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How to get twitter followers- Steps to know

How to get twitter followers- Steps to know

by Meghashree Das May 21, 2020
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How to get twitter followers

Social media platforms have become an intrinsic part of our lives and have a major role to play in our day to day activities. These days it’s hard to imagine one’s life without being present on any social media platform. How to get twitter followers guide will help you to get more twitter followers in no time, let’s dive into it.

People who believe to live their life organically by detaching themselves from the latest trends and technology that hinders their productivity and peace succumb to peer pressure.

In the early 90s or before when technology and gadgets did not dominate our lives, social interaction was the only means to vent out one’s thoughts and opinions.

The technology advent is more than ever

With the advent of technology and the advancements in devices, your opinion is just one click away. All credit goes to rising social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. This facilitates the user or public to create a wide impact on society. Twitter has been in the radar for quite some time now because the use of this technology is channelised througout the world. The fact that Twitter garners a ton of attention is because of the impact and the heavy bizz that it creates.

These platforms can be used for various purposes such as businesses, blogging, entertainment, education, making connections, etc. For start-ups or small businesses that have budget constraints, such platforms can be advantageous to them. Mostly for the use of making a stern career, Twitter is the best key to everything which helps in the work to be settled.

You get a chance to make so many connections and expand your network. Every month the user base is increasing with at least 10% when compared to the previous.

How twitter is different from other social media platforms?

People these days are so engrossed in their phones or laptops, constantly making a presence on their networking applications. This has become a kind of daily ritual for them. Posting and engaging with the public pouring out opinions.

What better platform could be than twitter, where one can reach to masses easily and mark their say in the community.  Twitter, as we all know, is a networking and micro-blogging website or application. Here you post your opinions, thoughts or anything that you want your group or the world to know about.

These posts are famously called tweets. For shooting up messages on the need to be a registered user of Twitter. So in order to become part of the twitter family, you need to create an account. By saying in a concise and short manner you can create a magnanimous impact.

Importance of Twitter

Twitter is a place where news is cracked first and posts get trendy and viral more easily. Eminent personalities ranging from Presidents, Prime Ministers of different countries to your favorite celebrities from across the globe are present. Irrespective of different fields personalities are working this platform is used by all of them.

So people who are passionate about their career domain can easily follow and get connected with their role models. This enables them to get insight into their day to day activities and get inspired by their work

One can follow their favorite brand and follow them in order to get the latest updates and fashion trends entering the markets. This platform carries a lot of pros with itself. Twitter can help you to easily connect with customer care services.

If you are not satisfied with the product or services provided by the company, you can easily post on your twitter account by mentioning them in your post. And the great news is that they actually listen and take a desired action for the same.

Why twitter followers are important?

No wonder how good you write or how major impact you want to create in society by using twitter as a medium. If you don’t have followers in good numbers, your opinions and thoughts will all go in vain. In order to display leadership skills, it’s important for you to have a good number of people who follow your account.

This is how your rhetoric would work in form writing and can help you in garnering supporters who will help your thoughts reach out to masses.

The same goes for those who are planning to start a business. A good amount of follower ratio will add trust and credibility to your brand. This will in turn help in spreading your business to a greater extend by establishing a good customer base.

For social media influencers more the number of followers still you feel short of followers. You need to abide by the fact more the merrier.

In brief twitter followers are important for:

  1. To raise your brand awareness
  2. To boost SEO
  3. To boost traffic to your site
  4. To increase sales
  5. To build credibility
  6. To engage with your followers

Be it any field or domain having an appreciatable number of twitter followers is a necessity if you have an expansive mindset.

How to gain twitter followers?

Twitter pivot on the concept of followers. By default all the tweets that one tries to post are public. But one can always change the setting and restrict the visibility of their tweets to their followers with whom they want to share. Similarly, if you want to look upon another person’s profile and tweets you need to follow them.

Generally, notable personalities have their tweets accessible to a general audience. But you will need to follow them in order to revert them or make comment on their post or to retweet them. Popular celebrities have a huge number of followers in millions, they tend to influence a larger audience through one tweet.

