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Instagram shopping – How to get your shop viral in no time!

Instagram shopping – How to get your shop viral in no time!

by Meghashree Das July 30, 2020
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Instagram shopping has been one of the most notable feature of the application. With the help of this amazing feature, shoppers and marketers have been able to communicate with each other on common grounds. If you sell products online then you must be familiar with the Instagram shopping feature. It helps you to connect with your buyers and at the same time, gives plenty of connections to set and reach out conveniently.

Rather than directing to the particular product at the same time, Instagram shopping helps the people to shop with their own comfort. This is what makes it uncommon than the other features which are mentioned by few other applications.

With more than billion users on a per day basis, Instagram have been notable and have made fans of the app on common grounds. With the help of this amazing quotient, Instagram makes it easy for everyone to look up for goods online so that you can buy.

Plus the payment options which are shared by the sellers are extremely easy to manage. So if you are a novice then you need to know about this feature and how it really works. To be honest, there is no hard and fast rule concerning this feature of the application.

You can set up your shopping account with the click of your mouse and viola, you will have a marketplace right in front of you with the use of your internet communication.

This article lets you focus on what the Instagram shopping is for and how you can use it. With this article, you will be let known how you can set up your account so that you can get on and start selling. If you find it an amusing read then don’t forget to share it with your friends!

What is Instagram shopping?

Instagram shopping Intro

Image source – Oberlo

Before we start with this article, let us know what this is all about. An Instagram shop helps you to integrate all the product catalogue with the help of your profile.

If this sounds confusing, here is an example for you. If you are a daily Instagram user then you probably have come across products and catalogues present. The feature which is set by this app is known as Instagram shopping. Now being a marketer, you can set up this amazing feature and let people come across to your products. It helps you to get a range of products to your buyers and help them to shop through and find items which they thinks are good for them.

Let us know how it completely works.

Let’s say that we have a brand name xyz. If you are owner of the brand then you can tag the products of the same category to your profile. It is called profile tagging and helps your customer to select a range. The little shopping bag icon which is represented through your page shows that you are selling products and that you are an Instagram marketer. The shopping bag icon can differentiate your profile from the other ones which are present on Instagram.

You can tag up to five items on your carousel. If you have a product which matches the other product on this application then Instagram lets you do the honours. The tagging is not that hard. All you need to do is to find for the relevant products on the app itself. There will be a drop down list of the items which will be presented to your page.

With every product that you are tagging into the carousel, a content will appear. The content will even show your Instagram business profile as an advertisement appearing on the other tags which are present.

Benefits of setting up your own Instagram shopping

With all things being said about Instagram shopping, let us know what benefit it carries. Shari Lott, the founder of the kid’s apparel called Spearmint have said that this application’s feature have been a turnaround for their business. With a notable feature such as the shopping app that Instagram gives us, we can help our brand name to be marketed everywhere. There are around millions of people logging into Instagram. It helps the brand to be circulated and have an approach which can build a household name.

It reduces the friction between shopping

Instagram shopping helps to reduce all the commotion that can happen with online shopping.

There are a lot of sites which are online and a lot of people are trying to get their hands on the products present. This can be a speculative thing to look out for but then, if the sites are not properly managed, there can be a lot of commotion happening. On the other hand, Instagram shopping is a suitable place to shop with a calm mind.

Instagram shopping

Image source – Iconosquare

It helps to give a freedom of choice for users to select their own items from the catalogue. One thing that can be said about this feature is the choice that the user is presented with. While there is a whole lot of choice maintained, users can have proper management of what they are trying to buy.

Instagram shop removes all the friction that can happen while shopping online. If you are a customer and you are browsing through the different catalogue presented for you, you will be happy. This is what Instagram shopping brings for customers.

Instagram shopping provides direct promotion and analytics

One thing that Instagram shopping allows you to do is to promote your products directly online. There are a lot of sites which does not facilitate the same behaviour. On this hand, Instagram helps the marketers to flourish their business by promoting their items. It is a fun process and everyone, the marketer and the seller can enjoy the whole transaction.

Instagram shopping

Image source – WikiHow

The basic idea of Instagram shopping is to create a level of engagement between the seller and the buyer. It might take some time to create the engagement scene, but it surely happens.

Call to action is one of the best way to get the attention of the users. With the help of call to action posts, users can understand that they are being targeted.

A lot of sites don’t have a direct engagement with the customer and this creates an initial confusion. Instagram shopping helps to create a label for the marketers to mark it down. It is a noticeable feature which helps everyone to have their own shop and sell the products which are being presented right from their end. This is why this feature is such a favourite among a lot of sellers.

