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Reddit ads – A brilliant marketing strategy in 2020

Reddit ads – A brilliant marketing strategy in 2020

by Meghashree Das May 19, 2020
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Reddit ads

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With the global expansion of technology in various spheres, the world has witnessed an evolution in the business and marketing sector. Individuals are adapting numerous advanced means and routes to polish their businesses and make gains as well.

The growing momentum around various websites has enabled users to cater to massive core and non- core audiences. Businesses and enterprises have struggled to reach their prospective audiences and showcase their services or products effectively. It is considered to be a drill to reach out to the masses in innovative and effective ways.

Reddit is an awesome way to get through daily life

As a result, several online sites came into existence. These online platforms erase the gaps between businesses and their audiences. Online websites have been working like magic in today’s time. This is mainly due to the massive presence of the population on the internet. As a result, traditional business norms have transformed and a new culture has been imposed on the younger generation.

The common man has adapted to the medium of the internet and has evolved the means of digital marketing as well.

What actually is Reddit?

An amazing online site bringing a change to the traditional practices of marketing is Reddit. Reddit is considered to be a cluster of marketing tricks and tactics. As a result, it is one of the most popularised sites in the sphere of technology and the internet.

Reddit along with Reddit ads and links offer a virtual passage to marketing practices and skills. Yet it is one of the most underrated sites in the field of marketing and business.

How it is constructed it’s interest for the recent years?

Reddit ads

Image source – Singlegrain

Reddit has constructed a community for potential marketers to showcase their products and services through various means. It provides users with an advertising platform and could enable massive trafficking insights if used correctly.

The site exposes individuals to trending and top-rated content of a given period. It is through this content that users could create indirect marketing strategies. Moreover, it should be remembered that Reddit is highly against direct marketing activities.

Know about the Reddit ads in 2020

It is believed that in the year 2016, the websites became a visitor to around 139, 323,527 content views. Hence it becomes necessary to understand the Reddit algorithms and learn the techniques of effective Reddit ads. The articles would comprise of techniques to advertising through Reddit ads and make a difference.

Reddit ads and their classification

Targeted Reddit ads campaign become a channel of revenue and traffic as well. It is a tremendous opportunity to be present on platforms like Reddit. Moreover, Reddit and Reddit ads are a unique strategy for marketing since they hold great potential to engage the viewers. Also, it is the hub of unique monthly visitors with the advantage of low cost on the Reddit advertisement campaigns.

Reddit ads are a relatively unique strategy applied by the team of Reddit itself. It enables local as well as international users to promote their services in the form of unique marketing skills. Reddit ads allow the exposure of content along with the subreddit applied. This is also a form of paid promotion by the website. Statists prove that Reddit ads have increased traffic of various organizations and individuals.

How to advertise on Reddit

Step 1:

Make a campaign

Reddit Ads -Campaign

Image source – shivarweb

To start making your first ad campaign, sign into Reddit’s campaign management tool. While signing in make sure you have the following ready:

  • Reddit account
  • Ad copy
  • The image that will be your thumbnail
  • Mobile card view image

After signing in, you have to name your campaign. This name is only for your reference, your users will not see this name, so just put a simple name that you can understand.

Step 2:

Define the target audience

Here you have to determine who you are creating the advertisement for? Making sure you target the right audience can do wonders for increasing traffic and sales. In order to determine your target audience follow these 4 steps:

#1 – Understand who will want to buy your product?

For example- Will older people want to buy your product or youngsters, or married couples, or school-going children, or college-going young adults, etc?

#2 – Who is your competition?

Try to understand whether your competition is targeting the same consumers like you? Do your competitors have a very loyal consumer base already? If so, then you must shift to a audience that is new, because then you have scope for creating loyal customers for yourself.

#3 – Set target demographics

Target demographics mean the population categories that you want to target. For example:

  • Based on age
  • Based on marital status
  • Based on gender
  • Based on lifestyle
  • Based on income levels
Reddit Ads -Target Audience

Image source – Mimosa Soft

#4 – Identify the market that is not being targeted

Often it can be difficult to compete in a market where consumers are already loyal to one particular brand. Therefore, it is important you conduct research and identify an under-served market. An under-served market means one where there are less competition and more scope for you to be the alpha.