People getting inspired by them and are trying to make emulate the same on their profile by gathering bountiful followers. When they make this as their full-time profession major question that encounters their mind is how to get twitter followers.

Even many famous brands try hard to generate voluminous followers on their profiles. Society always runs on a simple fact that where there is a larger crowd more reliable the service will be and the rate of customer satisfaction would be more.

How to get twitter followers is still creates a sense of inquisitiveness among many. This curiosity leads to finding the right and perfect solution. So all your queries regarding how to get twitter followers in a good number will be answered in the coming lines.

There are different ways to generate a large number of followers on twitter. Some of the tips and tricks to increase the follower base on your profile are:

1 – Share your profile

We have always been taught since childhood that sharing is caring. If want to make big out of such an online platform, you need to treat your account as your prized possession.

And share the link of your every tweet and account too among your friends and family. Also, ask your near and dear ones to share it.

Besides, asking them to follow your account. This is the first and basic way of marketing your own profile. You are not helping yourself and society in terms of spreading awareness, but also such technologies enable you to learn a lot more different skills as well.

You learn marketing skills. One does not need to opt for advanced courses in order to reach to masses.

Sometimes simple and fundamental steps help you in gathering a large number of followers. How to get twitter followers might be getting more clear from this now onwards.

2 – Pin your tweets

pin a tweet on twitter profile

Follow this golden rule in order to increase your twitter followers. Always pin your best tweet on your profile. By pinning your tweet, this will be showcased on top of your tweet profile every time when one tries to open and go through your profile.

how to pin a tweet

Remember the point carefully that your pinned tweet should of high quality. The pinned tweet could be in any form. It can be in the form of the Url link of any website, it can be a promotional link. Your pinned tweet can be in the form of a picture you upload.

pin a tweet

But it should be informative and of extreme worth, that one can actually gaze upon it.

3 – Add a Twitter bio to make it really amazing


twitter bio

Add a super attractive and perfect bio. Twitter’s bio is indexed by search engines. So when anybody types something which matches or relates to your bio. Your Twitter link can pop up on the search page.

This is the best possible way in which a person can contact you. This is how you can get twitter followers.

The question is not only how to get twitter followers in terms of numbers, but also how to get twitter followers of good quality. Here surely quantity matters but if you are getting quantity with quality then this is what makes your page more appropriate.

This would, in turn, help you get an intellectual audience as well. Do not only look for only one basic factor of how to get twitter followers in digits besides try to opt for quality digits.

4- Use the location feature

For businesses that have budget constraints or locations constraints. Location constraints mean that your business is restricted to only one place and you are unable to spread it to the different locations.

One thing you can do is add the location (i.e. add the location where your business is present or the location of your office ) in your twitter bio.

By adding location to your twitter bio would enable you to reach locally-based social media influencers. These influencers have a great fan base from different regions or cities or even countries too. So hiring up these social media influencers any day will help your business reach new heights and outgrow your previous milestone.

These influencers can from any domain like they might be owning a small business, or they may belong to the field of journalism, vlogger, blogger, etc. One will definitely want to team up with them.

5 – Get your verification

Get your account verified. This would entail a sense of trust among your followers and will also help in generating more followers. One gets to know that the account is verified when your profile shows a blue tick.

Such a blue tick removes confusion and duplicity of profile and ensures that you are following a genuine account. So trust plays an imperative role in expanding the user base. This is one of the methods of generating genuine use base on profile.

Hopefully, this too answers your curious mind about how to get Twitter followers.

6- Link with other feeds

This is another way to market your own profile. See how good marketing strategy you are opting for, enabling you to become an efficient marketer by doing promotion on your other social media platforms apart from twitter. Besides twitter make sure you utilize your other social media platform efficiently and productively.

Mention your Twitter account on your other social media profiles and provide the link of the same. Providing a link to your Twitter account can help your fans to easily navigate to your profile and follow them. By this, you are avoiding them to indulge in any hustle.

This how you can get Twitter followers easily. Ask your fans to share the link of your twitter profile further in order to increase the user base.

7- Add your e-mail signature

What could be better than this, add twitter handle to your E-mail signatures? Yes! you heard right. Adding your Twitter handle account in your E-mail signature can act as word of mouth. This will help you even more to increase your follower base.

