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Instagram Analytics Guide To Master Performance in 2020

Instagram Analytics Guide To Master Performance in 2020

by Meghashree Das May 28, 2020
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Instagram Analytics

Instagram is a social networking website used for networking, marketing and making friends from all over the world. There are more than 1 billion Instagram users, where various influencers. There are celebrities and marketers are always trying to expand their audience one way or the other.

Whether it be an influencer, company or any Instagram user today- keeps wondering how to get more followers. And increase their profile value. In this situation, you can take help by tracking the Instagram analytics of your account and general individual users of Instagram.

Why Instagram analytics?

It provides insight into the stats of your audience and lets you take to target the right content for the right audience. It is time for your posts, and engage appropriately with the audience to help you gain followers and help you expand and grow your account. Therefore it is important for the following reasons:

  1. Plan and strategise in advance
    Through Instagram analytics you can understand what metric you must focus on and what metric should not be on your priority list.
  2. Saves your time and resources
    Using Instagram insights and analytics you can easily have all your metric data in one place. You will not need to gather information manually or from 10 different apps. Instagram insights and analytics offers all metric on one platform itself.
  3. Target the right audience
    Instagram insights also provides analytical data based on demographics. This helps you understand who is your target audience, how well are they responding to your campaign, are females more interested than males, what can you do to invite all of your target audience instead of parts of it, etc.

Importance of Instagram Analytics

It’s important that we take the help of Instagram analytics. If we don’t know which audience we attract. It is which posts are the most engaging, at what time our audience is active and what is the value of our account it would be like walking in complete darkness.

Being clueless of our audience engagement data you might:

  • Might end up targeting the wrong audience
  • Post while a majority of viewers are not active
  • Missing opportunities to attract future potential partners
  • Create content which the audience is not attracted to

But making use of Instagram Analytics can prevent all these problems. It’s important to understand your audience before you go targeting a large group with vague assumptions.

Instagram analytics for your profile is available once you change your account into a business account. All the insights or engagement data of your account will be directly shown in ‘My Profile’ where your posts are found.

Instagram analytics explained

While Instagram analysis you will be able to access information like:


instagram analytics impressions

Number of times the posts have been viewed by visitors in a given period of time


instagram analytics Interactions

Number of any active action on your account

Profile visits

The number of times your profile has been viewed by the audience in a week.

Website clicks                 

Number of times a visitor has inspected your account and has clicked on your website

Emails received

The number of times a visitor viewed or clicked on the call or email option to contact you from your profile.


The number of times people have tagged you or have mentioned your account.

Audience score for Instagram Analytics

Instagram audience insights

All businesses have certain content focused on the specific audiences they want to target in specific locations, age, and gender. But what if the actual audience you attract are way different from what you expect.

So to avoid such discrepancies Instagram analytics can help us figure out the right demographics of our target.

Gender demographic on Instagram Analytics

It distributes your followers, visitors, into separate categories of men and women. Provide graphical statistics of how many men and women have shown interest in their accounts.

The age range for Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics feature provides you information about the average age of the audience that shows interest in your account. The age range is broken down in different range groups:

13-17,18-24,25-34,35-44,45-54,55-64,65 and above.

Location of your visitors

This data shows in which countries and cities your followers. It is what belongs too and which regions you attract the most people from.

Active hours

Shows the number of hours or the specific period of time the average Instagram users is active during the day. So as to post content only during this time like most users are active between 7-9 pm.

Most active days

This information tells you the particular days on which the users are most active like most users are active on Mondays and Saturdays.

Individual post for Instagram Analytics

After account analysis, you will get a clear Image of which audience you actually have to target. But only knowledge about one’s own account is not enough. Knowledge about individual visitors’ posts is also important as it helps you to see how each of your content is received by the audience. Data provided for individual post analysis are:

Interaction data

Interaction data means the actions taken place directly from the post. These actions may include visiting your profile or website or clicking the contact or email button.

Discovery is a feature that lets users look for new different posts and accounts, the users can also search for specific accounts. Instagram analytics shows the number of people who came across your account due to this feature.

Instagram Analytics Instagram Insights

Image source – Hopper HQ

Shows how many followers you gained and due to which post did they get attracted to your profile, the number of unique accounts visits your profile, how they came across you and what posts did they engage in.

The number of times every post was viewed along with the source and where it viewed like from the trending section, profile or discovery.

Mount of people who have saved or starred your profile’s content in their personal folders

Shows the number of comments that your posts get on an average and what kind of posts get the most comments.

Instagram Stories analytics

Instagram Stories analysis

The additional feature of stories on Instagram is one of the most useful features opening new opportunities, especially for new companies. Statistics of story viewers are:

  • Impressions

Amount of times the stories you post has been viewed

  • Unique viewers

Number of time new unique accounts has viewed your stories

  • Duration

The number of times someone left watching your post midway and all the specific content which fails to grab the viewer’s attention.

  • Replies

Number of replies, comments, and reactions to your story

  • Insights

Shows all those viewers who saw a particular message or component in the stories

How to use Instagram analytics?

There is a lot of information provided that can be traced but we its best we focus on fewer but important data. Data which will actually help us grow our account like:

Focus on brand awareness which marks the main image for Instagram Analytics

Instagram is the best platform to expand, increase audience and increase brand awareness in the market.

If according to data there is a rise in your account’s followers which means there is an increase in your brand’s awareness among users. We can further promote the brand and products through advertisements or partner with other big brands or an influential celebrity to present the product.

