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LinkedIn social media strategies You Need to Know in 2020

LinkedIn social media strategies You Need to Know in 2020

by Meghashree Das October 11, 2020
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LinkedIn Social Media Strategies

It is rare to find a B2B promising model or business to business service providing enterprise boast or publish about themselves on social media. A lot of it has to do with incomplete knowledge about social media, or not being able to manifest your company needs over it.

Those days are still prevalent, where business-to-business services are shared over cold calls or business meetings, however, a large part of it has been taken by social media, where high-connectivity is the key.

Whether you are a brand, a business service provider, or an entrepreneur, there is a place for everyone on a social media job portal called LinkedIn. LinkedIn is considered to be one of the most trusted sites when it comes to hiring people for jobs or applying for jobs.

LinkedIn Social Media Strategies

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However, nowadays it has given space for growth for many businesses to share their services and more if they know to work with LinkedIn social media strategies. In this blog, we are going to unfold all that goes behind making successful LinkedIn social media strategies and how businesses following the B2B model can flourish to become big giants.

How to manifest LinkedIn social media strategies for businesses?

Many businesses who are not consumer-centred, but business solution providers or those following B2B models do not easily give into the power of social media. Mostly because social media might not seem a platform for their businesses. However, every platform can be made an opportunity, and so the power of social media can help in boosting a business.

Today everything is about marketing, and social media plays a big role in it. Especially on platforms like LinkedIn, your business gets more publicity through connections and public words if it is good enough. LinkedIn is the best platform for every professional activity, be it a business of an IT management enterprise.

If we look at it as an opportunity, such platforms can be very beneficial for growing businesses.

LinkedIn Social media Strategies

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A simple like, recommendation, endorsements, or marketing ventures can do a lot better to your business and help it become a recognized company in the eyes of professionals and decacorn owners which can eventually serve well for the overall growth of your business.

However, to do so you need to plan correct LinkedIn social media strategies.

Tips for constructing strong LinkedIn social media strategies

LinkedIn can be a great social media platform, and by correctly implementing LinkedIn social media strategies, your business is sure to do wonders. Here are a few strong LinkedIn social media strategies that you can adopt for better results.

  • Company to lead generation:

Good LinkedIn social media strategies can help you in gaining clients and leads. To make leads from LinkedIn, you need to have clear intentions.

If you want leads you need to work hard for them. The best way to do so is to turn your LinkedIn business page into a lead generation page.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

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There is no use in decorating your company’s LinkedIn page like the actual website page with stuffed information because no one reads it anyway.

The main motive should be to drive them for visiting your actual company website, and therefore to do so, you need to make the company’s LinkedIn page into a general information page for potential leads. Architecture your company page in a way that it ends up into a conversion action. The conversion action is a click-through to your website, either in the company description or recent updates.

  • Structuring of the LinkedIn page

Once you have made the intensions to plan the company page into lead generation, here is the second tip for LinkedIn social media strategy; structure it out well! We have discussed this point above and here are some tricks to master them.

When anyone visits the company’s LinkedIn page, the first few things that catch their attention are images and description right below it. The header image is amongst the first few things that grabs the attention of the user. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a clear and decent header image, that makes your lead stay for the next step; reading.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

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The next thing you would want in response from your leads after they have stayed on the page is that they explore more about your company. Here is where company description or the way you pitch about your business becomes a key point of attraction. The company description should be compelling and should attract the client in the first few lines so that they read more.

Here are a few examples of how it can be achieved, “helping independent workers….”, “……. save time and money…….”, “……. insurance and taxes”. The mentioned three hooks work well for the target audience, value proposition, and service providers companies respectively.

Now you can go ahead and make one suiting your company’s model and services, targeting the right audience!

  • Make the company page conversion friendly

Most companies do not understand, that implementing a successful LinkedIn social media strategy, just does not mean only attracting traffic, but it means driving potential convertible traffic. There is no use of workings so hard with your company page if eventually, it is not convertible. Therefore, to convert your customers, you need to make changes in the update section of the page.

If in case the customer does not visit your company’s site, you still want to keep them on the page and the best way to do it is, add links in the update section. As long as you keep posting on the company’s page, you will an active audience and engaging feed. You need to make sure that you post updates that are directly linked to your target audience.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

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You can update blog links, infographics, share information about other activities, and more. Although all this must lead to click-throughs from information seekers. This way you can optimize the company page on LinkedIn and see significant results.

  • Create your company’s showcase page

Implementing LinkedIn social media strategies through showcase pages is very simple and efficient. On LinkedIn, you have an option of showcase page, so that enterprises can promote individual brands that are an extension of the company. Showcase pages are perfect for segmenting the inbound LinkedIn traffic.

