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How to Make a GIF: 4 true and simple steps [2020]

How to Make a GIF: 4 true and simple steps [2020]

by Meghashree Das May 21, 2020
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how to make a gif

We are living in a digital world, gone are those old days when writing letters was the only means of communication. In this modern world, almost everyone is technologically equipped and thus, enabling oneself to be present on social media platforms. Thanks to the internet which has made the survival possible by connecting to people across the globe. How to make a gif guide will help you to make a gif for your business in no time.

We always find different ways to communicate on social media by including various emoticons, stickers or the highly creative and trendy one these days are Gifs. Gifs make half of the task simpler as it reduces the pain of texting long messages and a lot can be said and understood through Gifs only.

Besides adding jolly mood into the conversations and keeps the entertainment factor up always. Nowadays every social media platform supports Gifs.

What is a Gif?

Gif is an image file or an animated file. Don’t mistake it with video files, Gif is of very short duration and does not contain any sound. Gifs are becoming more popular these days. The simple reason for them to get popular is that they are an effective way of communicating jokes, ideas, and memes and thus adding emotions to your conversations.

Like said before they are coming inbuilt into various platforms or social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It does not dull your conversation at all, but adds extra niche to your chat and creates a laugh riot for sure, thus making your mood light. Gif is preferred over video because they last for less than 5 seconds and don’t take much time to upload and send to the other party, due to which it does not consume much memory.

How to use Gifs?

Gifs are integrated with social media platforms, you don’t require to download anything additional. There is an option available along with emoticons for gifs. All have to do is tap on the gif sign and select desired gifs according to the situation and enjoy it.

Where to find GIFs?

Gif search bar on Twitter:

gif search on twitter

Most social media apps and websites have a Gif search bar in them. So from there, one can select the appropriate gif according to the situation and send them in your chat. There is no rocket science involved in sending the Gifs, these are as simple as sending an emoticon or a simple text message.

GBoard GIF maker

Gboard gif search

GBoard is also known as Google Board. Google board allows sending Gifs anytime and anywhere in the messages. GBoard a typing platform for Android and iPhone Users which inbuilt Gif services.

These days people are becoming more creative with animations and find new ways of sending an animated text to one another. Gifs are getting more popular among people these days, these are often used as memes or to display emotions to each other, helping them to say a lot in a minimalistic way. In a way, it saves time too. With rising creativity among people, one could witness a new Gif every second day.

Due to this everybody around is getting curious regarding, how to make a GIF and flaunt their creativity. GIF can be either a static image or an animated video image. There are a certain set of instructions that are required to follow in order to make a GIF. So, let’s answer the question: how to make a Gif?

How to make a GIF?

There are different methodologies to make Gifs. There are different sources from where Gif can be created.

Creating GIF from video

In order to make Gif from video, one requires a video of high quality. Whenever the question crosses the mind about how to make a GIF, one starts wondering that it will be a painful and cumbersome activity. But this is not the case at all. It is a painless process and easy to learn and implement too. Besides there are many Gif available online one can make their own Gif through online platform i.e



Giphy is super easy to learn and quick to implement too. Within 4 minutes you are done with sourcing video from website or Youtube and making your Gif through this platform. All you got to do is past the URL that you have copies from the Youtube or any other website and paste it on the space provided there and click on create. That’s simple and quick it is.

Unlike some platforms, you don’t require to have an account on GIPHY. You just need to find the video, upload it on the GIPHY and set the duration. That’s how you make a GIF on GIPHY.

Another platform where one can make a GIF is



This platform is on similar lines with GIPHY. This platform provides various features in order to make a GIF. These are :

  • Pictures to GIF
  • Youtube to GIF
  • Video to GIF
  • Webcam to GIF
  • Upload a GIF
  • This also allows one to browse a Gif as well.

Here one is required to create an account on making a gif.

Using Photoshop

One can make GIFs by using a series of photos and frames in order to create an animated GIF.

Prerequisite that is required to make GIF through this technology is:

  • Download Photoshop from online websites

For creating GIF using Photoshop, you need to require images of higher quality, preferably of DSLR’s or good quality phone camera’s pictures. This method works well for creating animated timelapse.

The following steps are needed to follow for creating GIFs using Photoshop. These are:

Import Photos:

  • Download and import the photos that are to be used to create GIFs.
  • Open Photoshop application in your device.
  • Go to file-> select Scripts -> finally load files into stack.
  • Click on the browse button.
  • Locate the pictures you want from where you have saved them.
  • Select the files and click on open.
  • Click OK to import photos in a single layer file.

