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How to use Snapchat- All You Need to Know

How to use Snapchat- All You Need to Know

by Meghashree Das May 30, 2020
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How to use Snapchat

What is snapchat?

People can’t always be in front of each other. You all are separated by some distance. Everybody is situated far from each other. But what makes you remain in touch and know about your loved one’s recent activities? How can you be together even after being far away? One great and obvious answer is the use of social media. Snapchat is one such social media platform. Using it, you can send snaps of your daily activities.

For instance, reading a book, traveling, going to work, cooking or eating. It lets you send your moments as a message. You can easily send a click of your activity to your friends who are connected to you via Snapchat.

Any snap lasts for some desired period, say 10 seconds or so. After this desired period, this snap automatically gets erased off and can’t be replaced. It is a kind of ephemeral messaging platform which connects you with your dears.

Being a technological application, people often have doubts, about how to use Snapchat. So, these below-mentioned guidelines will give you a brief sense of guidelines over its usage.

How to use Snapchat?

Setting up snapchat on your device

How will you use Snapchat unless it’s not in your device? So start by learning how to set up this application. So, start by downloading it from the play store or ios.

Open the app. Register in the app by filling up your details.

snapchat login and signupsnapchat registration form

These details include Date of birth, phone number, email, etc.

snapchat user registrationsnapchat username registration

A guideline pops up to choose your username. Find one carefully. You aren’t allowed to change your username later on.

snapchat password settingsnapchat email

Now enter your mobile number and verify it.

snapchat mobile number

This way you have successfully created your account.

Also, the application guides you through all the beginner’s steps. It will request you with some permission. Grant the ones that you want to. Now, your app is fully ready to make use of its features.

How to add your friends on Snapchat?

Social media is of no use unless you have a connected friend on it. Similarly, Snapchat will also be a platform of high jinks if you have your friends added with you. All your people are added to your contact list. Now, how to use Snapchat to add your friends?

Simply allow Snapchat to access your contacts. This would tell you about all your people who are on Snapchat. You can easily send a request and add them to you. Or you may add your friends manually. Simply go on your profile page and tap add people. Type your friends’ username in the search bar and then add them.

snapchat add your friendssnapchat Add from contacts

You may also use Snapcodes for this purpose. It is a unique QR code associated with every user.

How to browse content on Snapchat?

You must know what all different pages are available on Snapchat and what are they used for. This gives you a brief as to how to use Snapchat and which page to refer to for desired work.

How to use Snapchat to know about your favorite and celebrities and event. You can explore this page by tapping to the bottom right discover tab on the camera page. Or you can reach this page by simply swiping up. See stories of celebrities, food franchises like dominoes, beauty productions like Nykaa and what not.

How to use Snapchat camera?

snapchat camera

It is the first page that you land in when you open Snapchat. This page has a camera that lets you click a snap or record a video. You may use the front or back camera as per your requirement. Once you are done with clicking your snap, you can bring in effects. You may use filters or add stickers and make it look much more eye-catchy.

This page acts as a way to many other pages. So, you know how to use Snapchat to click pictures through this page.

How to set up your profile?

It is the page that has your Snapchat info like snapcode, bitmoji, location on a map and so much more. You can view your profile by clicking the top left circle which outlines a person. From here you can see your friends list.

Also, you can keep a check on various features of Snapchat like trophies and snapscore.

Communicating with friends

You open the app; you directly land to the camera page. You will find a small chat option in the bottom left-hand corner. This bubble lets you to friends’ pages. You can find all your friends and the recent chats with them. If you want to keep a check on snapstreaks of your friend, you can do it from here. Chat with them, view their stories or place an audio/video call from this page. Now you know how to use Snapchat to access your friends’ page.

How to use Snapchat memories?

snapchat memories

How to use Snapchat to get access to already saved pictures and videos? So this is the right page. All you’re saved pictures of camera roll and Snapchat gets saved on this page. You can reach here by clicking the tab displaying at the bottom center of the camera page. You can send or upload your previously stored images.

Features of Snapchat

Snapchat has already created a buzz among youngsters. It is widespread especially among college and high school students due to its delightful and captivating features. Its features are something you should know. Once you get the knowledge of its features, you can easily get to know as of how is Snapchat used

How to use Snapchat lenses?

snapchat Lenses and filters

Snapchat comes with a wide set of filters ranging from the dog face, kid face, manly and womanly face, puking rainbow, dancing hotdog, pink glowy face, golden butterfly crown, tiara and a lot many more.

All these lenses give you an entirely different look. At times, they are used as a beautification tool as well. Now how to use Snapchat lenses? Open the camera screen. Adjust your face to get your favorite carousel. Lastly, click the lens, and you get your snap. It’s so easy; all you require is a proper adjustment so that the carousel fits in perfectly.

How to use Snapchat filters?

snapchat filters

Snapchat gives you a feature to use filters according to your location. These filters are known as geofilters. These geofilters may be according to the neighborhood or some famous buildings. Filters add a new look to your already taken snaps, whereas lenses add effects on the snaps you click on spot.

There are many filters available on Snapchat like brighten, sepia, high contrast, black and white, neon, altitude overlay and lot many more. All you need to do is take a picture at first. Then swipe to see the available filters and tap the center button for whichever filter you like the best. So now you know how to use a Snapchat filter.

Chatting and communicating

Also, get the advantage of chatting with your loved ones on Snapchat. You can send and receive messages that disappear within seconds. But for this, you must know the username of your friend. How will you use Snapchat to chat with friends? When you open the Snapchat application, you are initially taken to the camera screen.

You need to go to the Friends’ screen by swiping right on the camera screen. Then, type the username of your friend in the search tab and choose the ‘chat’ option to have a chat with your friend. Once you have a look at one another’s message, t gets deleted by default. But the group chats persist for 24 hours.