If you can make a business page unit that is directly linked with your specific audience, then can you create a productive showcase page.

This can be done in two steps. Click “edit” and “create a showcase page”. A showcase page should target one customer segment and provide information that is relevant to them.

LinkedIn Social Media Strategies

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A showcase page gets more for the header image, update posts, places for links which makes it different from company pages.

Infact, showcase pages were custom made for B2Bs for generating leads. LinkedIn also believes that it makes sense to create a showcase page when you wish to represent a brand, business unit, or company initiative. These pages are beneficial for maintaining good and long-time relations with a specific audience, and that exactly what B2B stands for. Represent, relationship and audience!

  • Make use of advanced search

Have you ever known the significance of the advance search for LinkedIn social media strategies? Not really! An advanced search is a powerful tool on LinkedIn, however not every company uses it often. With the help of advance search, you can identify the exact type of audience that you wish to target or are targeting.

LinkedIn Social Media Strategies

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In the LinkedIn header menu, click the search people icon and then the advanced option. Even if you do not have an upgraded linked membership, you have a great filter for narrowing down your search. In the center column of the advanced filter, you can filter your search as well.

It works for search by location, current company, industry, past company, profile language, and non-profit interests. Hence advanced search is the single most powerful technique for directly finding targets and connecting!

  • Save searches

When you have performed a highly specific search, it is obvious you would want to save it for future reference. Saved search is an option on LinkedIn, where you can save the recently performed search and get alerts from them. Saved searches create a way to stay active in your prospecting and that is needed for LinkedIn social media strategies.

LinkedIn Social Media Strategies

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However, there are few restrictions with the LinkedIn basic account and you can only save up to three searches without the upgraded one.

  • Searching groups

A part of working successfully with LinkedIn social media strategies is that you have been working with every feature provided by the platform and one such feature is finding groups. To stay connected or find leads you need to implement a search operation on LinkedIn. While it can be a tedious job to do for individuals, you can do the other way, find them in groups.

A great method to follow or find prospective clients is to search them in groups. There are over 2 lakh groups on LinkedIn, so you can be sure of finding at least a bunch of them fitting in your niche. Join these groups, maintain some level of activity, and nurture that way it leads you to prospective clients.

To find a group of your desired niche, just type a simple keyword relating to the group. Although group searched do not have the same advanced features that people or companies searched have, still you can manage to narrow it down as per relationship levels or categories.

  • Publish contents

Social media strategies do no good if you are not active enough on your pages. LinkedIn social media strategies work only when you have been active. For this, and especially if you follow a B2B model, quality content presentation is everything.

By posting crisp and relevant content, you can turn your strategies from outbound marketing, i.e. drawing attention via ads, and then start building an inbound strategy where you can draw in users interested.

LinkedIn Social media Strategies

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You can do this in two ways, by publishing content individually or as a company. An amazing example of postings done on an individual level is by Marcus Murphy, who uses his content strategy and has acquired 11,000 LinkedIn followers by doing so. When he shares any post, he gets thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

On the other hand, a great example posting done on a company level is Adobe through its colourful and inspiring stories of their employees. Therefore, if you have been publishing content or have access to it make sure to use the platform for more exposure. This way you embark on a successful journey of recognition and growth by executing LinkedIn social media strategies for your B2B model.


Every business today, for greater growth, exposure and success have to take their business online. It does not matter what business model you focus on because online media today has space for everyone! If you follow a B2B model, there is nothing best than outshining on one of the most professionally recognized social media platforms, LinkedIn.

This blog gives a board idea and suggests various methods/tips that can be followed for implementing LinkedIn social media strategies that can help your business flourish and grow as a whole.


What is LinkedIn marketing strategy?

LinkedIn for business allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry. ... Bonus: Download a free guide that shows the 11 tactics Hootsuite's social media team used to grow their LinkedIn audience from 0 to 278,000 followers.

How effective is LinkedIn Marketing?

It seems that marketers can't recommend LinkedIn highly enough when discussing effective channels and strategies for 2019. (See what we did there?) ... According to the results of our latest survey, it absolutely does: 93% of marketers reported that engagement with their brand on LinkedIn has increased in the last year.

How should we be using LinkedIn for marketing?

Your updates appear directly in a follower's LinkedIn feed. 1) Use a “Follow” button on your site or blog. 2) Invite your Profile connections to follow your LinkedIn Page. 3) Let your employees know your most important Page posts to boost the organic reach. 4) Promote your Company Page on emails, newsletters, and blog posts.

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