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What is LinkedIn Premium and how can it help you?

What is LinkedIn Premium and how can it help you?

by Meghashree Das June 07, 2020
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LinkedIn in an American company that operates an online web portal through its website and app. It is a one-of-a-kind social network for professional networking. When you sign up, you create a detailed resume listing all your skills and professional qualifications. It lets you explore jobs, connect with talented professionals around you, and grow your professional network. But perhaps most importantly, LinkedIn works as a liaison between employers and job seekers.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium

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Now that you’ve understood the value of LinkedIn, let’s elaborate on the importance of LinkedIn Premium. LinkedIn also has a premium subscription-based service in addition to its free model. So, what are the benefits of subscribing to LinkedIn premium?

Well firstly, it gives you access to several other state-of-the-art LinkedIn tools such as On-Demand Learning, Monthly InMail. It also enables a subscriber to view who’s viewed their profile and gain access to applicant insights.

LinkedIn Premium for business

LinkedIn Premium

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Companies can post seeking applications for job positions and applicants can apply by sending in their resume. The companies can evaluate applicants by looking at their resume, the people they’re connected to on the website, etc. to arrive at a decision.

Another way LinkedIn can help you find a job is through employee referrals. By connecting with other professionals around you, you will learn about the new opportunities that open up all around you.

And if you can get referred by someone who already works at the company that you’re applying to, you’re more likely to get the position. LinkedIn itself claims that 64% of job seekers get hired through referrals.

By growing your network on LinkedIn, one can open themselves up to an endless sea of opportunities and increase their chances of getting hired.

LinkedIn Premium have garnered ton of users

LinkedIn Premium

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LinkedIn has a 133 million users in the US alone and 2 billion globally. The monthly active users average roughly 80 million and it has expanded over 200 countries and territories all over the world. It has been estimated that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for prospective hires, according to a survey by Jobvite Recruiter Nation.

Jeff Weiner, the CEO gave three tips to use LinkedIn efficiently: Keep your profile updated, be comprehensive about your skills and qualifications, and highlight your most recent experience.

It helps with skill learning opportunities

LinkedIn Premium

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On-Demand Learning refers to the online learning platform available to LinkedIn Premium Users that gives them access to hundreds of online videos and webinars. It could help LinkedIn Premium users brush up on their old skills, or learn new ones. There are 13,000 courses on the platform offered by industry experts with real-world experience. Users can complete these lessons as per their convenience.

But perhaps, the most useful feature of LinkedIn Premium is the InMail. InMail means you can directly message another LinkedIn user that you’re not connected to. It means you can reach out to top management by cutting through the red tape.

One could also reach out to hiring managers and recruiters via InMail to indicate interest in an open role. LinkedIn claims that InMail is 2.6 times more than regular e-mail.

Can you see other’s views?

LinkedIn Premium

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LinkedIn Premium also lets a user see who’s viewed their profile – it can enable a user to learn the kind of professionals who are interested in connecting with them. And also lets one see if any recruiters are visiting their profile.

Lastly, LinkedIn premium also gives access to Applicant Insights. Applicant Insights shows LinkedIn Premium users the job that they are top applicants for based on their resume. It also gives information of the fastest growing companies based on the industry that the user is apart of.

How much does LinkedIn Premium Cost?

LinkedIn Premium has four subscription models that vary in features and are best suited to different users.

The first tier

The first and most basic tier of LinkedIn Premium is Premium Career. Premium Career is for those young professionals who are looking out for opportunities in any field. The monthly LinkedIn Premium Cost for Premium Career is INR 1400. It gives users to access to all the features mentioned above.

LinkedIn Premium

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The Premium Class

The next LinkedIn Premium tier is called Premium Business. It is most suited for small business, Micro /Small /Medium Enterprises, and Startups. The monthly subscription fee is INR 2400. On top of the features listed above, this tier also gives access to unlimited browsing of people on LinkedIn.

