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How to learn and schedule posts on Facebook?

How to learn and schedule posts on Facebook?

by Meghashree Das May 10, 2020
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schedule posts on Facebook

To schedule posts on Facebook, you first have to learn the importance of these posts. And why the drafts are made. Facebook posts created to garner an audience. If you have a full fan following for your page, then you have to post.

But this is the only hassle that you face. To post, you need to have the mind-set. With the right mind-set and time, you can ensure all the posts made on your page. A lot of people have complained that to schedule posts on Facebook, it is a tentative job for them. Here is a comparative guide for you.

What are Facebook posts?

Before diverging onto the topic of schedule posts on Facebook, let us know about the base. Facebook posts are the drafts that made from pages are Facebook profiles. If a marketer wants to rank their site, then they have to post. This completes making sure that they can engage their clients.

Facebook posts do the same. With the use of these posts, customers can engage with their brand. If you are a marketer, then 80% of the work goes into your posts. This is why the need to schedule posts on Facebook happens. Facebook posts are critical to staying relevant in today’s market line.

If you have a company and want to rank, then you have to post. But there are times when your social media marketing cannot do it all alone. You cannot push the whole work to them. If you are a business owner, then it becomes your work as well. This is when scheduling posts on Facebook can help you.

It helps your brand name to reach out. At the same time, you get to interact more.

How can Facebook posts help market your brand name?

With the help and usage to schedule posts on Facebook, you can market your brand name. What makes these posts so famous is the ever going question?

When you want to market your brand name, then there are ways to do so. If you are posting about the brand name, then it will enhance your marketing abilities.

Although you are a budding marketer, creating a presence matters. All the marketers want their name out there. If you are one of them, then you can take care of your business with the use of social media?

Social media is a great platform where you can market the brand name correctly. It helps you to create a primary user and engagement ratio. If you are a budding marketer, then you know the pros and cons of handling a business.

Upfront, it will be good enough for you to take care of the brand name and the superior image it creates. Social media is a boon to everyone’s life. Starting from the top to the bottom, it is an integrated way to connect with your people.

The more you are thoughtful, the better image you will create.

Why do you need to schedule posts on Facebook?

It is not always efficient for you to post status on your account. Or even if you are running a page, it becomes an impeccable job. This is why the choice and option for schedule posts on Facebook arises.

Imagine this scenario, and you have planned to stay active on Facebook this weekend. You have made your mind to make sure that you will post something on your page. You know your profile views are dropping low, and this is why you need to post as much as you can.

This is when trouble arises. Here comes a power cut, any internet connectivity, and your hopes are done. Your posts are over for now. How would you handle this adverse situation?

Don’t worry because Facebook is a site. It gives you the option and to schedule posts on Facebook. You can be a regular user by using this technique. We all know that you are a human being.

And before all, you do need to have personal time for yourself. You cannot be active in media all the time. Even if you are working somewhere as a full time, the need to schedule posts on Facebook arises. It will help you to gain the upper hand. You will understand that it is not necessary to activate and post.

How to schedule post on Facebook

Here is how you can schedule posts on Facebook with the use of no tools.

  1. Step 1:

Make sure that you are actively logged in to your account with the use of your credentials. Once you logged in, go to your page. If you wish to post from a profile, then go there.

  1. Step 2:

Make a post about the relevant product or service. Even if you are not a manager and a social media influencer. Then make the post that has relevant connections.

  1. Step 3:

After you have made the post, don’t hit on the ‘Share Now’ option. It is time for you to understand “how to schedule posts on Facebook”.

  1. Step 4:

Select on the small arrow-like option besides ‘Share Now.’ When you click on it, you will get the schedule option.

Facebook schedule posts button

  1. Step 5:

A pop-up will appear on your screen now. Once you click onto the pop-up, it will help you to mention the timing for scheduling your post. You need to select an appropriate calendar to which you think that the post will do well. You can set the timing and even choose the date.

set date and time to schedule posts on facebook

  1. Step 6:

After you have done, you can select the ‘Schedule Post’ option given at the bottom.

schedule and publish posts on facebook

But what about mobile?

Don’t worry because this article will help all the mobile users to schedule posts on Facebook as well. Make sure that you follow these tips.

1. Open your Facebook app on your phone. It does not matter if you have an Android or IOS. Open your Facebook app, which is there.

