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Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing

by bhargavi June 24, 2020
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Snapchat marketing

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Snapchat is a camera based social networking application that connects you to the rest of the world. On this app pictures and messages are available for a short period of time only. Once the messages are opened, and if not saved they disappear.

Social media marketing is widely used these days and Snapchat is one of the apps used for it. It is less widely used as compared to Facebook and Instagram but Snapchat helps you to reach a different kind of audience.

Snapchat has over 186 million active users each day and that is a large audience for every company.

Let’s talk about Snapchat marketing:

Marketing on Snapchat is a little different than other social media apps, hence not all marketers are familiar with using the app to their benefits, how to reach the audience and the type of content to put forth.

Benefits of Snapchat for Business

Snapchat can be a little intimidating to use for marketing but we’ve got your back. This is a different platform for marketing.

Snapchat can be and has proven to be valuable for your business if you know the right content for your audience.

1. Connect to a Younger Audience

If your business’ target audience is the younger generation, then Snapchat is the right place for you. 71% of the users on Snapchat are below the age of 35 years.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – SmartInsights

Another catch here is that, a lot of these Snapchat users, around 1/3rd of the users are not on Instagram. And on an average a person spends about 20-30 minutes on the app.

2. Users can interact with you

60% of the Snapchatters are likely to shop impulsively from this app. Apart from connecting with friends, users are likely to explore new businesses. The current version of Snapchat connects friends via the ‘Chat’ option on the left side of the home screen.

Snapchat Marketing

Image Source – Adweek

It connects users with content creators in the ‘Discover’ section on the right side of the screen. In the ‘Discover’ section users can see content from various companies such as Cosmopolitan, MTV, Discovery Channel etc.

3. Opportunity to show your fun side

This app is more on the side of fun and leisure. It’s more about being authentic rather than being picture perfect.
A lot of the features of this app are casual and a little cheeky. Using these playful features you can show the fun side of your company, show some behind-the-scenes and be totally candid.

Just the way Cadbury Creme Egg this this through its very own filter:

Snapchat Marketing

Image Source – Campaign

4. Less competition

Most businesses and organizations choose social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat is a less chosen and less exploited platform. It is difficult for your content to stand out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On Snapchat you can put out a different type of content and attract an audience and your competition is definitely less on this platform.

5. It’s different than the rest

I’ve mentioned it before but this is actually the USP of marketing on Snapchat. You can connect with a newer audience with a whole new variety of content. This is a different type of platform and can be tricky but once we understand the working, we can use it to our advantage.

6. It’s free (apart from the paid ad campaigns)

It’s not a very important feature but sure doesn’t hurt to use a free features to help your business.

Snapchat Business Account

To successfully utilize Snapchat for promoting, you’ll have to make a Snapchat Business account. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re utilizing the stage for a huge organization or whether you’re utilizing Snapchat for your private venture — the Business account is required.

Setting up a Snapchat Business account permits you to accomplish more inside the app. It lets you get to more highlights that will enhance your showcasing technique.

For instance, a couple of the highlights you can access with a Snapchat Business account include:

  • Publicizing on Snapchat through its Ads Manager.
  • Age-focusing on your custom manifestations to contact your ideal crowd.
  • Area focusing on your custom manifestations to contact a group of people in a particular region. 

Setting up your business account

Step 1: Download the application:

This step doesn’t quite require a description.
This app is free to download and is available on iOS and Android devices.

Snapchat Marketing Step 1

Image source – Google Support

Step 2: Create an account

If you do not have a Snapchat account, you need to make one to access its features.
Enter all the required details and choose a username that reflects your business and company.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Quora

Step 3: Set up a business account:

Once you create your account, convert it to a business account in the Ads Manager section. To access this, you need to login with the same username and password you used to create your normal account.
On the next page you need to fill in some extra details, your business’s legal name, the country you are conducting your business in and choose the currency of your country.
Post filling these details your business account will be ready to use.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Snapchat

Step 4: Start snapping and creating campaigns

You’re ready to begin!
Create advertising campaigns to reach your audience and start designing accordingly!
Try using the different features that Snapchat is providing to make your stories more appealing.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Snapchat

How to take a snap

You’re most likely used to transferring pictures, including some duplicate, and dropping in a connection when sharing internet based life content. Be that as it may, Snapchat’s history as a portable social informing stage implies that it’s increasingly about making custom substance for the interpersonal organization than using pre-made and used content.

The image to post is called a “Snap”, which is either a video or a photograph you take from the application.

At the point when you open Snapchat, the default screen will be the camera screen.

On the off chance that you are in the “Chat” screen, swipe option to get to the camera. From the “Stories” screen, you’ll swipe left. The chat button looks like the blue button on the left in the image below, the stories button looks like the purple button on the right in the image below. 

