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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

by Ananya Neogy May 08, 2020
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how to start a social media marketing agency

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media has at least  800-1000 people joining new platforms every day. Due to which a growth of 13% is evident every year. As a result, social media provides a lot of business to not only social media platforms but also a profit and target generating platform for users. Social Media Marketing Agencies are at the peak of its growth.  Social Media has evolved Marketing as a whole over time.

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

A few years from now it was difficult to establish yourself as a Social Media Marketing Agency. Due to digital media and its networks, it’s comparatively easier to know about information and ways. Furthermore, it becomes easier to create a Digital Social Media Marketing Agency using a small team from scratch in a few months.

Multinationals to Small businesses everyone is hyper-aware about Social Media advertising. They spend quite a lot to get attention from the mass. As a result, now is the best time to build a Digital Marketing Agency. We will guide you through the step by step process of building your social media marketing agency.

Step by Step guide on how to start an agency with a really low budget and high confidence.

Certainly with the application of skill and knowledge the productivity of the business will grow eventually. While a strong skill set is highly important when handling areas like this, its also important to efforts in the right places. The blog below will give you a sneak peek informative details on How to start a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Step 1 : Self-assessment of social media expertise

The first step toward starting your own social media marketing agency would be to assess your current social media expertise level. How well do you the online world out there? Depending on your personal inclinations you can decide what niche you want to work in. In order to do so, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What industry are you well-versed with?
    Lets say you have a strong liking for pet animals, then you know that you would work best promoting companies that work for pet products, or recusing pets, or healthcare for pets, etc. Lets say you are strongly inclined towards various cuisines and keep experimenting by trying new types of foods. So combine your interest with your work and you would work best promoting restaurants or food delivery companies or restaurant review companies, etc.Shortlist a couple of industries that match your interest and following the below-mentioned steps you can go on eliminating others to reach the perfect fit. In this way you must finalise your market niche.
  2. What industry is more probable to make money?
    Next you must look into whether the shortlisted industries have a potential to make money or not? Will the industry you are looking into be profitable for you? Lets say you appreciate abstract art and painting very much. So you decide to start a social media marketing agency that works to promote art. Now as a start-up yourself, you will have to look at artists who are beginners. Will they be able to pay you enough or not? It is highly likely that art would not be as profitable as other industry options.
  3.  What industry is famous in your area?
    If you are living in the suburbs of Texas, there will be different industries that will be profitable than if you are living in the city of London. It is important to keep in mind what industry is famous at a particular point of time in your particular geographical area.

Step 2 : Create a strong social media network

Before you help your clients advertise and market themselves and their product you need to build a strong social space for yourself. As a result, it will also cause the clients to believe in your skills and increase your target client expectations. Hence you need to concentrate on attracting potential clients towards your agency through social media.

Step 3 : Build a Website/Portfolio of Services

When a social network is created it is now very important to keep a track of all the traffic your agency can generate through social media platforms. Furthermore, a virtual space is required to communicate with clients or potential clients. That can be regarding the services and expertise your agency provides through a portfolio. Websites are a great digital way to market and manage your agency data. Though, the website does cost a pinch but is definitely an easier and efficient way to communicate.

You cannot approach clients without having clarity on the kinds of services you are ready to provide. Furthermore, you will have to set the price for each of the solutions or packages that you are offering. Your Portfolio can make it easier for clients to follow the packages and rates of your agency.

Step 4 : Set Up a Blog

start a blog

Blogs are a very new and approachable social media strategy for people focusing on Social Media Marketing. Your blogs can be an outlook for your clients or potential clients to know your expertise on the subject.

This can be your space to write and publish information about your field in terms of articles regarding social media trends, case studies, and Tips on “How-to”. Rather you can also lead your blog accounts to your main website for the acquisition of new clients.

There is so much more you can establish about your startup with the usage of blogs. In contrast to social media accounts, blogs often generate more relevant clients for your agency. Finally, remember that your blogs are an area for presenting your credibility and expertise to your clients about your agency.

Create a Buzz about Yourself:

It is always better when it’s fun and interesting, your brand doesn’t need to solely concentrate on professional communication. The hype can be created through a story you build-up on your social media networks. Furthermore, these stories can be fun and adventurous to attract people on the web towards your accounts.

While the new decade has already marked its presence it is very unlikely to follow the old era methods of traditional marketing. Create happening content for your page. These can include: Behind the scenes,  clips on the clients your work for, follow trends on social media and create stories. These stories will help you gather an audience who approach your page with expectations of finding great content.