For example, lets say, your competitor is over-looking the market of working mothers, this would give you the opportunity to tap into this untouched market and create your own target audience.

Step 3:

Determine a budgeting strategy

Reddit Ads - Budget

Image source – Hootsuite

Through Reddit campaign advertisements you can set a budgeting strategy in two ways:

  1. A daily limit to your budget
  2. A total and overall campaign budget

In both cases, remember that Reddit ads are charged on a bid-based CPM basis. A CPM basis means cost per thousand impressions. This means that you will be charged per thousand impressions. A bid-based system means that the highest bidder for a 1000 impressions wins the ad and its cost. But the highest bidder pays the amount that the second highest bidder had made with an additional $0.01.

For example:

  • Bids $0.5 for 1000 impressions
  • B bids $0.75 for 1000 impressions
  • C bids $0.8 for 1000 impressions

So the person C will win the bid. C will be the one that gets to advertise. But the cost would be the second-highest bid i.e. $0.75 and an additional $0.01. So the total cost would be $0.76.

Step 4:

Campaign planning

Reddit Ads

Image source – Ladder

Now that all the basic steps are complete, you can move to decide what your campaign brief would look like:

  • What type of ad do you want?
    Will it be a link advertisement or text advertisement? Will you enable comments on your advertisement or disable?
  • Advertisement headline
    This is the headline that your viewers will see when they see your advertisement. Make sure you make it inviting and unique.
  • Images
    Make sure to use creative, and visually-appealing images for your advertisement.
  • Sub-Reddits
    Add sub-Reddit groups. Sub-Reddit groups are tags you would want to add target other than your main tag.

Step 5:

Submit your ad

If you have been following our easy and effective 5 step process, then congratulations you have almost successfully created your Reddit advertisement. After you target audience, budgeting and campaign briefing, all you have to do is submit the advertisement for Reddit’s approval.

Reddit usually takes 24 hours to approve an advertisement, after which your ad would go live.

How to formalize the best Reddit ads?

A few tips could help an individual to bring the best to the tables and thrive for success.

Here is a glimpse at how Reddit ads are bringing a change in the traditional techniques of marketing.  Here are some steps to do the same.

Step 1: Home to unique visitors

Reddit is the home to millions of active viewers who keep a watch at any relevant content or link available at the site. The online visitors become a part of the Reddit ad campaign and make them a success. It should be remembered that the massive views on Reddit ads are achieved due to the presence of enormous visitors on its site.

Statistically stating, Reddit is a cluster of about 42 percent of annual internet users. Moreover, Reddit is a stage of informative and unique content that helps it to attract massive annual visitors.

It is a popular site to gain a better audience

Reddit is one of the most popular sites in the United States and has reported massive traffic of 1.6 billion visitors in the months of 2019. Hence, Reddit has built a community which is exposed to Reddit ads at every interval of time. This indeed is a great marketing strategy employed by its builders and helps in leveraging the businesses of others.

Capturing the attention of the masses

Reddit Ads- popularity

Image source – Visioneer IT

Reddit ads are designed to capture the attention of a massive number of annual visitors on the Reddit website. Due to the presence of huge traffic on the site, Reddit ads have worked like magic in the indirect and direct promotion of services and products.

With the help of unique self-marketing strategies of Reddit, it has triumphed to attained the title of a trusted site. Moreover, Reddit, as well as its user, are against the policy of spamming related to a company’s product or service. Hence, these qualities make the site unique.

Step 2: A source of wholesome content

Due to the presence of well-informed and potential visitors, Reddit has become an epitome of wholesome content. The visitors are extremely against the activities of spamming in the name of advertisement or marketing. The Reddit community is built on the virtues of mutual information sharing and the promotion of the well- deserved content. The content should be created in such a manner that it compels the viewers. Moreover, effective subreddits are utilized to promote the best content available for the viewers.

How are the karma points achieved?

Reddit Ads -Karma Points

Image source – Web FX

The concept of karma points is another interesting feature of the same. The karma point pushes the individuals towards a better and advantageous exposure to their respective customer segment. Reddit ads are used to target core and non- core customers which in turn will explain the customer practices. Upvotes and downvotes create a better perspective of the content which the viewers.

