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6 Crazy Lessons From Nat Geo’s Social Media To Boost Reach!

6 Crazy Lessons From Nat Geo’s Social Media To Boost Reach!

by Meghashree Das October 22, 2020
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Nat Geo's Social Media

When we talk about social media popularity or accounts with the most followers first few categories that pop in our minds are that of celebrities, cricketers, food blog pages, followed by many brands, and then the rest other. Few accounts of social media have been able to break this record amongst which is Nat Geo’s social media.

Nat Geo’s total social media followers account for 130 million over Instagram and Facebook and are one of the most celebrated top non-celebrity brands in the social media network. People who have been following Nat Geo’s social media or Nat Geo’s channels would know the reason why.

Nat Geo’s network is known globally for its wildlife, lifestyle, researches, documentaries, and many more covers that are best and top-notch. The photos and videos presented are amazing along with exemplary storytelling. Behind strong social media are those who build this social sphere for Nat Geo’s social media, and there is something we can learn from them.

Strong lessons to learn from Nat Geo’s social media

What you see day and night over Nat Geo’s social media is because of their team consisting of more than 1000 people working together. Annabelle Canwell, national geographics SVP of travel partnerships in a conference spoke about some of the core guidelines that they follow, which makes Nat Geo’s social media to powerful.

Most of us can believe in this because Nat Geo’s social media has more followers than some of the esteemed brands like Nike or Channel. Even more from that of the Marvel universe and one of the most popular sports teams in the world is “real Madrid”.

From these statistics, it would not be wrong to conclude that there is something the social media team of Nat Geo has got right, which makes it the most popular in the social media sphere.

Here are a few of those core principles, that everyone can follow, and learn from a powerhouse like Nat Geo. So, let’s take a look!

  1. Stay true to your brand

Canwell said “know what your brand stands for, and embody that in your social presence. It’s what people expect and respect” this line pretty much defines the success of Nat Geo’s social media, as it has not just been true to their grounds but have stayed relevant and updated with time.

Whenever you look a Nat Geo’s picture, read their magazines or watch an episode on television, they always show what they have stood for time and again.

One gets, transported to that world, where you get to learn so much about people, locations, and animals around the globe. Though you might find slight variations in their social media posts, in their publications or television shows, the brand’s voice and mission remain the same.


Nat Geo's Social Media

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Nat Geo holds a social responsibility, wherein all the profits from their various platforms go to non-profit Nat Geographic society, to benefits those who need it.

Apart from that Nat Geo’s also launched The People vs Climate change campaign and #myclimateaction hashtags to encourage young followers and elder once around the globe to share their action that they took to protect and help mother earth so that it can become a wide movement towards increasing awareness that promotes others to care for nature.

Due to this campaign, more than 10,000 use generated photos were submitted to Nat Geo’s social media community known as Your Shot social community. National Geographic uses this platform to turn engaged followers into an active community and encourage followers to become a part of their brand.  All this directs towards one point, which is to understand your brand promise and stay true to it no matter what the trends are.

Always look for ways to collaborate with followers and engage them with your cause.

  1. Engage your audience

Engaging your audience is very important, no matter what our brands represent. If you do not have enough audience, your page will not flourish. For Nat Geo’s social media, redirecting their audience to their different channels can be very easy. For instance, “follow the link in our bio to get the full story!”, however, this is not what you will find there. If you look carefully at Nat Geo’s social media posts, you will realize that every photo in itself speaks a different story. On its own!

The captions and the posts on Nat Geo’s social media tell a compelling story, all without having to leave Instagram.  While there are times when they will leave a redirecting link for audiences to get access to their full stories in another source so that they can enjoy themselves. This is particularly true for more visual content or platforms, like Instagram.

Moreover, the audiences should be amazed at the content for them to fall in love with it in the first instance. Nat Geo’s social media and the brand team is almost an expert on this, and they never fail to maze their viewers. A 360-second video of a shark attack can do the trick. This particular post on Nat Geo’s social media alone had crossed 95 million views and 53 thousand shares on Instagram and Facebook.

What inspires us in this section is that you might not have the most dramatic or awe-trucking content like sharing the inside of a blue whale’s head, but whatever your content might be, it has to be believable and must wow your viewers, every time.