It exposes you to products which can range to different category

Last but not the least, Instagram shopping helps the marketers to reach out.

There are sites on the internet which does not have a huge range for their marketers. This is because most of the sites wants to keep a closed contact between the seller and the buyer. But with the help of Instagram shopping, the buyers as well as the seller have a transparency of whatever is going on. It helps them to get a list of the items which are needed to be sold.

Instagram shopping

Image source – Later

With the use of the product catalogue, the sellers understand which items have a generous and high demand. On the other hand, it helps them to get a glimpse of the fact that Instagram shopping helps every marketer to choose their own catalogue. By tagging the different products which are presented online, it becomes the marketer’s choice as a whole.

There is a high chance that your product will be highlighted because there is optimisation of hashtags. With the use of the original posts and other sources, Instagram direct shopping feature comes with a better solution than all these.

How can you get started with an Instagram shop?

Before you get started with your Instagram shopping, here are some steps and points you need to know.

  1. Make sure that you are using a business profile. If you don’t use a business profile then it can cause commotion and most buyers won’t understand.
  2. It is important that you have genuine items to be sold. If you are doing this as a waste of time then Instagram can blacklist your account.

Steps through which you can sell items through your Instagram shopping feature

Step 1


Instagram shopping Step 1

Image source – WikiHow

Once you have met the eligibility criteria, you need to lay down the groundwork.

The criteria are different and you need to have a checklist on them all before you get started. If you lack onto any point then you won’t be allowed to start with your Instagram shopping. It is really important to keep a check on whatever is happening.

Once done, you will have to do the next step. This one is crucial so that you can start with your shop as soon as you want. Plus, you are advised to keep a working email address for further communication.

Step 2

Business profile

Instagram shopping Step 2.1

Image source – Jumper Media

This is the second step you need to do. You need to make sure that you have a business profile before you get started. Without having your business profile, it can be hard for you to set up your Instagram shopping.

Instagram shopping Step 2.2

Image source – Yotpo

On the other hand, keep in mind that you link your website as well. If you have a shop then you are bound to have a working website. Now make sure that the website which is provided by you is not fake. If it is so, then it will be blacklisted.

Step 3

Adding product to your Instagram shopping page

Instagram shopping

Image source – Iconosquare

This is one step that you need to take proper care of. If you have made up with your Instagram shopping, you need to add the products to your site as well.

Make sure that you are adding all the range of products one after the other. Every product that you add here should be authentic. You can also add some products from the other sites as well. Build up your catalogue which is presented right here.

Step 4

Setting up your sales channel

Instagram shopping

Image source – Oberlo

This is an important part that you need to address for your Instagram shopping. After you are done with your Instagram shopping, you need to have your sales channel. This can be done with you linking your account with your other sites.

Once you have linked the sales channel, you can go back and forth between them. This is really easy and once you get the zest of how it works, it becomes fine for you. After this, you can have a proper merch and a brand name to you.

Is it really hard to set up your shop?

By the looks of it, it cannot be said that Instagram shopping is hard.

You will have a good time while you are setting your shop for the very beginning.

But there are some work that has to be done before you can get started. By ensuring that you have followed all the rules and the regulations, you are on the clear. Make sure that your account is sponsored and that you are using paid advertisement to appear. With the help of all the money that you are investing in, you will get better results.

Final words

Once you have found out everything about your Instagram shopping, you can get started.

As said earlier, setting up for your Instagram shopping is not that hard.

With all the steps which are ensured here, you can get a rough deal of what you are about to do.

While Instagram shops are now the next big trend in the market, it helps you to have a competitive edge as well. Your competitors might be using the same old methods to sell their items but here, you can stay one step ahead of them. It will help you to gain better profits in the longer run.


Why is my instagram not eligible for shopping?

If you do not see Shopping under Business Settings, it probably means your account is still under review or it hasn't been approved for shopping on Instagram.

Is Instagram shopping free?

Instagram is opening a whole new revenue stream. Now the 130 million people who tap Instagram's product tags on shopping posts will be able to buy those items without leaving the app, thanks to stored payment info.

How much does Instagram shopping cost?

There's no cost to set up or maintain your business account and catalogue. Once users select an item, they're directed to your website for checkout. This means that you control the payments, shipping, delivery and any returns or customer issues directly.

How long does it take Instagram to approve shopping?

It can take a few hours to a few days, and in some cases, up to 2 weeks for Instagram to review and approve your account for product tagging.

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