Detailed research could be done to understand the genre and type of content and language appreciated on this platform. The mode of writing applied to the articles also helps in the creation of wholesome content for the audiences.

Step 3: The art of engagement for Reddit ads

Reddit is based on the activities of viewer engagements. It is based on the practices of sharing and mutual discussing ideologies and links to good content. This ability to engage the audiences through link sharing is considered to be the greatest trick applied by Reddit.

How are the marketers having to look through?

Reddit Ads - Example

Image source – shivarweb

Not only this, but Reddit is also a soul platform to indirectly advertise the work of marketers. This makes the platform underrated by numerous individuals. The power of Reddit and Reddit ads are ignored since the past few years and this ensures a lower rate of competition. Due to the low rate of competition, there is a huge opportunity for marketers to establish themselves.

With existing media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, Reddit is a relatively newer channel in the aspect of direct marketing. This makes Reddit as well as Reddit ad campaigns a promising medium for the future.

Is there a chance of profitability?

Moreover, Reddit has been optimizing its content from time to time and also provides great features to advertisers like the Reddit ads. The site has been achieving profitability with the help of such campaigns. For international as well as local users.

The ability of the site to engage its audience with the help of various methods has been working like magic. As a result, Reddit should be the present as well as the future face of effective self-promotion and marketing.

Step 4: A platform to promote yourself and your ways

Reddit has been creating wonders as a self-promoting website. It encourages and makes the content viral which is relatable to its viewers. The site offers promising results due to the application of subreddits.

Reddit ads and the way for promotions!

Apart from promotions, Reddit ads offer a channel to increase brand awareness and improves brand identity. The engaging community of Reddit helps in the study of the audience which clicks to view more about the Reddit ad. This enables companies and organizations to study their customer’s segments in a detailed manner. Effective promotions could be done by coming up with engaging subreddit.

Reddit ads should be created for the sole of business

Reddit ads should be created for business only. This flexible programmatic platform ensures genuine engagement of passionate communities and flexibility as well.

While creating a Reddit ad, thumbnails are required. A graphic of service or product gives a glimpse of the purpose of advertisement. An engaging caption or content supports effective marketing.

Before posting Reddit ads, an individual should deeply about the existing ads on the website. The style and language of prevailing Reddit ads should be studied before posting one. Reddit ads are generated to attract prospective customers to the sites of the business or companies.

Step 5: Low-cost campaigns

Another compelling feature of Reddit is the low cost of its ad campaign. The site enables a daily usage of dollar 5 for its Reddit ads. The websites follow an auction-based system. In this, Reddit ads urge the next user to pay a higher cent while bidding as compared to the previous user. But with the evolution of the site itself, there has been a change in the costing system of the website.

How are the new Reddit ads models utilized?

Currently, another model of costing is utilized. This system is called the CPC or the cost-per-click. This system ensures the organizations to have control over the tracking of conversions and its tasks.

How are the low-cost systems managed?

Reddit Ads- Costing

Image source – Affoy

This low-cost system boosts the business rate on the website. With the feature of upvotes and comments on a promoted post, Reddit ads are an engaging medium to use marketing techniques. Reddit ads are build keeping in mind the campaign and the purpose of advertisement.

Reddit also enables the user to switch to display ads but these are comparatively expensive and lack momentum.

Creating value with the help of these ads can create a difference for the brand or the enterprise.

The mentioned points are a quick gain

The above-mentioned points indicate how Reddit is winning the race of compatible and futuristic marketing channels. This website is constructed keeping in mind the requirement of existing organizations and the visitors on the site.

Coming with a better scope of Reddit ads

Have you ever wondered how to come up with an innovative Reddit ad? Or how do individuals use this technique to originate promotion and traffic?

It requires some great skills to utilize this extraordinary opportunity and help the business grow at a good rate. The language, style, aesthetic, purpose, and schedule of each Reddit ad helps in the fulfillment of the purpose.

How to glance through to make your Reddit ads better?

Here is a glance at a few tips which could be applied to gain maximum outputs from the Reddit ad campaigns.

Decode an interesting style of writing for Reddit ads

Reddit Ads- How to write

Image source – wikiHow

Before switching to publishing the ads, an individual should create an individual and original style of writing. This particular style should be limited to oneself. Attractive style often helps visitors engage in content that they wish to see. Furthermore, direct marketing stunts should be avoided at all costs.

