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Instagram removes likes: Helping a broken mindset

Instagram removes likes: Helping a broken mindset

by Meghashree Das June 24, 2020
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Instagram Removes Likes

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today. People upload pictures, videos, memes, statuses, and whatnot for likes, comments, and shares. But imagine if Instagram removes likes from the application altogether?

What may have started as something trivial or recreational, Instagram is now a profession for many influencers around the world. The main objective is to gain the maximum number of likes per post. It felt as though a person’s self-worth was being minimalized to the number of likes they got on their post.

The promotion of such a toxic mentality has been criticized over and over by society. In an attempt to make reparations, Instagram has decided to remove the “Like” system altogether. Now the questions remain, what will Instagram look like?

And How will this help fix people’s mindset?

The announcement – Instagram removes likes

Instagram Removes Likes

Image source – TechCrunch

The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced in November 2019, that the number of likes under an Instagram post will be hidden. This decision was made to help improve the emotional and mental health of Instagram users. The response to the announcement was not fully accepted by the many Influencers on the platform.

Instagram removes likes. But what does that mean for you?

Instagram removes likes entails that, your likes will be private. Only you will be able to see the number of like your post has received.

No one from the public platform will be able to view your likes. Instagram Influencers saw this as a threat to their careers.

The testing of Instagram removes likes

Instagram Removes Likes

Image source – 9to5Mac

The company has tested out the updated version of the app in a few countries. This huge change has not been fully functional. The platform is taking its time with the testing phase.

A lot of users received a notification banner stating the conditions of the new policy. Many have continued using it normally despite the new change. If you do not have a different feed, it means the change may not have been initiated in your country yet.

Instagram has not confirmed if the change is permanent or not.

Why Instagram removes likes

As mentioned, the CEO of Instagram wants to provide a platform where a 15-year-old can feel comfortable using it. This way, there is less judgment and equal acceptance of all the users.

Instagram removes likes

Image source – India News

Mental health and Instagram have been talked about by many on social platforms. It is almost considered a competition between the users. If you have more likes than the other person, or if your feed is more ‘aesthetically pleasing’, a sense of acceptance and superiority rises from it.

Mosseri says, he wants to help bring the platform to what it was before likes and followers. Instagram should be a safe space for users to share ideas, connect, and spread positivity.

A recent report from CNBC claimed that hiding likes will cause people to post more frequently, in a bid to seek more attention. This will also result in users spending more time on the application to try and one-up the others. Instagram has not acknowledged the report, they remain strong on their stance to make the platform a better place.

Decoding how Instagram removes likes

The number of likes on your post will not be displayed. Rather it will be hidden from public view, only the user can see the number of likes they have received.

Instagram Removes Likes

Image source – Skyword

Although the public cannot view the likes of the user, it is not hard to gauge how well a post has done. The current format is as follows,

  • 100 likes and below: The display will state “others”
  • 1000 likes and below: The display will state “hundreds of others”
  • 100,000 likes and below: The display will state “thousands of others”
  • 1,000,000 likes and below: The display will state “hundreds of thousands of others” and so on.

To know the exact number of likes the user has gotten, you can click the display and view users who have liked the post. If you are that curious, you can manually count and figure it out for yourself.

Impact of removing Instagram likes

If you are an avid user of Instagram, it is probably important for you to know the pros and cons of the new feature. There are two sides to a coin, and we need to understand what may or may not be affected.

Pros of Instagram removes likes

Instagram removing likes is likely more to be taken seriously by people who make a career out of the platform. It is important to understand the positive benefits this change will entail,

  • Removing likes will give much smaller creators a chance to earn credibility. When you have a smaller following, people tend to overlook the account by judging the number of likes. This way, the users will be able to blend in and socialize well. They also have a chance to branch out to larger establishments to help their career.
Instagram removes likes

Image source – Germin8

  • Accounts who gain likes and followers through fraudulent means will lose their credibility.
Instagram removes likes

Image source – PetaPixel

  • There is a lack of pressure. You can enjoy the application more freely.
Instagram removes likes

Image source – YouthReporter

  • People will engage more with posts and content because they are not threatened by the number of likes.

Cons of Instagram removes likes

  • This feature may cause influencers to lose its credibility. When the decision was made, the unhappiest lot were the influencers who made a career out of the app. This way they will not be able to reach out to sponsors the same. They may lose their influence among followers.
Instagram removes likes

Image source – The NY Times

  • Lack of engagement might occur.
    These are some of the negatives that users may notice with the new feature. It gives all the users a fairground to practice and share what they love.

Final thoughts

Instagram removing likes may seem like a drastic measure. The platform has proven to easily influence people. If you are worried about losing engagement, the best way to resolve it is by posting creative and unique content. The more you engage authentically, the more followers you will draw towards your account.

The change hopefully will do good in helping teenagers grow with a healthier mindset. It is time we all remove ourselves from the world of likes and focus on following our passion and changing the world step by step.

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