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Instagram Aesthetics – All you need for the ‘gram!

Instagram Aesthetics – All you need for the ‘gram!

by Meghashree Das June 29, 2020
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For influencers, travelers, artists, bloggers, animal lovers, creators, and business owners, Instagram had rapidly become an important online social media platform. Instagram aesthetics is one of the best ways to grow your account and build a following. It helps the creators to show their brand’s remarkable style and tone.

Thus, Instagram profile has become just as important as a website’s homepage. Before individuals start sharing a glimpse into their company, services, or lifestyle, their account must look interesting enough to catch the attention of the viewers. A simple aesthetic-centric look keeps the audience connected with the Instagram profile.

What are Instagram aesthetics?

Instagram aesthetics refers to the look and feel of your feed. Having a beautiful and cohesive Instagram aesthetic helps people and emerging influencers in gaining more followers.

People who do not want to make their posts seem random, they select specific fonts, colors, and filters to achieve the desired look for their Instagram feed.

It is the main thing that the visitors see when they land on a new profile, consequently, it is important to make a good impression to convert visitors to followers.

But don’t worry, Instagram aesthetics doesn’t require you to be a photography professional, all it takes is this guide!

How to create an account with Instagram Aesthetics?

Instagram aesthetics

Image source – YouTube

Scheduling posts

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – Instafollowers

What content should go on your feed must be planned. It should be kept in mind that what is going to make or break the Instagram aesthetic. Brands should not only focus on the editing of the photo that is about to go on the feed.

It should also be considered, what photos would look like next to each other, besides, below or on top of the latest posts. Consistent elements across the Instagram posts helps brands to unify the aesthetic and style from every single angle.

Scheduling posts ahead of time not only helps in maintaining a consistent aesthetic, but it also helps to post regularly, which is also really important in gaining more followers.

Use  a visual planner

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – Pinterest

The best way to pre-plan the feed and to make sure everything is joined together is by using a visual planner. It shows what exactly an Instagram feed would look like and what should be rearranged to create a perfect balance for the Instagram feed. As visitors on profile are much more likely to convert into followers when they know exactly what they can expect from the profile.

Use filters 

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – Pinterest

The best way to imbibe Instagram aesthetics is through visually appealing filters. Instagram and various other editing tools include a wide selection of filters that can assist in achieving the Instagram aesthetic look one is looking for their feed.

People can make their posts bright and minimalist, vintage, rustic, dusty, or scratchy. Using the same set of filters on every post will give the content consistency. It will create a successful Instagram aesthetic and will help in keeping photos looking invariant.

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – Bannersnack

The incredible thing about filters is that one can customize them depending on the intensity. Photo settings can be adjusted anytime at will. To give photos a more professional look, one can adjust the brightness, contrast, and shadow. This helps in creating a good photo that is ready for the feed.

Coherent Colour Scheme 

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – Pinterest

Most brands choose specific colours to represent them. A basic color scheme or colour palette should be the initial thing to decide for an Instagram account for more advanced engagement. McDonald’s is associated with the colour yellow, and Apple by gray, which defines its look. Such examples prove that color is a crucial part of the brand’s visual identity.

Business profiles must prefer to use specific colour codes in their Instagram feed. It will highlight their brand’s personality and gives it an aesthetic look. If you have specific brand colors, use them in the brand logo by including them in the style guide.

This assists in making a stockpile of images and videos in one curated collection, rather than a jumbled hoard of disconnected moments.

Consistent theme for Instagram Aesthetics

Instagram Aesthetics

Image Source – Pinterest

Themes do not have a limit but it can help people and brands in defining the focus of their Instagram posts. A theme involves a subject matter or niche. It also includes composition and patterns.

This helps in identifying a niche and establishing a connection with niche audiences and build a following. The theme does not have to be very specific.

A general theme can be chosen and experimented with, on Instagram. But try to be specific. For example in the image below, notice how each row has a different colour scheme, and how the texts and pictures are placed.

It is well-balance and follows a specific, visually-appealing, and coherent theme. This theme forms the Instagram aesthetics of the page.

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – Tailwind

The theme for Instagram aesthetics should look simple, light, and consistent. A consistent theme makes it easy for the Instagrammers to get an edge over others in the niche and gives a more put-together, professional look for the feed.

A consistent they do not mean that one should post identical pictures. It just means that the feed is tied together by a common element. The theme also helps in reflecting who are you and reasserts your brand image.

Image borders

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – Pinterest

Borders are creative as they make your feed look clean and pristine. They also add the illusion of space in the feed. They help in making the feed look visually consistent, especially when Instagram posts are not in similar colors.

There are many different types of borders for photos. Any type of border can be used with keeping consistency in mind. If one wants to change the look of the borders they can try rainbow feed. The rainbow feed keeps changing the colors of the borders from time to time, giving it a creative look without a sudden transition and change of the feed.

Instagram aesthetics through stories

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – DesignTAXI

Instagram Stories continues to grow in popularity, brands, and influencers are taking stories as seriously as their regular Instagram posts. Businesses and influencers create their own branded stories that have a uniform color, tone, style, and format.

By creating highly designed stories that stand out on Instagram and stop people from swiping past the story. Proving that the Instagram aesthetic should not be limited to just the feed, one should expand it to their Instagram stories.

Play around with the drawing brush, text, font colours, sizes, erasing tools, stickers, etc. just like you can see in this picture:

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source –

When crafting the Instagram aesthetic for the feed, people should make sure that they keep their Instagram Stories in mind. Creating a cohesive Instagram Story is an incredible way to build the profile or brands following.

Creativity in stories keeps the followers coming back for more. This is as simple as using the Instagram Font and Create option. Use brand colors when using text or drawing tools in stories.

Determine the brand personality

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that represents the brand. The first step to create an eye-catching Instagram aesthetic is to determine the brand personality.

The brand personality should include ruggedness, warmth, sophistication, sincerity, and competence. These characteristics can be seen in the Instagram aesthetic, particularly ruggedness, excitement, and sophistication.

Brand’s personality should describe your brand’s voice and tone. Determining brand personality will help in creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic that represents the business profile accurately. The innovation resonates with the targeted audience.

Create Balance

Instagram Aesthetics

Image source – thepreviewapp

Space out the photos and organize them, based on colour to balance the look of your feed.  A balance should be created on the Instagram feed by placing photos with various objects and colors, alongside photos with minimalist elements. Busy photos should be placed next to each other to mix them up in terms of subject or background.

Wrapping up

A business profile should achieve balance by adding different types of posts to their Instagram feed. They can also post photos of their products placing them alongside their product videos. Photos with similar colors should not be placed next to each other, as it helps in creating a contrast between the images. As a result, the feed looks balanced.


Is the Instagram Aesthetic over?

There is still no such thing as authenticity on Instagram. ... If the original Instagram aesthetic is over, it's because it's been 1) killed by Instagram itself and 2) replaced by another aesthetic, which means Instagram Aesthetics will always be trendy

What apps do people use for Instagram Aesthetics?

People use - Filmm, Prequel, Unfold, VSCO, Enlight Pixaloop, Facetune, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Foodie.

How do you get aesthetic on Instagram?

The steps to follow for getting Instagram Aesthetics are - Establish your brand, Take color seriously, Discover the power of editing, Plan, plan, plan, and Don't just stop at your feed move to stories, highlights, videos, etc.

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