Snapchat Marketing

Image Source – iMore

To snap a picture, tap the round shade button. To take a video, hold down the screen button — one video can be as long as 10 seconds in length. Recordings and pictures can be taken with the front oriented camera or you can utilize the selfie by tapping the converse camera button on the screen.

If you really want to know the basics to the application, refer to this video:

You can either include this picture/video to your Story or send it directly to a companion. Be that as it may, before you send it for individuals to see, add a few impacts to your photograph.

Tips to make your snaps interesting

Include a Sticker

Snapchat offers an assortment of pre-made stickers to browse, for example, creatures, food, and different expressions. Stickers will help you make your content more attractive and help your snapchat marketing goals. 

Essentially tap the snapchat stickers icon button in the menu bar and find one to add to your photograph or video.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – G2 Learning Hub

You can add any number of stickers to your Snap as you’d like and can modify the size and area of them by squeezing and zooming in or out and hauling the picture on the screen.

Create Bitmoji

If you create your Bitmoji, you’ll have the option to add it to your Snap here too. Furthermore, on the correct side of your Snap, you’ll see a vertical menu of symbols which furnish you with a couple of other customization choices including the capacity to include content, a free-hand drawing, or a URL to your Snap. You can even harvest your picture on the off chance that you pick.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Online Tech tips

Transform an Image Into a Sticker

Transforming a picture into a sticker is one fun approach to make a stand-apart Snapchat account. You can snap a picture of an article and afterward follow your finger along the edges (with the scissors symbol on your Snap screen) to make a cut out picture. You would then be able to squeeze to diminish or extend the size of the sticker just as change the edge and area. The application will naturally spare your custom stickers for sometime later.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Mic

This is an incredible method to add fun loving brand components to your image’s Stories — and even get your friends to share your organization’s image or items.

You can add content to your Snaps. You can do this by tapping the snap text button, inputing your expression, and afterward hitting enter. Slide the content box to alter the position on the screen. To build the size of the content, pivot it, or change its shading, tap the snap text button once more.

Include a Filter

Snapchat filters are picture overlays that feature your area, the climate, height, and that’s just the beginning. There are likewise marked geofilters that include an organization’s informing, logo, exact area, or other one of a kind symbolism (we’ll talk more top to bottom about these in no time).

To add channels to your Snaps, you’ll have to ensure Snapchat can get to your area. Go to Snapchat’s “Settings” and look to “Manage Preferences.” Slide to empower the component.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Marketing channel

When this setting is enabled, you can add filters to a picture or video by swiping right. Continue swiping to pick a filter. You can include an extra filter by holding your finger down on the first filter and swiping right once more.

To include a selfie filter, otherwise called a Snapchat Lens, alter the camera so it is in selfie mode and afterward hold your finger down over your face for a second or two. Little circles will show up close to the camera shade, and you’ll have the option to swipe through the different Lenses.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – ChrisEditing

 Snapchat for business account

These tips and techniques are definitely going to help you improve your marketing skills.

1. Let your audience know you are on Snapchat

If you are new to this application, make sure your audience knows that you are there.
Since this platform is much different from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you need to try different techniques to grab your audiences’ attention.

2. Promote your Snapchat username on other platforms:

Put posts on Facebook and Instagram and tweets on Twitter about your Snapchat campaign and let them know your presence.

3. Create an “add me” URL

Tap on the settings symbol in the upper right-hand corner when in your business’ Snapchat account. At that point, click on ‘username’ in the dropdown.

This will give you what your special “include me” URL is for Snapchat. These URLs consistently follow a similar organization:

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Social Media Examiner

4. Create a Snapcode

A snapcode is like a QR code that someone can scan from their phone or tablet.

Scanning this helps in finding your profile quickly and easily. And will also help people to access your filters and lenses

How to create a snap code:
Step 1: Click on the settings symbol on the top right hand corner when using your business account.
Step 2: Choose “Snapcodes” from the dropdown
Step 3: Then choose “My Snapcodes” and find your unique ID there

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Official Tech Support

5.Add your Snapchat URL to your marketing materials

Add your business URL to your other marketing materials on other platforms as well to increase traffic.
The URL could include your website, newsletter and more.
You can add your Snapcode to business merchandise as well, such as tote bags, tshirts, or a business card. Snapchatters can scan the code from here.

6. Having an effective marketing strategy in place

It is highly effective to have your social media strategy in place.
A few things you could do:

  • Research about your competitors: Understand if your competitors are using snapchat and if they are, what methods are they using.

  • Outline your objectives: What are your aims for your brand and how is Snapchat marketing going to help you?