  1. Unity in diversity

More than 100 of the world’s top photojournalists contribute with jaw-dropping pictures and videos every day for Nat Geo’s social media. Although not every brand social media team can be so gigantic, you can always look for ways to expand it and diversify it. Whether they post directly or submit photos for your marketing team to use, recruit others within your organization to share their perspective.

This can be people around the world, residing in different functional areas of the organization or locations.  People who understand their culture well and know a lot about their traditions. Researching and getting inspired by real-life events work the best, then using everything or posting things on social media through a media or marketing purpose solely.

What people see on your social media, should connect with them only then will they believe and like your social media. Nat Geo’s social media, in that respect, is the most diverse. They present pictures of different diversities, cultures, people, traditions, believes from around the world.

They do not restrict their content towards one location or culture. The world is their home and therefore their team can come up with some of the most unique videos and pictures that educating and not known before.

Therefore, uniting diversity is their key to success, which every brand should follow. When people find your content resonating, or unique will they engage with it, as it shares it, and come back to your page to stay updated. This should be done while you present what your brand portrays and not get carried away with the trends, because there is enough of that on social media already. People what something new, unique, and diverse. So, go for it.

  1. Share the inside glimpses

What is amazing about Nat Geo’s social media is that they not only present the relevance of everything but also showcase where they came from. For instance, an episode on Nat Geo’s will speak about the ancient civilization, and this will include in-depth research on it that will portray its pre-existence, history, remains, and more.

Similar is the concept with their other shows including endangered species or a glimpse at some of the many fascinating people that live in your world.

Nat Geo’s social media has all things covered for you, with the utmost details. Through their feed, you can explore the various aspects of living and nature including wildlife, people, and much more. This shows that their content is open to newness and not restricted.

Through their various channels that include Nat Geo’s wildlife, Nat Geo’s in the field, Nat Geo’s traveller, national geographic travel, national geographic India, Nat Geo’s expeditions, Nat Geo’s your shot, and many more they cover more than a million stories every year.

Every story has something different to say and is unique that you won’t find anywhere else. To share the inside glimpses, some of the bravest anchors, travellers, adventures take you through the expeditions, the markets, the jungles spinning a story, and which is what you see on your screens.

The authenticity and hard work of Nat Geo’s that goes behind making such stories with in-depth details makes them stand out from others.

What learning can be attained from here is that your brand should also portray themselves as in-depth workers over social media. You can showcase a part of your company that few people see or provide an inside look at a major industry event that some of your followers may not have had an opportunity to attend.

  1. Adopt and evolve with technology

Sometimes using technology becomes critical and embracing them difficult, as mentioned by Canwell. Further, she stated, “life gets really exciting when we can and bring our community on an expedition with us”.  For instance, in an Everest expedition story, photographers Cory Richards and alpinist Adrian Ballinger took a mini Wi-Fi satellite with them on their attempt to summit Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen.

This technology combined with Facebook Live video allowed them to interact with fans and answer their questions from National Geographic fans live from 21,000 feet up the mountain. This particular life got more than 528,000 views and gave Nat Geo’s fans got a deep insight into how an expedition works while connecting them directly with people involved, all in real-time.

Lessons to learn from here is that technology changing rapidly can keep us going. The latest developments in technology can make us think creatively and bridge the gap of distance. New tools and innovations in effective ways to build a stronger connection with your audience are a boon by technology.

  1. Promote and showcase your expertise

National geographic contributors are experts in exploring every part of the possible world and making it accessible for the audiences. This is demonstrated by them on every social media post and the content they create. Even on Nat Geo’s social media, photographers occasionally share their photography skills and tips related to how they captured a particular shot. This engages and attracts the viewers towards more and new learnings apart from what they see.

If your brand can also do it, then your social media game shall be on point. You can showcase your organization’s expertise. Do this by making a video or a blog post, whatever suits your audience. By this step you further your organization’s credibility as an expert and construct a strong foundation of your brand as one that values being helpful over being only sales on social media network.


Building a strong social media presence requires a strong back end comprising of a team of experts who can build a brand identity while staying true to their cores. That is the reason why Nat Geo’s social media have been able to grow and prosper and become a public channel that people trust and love.

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