For the Sales team

The third tier of LinkedIn Premium is called Sales Navigator. This tier is best suited for companies who are constantly on the lookout for some good quality leads while hiring new employees. The LinkedIn Premium Cost for this tier in INR 4900 per month. On top all LinkedIn Premium features, it also gives access to the Lead Builder feature – which lets a company zero in on higher quality candidates through more search filters.

LinkedIn Premium

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It also gives access to another important feature – Sales Insights.

LinkedIn Premium

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For the recruiter

The last and most expensive tier offered by LinkedIn Premium is called Recruiter Lite. It is most frequently subscribed to by top recruiters for multinational companies. The main purpose of this tier is to reach out to the largest crown of applicants. It helps them collect hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for each job position.

The monthly subscription fees for this tier is INR 6000 and it gives access to all Premium features. Plus, Recruiter Lite also lets its users track candidates that they’re interested in.

LinkedIn Premium

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These are the four tiers of LinkedIn Premium with all the unique features of each tier.

Is LinkedIn Premium Cost reasonable?

Now the most important thing to remember about the different tiers is that they all vary in how many LinkedIn InMail a user can send or receiver. The first Premium tier, Premium Career, does not give access to LinkedIn InMails at all. LinkedIn InMail only appears at the second tier, Premium Business, where a user can access 15 InMail per month.

At the next Premium Tier, Sales Navigator, the user can access up to 20 Linked InMails per month. In the final and highest tier, Recruiter Lite, the user can access 30 LinkedIn InMails per month.

Are all the tiers equally distributed?

As you can see, all the tiers were not created equal. They are suited to different users based on the LinkedIn Premium Cost and their purposes vary. The difference in access to LinkedIn InMail should highlight just how crucial sending an InMail to a recruiter might – you could be only one of thirty people they communicate with through InMail.

This gives any prospective recruit the opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd and stand out to the recruiter.

So, to answer the question – is the LinkedIn Premium Cost worth it?

Yes, it might be, especially in the global recession in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In today’s market for jobs, where the competition in cut-throat, anything that gives you and edge is worth it.

But some even argue that the first two Premium Tiers miss out on the best of LinkedIn Premium, and that the real advantage comes from the third and fourth tiers.

Now the plans definitely aren’t cheap and thus, many users might be reluctant to pay the LinkedIn Premium Cost. They might be satisfied with the features available for free on LinkedIn itself. But what they don’t realize is that Premium acts a sort of exclusive club.

Why the LinkedIn Premium Cost is worth it?

Premium is like an exclusive club for job seekers, recruiters, sales professionals, and the fees can be considered a necessary expense. While most LinkedIn users are satisfied with their free accounts, Premium Users continue to stay subscribed even after achieving their specific goals.

Even if you subscribe to a Premium tier for a specific purpose, it is also worth continuing the subscription to help you grow in your newly acquired role.

Yes, the main benefit will be getting hired, but don’t forget – LinkedIn also helps you connect with professionals in the new environment around you.

LinkedIn Premium gives you features to test

LinkedIn Premium

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In February 207, after LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft, LinkedIn added new features to its Premium tiers. The company also gathers data about its Premium users such as salary, company details and educational courses its users are completing on LinkedIn Learning. It also refined its messaging platform.

These new additions were aimed improving the user experience for those users who were subscribed to their Premium tiers. Gyanda Sachdeva, the company’s Vice President of Product Management elaborated that the goal was to deliver direct economic outcomes to their Premium members.

Another underrated feature that Premium gives users access to is LinkedIn Salary. It can be hard for potential recruits to compare their salary demands with competition or even discuss it with recruiters. But by using LinkedIn Salary, job seekers can also see how they stack up against other potential applicants for the same position.

According to LinkedIn, this service lets professionals view more unique and timely data. It includes data on specific businesses, including trends in headcount, geographic expansion and employee turnover and other useful information.

