is the best networking and communication platform. Creating a different identity or a voice for your company through these platforms is important in humanizing your market. Customers will appreciate knowing that when they post comments on your pages, they will receive a personalized response rather than an automated message.

Being able to acknowledge each comment shows that you are attentive to your visitors’ needs and aim to provide them the best experience. Everyone wants attention and respect and by doing this you will create self-respect which is helpful for you to enhance your company.

All of you know can be happy is worked out

Each and every customer interaction on your business social media accounts is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate your compassion for your customers.  If any of your customers have a question or a complaint, social media allows them to address the matter using interpersonal dialogue.

Improved Brand Loyalty Using Social Media 

One of the main aims of almost all businesses is to develop a loyal customer base. Considering this fact that customer satisfaction and brand loyalty typically will go hand in hand, it is important for you to regularly engage with consumers and begin developing a bond with them.

Social media is a platform which never limited to introducing your brand’s products and do promotional campaigns. Customers see these platforms as their service channels where they can communicate directly with the business.

The generation is managed

The millennial generation is known for being the most brand-loyal customers of all. Born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, millennials are the largest generation in history — and will soon completely consume the market as well. Since these technology natives require communication and interaction with their brands, businesses must implement social media campaigning to get the attention of their most influential consumers.

By doing so they can get more profit also. Always maintain loyalty with your customers. But first maintain the same decorum with your working team also, as the effective team will result from the way you want.

More Brand Authority 

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty both play an important part in making your business more authoritative, but it all comes down to communication. When consumers see your company posting on social media, especially replying to customer comments and posting original content, it makes you appear more credible.

Interacting with customers on a daily basis demonstrates that business cares about customer satisfaction, and is able to answer any question and can solve any queries that they might have.

Satisfies customers are eager to spread the valuable words about a great product and service of business and they usually turn to social media to express their opinion. Having customers that will mention your business on their social media will advertise your business and show you to new visitors, your value and brand authority.

Once you get some satisfied customers who are vocal about their positive purchase experience, you can let the advertising be done for you by actual customers who enjoyed your product or service.

Cost-Effective is what you can think of Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigning is possibly the most cost-efficient part of an advertising strategy. Signing up and creating a profile is free for almost every social networking platform, and any kind of paid promotions you decide to invest in are of relatively low cost compared to any other marketing tactic.

Being cost-effective is such a huge advantage because you can see a greater return when you compared it with your investment and retain a bigger budget for other marketing and business expenses. If you ever think and decide to use paid ads on social media, always start with small to see what you should expect.

As you become more comfortable and found yourself fit in the process, fine-tune your strategy and try to increase your budget. Just by spending a small amount of time and money you can significantly increase your conversion rates and eventually get a return on investment on the money you initially invested.

Gain Marketplace Insights

One of the most valuable advantages of using social media is marketplace insight. What is the better way to know about the thoughts and needs of your consumers than by directly talking to them?

By monitoring the customer activity on your profiles, you can see customers’ interests and opinions that you might not able to know without this platform and this amazing facility or otherwise be aware of it if your business didn’t have a social media presence.

It is something complementary for you

Using social media as a complementary research tool can help you to gain information that will aid you in understanding your industry. Once you gain a large following, you can also use some preferred additional tools to analyze the demographics of your consumers.

Another insightful aspect of social media campaigning is the ability to segment your content and combine lists based on the topic and identify which types of content generate the most impressions and what attracts the customer most. These tools give you the ability to measure conversions and comparisons based on posts on various social media platforms to find a perfect combination for generating revenue.

Thought Leadership builds on Social Media Campaign

Posting well-written content on your social media is a great way to become an expert and leader in your field. If you want to establish yourself as an expert, be sure to utilize social media platforms and build your presence.

Be communicative, try to connect with your audience, share your content, and also try to promote your authority. When your social media campaign is aligned with the other marketing efforts, your skills will be highlighted and the followers will look up to you.

Being able to directly connect with your customers creates the relationship that both will value. Make yourself to allow you to become a notable influencer in your field. This was a good remark of a leader and a great marketer. First, understand the worth of social media on your own so that you can easily able to explain and influence your customers too.

Unbiased Reviews on Brand, Product, or Service with Social Media Campaign

Consumers nowadays are leaving more online reviews than ever before as we scroll down the past and history. They will either show their love or hate through their views. And on particular brands, social media handle for their product or services.

Either way, it provides honest feedback for your brand to consider and always show a positive attitude towards your customer reviews. Whether good or bad, by monitoring what is being said about your business is always a great way to improve. Show your customers you care about them and respect their opinion.