Import a series of photos on photoshop

Every single layer will act as a frame and these layers will get displayed on the right side of the screen.

layers on photoshop

Import Video:

Import a video on photoshop

This is an optional method. The first method stated above should suffice your question and need of how to make a GIF. This method includes the following steps:

  • In the case of short duration video, the first step should involve the conversion of frames into different layers.
  • For this, go to files-> select Import option ->select video frames to layers option.
  • Locate the video file you want to use.
  • Select the video file.
  • Click Open
  • Finally, click on the “OK” button to convert video frames to single layer files.


open a timeline on photoshop

  • Go to the Windows option.
  • Select Timeline ->Timeline Panel will open.
  • Select the create animation option
  • Click the button for the new animation to get created.

Conversion into animation frames:

Convert layers into animation frames photoshop

  • Click the menu option from the timeline panel.
  • Select the option to make a frame from layers.
  • Now all the layers from the layer option will get converted into individual frames.
  • Preview the animation by clicking on the play button provided on the screen.

Reverse Frames on photoshop

Animation Loop:

Set the animation to loop on photoshop

  • Click the repeat menu present in the Timeline panel and select forever.
  • To preview the animation, click the play button.

Set the animation to loop

Export animation as GIF

  • Click on file -> select Export option -> click on Save for web.
  • Choose GIF 128 from Preset menu
  • Go to colors menu-> select 256.
  • In order to change the size of the animation, adjust the width and height fields in the size option.
  • From looping option select forever.
  • Preview your file by clicking on the preview button.
  • Click save in order to save the GIF.
  • Choose the desired location to save the file.

export photoshop animation as a gif

Congratulations! That’s how you make a GIF using the Photoshop application. By following these steps you are good to go with your own animation.

gif made using photoshop

How to send GIFs on WhatsApp?

GIFs on WhatsApp

Gif can be made easily on WhatsApp. You just need to follow these simple rules stated below:

How to send a GIF For iPhone or iPad:

  • The very first step is to open your WhatsApp Messenger on your phone.
  • Then, tap the chat where you want to send GIF.
  • In your text space provided below, there will be a “+” sign (represents attachment), tap on that sign and your attachment window pops up.
  • Choose the photo and library option, this will open the photo library on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select the video of which you want to make a GIF.
  • The selected video will open in the WhatsApp video editor.
  • The GIF icon will appear on the top right corner of the screen, on tapping the icon the video will get converted into GIF automatically.
  • Trim the GIF as per requirement.
  • Tap onto the send button.
  • Your GIF will be sent in your chat.

How to send a GIF For Android Users:

  • Tap onto the WhatsApp Messenger on your phone.
  • Choose the chat where you want to send the GIF.
  • The attachment sign is in the form of a cylindrical loop which is provided in the text space provided.
  • Then select the desired video of which you want to make a gif.
  • Similarly as stated in an iPhone case tap on the GIF icon provided on the right corner of the screen.
  • Trim the video and tap on the send icon.

This is how simple is to make GIF through Whatsapp, anybody can make GIF through this within seconds.

In a similar way, one can create and upload GIFs on WhatsApp stories as well. The set of the protocol is the same as stated above for both iPhone and Android users. One doesn’t need to keep on wondering regarding how to make GIFs. There are no sophisticated tools or skills are required. Anybody with a limited set of knowledge can get their hands on this and display their creativity.

GIFs on Instagram

GIFs on Instagram

Instagram is an American photo and video sharing networking service that has rapidly gained acceptance and has become famous since its inception. To date, this app is widely being used unlike other social media platforms like Orkut, Wechat, Vine, etc. which has now become obsolete. It has been largely taken advantage of by the influencers, thus a lot of people follow them. Its user-friendly interface has attracted people across the globe.

The user base depends on the better idea for How to make a GIF

With the proliferation of user base and popularity of Instagram amongst its users, their tendency of sharing and uploading has increased ever since. Instagram also contains the additional feature and the most important, it allows other users to like and comment on the picture that has been uploaded.

Every single like gives a sense of acknowledgment and validation to the user who has uploaded. The more the number of likes, the more it will give a sense of satisfaction. Instagram has proven to be a blessing especially to social media influencers.