But if you are still hesitant, just remember that each Premium tier has a free demo trial for one month.

Who pays the LinkedIn Premium Cost?

LinkedIn Premium

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According to data from consultants, researches and professional strategists, thirty nine percent of LinkedIn’s 575 million worldwide users are Premium Users. The largest user base of LinkedIn in America (150 million), followed by India (50 million), China (42 million) and the UK (25 million), data shows.

The company says they are focusing on ways to grow the business and have no immediate plan to change pricing. For a majority of subscribers, LinkedIn Premium is a sound investment, thanks to the tools and insights it offers.

Are the US Companies paying for their lot?

And though some users are still skeptical, the benefits of LinkedIn Premium aren’t always immediately apparent. Most users still see long-term benefit from subscribing to Premium and say that everything changes after you close the first deal – there’s no going back.

Users also emphasis that the most valuable tools you get with LinkedIn Premium are InMail messages, advanced search and additional results in search queries. It can be kind of tricky at first, to use the Premium features. But the more a user engages with it, the more likely they are to see benefits from the service.

The initial benefit that subscribers see is via InMail. Other LinkedIn users, especially at the executive level, maintain privacy settings that restrict users from connecting with them. This helps them avoid annoying messages and spam.

However, via InMail, it is much easier to reach out to them, and they are 20 times more likely to respond. InMail can help you cut through the red tape and communication chain and talk to the man at the top. It is because of this, users say, LinkedIn Premium provides them value almost every month.

While the largest majority of LinkedIn Premium subscribers are from America, this means that employees in other countries like India and China could also connect with executives in head offices.

Making the leap from free to Premium

LinkedIn Premium’s biggest barrier to adoption is cost, because free users cannot see the benefit of the service before paying for it. The tiers being offered now are overpriced in terms of what users are expecting. Which is why the free trial month is the best time for a new subscriber to use Premium fully and see what it has in store for them.

The full benefits that a subscriber can derive from LinkedIn Premium far outweigh the monthly LinkedIn Premium Cost. The benefits are not just in monetary terms (increased salary, higher commission from higher sales) but also in social terms (more connections). There is also increased productivity and networking.

LinkedIn Premium helps you to connect better

A user can connect to individuals not only with their organizations, but also with individuals in other organizations or industries.

Most subscribers say that paying the LinkedIn Premium Cost was the best monthly investment they have ever made. The decision to pay the LinkedIn Premium Cost should be fairly for job seekers. But the leap is also useful for sales/recruitment professionals and human resources, marketing or public relations managers.

In competition, exclusivity is key. In today’s world, almost every potential recruit has an equilibrium level of qualifications. It’s not about what you have, it’s about what sets you apart.

But simply subscribing to a Premium plan is not the end.

Unfortunately, many users pay for Premium and they don’t put in the effort. It is not only about paying the LinkedIn Premium Cost but also using the service to its maximum efficiency.

So, it is not hard to see why users are apprehensive, but the LinkedIn Premium Cost has limitless benefits. Making the leap from free to LinkedIn Premium is beneficial in the long-term.

How to Subscribe to LinkedIn Premium?

Now you’ve understood the benefits of Premium and also the different tiers. It is time to pick the tier that is best suited for you. If you are looking forward to the benefits derived from LinkedIn InMail it is better to start looking from the second tier onwards, because Premium Career does not give access to InMail. If you’re not a job seeker, but a recruiter instead, then the fourth tier – Recruiter Lite will be perfect or you.

Once you’ve decided upon a Premium tier, it is time to upgrade your account.


To upgrade to a Premium account, first, you will have to create a free account on LinkedIn. To convert your free account to a premium account, you will need to use a method of payment such as a credit or debit card. Once you’ve entered card details and upgraded your account, your first month will be free.

The LinkedIn Premium Cost will be debited from your account from the next month onwards. But remember it is not just about simply upgrading to Premium. It is up to you, the user, to make the most of the LinkedIn Premium service every day.

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