Build a Community On Social Media Campaign

Social Media Community

With the power of social media, you are able to build an entire community around your brand. Think about it like this so, you will get a clear vision about what’s going on.

If there was a soft drink that tasted better than Coke, would it alarm them? Probably not. Why? Because Coke has an entire community of brand advocates which made them stand out. It happens from the crowd to rise and shine. Coke has millions of people who support their brand everywhere globally.

It would take years to win them over. Now, your brand has the opportunity to create that same sense of brand loyalty and community. Try to establish a strong relationship with the leaders, investors globally don’t restrict yourself around your region.

Connections play an important role in the marketing field. To promote your business at different platforms you require strong community power with the same respect and good authority.

Use #s to get more eyes on your brand to get shoutouts

A unique advantage of social media campaigning is the usage of hashtag integration. One can use hashtags to give a mark to their brand. But let’s dive a little deeper into this neat feature. The hashtag is a simple, yet powerful way to connect people with like-minded interests.

By using existing hashtags or creating your own, you can expand your reach beyond your own community. And this not only gives you a different identity but also help you to make your business viral. They’re easy to use and work so well. Creating funny hashtags attracts the user to have a look at your theme and by this, you can make your first impression so well.

Is Social Media Campaign really worth it?

It’s clear that social media campaigning has its advantages. So if your business doesn’t have the appropriate profiles, create them by yourself! Fill out your business’ information and post some engaging content to begin gaining followers.

As mentioned, always ask people that are relevant to your business to “like” and “share”. On your page om different platforms to help you to build your profile. With consistent updating, the right social media campaigning strategy will lead to increased traffic, better SEO, higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, and much more.

There are reasons to try out

There are virtually no reasons for not implementing social media into your own campaigning strategy. Since it is so cost-effective, there is hardly anything to lose. Your competition is most likely already on social media, so don’t let them take your potential customers easily. The sooner you started, the sooner you’ll see growth in your business. You need to apply all the essential tactics and plays to build your social media to handle powerful and worthy.

Social Media Campaign examples

Keep your profile up-to-date so that your customers will get regular updates about your new products or any upcoming event. If your business makes a huge announcement about a new product. There is or an exciting event, it’ll catch on and get people excited. This all can possible only if you do maintain your social media handles properly.

Let’s have a look at some creative examples that might help your campaign:

  • Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino

What Starbucks did is in April 2017 they released their new colour changing drink on Instagram – Unicorn Frappucino. The bright and sparkly colours of pink and purple got the attention of its target audience, the millennials. The hashtag #UnicornFrappucino gained 155,000 posts over Instagram in a very limited period of time.

The key takeaway here is to create content that is rightly targeted at the appropriate market segment.

Instagram Campaign-Starbucks

  • Dove self-esteem campaign

Dove created a self-esteem boosting campaign with the hashtag #RealBeauty. It used it on television, advertisement, and social media. Even though the internet promotes self-love and self-esteem today, Dove was the pioneer.

It promoted women showing their inner beauty, being accepted irrespective of their body types, skin tones, facial features, etc. AdAge has named Dove’s this campaign as one from the top 100 campaigns of the 21st century.

Social media campaign

Image source – GFluence

Social media management is a time consuming and cost-effective task especially when you have more profiles on different social platforms. That’s where Ubercircle comes into play. You can use the ubercircle to post, schedule, analyze and engage with your social media audience.

There are roles to benefit for and from

Each benefit of social media is described. And all are different factors that play an important role in your campaign results. But knowing that the benefits of social media will not be enough. However, knowing allows you to plan for success.

Now you can implement the right strategies for your business to reap the results you want. This is a very useful platform to increase your sales easily. So, take full advantage of this and try to do strategies social media campaigning to increase your market.


What is an example of a social media campaign?

Coca-Cola's Share a Coke campaign to connect with their audience. ABC News website URL campaigns to boost traffic. Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino campaign to drive sales. Snickers' #EatASnickers campaign to engage audience members with a unique hashtag

What makes a social media campaign successful?

Share posts help you build a relationship with your audience and build their trust, which is the ultimate goal of a successful social media campaign. If you know your target market well, you'll have an idea of what times they are most likely active on a specific social media platform.

What is the purpose of social media campaign?

A social media campaign is a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. Campaigns differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability.

How long should a social media campaign last?

Medium length campaigns can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, although you could argue it's better to measure a campaign by quarter.

Use Ubercircle to manage your next social media campaign. From a single dashboard you can schedule and publish posts across networks, engage the audience, and measure results. Try it free today.

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