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Instagram Pods : The ultimate guide for you

Instagram Pods : The ultimate guide for you

by Ananya Neogy May 13, 2020
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Instagram is the hub where everyone is at. As a result, it has a huge number of users. We all know it’s so hard to really get a huge number of followers even when these are a million users. There will be a queue of people waiting to raise their game on Instagram. It takes consistent efforts and, a weeny bit of luck when it comes to boosting up your social media presence.

Finally, we have found out a way that can help all the Instagram users increase their following. A path that might be a bit difficult to take care of but is amazingly helpful and efficient. These are called Instagram Pods. In this blog, we will help you out with your walk through an Instagram Pod and everything about it. So let’s get on it.

Instagram pods

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What is an Instagram Pod?

An Instagram pod is a group of users who cluster together in group chats or forums where users indicate to the rest of the group that they have just posted a photo or video on Instagram. Therefore other users in the ‘pod’ will then go like, comment, follow or share posts to help each other increase engagement on their content. When a member posts the content, everyone in the pod is alerted about it. Then the post is flooded with likes, comments, and engagement from the members of the group or forum. As a result, other Instagrammers who aren’t in contact with the forums also view the content-generating followers.

A pod can be of many sizes and not all pods are created equally. There are pods with more than 1000 active participants, and pods that have 100 or fewer active users. The big ones, while easier to join, can give your profile an unrealistic sudden boost, which also means Instagram will catch you out. The smaller pods are harder to join but can give you really good returns.

The sudden boost of followers can often get you under Instagram’s suspicion of hacking and unfair means for generating followers. It’s better to take things off slow and steady.

How does an Instagram pod work?

Every Instagram pod has its own way of working. But a basic guideline that all pods follow could be summarised. Commonly, you post links to Instagram posts that members of your pod will like/comment on. At times, pods may use code words. These code words are like a signal for other members to go to your Instagram profile and like/comment on your posts.

Pods also have policies like ’20 link policy’ or ’24 hours policy’. This means that you must go like/comment on the previous links that other members might have posted. Depending on the policy you can to go past 20 links or you can go to all links from past 24 hours, etc. Even though this may be time-consuming, you must assure to respect the other members by doing so or you might get kicked out!

Pods may also have a requirement of a minimum number of followers, or the type of content you have (like: food, travel, nature, etc.). Only when you fulfil such requirements you would be allowed to join the pod.

How to Join an Instagram Pod?

Well, there are many places you can find these pods. Though some are harder to join than others. There are the mass pods that have 1000 members plus and are relatively easy to join. Smaller, more niche pods can have as few as 20 people in them, and they are much harder to find and join. As a result, you can start by searching for bigger pods and then find your way through the smaller once.

Where can you find Instagram Pods?

It is relatively easy to find such pods and easier than expected actually. There are platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram. Here are some ways to find out some mass Pods that these applications have.


Reddit is one of the easiest places to find any pod you wish to be a part of. It has a subreddit called IGPods where there are pods calling for members. You can also start your own pod and call for members on Reddit. The pods themselves mostly exist in Instagram’s messaging system. The way it works is that members will message the group to say that there is new content on Instagram. The rest of the pod will then go and like and comment.


There are a number of Instagram pods that you can find on Facebook. Although these pods can be harder to join as they are mostly closed.  A few of them also require an invitation from the admin to become a member. Your content will also be looked at before you’re allowed to join the pod. Facebook pod groups won’t generally exchange their Instagram content on Facebook itself. Seeing that Facebook owns Instagram, users don’t want to do anything that flags their presence as users who are ‘gaming’ the system.


There are pods that also exist on Instagram itself. However, in order to avoid being caught out, these groups are super secretive and hard to find. It’s all about knowing the right people and dropping subtle hints to let them know that you want to join the pod. It is comparatively easier to find it on Instagram than Facebook.


Most of the mass Instagram pods can be found on Telegram Messenger. It is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Here users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and basically any type of file. What makes Telegram a popular platform for pods is that it places no limits on the size of media and chats you can post. You can also create chat groups of up to 1000 members and don’t need to have all those participants in your contacts. This makes it the perfect platform for mass pods. People can be added to a Telegram Pod by their Telegram username (handle), or they can be invited to the group with a telegram group chat link.

Telegram is also the easiest place to find mass Instagram Pod with the maximum no. of participants across the globe.

Though for balancing so many social media activities you can take the help of Ubercircle. It helps you manage the social media network all in one place.

Why should you use Instagram Pods?

Since Instagram is a great place for brand promotion it is helpful to use Instagram pods for gaining followers.

The statistics also prioritize content from accounts that already have high engagement.

To get around this, pods help users generate public popularity and followers. As a result, this should work, the more likes or comments you have on a post right away, the more you signal to Instagram that your content is engaging. So the next time you post, your content should automatically be served up to more of your followers. This helps you gain true followers and potential clients.

It can seem like a troubling task to both increase follower numbers and get engagement on your posts too, so these pods are seen as an attractive way of bumping up your numbers.

How does it help using Instagram Pods?

As great as Instagram Pods are for publicity and rank on the search they can also be very time consuming for the user. You have to like, comment, and follow more than 200 posts and people in a given amount of time. There are chances of you getting banned from one particular pod if your engagement isn’t satisfactory. It also causes a suspicion for Instagram on the sudden boost of your page.

Most of the likes and comments aren’t usually relevant to your brand or focus audience. Unless you’re in a niche pod where the quality of users is higher, you’ll often have to engage with content that’s of low-quality or has nothing to do with your brand. Your interactions can also be seen by your followers, so you have to consider their reaction to the random content you’re engaging with.

It still deserves a try as it helps to develop your profile if it’s a consistent effort put into it. This was everything you should know about Instagram Pods before you start with it.

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