2. There is a publish button that you will get from your page or your profile. You can hit the button and then write your content. Once you finish, it will help you to schedule posts on Facebook.

schedule facebook posts using facebook apps

3. After the status completes, there is an option called ‘Continue.’ Click on that option. It will is and directed towards ‘When will this be published?’

When will this be published

Now you can schedule your post from here. If you want to post more than one post at a time, then there are options. Make sure that you select the date and the timing for the posts. And your posts will be made, hooray.


How to schedule Facebook posts using Ubercircle?

Below is a step by step guide to schedule facebook posts on Ubercircle. It might be a more natural choice for you.

  1. Go to your Ubercircle dashboard
  2. Select your Facebook Page or profile
  3. Craft your Facebook post
  4. Schedule your post

Navigate to Ubercircle dashboard

Once you had signed up for Ubercircle and connected your Facebook Profile or Facebook Page you will see a dashboard similar to this

ubercircle dashboard

Now Click on the Facebook button on the left sidebar and craft your facebook post.

schedule posts for facebook using ubercircle

Once you had successfully crafted your facebook post on Ubercircle then it’s time to schedule your post. Check the Schedule checkbox.

schedule checkbox of ubercircle

Now you have to set the time and date to schedule the facebook post.

set date and time to schedule posts on facebook

Once you had selected your appropriate date and time on the popup. Click the Schedule Now button.

click on schedule now button

It’s awesome, right? you had successfully schedule your Facebook Post using Ubercirlce.

To confirm, Navigate to Schedules on Ubercircle you can find the calendar and your scheduled posts there.

ubercircle schedule page

Happy posting!!!

Top Benefits to schedule posts on Facebook

Here are the benefits to schedule posts on Facebook.

It helps you to be efficient

To schedule posts on Facebook, you can become more efficient. When you are scheduling all the posts, then it can help you to choose the posts and then post them. It does not block off your posting ability and scope into and for your business.

If you are managing a business, then you know the hassles of doing so. You have to addedly take care of all the posts made from your account.

So if you want to have some good time and move your business towards the leading growth, then scheduling posts on Facebook will help you. It is the best solution for all the busy marketers out there.

Schedule posts on Facebook work for busy managers

For managing a company, there are so many things that kept in mind. You have to keep an open mind to reach the level of your posts.

Accordingly, if you are posting, then it can help in achieving user engagement. So you cannot miss out on this leading opportunity. By and to schedule posts on Facebook, you can post them. It becomes hard for everyone to post one after the other.

This is why you can schedule and then post it according to your wish. It will be perfect for those people who want to scope out for a leading engagement and then target the best.

It helps you to publish more than the usual

If you want to edit more than two posts per day, then use this option to schedule posts on Facebook. It can help you to release more and more. This might help you.

When you are about to publish, sit with about more than one post. Post and then schedule them, one after the other. Once you are done, you will see the posts getting updated on your page.

It will be good for your business. Especially if you want to share some new updates with the users and call out a brand name, these post scheduling will help. It helps you to be on top of your game.

To schedule posts on Facebook, you can create better content

When you are marketing your brand, then the content is power. Without content, your job cannot rank. You need to rate your post with the use of the great content that you have.

If you have produced some content, you advised spending some time with it. If you think that your post can attract all the target leads, then do it. It is perfect if you spend some time on the content produced.

If you produce fluff posts or content, then it cannot help you to keep all the attractive leads. Your business will eventually fall.

It helps to take care of the time zone

When you have a business, then your domain is more than one location. If it is right, then you know the struggle of finding a good time when you can post. This is because when it is 3:00 pm, then it can be 3:00 am somewhere else.

If you want to work out on the timing issues, then the scheduling will always be the best choice for you. It helps your content and post to rank based on the user engage quotient.

When a brand name is out there in the market, then the brand can have more than one geographical location. This is why scheduling becomes a critical load for the business.

Develop consistency

Scheduling posts on Facebook will help you be more consistent in posting. If you plan every post, and share the same content across various platforms and you can reach out to your consumers and viewers with the cohesive content. It helps the audience to set expectations for when you will be posting and when.

Consistency not only helps your audience to set expectation, it also helps you form a rigid schedule of how you want to go about things.

When should I post on Facebook?

If you convince yourself of the reasons now, then here is your scheduling draft.

