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LINKEDIN ELEVATE – Here’s what happened

LINKEDIN ELEVATE – Here’s what happened

by bhargavi June 24, 2020
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LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking app mainly for the purpose of expanding your business and meeting people who are in the same field. It is a platform to create connections with people in the same field.

LinkedIn Elevate is an app created by LinkedIn for employee advocacy in 2015. This app is shutting down by the end of the year and will be merged with Pages.

LinkedIn Elevate allowed organizations to perform various functions, from scheduling posts to sharing content with their employees and to gain insight into their employees’ engagement.

From the end of this year, Elevate will merge with LinkedIn pages and will no longer be a standalone app.
The users of this app will still be able to use some features of this app for free when it merges in December.

This merger will help LinkedIn page managers to draw in their employees so as to intensify applicable updates and construct a reputation on the web.

A few features won’t be available post the merger. They are analytics, control and leaderboard. Companies will have to use the free version that everyone will be using. This will save money, but will not meet the professional standards and probably won’t be very safe.

Why did LinkedIn Elevate shut down?

LinkedIn’s asset is its user network and its revenue comes from products that monetize that user network.
In the case of LinkedIn, the company gains its money from Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions and Premium Subscriptions.

Elevate is more than a drop in LinkedIn’s bucket. Elevate is under the Marketing Solutions category of LinkedIn’s income plan.

LinkedIn earns about $1.2 Billion from marketing solutions and out of which they get only $10M-40M from LinkedIn Elevate.
Apart from this LinkedIn Elevate is a software offering that doesn’t need or fully monetize LinkedIn’s greatest asset, it’s user network.

LinkedIn Elevate alternatives

Bambu by Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a software that manages and handles social media postings for corporate companies. Bambu is to Sprout Social what Elevate was to LinkedIn, an employee advocacy platform.
It is a great platform for small teams and you can start with just a few seats.
Bambu is not a priority for companies whose priority is Sprout Social, its core product.

LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Sprout Social

Clearview Social

It is one of the simplest platforms. It was originally built for legal professionals. It has an incredibly user friendly interface. It has features like “one click” sharing “share all” and a feature called Peaktime which takes away the guess work out of social media for professionals.
Clearview is a smaller software company when compared to the rest of the applications. 

LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Clearview Social

Dynamic Signal

This is a massive software company. They have Fortune 100 companies as their clients.
This platform is great if your company has more than 10,000 employees.
But on the other hand, it is really expensive and they are focused more on internal communications rather than employee advocacy.

LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Dynamic Signal

Gaggle Amp

This brand is known as one of the most hip employee advocacy platforms. They have really cool marketing strategies.
For high tech companies or companies having tech savvy employees, this is the right choice for you.
This platform is not very useful for users who are not well acquainted with technology.

LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Vineet Gupta

I just wrote about a few of them, there are many more tools that can help you with employee advocacy. Some of them are:

  • Oktopost
LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Oktopost

  • Hootsuite Amplify
LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Influencer Marketing Hub

  • Smarp
LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Smarp

  • Sprinklr
LinkedIn Elevate

Image source – Slideshare

Shifting from one software to another is not easy and definitely not fun, so if you were an Elevate user, shift to something similar and a software that will cause less disruption. This will make your transition smoother. 

So now you know why LinkedIn Elevate is shutting down, and we’ve also given you a list of apps you could shift to. 

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