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LinkedIn SlideShare- All You Need To Know

LinkedIn SlideShare- All You Need To Know

by Meghashree Das June 29, 2020
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LinkedIn SlideShare is one of the most common mobile slide sharing platform applications. It is mainly in usage by businesses and corporations to exchange files or papers within their employees in the work environment.

LinkedIn SlideShare

SlideShare was once referred to as “The Silent King for Content Marketing,” since it has more than 60 million users a month and the rest is skilled business people. The site has been utilized by 17% of B2B advertisers. It began in 2006 and was purchased by LinkedIn in 2012.

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – Buffer

At current, the number of LinkedIn users is approximately 60 million.

Though the site was previously designed for corporate presentations, it has expanded to students, marketing, academic information, and more. The incredible amounts of slideshows are on upload for everyone to view.

LinkedIn SlideShare recently extended its coverage by featuring more slides on the internet and in the mobile app. It has also reopened to slides intended for entertaining and not just standard industry slides. This move widened the horizons and target market.

Uses of LinkedIn SlideShare


The main use of LinkedIn SlideShare: to create easily accessible and shareable presentations online. Users can use the simple features and create top-notch and free-flowing presentations.

Presentations on LinkedIn SlideShare also help in grabbing people’s attention quickly and efficiently. It elevates simple presentations and demonstrations to a professional level.


LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – SlideShare

Slides are a form of presentation capable of audio+visual+text content. It’s all three-in-one. This makes content worth remembering.

You have three key preferences:

  • Revealing the startling
  • Describing practical details
  • Emotional advice

These are the three kinds of material that top LinkedIn SlideShare does best.

Create a simple, linear framework

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – Uberflip’s Hub

You must create a simple and linear framework for your presentation. People don’t recall the common and boring slides. Use the right templates for presentations.

Think of how your content can be presented as a list or story. You are the perfect way to express the post.

Affordable cost

It is inexpensive as both a free account choice and a pro-choice are available.

This is user-friendly since most users learn PowerPoint now and can thus produce material fairly easily. This will help you to develop your brand and could be the forum for more informative and comprehensive material. Learn growing tags can be utilized and adopted by your target market, and your contribution levels are bound to rise.

You can emerge and grow

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – SlideShare

Through the homepage, LinkedIn presents emerging videos. It provides a huge advantage for your business. Connect your SlideShares with LinkedIn and make your profile visually more attractive, improve your brand, and encourage you to exchange more details with your network.

You will determine with whom you exchange your lectures. Create one for internal usage within your organization or with whoever you choose to share your production or share it with all of you on LinkedIn SlideShare.

Tips for using LinkedIn SlideShare

Presentations are like a cake. When people make their presentations, they overlook adequate consideration to style. That is why  despite the top features, some presentations on LinkedIn SlideShare are hideous LinkedIn SlideShare.

To help you, here are well-researched tips on how to optimise your LinkedIn SlideShare:

Keyword Optimisation

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – ezibeline llc

As for other content, keywords boost the search quality of the website internally and externally. This implies you will include search phrases and other relevant terms in your introduction. The title and summary of the introduction will also include the keyword of expression, as well as tags. And make sure you are using a keyword to transfer contents to the web as a file name.

Note that for longer tail-keywords SlideShare fits quite well. In general, long-tail keywords are not in rivalry, so you may be confident that LinkedIn SlideShare is better than other rivals. You will quickly get the first spot on the SERP with the use of long-tail keywords in the description of your presentations.

Sharing presentations on other social media platforms

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – NeilPatel

It is safest to upload the document on LinkedIn and then embed it on your Facebook page, corporate profiles, and your company’s website as a status update. SlideShare content can also be added to your summary profile page for LinkedIn SlideShare. Then there may also be other media networks. You can not share the slideshow on Twitter and Facebook, there is no excuse. This might not be as strong as on Twitter, but traffic is strong.

Attach a URL

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – SlideShare

In your call to action, add a URL. Prevent connections such as “Tap Here.”

When you add your URL you can insert that URL into your browser by interested persons (but you cannot know that there is a live connection to the presentation). Many people are just lazy, so put your statement of support with a little URL.

Embed your Blog Presentation

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – SlideShare

Embed your blog presentation, particularly if you have a blog of quality. This will help the talk.

The blog post you are embedding in can be connected backward and you’ll be catching two birds of the same stone: your blog post is higher and your application is more elevated. You can insert your text or attach a connection back to it when you compose a guest post on an authority page. You can’t be spammed, it doesn’t say. Just add a benefit to the comment if the description contributes.

Hosting material

For SlideShare, you do not have to think about hosting material on your platform because you will only add SlideShare material. A far more simple and time-consuming operation.

This ensures that you can tap into the vast amount of tourists to SlideShare and increase your profile.

LinkedIn SlideShare for content compaigning

Generate extra traffic

The wonderful thing about LinkedIn SlideShare is that, long after the presentation is published, you can create guidance when posting it on LinkedIn again. Google or other platforms would penalize the re-positioning of many other forms of content, but SlideShare and LinkedIn can use the same presentation to reach a larger audience. That ensures the evergreen presentations of SlideShare will have a long-term impact and create more long-term traffic.