  • Create a calendar for your content: This will help you organise your content, create schedules for posting and allot time for interaction with the audience.

  • Determine the tone and look of your brand: Keep a picture in mind of how your brand should look like. Also keep posting regularly and create creative content.

7. Understand your audience

Use Snapchat Insights, an inbuilt setting, to see who is seeing your content, comprehend what post is performing admirably, and drive a Snapchat strategy that works.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Snapchat Support

You’ll have the option to follow significant measurements that will help your Snapchat business procedure and understanding your target audience, as:

  • Views

Perceive what number of story views your image gets every week and every month. Likewise perceive how much time clients spend seeing your accounts.

  • Reach

Perceive what number of Snapchatters your content reaches daily. Swipe through and furthermore observe the normal view time and story view rate.

  • Demographic information

Comprehend the age of your crowd, where on the planet they’re based, and data identified with their inclinations and way of life.

8. Interact with Snapchatters

On Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, brands’ content is blended in with posts from clients’ friends. This isn’t the situation on Snapchat. Here, content from companions and content from brands or content creators is isolated.

As a result of this split screen plan, you’ll have to draw in to keep up a nearness. Connect on the app by:

  • Survey Snaps and stories made by others.
  • Following different Snapchatters.
  • Working together with brands or makers.
  • Review any Snaps sent to you.
  • React to Snaps and texts sent to you.
  • Plan to make and put out your content regularly. When you’ve utilized Snapchat Insights to realize when your crowd is on the app, post at those pinnacle times.

9. Use the features available to create amazing content

Snaps disappear after 24 hours, so you have to make it appealing enough to create an impact.
To make your posts and content stand out, use the following features:

– Draw on your Snap
– Write captions on your Snaps
– Collect multiple Snaps to tell a narrative/ story
– Add information like the date, location time or temperature
– Add background music to Snaps
– Incorporate polling
– Add a Snapchat filter (or several) to a Snap
– Use a Snapchat lens

10. Design a filter

Geofilters are a straightforward overlay for a Snap. They are accessible to clients inside a particular region and for a particular measure of time.

A filter could incorporate the expansion of an emoticon or a planned sticker, incorporate area data or change the shade of a Snap.

Just as utilizing filters that are already on the platform, you can make a filter for your business. This can focus your snapchat marketing to specific areas.  To make a marked channel:

Step 1: Sign in to Snapchat’s Create Your Own.

Step 2: Make the filter. Perhaps you include your business’ logo, content detailing about a special product launch or event, or other elements.

Step 3: Upload the final design.

Step 4: Pick to what extent you need your filter to be accessible. Select a beginning date and an end date.

Step 5: Pick an area that your filter will be accessible in. Snapchatters may have the option to utilize the custom filter in the event that they are inside the region you’ve set. This is known as a geofence.

Step 6: Present the solicitation to Snapchat. The cost will change contingent upon to what extent the channel is accessible for and how huge the geofence is.

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Things Snap

Ordinarily, filters are endorsed inside three hours.

11. Stay up to date with the newest features

There are various features to explore and work with on Snapchat. You can use all these features to your benfit and make your content more attractive. These features really help with your snapchat marketing, it makes you posts look appealing. 

Snapchat Analytics

Snapchat analytics will help you understand your audience in detail. Snaplytics is the source for Snapchat analytics. It creates a spreadsheet of the data it has collected.

Snaplytics calculates the following things:

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Netizency

  •  Total and average number of story opens
  • Your top 5 tags
  • Number of stories
  • Average story completion rate
  • Total and average number of story screenshots
  • Average open rate
  • Estimated number of total followers 

This data is highly important, it will help you understand how your audience is reacting to and accepting your content.

Snapchat Ads

The price for a snapchat ad has reduced a lot over time and now these ads are really affordable.
The Snapchat Ad forms available:
There are various types available for you to put up your ad on Snapchat.
These types are:

1. Snap Ads

Sapchat Marketing

Image source – Adespresso

These are pretty much like Instagram ads and come in between users’ stories.

2. Snapchat Collection Ads:

Snapcjhat Marketing

Image source – Adespresso

It is like the snap ads but let you feature different products on the ad itself.

3. Snapchat Story Ads:

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Adespresso

These ads appear in the Discover section of the app, next to popular content.

4. Snapchat AR Lens:

Snapchat Marketing

Image source – Adespresso

These lenses are interactive and can be used to create your own snaps.

5. Snapchat Filters:

These are 6 second non skippable ads and cost slightly more than Snap Ads.


Snapchat marketing is increasing in demand and I tried to help you out a little bit about how to go about it. We’ve talked about why to use snapchat, how to set up a business account, how to take a snap, essential marketing tips, features of snapchat, snapchat analytics and snapchat ads.

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