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Instagram Hacks of this Season

Instagram Hacks of this Season

by Ananya Neogy May 22, 2020
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Instagram Hacks

Instagramers all around are always in search of some Instagram hacks. These hacks are to help you do unexplored and easy crazy stuff. They range from anything fun and basic to designing new business strategies. Everyone who hasn’t used the platform before or they just want to take their usage to another level can use these lesser-known tricks. Its a game of few settings, hacks, search options, and comment features you already know about. This is why you get a range of super helpful and groundbreaking Instagram hacks from us.

Whether you’re a marketer in the E-commerce industry or an individual looking to use Instagram at its best and explore horizons online, there are tips and features here for you. These Instagram hacks are groundbreaking and easy. Check out these hacks

General Instagram Hacks

Here are some easy and effective general Instagram hacks:

Block Unnecessary stories

We all know some people who post a range of boring and long stories. I don’t have to exclaim how annoying it is to look at one of those. On the other hand we sometimes just hate their stories and not them so blocking them off the Gram isn’t an option. We bring you an easy to go solution.

Mute annoying users without risking to offend them with an unfollow.

How do you do it:

  1. Tap the three-dot icon at the corner of the post from an account that you want to mute
  2. Click mute
  3. From there, you can choose whether to only mute posts or mute posts and Stories both from the respective account
  4. You can also mute posts and Stories by pressing and holding on a Story in your tray, or from a profile

Arrange your filters for easy use

The steps below will teach you how to arrange your favorite filters. We all know a few filters will always be more loved by us than the others. Lets a tour on filter organizing:

  1. When you post a photo or video, go to the Filters
  2. As you scroll down towards the end of your filters and tap on  Manage
  3. Press and hold the three-doted icon next to each filter on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Then rearrange the order of your filters
  5. Check or uncheck the circles next to each filter on the right-hand side of the screen to hide or unhide filters
  6. Click Done to save it to your settings.

Add and Manage multiple accounts

add multiple instagram accounts

We all have started keeping more than one profile to keep privacy or draw more attention towards an activity more than others. There are different accounts for art, public influence, private moments and circle, etc. Instagram is an ever-expanding app and platform. It does get difficult managing or even opening two accounts under one domain. We will teach you how to do it easy and fun. You can add up to 5 accounts under the same email address on Instagram. Most importantly you don’t need to log in and out to switch between accounts. Know how to do this organizing Instagram hack.

Read and follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit your profile and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Then tap on Settings.
  3. You will have to further Scroll to the bottom and tap Add Account.
  4. Enter the username and password of the account you’d like to add.

After you have added two or more accounts to switch between accounts you’ve added you need yo follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Then tap on your username at the top of the screen.
  3. Further tap on the account you’d like to switch to.

Don’t miss out on Important Notification

Everybody hates missing out on important and juicy gossips of the social media celebs. It can get a bit difficult to specifically see notifications from a cause or person. This is your simple guide on how to get notifications at the earliest after every important activity:

  1. Visit the profile page of the account you’d like to get notifications for
  2. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Then select Turn on Post Notifications

Tip: If you’ve changed your mind, the option to turn off notifications lives in the same spot.

Pin your Instagram post to Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t listed as one of the network choices when sharing a post from Instagram, but there are workarounds for both Instagram mobile and desktop. As Pinterest is one stop for all aesthetic vibed photos it is a great platform for models and photographers. Your Instagram can be linked to it at ease gathering you more followers than you anticipated. This Instagram hack can be so beneficial for your content.

How to link it through your Phone:

  1. Go to the post you’d like to Pin
  2. Tap the three dots icon located above your post to the right
  3. Select Copy Share URL to copy the post link to your clipboard
  4. Open the Pinterest app on your mobile device
  5. Tap on your profile image icon to visit your profile
  6. Tap the plus sign icon at the top right of the screen to add a new Pin
  7. An “Add a board or Pin” menu will appear, select Copied link
  8. Pinterest will automatically open the link saved to your clipboard
  9. Choose the image you’d like to Pin and finish posting as usual

How to link it through the desktop:

  1. Visit and find the post you’d like to Pin
  2. Right-click on the post and select Open Link in New Window
  3. Use the Pinterest browser button to choose the image you’d like to Pin and finish posting as usual

Scanning and filtering comments.

Comment controls allow you to filter and block comments containing specific keywords. We all know about those nosy creeps on Instagram. Ladies now that won’t be a problem as they can creep into your comment section. Well, ask me how? It’s going to be a cakewalk to ignore the hate and inappropriate comments just by following a few of these steps of easy Instagram hacks.

How to Filter and Scan your comments:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Then click on Settings.
  3. Tap on Privacy and Security.
  4. Click on Comment Controls.
  5. Make sure that Hide Offensive is turned on.
  6. Tap next to Manual Filter to Commentsturn it on.
  7. Enter specific words, phrases, numbers or emoji in the text box to filter out comments.

When you turn on comment filtering, it’s applied to both new and existing comments on your posts. When you turn off comment filtering, filtered comments on your posts will be restored.