The content prevailing on Reddit should be studied well and deep knowledge of what the visitors prefer to see should be acknowledged. The content should be eye-catching. It should create a zeal among the viewers and they should end up visiting the link for more details.

Ask questions from the viewers through the content

Another important aspect to create engaging content is to ask questions from the viewers. It should make the viewers dig for an answer and this may result in increased comments in the sections mentioned. This may also result in upvotes and the audience may end up on the website of the organization for a better understanding.

Encourage users to deliver their opinions on the Reddit ads

The content should be created in such a manner that it generates insightful questions, queries, and opinions in the comment section. Here the brand receives an opportunity to engage and interact with the customers. Opinions also help in receiving an insightful customer point of view on the service or the product.

Add value to your Reddit ads

In current times, prominent customers feel connected when the value is added to the ads, products, or services. The ethical nature of numerous businesses has been attracting customers at a higher rate. Awareness of organizations allows the viewers to analyze the value incorporated with the brand.

If these values match the ideologies of the customer, the goal has been fulfilled. The application of subreddits also ensures trusted results.

Create a bond with the audience

Reddit Ads - 1

Image source – ddynamics

A bond of trust should be created between companies and their acquired customers. This, in turn, adds great value to the company which is using this platform to gain momentum. Bond could be created through the content, comments, and frequently asked questions.

Awareness is the key for your Reddit ads

Brand awareness should be the goal of organizations while opting for paid or unpaid activities on Reddit. The brand should be able to introduce itself to new customers by giving a lot of information about the service they provide.

This creates a sense of curiosity and makes the viewers visit the website of the organization for a better perspective. Branding strategies should be applied in this field as well.

Research before striking the content with Reddit ads

Detailed and insightful research of content already on the site of Reddit should be studied. An individual should understand the trending subreddits and subject prevailing on the sites of Reddit. Reddit ads should be made based on this study. This creates an understanding of the Reddit algorithms as well.

Scheduling the strategies creates a better impact

Reddit Ads - 2

Image source – Arad group

Switching to Reddit is indeed a marketing move. Strategies and schemes should be applied to achieve maximum results. Content should be posted at the correct time at regular intervals. The strategies should also answer questions like how, why, and when of the campaign. Since Reddit is not a declared marketing site, the content should be created for awareness.

Be consistent with your Reddit ads

Reddit Ads- Conclusion

Image source – SlideShare

Being consistent through the creation of contact helps the companies to create an impact among the masses. Content should be stroked before the correct set of audience at the correct time. It is essential to understand that consistency has enabled numerous individuals to achieve great success through Reddit and Reddit ads.

Wait for the results regarding your Reddit ads

It is not practical to say that individuals receive a good result in a short interval of time. it should be realized that greater results require time to glow. A constant presence of engaging content ensures valuable results. Hence, a person should believe in his or her skills and wait for the best. The ability to deliver the best to the table should be encouraged.


It is believed that the presence of Reddit users has created a momentous impact on the business strategies of organizations and companies. Reddit offers flexibility in the form of paid and unpaid promotion deliverances.

It surely takes time!

Ads should be optimized to great levels and content should be filtered at regular periods.

The ability to attract core and non-core customers is a major key to triumph on sites like Reddit. Authentic and original content should be encouraged at all costs.

Websites like these have been shaping the sphere of business and marketing. It is essential to realize that we are the future holders of platforms like these. Hence, they should be utilized correctly at all times.


Are Reddit Ads worth

While organic posts can be an effective way of marketing your brand on Reddit, the advantage of paid advertising is that it can achieve more impressions and reach across your target audience. If users downvote your ad, your impressions will suffer

How much does it cost to advertise on Reddit?

Reddit is currently offering a flat $0.75 CPM for self-serve advertising—you'll get the same price regardless of the choices you make in targeting or content. There is a minimum buy of $5 for any individual sponsored link (which you'll also have to pay for individually).

How does Reddit make money?

The rate usually starts from $5 and $0.75 per thousand page-views and can go up to $20,000 based on the threshold value which is based on the number of page-views. Higher the number of page views higher the amount. Reddit also makes money by serving Google Adsense advertisements on its sidebar

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