  1. Post when you see that the users are at their peak engagement.
  2. Always keep a reader to post ratio. This implies that you need to take a look at the rate, which helps the readers to understand your post. And then move onto the next.
  3. Understand how to create outstanding content and then post it. If you are passionate about the idea of posting content on social media, then research up. Dig into your competitors and find the idea to post it accordingly.
  4. Choose if you want to use the post per week or post per day. Choosing anything that can help you to get more likes is better, always.

How is it like to post on Facebook?

To post on Facebook, there are some limits you have to take care of. If you understand all the things, then scheduling posts become easy.

Make sure that the work becomes easy

When you have to schedule posts on Facebook, then make sure that the task is easy. Understand the working alliance that you are handling. It will be perfect for you to post. There is an algorithm that you have to follow while posting.

Understand the algorithm

Based on the algorithm, things become clear to you. When you are marketing a brand name, then there are a couple of things to understand. First lies the intent of your brand name. Later secondly becomes what you are selling for your brand. If you take care of all the things, then it will be an easy job.

Every marketer out there wants an easy job to their side. It helps to cultivate a brand name from the start. So if you are one of those then handling the work will be easy for you. It will help you to structure the brand name and shape.

From the bottom to the top, you will understand.

Final tips and tricks

  • #1 – Plan the content you want to post well in advance

To begin with, remember that you need to plan your content well in advance. Make sure you foresee any advantageous festivities coming up (Like Christmas season, Thanksgiving, etc.) or seasons (Like summer, winter, monsoons, etc.) or sale seasons (Like one year anniversary sale, reaching 50.000 orders mark sale, etc.). Once you foresee your seasons, create content that fits the season and schedule it. You can even schedule it 6 months in advance or 1 month in advance. Scheduling may take more time initially, but it makes the process ahead very smooth and easy-flowing.

  • #2 – Focus on creating engaging and inviting captions

Secondly, its not only important to plan in advance, its important to plan “quality” content in advance. You must make sure that your captions are inviting, engaging, and attractive. Your captions should be:

  1. Short enough to capture the attention of your users and not bore them
  2. Long enough to give them a sneak into what the post picture is about
  • #3 – In order to schedule to your maximum benefit, optimize your calendar

To optimize you calendar means to understand what would the optimal time to post on Facebook. In brief-

what is the best time to post on facebook

The best time to post on Facebook can be found through articles on the net that have already researched about this or by seeing your own posts and figuring out which post recieved most engagement and what time it was posted.

  • #4 – Use analytics for a more all-rounding approach

Scheduling in itself is a great technique to boost sales and traffic. But to strengthen your technique more you can simply start using analytic reports about your posts. Analytics will give you a great insight into:

  1. What your users want to see?
  2. What your users like to like? What do they like to comment? What do they like to share?
  3. What promotes more clicks?
  4. What kind of designs are more visually appealing and attractive

It is hard to schedule posts on Facebook. If you are a newbie, then we all know how hard it is to manage for the first time. If you don’t have any prior knowledge, then take help from your social media marketer. They will help you to understand and analyze the situation.

Help you to take control of your posts and manage your work. If you are a busy marketer, then handling your work out to them is exceptional.

It will manage your timing too.


How do I schedule a post on Facebook 2020?

Start creating your Facebook post on Ubercircle Click next to Publish and select Schedule. Below Publication, select the date and time when you want the post to publish. Click Schedule.

How many posts can you schedule on Facebook?

For most sites, five to seven contents per week are a reasonable publishing pace. So for any given month, you may want 21 to 31 posts planned. You may be able to change the schedule, but it saved so much time to post pre-made graphics and to follow a routine with your text one by one.

Is there an app to schedule Facebook posts?

UBERCIRCLE IS THE EASIEST WAY TO SCHEDULE FACEBOOK POSTS The auto poster panel can help you plan and publish Facebook posts faster by enabling you to maintain your account up-to-date and active. You can also view Facebook posts by picking and editing your account.

Can I schedule a Facebook post on my personal page?

You can schedule a post on your business page for the future, but you have no means of doing it on Facebook as a part of your personal profile. You will set the date and time for your new Facebook post from your Facebook profile page.

Ubercircle makes scheduling all your social media content easy. Manage updates and interactions on all your platforms from one place.

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