The real figure lies in the number

If according to the Instagram analytics data the number of times people view your stories, posts and profile are increasing. That means your brand and product are being well received by the audience.

This refers to the number of unique accounts that have viewed your story. This is an important aspect as an increase in unique accounts reaching out to your account may eventually lead to a new potential partnership.

Generating high sales

Every company’s goal is to increase their sales. There are various methods like posting about sales and offers and post targeted advertisements.

Paying attention to these 3 metrics is important to generate high sales:

  • Websites

All companies use specific strategies like add posting and the use of stories. You need to focus on the data which shows the number of people who viewed your profile and chose to visit the website.

If there is an increase of clicks on websites through these promotions that means your account is generating high sales.

  • Contact

If you see there is an increase in emails and phone calls through your profile and posts then it means that the company will make high sales.

  • Followers

Understanding individual and personal account viewer Instagram analytics will lead you to understand your audience better. After which you can post content when your followers are active ready to view new content.

This will increase views, increase contact and larger sales will be generated.

Instagram Analytics for business

The best way to handle a business account is to be active and continuously engaging with the audience and build a community.

3 metrics to track while building a community is:

Respond to comments

The first rule while interacting with followers is that treat every single one of them as a potential customer. Never ignore any comment by any follower and follow up with them as soon as possible.

Reply to stories

Stories are one of the best tools to engage with the audience. If you see an increase of replies and reactions to your stories that means you have built an interactive community. Always reply back to story reactions.

Track engagement

Keep a track on user engagement on your profile, views on posts and amount of likes and comments will give you a clear picture of your brand’s status.

Generate leads


Instagram Analytics tools

Sometimes going through the entire analytics report can seem like a pretty taxing   job so to easily increase business performance there are a few available analytics tools like:


Track progress and give insights to improve your posts, you can also use it to post, schedule a post and manage all social media profiles from its single dashboard.

Insatagram Analytics Instagram Insights

Instagram Analytics



Tracks progress and specializes in presenting visual reports

Instagram Analytics Instagram Insights


Focuses on Instagram insights and gives useful suggestions for improvement

Instagram Analytics Instagram Insights

Image source – Squarelovin


Visually engaging analysis functions

Instagram Analytics Instagram Insights

Image source – SocialBakers


Sprout social

Sprout has an additional unique feature than other analytics tools. Sprouts social doesn’t only track your own company’s growth but also tracks the performance of your competitors giving you an insight of other companies’ growth compared to yours.

Instagram Analytics Instagram Insights

Image source – Sprout Social



This is a tool that helps you understand your target audience. It shows all the content which is relevant to the company and all the content which seems to get appreciation and attracts customers to the company. Along with this the company also teaches the company how and what all changes are to be made for it to perform more efficiently.


Instagram Analytics Instagram Insights

Image source – SocialRank

Tips on increasing followers

Create engaging content to build more on Instagram Analytics

Create content that is attractive and arouses interest from the viewers instantly. Create content on topics that are often trendy or liked by people. Post content when users are the most active to gain more traffic towards your account.

Interact with the audience in any way possible and never leave them clueless or hanging. Follow up as often as possible. Make use of trendy hashtags which sums up the company’s motto which will help viewers better understand the brand and will make approaching you easy.

Giveaways are the keys to earn Instagram Analytics

Conduct competitions which are again one of the best ways to interact with your audience while at the same time also having a giveaway of your brand. The giveaway also increases brand recognition in the market. Be consistent and post regularly so that the viewers are continuously being reminded of your presence.

Marketing and networking are important for a company to grow. Associating a company with a partner brand or influencer may lead to more recognition and positive publicity.


There are more than 25 million companies using Instagram for marketing and networking. A large number of companies have been using Instagram for a long period of time while successfully expanding their company.

Instagram provides it’s business account users an additional feature that helps them grow their company that is Instagram analytics.

Instagram analytics gives companies a complete analysis of the user’s interaction with their account. Analysis of account impressions, reaches, followers and engagement data along with individual posts analytics.

Having a clear idea of personal and audience post data prevents companies to make silly mistakes and helps them focus on the right target with the right content at the right time.

With such a vast understanding of your audience, it gets difficult to focus on all these areas but there are mainly 3 areas to trace and observe to see whether the brand is increasing and with what speed. Companies should basically focus on brand awareness, generating leads and to build a healthy interactive community.

After using Instagram analytics we understand that we can increase our followers and expand our brand awareness by first targeting the right audience, create eye-catching content, promote through correct marketing, always reply to comments and story reactions. These steps will help the company grow exponentially and attract more and more users.

Instagram Insights


Are Instagram insights accurate?

Everything in the Instagram insights feature is very accurate except for the reach (from what Instagram themselves say). Everything else from likes, to comments, to shares, to saved: those are all highly accurate.

How do I get post insights on Instagram 2020?

By clicking on the post's thumbnail and on “view insights”, you will access detailed statistics for every individual post. You'll see the number of likes, comments, shares, and even bookmarks. You'll also see what actions people have taken from seeing your post, e.g. profile visits or website clicks.

What does emails mean on Instagram insights?

The amount of times users have tapped “Email” on your Instagram profile.

What is other in Instagram insights?

Impressions from others include: Shares (your post/video has been shared in direct messages or outside the Instagram app) Saves (your post/video has been saved in the Instagram app to be viewed later). Mentions (posts from other Instagram users, who mentioned you in the caption)

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