Blocking comments altogether

Social media is a huge space filled with different opinions. Now only a very few of us understand not every piece needs comments. It can be tough some days due to this but not anymore! This safety Instagram Hack is given below:

  1. Begin posting a photo or video as usual
  2. When you reach the screen where you add a caption, location, and other tags, select Advanced Settings
  3. Switch the Turn Off Commenting option on

disable instagram comments

Don’t lose out on Old Pictures

We all know as the years pass by and trends change our Instagram profile needs to be updated accordingly. A few of the posts we have to delete is just good memories of wonderful days. You surely don’t want to lose out on it. I know! I know! there are always screenshots but we do mess up and kind of lose those pictures eventually. We understand its a difficult choice between your loving memories and the buzzing trends. As a result, we figured out a safe place for you to revisit what you never really left! Here is a simple Instagram hack

You can now remove the photo from the feeds but not completely from Instagram using its archive gallery. not just your feed it keeps a track down your story lane too. Here is how you can do it :

  1. Tap on the three dots at the top of the post, you want to remove
  2. Then select Archive
  3. Tap the Archive icon in the top right corner of your profile.
  4. Now you can review all archived posts
  5. If you want to restore content to your public profile, simply tap Show on Profile at any time and it’ll show up in its original spot.

Time Management gets Easier

In an era of strained brain and sights, one needs to do good to their health. Instagram is full of memes and entertainment. We often lose track of the time we spend on your social media. This can help you manage the time you spend on the screen and can save you so much time for other usual things if you keep it in check.  This Instagram Hack is really beneficial and here is how you can do it :

  1. Go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Tap Your Activity
  3. You will have a graph of your daily use.

Once you know how much you need to cut off from Instagram you can also set a reminder. It is a great initiative taken by Instagram and here is how you put it in use.
time management on instagram

How to set a reminder on your daily activity on Instagram:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Tap Account >
  4. Then click on Your Activity
  5. Select the option for Set Daily Reminder.
  6. Choose an amount of time and tap Set Reminder.

Make your captions more readable with line breaks

This hack will make your posts more readable if you love writing the train of your thoughts down on Instagram posts. A long unspaced text can be a messy read that no one likes reading. It will also leave the scope of communication misinterpretation. We will let you feel free to guide the fingers with just this hack that makes your text clearer and better.

How to do it:

  1. Edit your photo and proceed to the caption screen
  2. Write your caption
  3. To access the Return key, tap the 123 key on your device’s keyboard
  4. Use Return to add breaks to your caption

Note: The breaks will start a new line, but not create the white space that you would see between two paragraphs. If you want a paragraph break, write out your caption in a note app and copy it to Instagram. To break up lines further, consider using punctuation, such as bullet points or dashes, to hold the place of an empty line.

Add clickable text in your bio

Did you know that your Instagram bio can have clickable text now. This is a great Instagram hack because by simply using the hashtag (#) or the at the rate (@) sign before a word or a username.

This is especially helpful if you have to handle multiple accounts and want to lead people from one account to the other. For instance here, the following brands have used hashtags relevant to their products and services in their bio.

Instagram Hack - Hashtag In Your Bio

Image source – Later

Account usernames will help you lead people to other accounts. Hashtags will help you gain popularity, build brand awareness, and reach a wider audience. For example the two hashtags used in the pictures above, #StartTheAdventure and #Benefitbrows have over 337,000 posts and 709,000 posts respectively.

Re-order your Instagram highlights

Your Instagram highlights are like your lookbook or a brand portfolio. Everyone makes sure that their portfolios are up-to-date and so should you. Whether you are a brand or an individual person, make sure your Instagram highlights are in a particular order that helps show you in a positive manner.

It’s an Instagram hack that many people don’t know, but you must re-arrange your Instagram highlights so that the best ones are at the top. In order to do so you can follow these steps:

  1. Tap and hold the highlight that you want in the end of your highlights reel.
  2. Now click on “edit highlight” option.
  3. Then tap on the button “add” button and select some new story to add to the highlight.
  4. Finally click on “done”.
  5. Now this highlight will show on the top. Repeat the step for the highlight you want second-last, then third-last and go on. As a result, like a stack your highlights will get ordered.

Wrapping up!

Instagram comes up with something new every day and its all the way more fun. To stay updated on daily trends for Instagram keep checking in on the blogs. You can also use a social media management tool like Uber circle to make your work so easy and save you so much time to do the undone. UberCircle is a social media management tool that can be used for managing social media networks all on one screen.

I hope this amazing Instagram Hacks will come in handy for you to do fun and easy things online. Tell us

What is your favorite Instagram Hack? Did you check how many hours you spend online? Will you change it for your good?

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Can you tell who looks at your Instagram?

yes and no. With standard Instagram posts, there's no way to track who's looking at your posts or visiting your profile. One sort-of exception: You can see the amount of views on a video or Boomerang post, but Instagram won't reveal who exactly interacted with them, only how many people did.

Can someone tell if your stalking their Instagram?

On Instagram, you remain anonymous. It doesn't matter if you visit a profile page twenty times a day, the user will not be notified. Sometimes the people you're “stalking” will show up on your “recommended follow” list, but that's just based on your activity, the activity that only Instagram's algorithm can detect.

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