Step 5 : Start Approaching and Pitching

Once you are able to set up a social media network and also you have established a website and made a portfolio the second question is what next? Now it’s the time when you pitch potential clients to use your services.

It is comparatively harder for the new small start-ups to know and judge who their potential clients can be. Due to this they also face confusion regarding the initial stages of pitching strategies.

Being a small business it is better to approach new startups with social media assistance. This will also eventually help you to know what kind of workload can you sustain and how much water are you in to continue further.

Step 6 : Building Client Relationships

There should always be a rapport between the client and your agency. A good relationship established between both parties ensures newer deals and good recommendations. As a result, more clients will approach you through good reviews and word of mouth.

Giveaway, sending greetings on holidays, completion ahead of deadlines and better communication help in the establishment of healthy consumer seller relationships.

Keep videos of your client’s recommendations and written reviews about your service satisfaction. These reviews are beneficial for the clients putting their trust upon you.  The establishment of trust between you and your client guarantees more projects later in time.

Step 7 : Creating Packages for Services

Different Clients require different things from the agency. As a result, you need to make your services flexible for your clients. Although there are different needs for services, a few of the needs are mostly the same when it comes to social media marketing. Creating packages comprise the work and help the complication of services.

You can have or say start with 3 packages, gold, silver, and bronze. You can provide extra services as tagalongs and mostly stick to these 3 categories. If your client needs a different personalized set for themselves you can always avail customization at higher rates.

Step 8 : Analyze the Results

As important as it was to create accounts on social media and set/follow trends it’s equally important to analyze the results. Social Media Marketing Agencies are bound to calculate and analyze the response from the public towards the campaign. Similarly, it’s also important for the agency to look into its own client response on its social network.

Analyzing your work gives you a better scope of improvement in work quality. Self-assessment is very important while you are just starting off.

Use tools like Hootsuite to track your results. You can also use tools like Ubercircle to manage your social media networks.

Step 9 : Hire Staff for your Social Media Marketing Agency

start hiring

Finally, you have started off with your business you need a team to work with you. You never really ear for yourself but for the people who work for you. You need to have an assistant, operations manager, and accountant to handle the rest of your finances.

Furthermore, you can also hire virtual staff because it is efficient and possible. Numerous hiring platforms have opened up recently. They provide easy and filtered selection. Few of them being, Internshala and more.

Step 10 : Handle social accounts

Following the first 9 steps would definitely help you build your own social media marketing agency. While your social media marketing agency is winning over lots of clients it may feel overwhelming to handle all social accounts at once. This is where you can rely on Ubercircle. As a social media marketing agency you will have to manage numerous social media platforms. Using Ubercircle you can manage your social accounts all in one simple dashboard and helps you to save a lot of your valuable time and money.


As the new year denotes a new start this can be the best time of year to start off. Do your bit of research to find out when are you comfortable to start. Though it is recommended to start your business while doing a full-time job to nurture it for a while without any financial burdens. You will need a period of 4 to 6 months to start a full-fledged Social Media Marketing Agency.

Before you start off with the idea know who will be your customer base for planning the initial strategies. It’s better to start with smaller businesses and grow through it. Target the group of people who are ready to invest and trust their money on your agency.

Social media networking is very essential for getting clients and to create a following. This will be a profit for your company and its reputation.

A few hacks to help you ace your game :

#1 – Form a routine that works well for you

#2 – Focus on appropriate social media management platforms for business

#3 – Outsource a limited proportion of your tasks

#4 – Put in time and resources on a monthly basis to experiment with how to improve and apply unique strategies

#5 – Conduct competitor analysis

#6 – Keep an eye for the latest trends on social media from time-to-time

Follow all these steps and no one can stop your success. Its a budding industry search for what new you can deliver.

What is your mantra for starting a Social Media Marketing Agency? Also, we will like to know Your go-to performance analyzer tool?

Start a Social Media Marketing Agency


How do I start a social media marketing agency?

Apply social media on yourself. “Start marketing yourself,” Pick lucrative niches. Create packages. Win clients, quickly. Tell engaging stories to attract followers. Track results. Hire staff.

How much does it cost to start a digital marketing agency?

small digital marketing agency websites are generally anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000 depending on what you need that website to do.

What is the best social media platform for marketing?

Facebook. Facebook is still the king of social media and it makes sense for all businesses to have a Facebook page at a minimum. Twitter. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Instagram

Is Digital Marketing a good business?

Yes. The Digital Marketing Is more profitable for any kind of business. ... Many Business peoples are struggling in building the brand, Lead generation, driving traffic to the website in digital marketing is very easy to reach the people and get the traffic by doing this we can increase our sales of the business.

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