You also get the advantage of saving your texts. To save your message, tap on it. Any saved message appears with a gray background which is visible to everyone.

Share your stories

Snapchat can tell about your activities by sharing photos or short videos. It tells your friends about your day to day activities and let them be in touch with you. These stories disappear after some time. You can share your timeline with your loved ones.

Also, you can view the stories of people who are added to your friends’ list. You can go live and share your life moments. Open your Snapchat application and move to Send To screen to send your story. Add your snap that you wish to share a story. It will go to all your selected friends. You can save your stories. Also if you feel to delete your story, you may.

You can keep a close watch on who all have viewed your story. You need to go to your profile and tap on the circle near your username. You can get to know of whom all viewed your story by clicking a tiny arrow. So now you know how to use Snapchat to share your movements and exercises.


How about using a Snapchat feature to get an animated version of you? Bitmojis are your replica. But, it is in a cartoon manner. You can get your bitmoji in various postures and expressions. Now how will you use Snapchat to create your bitmoji? Open the Snapchat app.

Go to your profile and click Add Bitmoji. You will be asked to install a new app for creating bitmoji. Follow the respective app guidelines and create a new Emoji that looks just like you. Now you can send the bitmoji while chatting with friends. It’s fun using this feature.

Creative aspects

How to use Snapchat to stand out among all? You can make your snaps look innovative and prolific. There are various tools on Snapchat that lets you make your snaps lookout if the box and extremely different from others.

You can add stickers, emojis, lenses, and filters to your snaps. You may also type on it or draw something cool. Also, you may add some links to your snaps if you want users to view more information related to it. You can make yourself look beautiful and pretty by hiding the blemishes. All these pint-sized tools make you a pro at Snapchat.

How to use Snapchat location?

You all have a keen interest to stay updated about the happenings of the world.  Snapchat lets you view the stories saved from all across the world. Also, if you wish to share your and your friends’ location, you may do it using the Snap Map.

Go on the camera screen and pull down to reach the Snap Map page. Users share the specific stories of any particular event, place or celebrity. These stories can be viewed using the Snap Map. It lets you explore your current location.

You can share your entire journey. Your friends may view it. Also, if you wish to share a story related to some particular place or event, you may do so on maps. Snapchat also allows you to give feedback regarding any glitch on the map.

If you find a place that’s inaccurately placed, you may report it. So, now you have a brief about how to use Snapchat to share location and view popular places.

How to block a person on Snapchat? 

How to use Snapchat to block a person

Being a social media platform, Snapchat can have some unwanted people and content. It may be harrasive and annoying. Some users may seem creepy and offensive to you. Snapchat ensures that such people shouldn’t spoil your experience.

Hence, it allows you to get rid of it by blocking that user. Once you receive a snap and feel like blocking that user, you can easily do it. Just tap and hold his/her username and the ‘settings’ option pops out. Select the option of ‘block’ and you can successfully get rid of it. If you want to remove a friend, you may select the option of remove instead of block.

Snapchat for brands

Snapchat has become much more than just pictures, videos, and chats. It’s popularity amongst Gen Z is the very reason your business should consider using it for advertising and marketing. Almost 71% of GenZ uses Snapchat on a daily basis.

How To Use Snapchat - Stats For Business

Image source – Quicksprout

Not only are teenagers using Snapchat more and more, so are young adults. This makes it a ripe platform for marketing.

  • Engagement through stories

Snaplytics had proven that user don’t move beyond 4 snap stories. Therefore, make sure that you post 4 or less stories at once. By chance you wish to post more content then do it multiple times throughout the day instead of all at once. This is will help keep your viewers engaged and interested.

  • Connect with other social media platforms

Also remember that people may not just stumble on your Snapchat account the same way they could on Facebook or Instagram of LinkedIn. You need to explicitly tell them that you are available on Snapchat. In order to do this mention your Snapchat handle and account details on other platforms.

You can put your Snapchat username in your Instagram bio, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn & Facebook Posts, etc.

  • Snap Ads

Snap Ads are a feature that allow you 10 seconds of full screen-time. You can use this advertisement to engage your users with call-to-actions, clickable links, audio, interesting visuals, etc.

  • Snapchat Geo-filters

Snapchat geo-filters are a great engaging way to get users to notice your brand. A geo-filter is like a normal image filter on Snapchat, the only different is that it is specific to a geographical location. People in an area around you can use this filter for fun, as well as, come to know about your brand.

This was Snapchat geo-filters increase brand awareness and reach. You can find a complete guide on Snapchat geo-filters here – Snapchat Geofilter: A complete guide.

  • Let influencers take over

If you are engaging into an influencer marketing strategy then the best thing is to combine it with Snapchat. You can let your influencers take over your Snapchat account. This is especially helpful for marketing brands because influencers come from an age group that can connect better with people who use Snapchat.

Find our complete guide on influencers here – Tips for the best social media influencers.


Now that you know the ABCs and more of Snapchat, do let us know whether you use for business or personal use? Was this guide helpful for you? What is your favourite feature on Snapchat?


What is Snapchat and how do you use it?

Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets users exchange pictures and videos (called snaps) that are meant to disappear after they're viewed. It's advertised as a new type of camera because the essential function is to take a picture or video, add filters, lenses or other effects and share them with friends.

What do people use Snapchat for?

Snapchat is an app that lets you send messages, photos, and videos directly to your friends or to everyone who follows your account. The messages disappear very quickly and are unable to be shared or viewed later.

Is it safe to use Snapchat?

Snapchat is a harmful application for children under the age of 18 to use because the snaps are quickly deleted. This makes it nearly impossible for parents to see what their child is doing within the application because the essential function is to take a picture or video, add filters, lenses or other effects and share them with friends.

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