E-mail signatures are a mandatory and common thing in the corporate world.

When you work in corporate automatically you are interacting with a large number of people. This would, in turn, help you to increase your network and help you and your clients get intertwined. By this, you feel more connected. You can use these connections to your advantage.

Slyly you can add your Twitter handle to your E-mail signature. Don’t worry this will, in fact, add a more professional address to your signature. This would help you to get Twitter followers in good numbers. You may notice a drastic shift or increase in your user base by following this simple rule. This rule act as a word of mouth.

8- Say no to Tweet bursts!

The Korean based study has revealed that people who tweet too frequently in a short span of time will put you in a reverse process. Instead of increasing followers, people will start unfollowing you which you definitely don’t want to happen.

If your Twitter followers are divulging no matter at a high rate if your tweets are coming in succession in a short span of time you will be getting unfollowed by your existing followers. Nobody wants their timeline to get flooded with the same kind of related post or posts from a single account unnecessarily.

No tweet bursts will ensure no unfollowing and your Twitter followers will remain intact to your profile and with you too.

9- Twitter Chats 

Try to conduct and engage in Twitter chats. Organize Twitter chats with your fans and followers. Have an interactive session with them. This will help you to remain connected with them.

Also, your Twitter followers and fans will feel special as someone who they admire and look up to have put in efforts to chat with them.

When you are a source of inspiration for many, you must look at ways to interact with your followers. Besides adding a good amount of followers in your kitty. You hold a chance to give a great sense of direction to the masses by interacting with them and help your followers to lead a path of goodwill.

Fans usually treat their role model as a god too. So think of the position you have in their mind.

Make sure you stand in a good position. Organizing interactive sessions always do good in terms of generating followers. Chat can be in the form of making live interactive video sessions too. It’s a great way of exploring people having similar or different interests and thereby gaining followers.

10- Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the best possible ways to add traffic to your Twitter account and this also helps in getting followers to your account.

Generating leads turn out to be very effective and great. This method helps many businesses present on social media platforms. This would turn out to be fruitful for Twitter too. Thereby, helping in promoting the brand and reach out to a larger section of society.

11- Online Promotions

Unless you promote your product nobody will be going to buy it. Because there is no awareness regarding the product in the market. Similar is the case with your Twitter profile too. Promote your account as much as you can.

Do research well before taking up any action. Flaunt your content and show how competent you are and make the audience believe that hold you hold expertise in your domain. Your work should speak to others and should be impressive enough to attract people.

If you’re facing difficulties handling multiple social media accounts. Then you should consider using social media management tools like Ubercircle. It will help you to schedule, manage, analyze your social profiles all in one single dashboard which helps you to save more time, energy and money in the long run.

12- Make use of hashtags

Make use of relevant hashtags. Hashtags hep your posts be visible to a wider audience whenever they look for tweets within a particular topic. It helps you reach out to a wider audience much easily.

But you must note that you shouldn’t use hashtags that are not relevant to your content. If you are tweeting about a recipe, then don’t use irrelevant hashtags like – #Fashion or #News.

Ruling out the rules and working it out

By following these simple rules there are high chances of getting a high number of quality followers on your account. These steps are worth trying and will definitely make sure that there is an increase in your follower base. Hoping this may relax your nerves by answering your questions regarding how to increase Twitter followers.



How many followers is a lot on twitter?

A Twitter user who has sent 1 to 1,000 tweets has an average of 51 to 100 followers. Users who have tweeted more than 10,000 times are followed on average by 1,000 to 5000 users. It's estimated that a person with more than 15,000 tweets has between 100,001 to 1 million followers

What words do I tweet the most?

'Love' is the most used word on Twitter, followed by other positive expressions 'thank', 'happy' and 'great', according to new research.

Can you see who views your twitter?

There is no way for a Twitter user to know exactly who views their Twitter or specific tweets. That said, if a user wants to have a general idea about how many people have seen a tweet, then they can do so by visiting the Twitter Analytics page.

Who is the most followed person on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed individual on Instagram, with more than 200 million followers.

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