There is an interesting feature on Instagram which is stories. This helps the user to upload a post in the form of stories that stays on your timeline for 24 hours. One can create GIFs in Instagram stories as well. These GIFs are getting trendy on Instagram due to their uniqueness.

Variety of GIFs

These GIFs used for business purposes in your Instagram story in order to attract the users by adding a call in action elements like the use of the swipe button.

All you got to do is click on GIFs option that is present in the emoticon section from there you can search for the desired GIFs and use them in your stories. Instagram surely has unique and interesting GIF features. This is how you make use of GIFs in your stories for branding purposes.

For branding purposes in order to promote one brand, one can even create their own Instagram Story GIFs.

Steps involved in the making of Instagram story GIFs are:

Verified brand on GIPHY:

  • One needs to become a verified brand on GIPHY, as all the Instagram GIFs run by GIPHY. The best part about this is that it is a super quick process but not small businesses due to restrictions present on the platform due to which there brand GIF may not get the approval.
  • In order to create your own brand channel, log in to GIPHY and then click on the Join GIPHY option present on the next page.
  • There will be an option available to join as an artist or a brand, make a desired choice on the succeeding page.
  • Then you are asked to fill in your credentials such as name, contact info, business information, etc.
  • After filling up all the details, click the “Apply Now” button and you get done.
  • A message would prompt, that GIPHY has received the details and would contact you in a short while. Similarly, you will receive an e-mail stating the same information.

Uploading GIFs to GIPHY:

Uploading GIFs to GIPHY:

  • All for the approved, upload GIFs to GIPHY.
  • Point to be noted: for your GIFs to appear on your Instagram stories, GIFs have to be in the form of stickers not as usual video GIFs.
  • GIPHY helps you in making stylized stickers that are eye-catchy and fun to use.

GIFs for business

GIFs are not only fun to use and play around with, but can be used effectively for promotional and marketing strategies. A few ways that you can use GIFs on social media for your marketing are:

  1. Give gratitude to your viewers and customers
    Depending on your sales and traffic you can create GIFs with phrases like – “Thank you”, “Great Job”, “We’re in this together”, etc.
  2. Display your product
    GIFs are also a visually-appealing and eye-catching way of showing your customers your products. Put attractive stickers, backgrounds, colours, etc. and you will be sure to receive clicks and sales in no time.
  3. Convey your brand’s mission and vission
    Using a combination or collage of GIFs with your own employees as characters you can place in captions and lyrics here and there to show what your brand stands for.

Spreading GIFs

  • Once done with making and uploading your GIFs, it’s time to spread your GIFs and make it reach to masses.
  • These GIFs are available when searches are made of relatable tags.

Use tools like Ubercircle to manage your social accounts all in a single dashboard and it will help you to save a lot of time and money in the long run.

This is how you make a GIF and help your GIFs in reaching out to the masses. Social media platforms are booming in this digital era. Users are flooding these platforms with their presence. Instagram likes do have a positive impact on people i.e. it makes people socially active, supporting other people in form of likes do show the sense of togetherness and also likes act as an important tool to show solidarity and unity at times of crisis too. Thus, coming up with new GIFs can easily become popular and trendy in a quick period.

Making GIFs are not at all tedious task. It hardly takes a few minutes once you have arranged all the pre-requisites. One can opt for any of the above-stated methods to make GIFs and can use it for branding purposes as well.



How do you make a GIF on Iphone?

Upload a video from your Camera roll by tapping the Camera roll icon to the left of the red recording button. You can also capture a video and turn it into a GIF at any given moment. Once you captured or uploaded your perfect video, tap the white arrow icon. Add and edit in any filters or effects you would like to see.

How do you pronounce GIF?

“It's pronounced JIF, not GIF.” Just like the peanut butter. “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Wilhite told The New York Times

What is the best free GIF maker?

Giphy Cam is a free GIF maker and doesn't have any in-app purchases. Giphy Cam is likely to be the best GIF maker app for most people. But in case it lacks any particular feature you want, several other good GIF maker apps are available.

Can I make a GIF with my phone?

You can make animated GIFs for free from your smartphone, which is probably what you are using to shoot photos and video anyway. You'll need an app like GIFBoom (the runaway favorite for iPhone). It's available for free from the App Store and for Android from Google Play. Choose a video from your phone's camera roll.

You can add your newly created, hilarious GIFs to social media posts with Ubercircle. Easily manage your social channels and engage followers across networks from a single dashboard. Try it free today.

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