Fix your target audience

LinkedIn SlideShare

Image source – SlideShare

This presents our customers with a fresh form of communicating with our programs that closes the void among many who are not fans of video or lengthy email. SlideShare displays provide a special mix of text and graphics that some audiences will enjoy over other material formats. Here we have the chance to create it visually entertaining while also getting fewer texts on the related material.


Linkedin SlideShare is an outstanding means of boosting LinkedIn interaction. It is the most enticing material he received, so several reviews, mentions, likes, and shares. SlideShare not only moves highly professional flow but also contributes to further conversions.

LinkedIn SlideShare for Academics

LinkedIn SlideShare allows academics and educators with the ability to build and track an online visual footprint that is one way of displaying their academic achievements and ultimate effects. SlideShare is a social networking positive hosting company and is perceived to be the largest technical hosting network in the world. Including 70 million unique users a month, 38 million active users, and 18 million uploads, SlideShare is one of the top 100 most visited websites. In addition to posting shared content, it allows users to rate and vote much like YouTube does with videos.

SlideShare says that, instead of scrolling through text sites, people will “know quicker” by swiping through slide decks with experts on a given subject. LinkedIn SlideShare also allows you to see and to learn to instruct even better. You may easily review any diagrams to see other people discussing a specific subject, and then use this understanding to build your diagrams for the upcoming conversation. Curricula or instructional videos may release by others for several reasons. SlideShare can also be used as a secure, overhead video sharing tool.

You will scan material and writers who are making it inside SlideShare. You may want to use SlideShare to see how others tackled the topic while you deliver a lecture on a science or clinical issue. How much material is in SlideShare is likely to confuse you.

Use LinkedIn SlideShare for promotions

Set up the links in a wider number of individuals

Connections to individuals are a big component in promotions. It is a way to help other people with you or your business. The more individuals or links in your profile are, the greater the possibility that users would recognize and see your slideshow promotion. Note also that the LinkedIn Profile of the business is important publicity, networking, and promotional device. In this phase, relations and relationships are essential elements. This is a means to build potential interactions with individuals.

Create presentations directly from SlideShare

To get more impressions and market on the platform, you will post PowerPoint entries you are using to advertise the product directly from SlideShare. This also leads to creating a company or service. It is, therefore, an advise that limited text must get type throughout the show because it can seem hard for the viewers. Additional images and an image on each slide are easier to be included.

Visual appeal

The first aspect the audiences see is the description of the presentation. You must take full advantage of a broad font and stop font, which is so much imaginative. It is challenging to read and comprehend, as a convincing title with a good plot. To draw interest from audiences, it is important to think of a catchy title for the presentation of the business. The second aspect audiences will consider is the graphic or concept layout. The user prefers to click on it because the appearance of the product has an attractive style. The usage of animated gifs in the material of the presentation to make things appear exciting and not dull is often suggested.


LinkedIn SLideShare

Image source – SlideShare

Fitzner saw several ads with a single SlideShare presentation hitting over a thousand clicks. It’s all about making the SlideShare in pdf format and then uploading it to your business page via ‘Key’. Several businesses have still not drawn attention to this problem, but HubSpot has continuously produced a good performance.

With these four easy methods of utilizing LinkedIn SlideShare in company marketing, you can render positive presentations to a wide range of people. It would also let your target customers learn about the business and its activities by slideshow shows, making it easier to link you to your customer and boost visits and sales for your business.


To social network advertisers, LinkedIn SlideShare is a perfect tool. Yet you have to take the time to create good quality content to optimize the website. To achieve so, you need a strong marketing plan and schedule. Ultimately, LinkedIn SlideShare is an outstanding forum for supporting and meeting a wide range of workers. SlideShare adds up to the LinkedIn profile of anybody. This helps the visual feel of your profile more appealing and attracts the eye of the audience.

This has a tremendous ability to help an organization by supporting slideshows, commonly seen in business conferences.

More importantly, LinkedIn SlideShare can be used free of charge. Therefore, that ensures that the business has other benefits, as it is inexpensive, binds you, creates the company name, and at the same time sells the service or commodity free of charge.

On SlideShare, hence, people can follow you and be notified of your new presentations. Beyond this, you will scan and make available the presentations for others on Slideshare. Therefore, this helps you to build a slideshow on Linkedin SlideShare, adding the Slideshare shares it with thousands or millions of users on LinkedIn depending on the scale of the LinkedIn network.


Is LinkedIn SlideShare free?

SlideShare, the LinkedIn-owned site that lets you upload and distribute presentations online, is turning over a new leaf today. The service, which has 60 million users, is going free. ... The premium tiers were introduced in 2010 before SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn for $119 million.

What is a SlideShare presentation?

SlideShare is a slide hosting service, acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. It allows users to upload files (PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or OpenDocument presentations) either privately or publicly. The slide decks can then be viewed on the site itself or can be embedded on other sites.

How do I download SlideShare presentations?

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