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LinkedIn Ads – Easy 10-step guide to boost traffic

LinkedIn Ads – Easy 10-step guide to boost traffic

by bhargavi July 30, 2020
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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a great advertising platform for marketing. This guide will help you understand how this platform will benefit your company. LinkedIn ads will help you reach a large professional audience.
A recent change in LinkedIn Ads is, Campaign Manager has added tools for marketers. The platform also shifted to objective-based advertisements. Now the ads will have clearly defined goals.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored content

  • Title: 70 characters or fewer
  • Intro Copy: 150 characters or fewer
  • Display Image: 200px or more (1200×627 recommended)
Updating LinkedIn Ads

Image source – Search Engine Journal

These exist mainly to promote your posts. Carousel, single video and image are types of sponsored ads available on the platform.
If your aim and goal are to increase engagement, this is the perfect type of LinkedIn ad for you!

Direct Sponsored content

  • Created in the Campaign Manager tool by those who have been granted permission by the LinkedIn Page admin
  • Shown in the feed of targeted LinkedIn members
  • Not visible on your organization’s LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page
LinkedIn Ads

Image source – LinkedIn

Direct sponsored ads are not published on your news feed, and that is the only difference between a sponsored ad and a direct sponsored ad. But the ad looks like a normal post.
In this category, you can create the ad according to a specific audience.

Sponsored InMail

  • Title: 1000 characters or fewer
  • Intro Copy: 150 characters or fewer
  • Display Image: 300*250px 
LinkedIn Ads

Image source – Emfluence

You can deliver targeted ads to the inbox of the LinkedIn members. According to LinkedIn, this method has proved to be more useful than emails.
One drawback is, LinkedIn members can opt-out of receiving InMail ads.

Text ads

LinkedIn ads

Image source – HallamInternet

These ads appear on the top banner and right rail on the desktop. These LinkedIn ads include short headlines, blurbs and small images.
Cost-per-impression and pay-per-click are ways to measure this ad.

Dynamic ads

  • They are a desktop placement only that runs on the right-hand side (similar to right rail ads on Facebook)
  • They only run on CPM bidding (although CPC bidding is on the roadmap to hopefully come out before the end of the year!)
LinkedIn ads

Image source – Adweek

They look similar to text ads and also appear in the right rail but the one main difference is, you can target a unique audience with each ad in case of dynamic ads. You can target the viewer based on their profile picture and address them by their name.
Follower, content, job and company spotlight ads are a part of dynamic ads.
Get it to touch with a LinkedIn representative to create a Dynamic ad.

LinkedIn Ads for Audience Network

This component permits advertisers to focus on their ideal crowd with sponsored content. This content appears on hundreds and thousands of partner apps and websites.
You can enable this option when you create your campaign, this way your ad is seen on websites other than LinkedIn as well.

LinkedIn Advertising Partner Solutions

In this program, team up with another company, these companies will help you reach your marketing goals. They will help you choose the right target audience, boost engagement and scale your campaigns.
These are all the options available to you! Pick the one that’s best suited your company and you.

How to develop LinkedIn ads?

A detailed guide to creating an ad on LinkedIn

Step 1 – Create an account on campaign manager or sign in

Sign in to Campaign Manager or create an account. From there, click Create Campaign.

LinkedIn Ads

Image source – Hootsuite

Step 2 – Further select create a campaign

On the dashboard — or “Campaign Manager,” you will find a button to Create Campaign. Once you click on that button, you would be redirected to another page. From this new page you can get started on setting your ad campaign.

LinkedIn Ads

Image source – Hubspot

Step 3 – Add a name

Your name should have details like your business product, a reference to marketing campaign title, the type of campaign, geographic location and unique campaign ID.

LinkedIn Ads

Image source – YouTube

Step 4 – Set up the objective and audience for the LinkedIn ads

You can add a Matched Audience, it consists of a customer list of your newsletter subscribers, website visitors, etc. Just click on Matched Audience and add a link to your company website to re-target website visitors, or upload a list to create an audience.

Click on “Save the template”. This way you can use the same target audience again.

LinkedIn ads

Image source – Hootsuite


Step 5 – Pick an advertisement format

Most formats require you to add the Showcase Page of your company. 

When you try to decide between the various ad types, you will see that the “Forecasted Results” box on the right side will keep changing. This feature will also analyze the LinkedIn ads parameters that you set like – bid, budget, targeting, start/end dates, etc. It also simulates the ad auction to generate the numbers displayed

Step 6 – Try to enable the LinkedIn Audience Network

LinkedIn Ads

Image source – Clixmarketing

Step 7 – Set your budget and campaign schedule.

