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Social Media Audit: 10 Best Ways to conduct it

Social Media Audit: 10 Best Ways to conduct it

by bhargavi July 30, 2020
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Social media audit is not as scary as it sounds. It is an important process for your social media marketing. It is useful to develop an efficient and useful social media marketing strategy.
Creating a social media strategy is important for your page and business. You then need to keep a check if your strategy is working. Social media audit is the best way to analyse your page.
An audit of your social media page will help you understand various aspects of your page.
It will help you know

  • What works what doesn’t
  • Whether fake and imposter accounts are stealing your followers
  • Which profiles you need to revamp or shut down
  • New ways and opportunities to engage your audience and grow
    We will help you audit your social media page effectively.

What is Social Media Audit?

It is not scary like it sounds. It has nothing to do with tax authorities. It basically means, compiling all your social media data in one place. All the analysis in one place.
It shows you the current status of your social media and ways to improve it. When you are done with the audit, you will have one single document for all your social media channels. Solutions at your fingertips.

How to perform a social media audit?

1. Create a social media audit template

You are going to need a spreadsheet (Google spreadsheet/xcel) to stay organized. You cannot do the audit in your mind. You need an organized way to do it.

Your audits need to be available to your team members as well.  Customize your spreadsheet according to your needs. Do not compromise on rows and columns.

To make a good spreadsheet, here’s a checklist for you to follow

  • Who –
    • Profile information
    • Engagement metrics
    • Audience demographics
  • Where –
    • Publishing metrics
  • What –
    • Kind of media being posted – Images, Videos, GIFs, etc.
  • When – 
    • Frequency
    • Time of posting 
    • Time zones
  • Why –
    • Review 
    • Ranking
    • Competitor analysis
Social media audit

Image source – Marketing Teacher

For any type of metric, include the change in the metrics from last month or last year. You can add these changes in the form of percentage changes. Tracking metrics is really important for improvement.
To keep it more organized, you can have a different tab for each social media platform. Not every social media platform has the same metrics, different tabs will help you understand them better.
You can make a template or use a ready-made template.

2. Keep a track of all your social media accounts

Keeping a record of all your social media accounts is a task. Track down all your accounts across all platforms.
There might be some accounts which failed. Some accounts which were created before you created a social media marketing strategy and are now abandoned. Or some accounts one department is using or was using.

In order to properly audit your social media, you will need to know all these accounts.
How to get this information?

  • Search the web
    Google the name of your company and/or your products and see what comes up.
    You might find accounts that have your company name, find out if they are related to your company. If they’re not related to your company, find out whether they are fan accounts or imposter accounts.
Social media audit

Image source – Launch 2 success

  • Search various social media platforms
    Visit each social media platform and search your name.then visit each and every page with your brand’s name. Record all the relevant accounts you can.
    In your audit document, mention all the accounts. Record un-owned accounts too and the process of shutting them down. Be prepared to take matters to the network if you are unable to solve it.

Social Media Audit Social media search

Once you have a record of your accounts, set up a social media monitoring program, this will help you identify imposters in the future.
This is a good time to analyse and figure out why you don’t have enough social pressure. You can make further changes to improve your social pressure.

3. Make sure all your accounts are on brand

Time to take a thorough look at all your accounts. Make sure it is in accordance with the image of your brand using these characteristics:

Profile pictures and name

Your profile image should reflect your brand and should be in the size mentioned by the social media platform.

Social Media Audit Name and profile dp


A bio has a limited number of characters, you need to make the most of it. Portray what your brand does in a short and simple way here.


Social media audit

Image source – contently

It’s better to have the same handle on all social media platforms. It makes it easier for the audience to find you.


Make sure you put a link in the bio. A link to your homepage, blogs or a particular campaign.

Social media audit


Verification is the tick sign that your page gets. You need to ask yourself whether you want that sign.

4. Identify your best posts

Find 3 posts from each social media platform which have the maximum engagement.

Where to find this information?

Social media audit

Image source – Hubspot

You can use in-built analytics to find out the best 3 posts.

  • Next, go through the posts and identify a pattern in it. You will then see which posts do good and the reasons behind it. You will know what kind of posts increase engagement among followers.
  • Use a column in your spreadsheet to make notes and write the patterns you find. This way you will be able to alter your social media strategy.

5. Evaluate you performance

Here, instead of analysing each and every post, you will analyse the overall performance. It is a macro level analysis.  You should know what your goal is and evaluate all your posts according to that.

Real return for investment only happens when your leads turn into customers.

Where to find this information

Google analytics is your best choice for this. It will give you a detailed analysis of your account.

Social media audit

Image source – NeilPatel

6. Track results over a period of time

There is no point in just collecting metrics. It is useful and insightful only when you compare it to previous analysis. For example, compare your metrics to a month back.

It will give you an idea about your page. Whether it is improving or not. This will also help you to understand what strategy works when.

Where to find this information

Use the same tool you use to identify your top posts. Find and compile the data for every social media platform on a single spreadsheet.

7. Calculate return on investment

If you are running a paid organization or campaign on social media platforms, it is important for you to calculate the return on your investment.

You are paying a certain amount for promotion, but are you making that much? Or more than that?

This a measure of how much you spent on social media versus how much your social values helped your company.

Where to find this information

You will need to use advanced analytical tools to find your return on investment.

Return on investment doesn’t only mean dollars. It has various other forms too.

Social media audit

Image source – YouTube

8. Understand your audience for each platform

As you are understanding each platform, you need to understand what kind of audience is there on each platform. You need to understand the kind of audience you are connecting to.

For example, those who use Snapchat are usually under the age of 35 years, it is a much younger crowd than Facebook.

Where to find this information

You can use the built-in analytics tool to understand your audience.

Social media audit

Image source – Hallam internet

9. Decide which platforms are right for you

Once you know your audience and your goal, you will be able to decide which social media platform is best for your business.

Figure out your goals for each account, then find out how the platform is performing and the kind of audience. Find out ways to link each account to your social media marketing strategy.

Where to find this information

Social media audit

Image source – Accion


The data you have collected earlier will help you here. You need to research properly about each social media platform and then make an informed decision.

Create new goals for each social media platform once you understand the platform properly.

10. Repeat the process

Social media audit is not something you do only once. It has to be done at regular intervals. It will help you stay on monitor and choose what is best for you.

A social media audit every 4 months is great to monitor your social media accounts. And it helps you to produce the best return on investment.

Once you have a track, you can alter your social media marketing strategy to your needs.


Social media auditing is highly useful and necessary for your business. It will help you keep a check on your accounts and improve your social media marketing strategies. Share with us your experience of social media auditing. 


Why are social media audits important?

A social media audit helps your business refocus your social media marketing on your business goals. An audit will show you how well you are performing, what should be changed, what your priorities should be going forward, and how well your team is equipped (or not) to make the most of social media.

How long does a social media audit take?

A social media audit doesn't have to be long or tedious. If you follow what I've outlined in this article, you can complete yours in as little as 30 minutes. Every social media platform offers analytics and insights that you need to take advantage of.

How often should you conduct a social media audit?

Be prepared to conduct an audit of this depth every 12-18 months at minimum--more often if you don't have strong metrics you regularly track. With the rapidly changing social media landscape, you'll want to always have an eye on how your efforts are making an impact.

What is a social media assessment?

A social media audit is a series of steps taken to evaluate and optimize a business's social media profiles and strategies. Performing a social media audit can help ecommerce businesses stay on top of their online presence.

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