You can set a total budget or daily budget. It is up to you.

To help you with budgeting, choose between cost per clicks and cost per impressions based on your goals.

Choose cost per send for Sponsored InMail ad campaign.

LinkedIn ads

Image source – NeilPatel

Step 8 (optional) – Create a conversation.

Using this you can keep track of the actions that take place on your ads.

LinkedIn ads

Image source – Hubspot

Step 9 – Preview your Linked ads

Once you set your ad up, you will be able to preview it and check how the ad will look.

LinkedIn ads

Image source – NeilPatel

Step 10 – Check and launch

If you think your ad looks satisfactory and you like it, go ahead and launch it. It can take up to 24 hours for your ad to go public.

Step 11 – Optimize your performance

Keep track of the metrics of your ads using the Campaign Manager’s Performance Manager feature. Analyse your metrics and make adjustments accordingly.

LinkedIn ads

Image source – NeilPatel

Best Practices for LinkedIn Ads

Here are some practices for you to help you create the best LinkedIn ads

Target the Right Audience

Your campaign will be successful only if you target the right audience. Keep your audience focused. If it is too wide, you won’t be able to grab any attention.
You can target your audience based on location, company profile, age, gender, qualification, education, position in company, interests etc.
Start by understanding the demographic. Then figure out the location and language of your audience.
Matched Audience list can help you create a database of plausible audience groups.

Keep your content short  

Don’t elongate your content unnecessarily. Keep it short and crisp. If your content is too long, there are high chances that the audience might just scroll through it.
Be upfront and clear about your message
Get straight to the point. There is no point in going around in circles. You know your message clearly, put it out in a clear manner too.
If you are putting up videos, the first 10 seconds are crucial. Keep it interesting.

Mention important stats

Mention some noteworthy stats and quotes, it is a perfect way to grab attention. Pick a quote to connect with people, and they will be interested in your product. Stats also give some credibility to your content.
Personalize as much as possible
It might seem difficult to personalize an ad for a large audience. But with appropriate research, you will be able to do it.
For the following types, I have mentioned tips to personalize your content

Text Ads

  • Address your audience in a direct manner
  • Example: A call to all bakers! Or Are you a baker?

Sponsored Content

  • Call out your audience using direct language.

Sponsored InMail

  • Mention a personal greeting
  • Mention the receiver’s job description/title

Make it a little personal. Use words like “you” in the message

Include people-centric Visuals

 The main role of LinkedIn is to connect people having similar fields and professional interests. It is to create connections.
If your content showcases images of people, it is an advantage. Example: If you ask the question Are you a Baker? And add an image of a baker, it will give you an added advantage.
Make sure your images are neither too small nor low in quality. Also, make sure your images are apt for smaller screens such as a mobile phone.

Experiment with each campaign

You can do everything you can to create a successful advertising campaign. You can refer to all the blogs and articles. But to understand what works for your product and what works for your audience, you need to experiment a little.
Try different variations of your campaign. This helps you test what your audience likes better. And this way you also offer some variety to your audience.

Wrapping it up

In this article, I have helped you understand the types of advertisements, how to create a LinkedIn ad and some features to help you with your advertisements. It should make your advertising experience better and informed. You can use various features on LinkedIn to improve your ads. 


Are LinkedIn ads worth it?

While LinkedIn ads may be more expensive than Facebook and Twitter ads, they are worth the money. You can still create successful campaigns with relatively small budgets. ... LinkedIn Sponsored Content is a great way to accumulate new quality leads and are well worth the money.

What is a good budget for LinkedIn ads?

Your daily budget for LinkedIn ads is the max amount of money you're willing to spend in a given day on your ad campaign, with the minimum budget being $10 a day.

Which LinkedIn ad format is best?

If you are looking to run a quick campaign that is easy to setup and manage, Text Ads are the right ad format for you. These ads are also great for Brand Awareness. That's because text ads typically have a lower CPM compared to other LinkedIn ad formats.

What makes a good LinkedIn ad?

Look at stats like click-through rates, or CTR, and leads to see which ads are most effective. LinkedIn considers a CTR of 0.025 percent to be good. ... Analyzing your campaigns' performance should allow you to make your ads more effective over time as you gain more insight into what works well and what doesn't.

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