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Top 10 Tips to Become the Best Social Media Manager

Top 10 Tips to Become the Best Social Media Manager

by Kiran R.K.G May 05, 2020
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how to become a social media manager

The social media manager is a person who has to guide the integrated social media platforms of a company. The work is natural. The job of a manager is to take care of the details which are happening inside the company.

They have to make sure that the social media of that company is top-notch.

If you are passionate about media trends, then the work role will suit you. The social media manager is a simple person who is more inclined towards handling all social media platforms.

Their job is to take care of the details of the social media of the company, one after the other.

What does a social media manager do?

The work is not too easy when you put that in this respect. A social media manager has to handle all the social profiles for a company. They have to develop the social strategy for the company and then install them into the channels.

Their work is pretty much like a general manager. Like a general manager, they have to lay down some rules of the company. Then those rules calculate various criteria and guide points.

The social manager has to do the same with the company’s image. The social group these days is increasing, and the lack of social media presence can hamper a company. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the other media profiles are gaining audience from all around.

Convert the leads on time

The work of a manager is to take care of these leads, convert them into the specified audience. For the business, and then help them to do retained inside a company. Also, being a manager means the social media manager has to take care of the company’s image.

If the manager does not get them the right recognition, then the company’s hiring will be futile. The manager can be said as the voice of the organization.

With around millions of organizations that are budding every day, it becomes hard for the company to find someone. It is who can be reliable and source out their business. The manager helps the company to relax and then handles its business.

The campaigns which are set by them on various social media platforms track the rating of users. The clicks and shares are a small part of the role they play.

Social media manager duties

  • Social Listening – To monitor and respond to your customers and look into issues that may involve your reputation on the social web.
  • Social Influencing – Creating authority and expertise on the social web, by sharing of engagement-heavy content.
  • Social Networking –  Linking and associating with  other authoritative and influential persons and brands.
  • Social Selling – Converting existing customers and prospects to sales and leads.

What is the responsibility of a social media manager?

responsibility of a social media manager

Here are some of the responsibilities of a social media manager.

Develop the strategy

The first thing for a manager is to develop the plan. If they don’t grow and plan a plan for the brand name, then it can hamper the client’s or the company’s image. The manager has to make sure to start with a project at first. This is the prime role of their role.

Put in place the strategy

The strategy which develops is now to install. They don’t stick to developing the plan and then handing them out. They have to apply it to the right audience. By using the program, it is reached out to a variety of leads.

Develop social media profiles

This one can be a tedious job, but a social media manager got to do it. The work of the manager is to take care of the media profiles.
In that term, they have to make sure that the patterns integrated one after the other. Only then, they can target their lead audience.

Stay up to date with the trends

The social media world is a versatile one. There is no trend which goes on for ages. Becoming a media manager has to link to the directions.
It is made sure that the manager stays up to date with the media trends and then install it.

Define the brand name of the company

The social media manager has to define the brand name of the company. Their prime role is to help the company reach a certain level of recognition.
This happens when the company has a positive name of branding and brand name.
The media manager takes care of the work and helps the company to ‘enforce it.

Social media manager have to oversee and make content

One of the significant roles of that manager is to create and supervise the content. If the content is not made, then the company cannot enjoy it.
The content is the central part of the business. The media manager has to take this in mind and create an excellent material to post.

Post and schedule the tasks daily

Once the manager makes the content, they have to post it. The social media manager has to record the responsibilities as well.
Scheduling means taking care of the posts before. The plan the posts right on time and for the audience to take a peak.

Social media manager have to use all the tools

The work that a social media manager handles is technical. This can only be done with the help of the devices which are there. With the use of the tools, they take care of the task pretty well.
The social media manager has to get the tools right on time. They have to select them for usage.
Social media managers use SMM tools like Ubercircle to schedule and automate their social profiles.

Using a social media calendar

A social media calendar is like what a social media post circle and schedule looks like. With the help of the calendar, the manager can take care of the work. It is a weekly calendar, a quarterly one drafted, and even a monthly.

Collaborate with the manager and get the tasks

The manager of the company (general one) is to collaborate with the social manager as well. With the help of their collaboration, the work handled.
The general manager gets the tasks to the media manager. They, in return, scrutinize it and then do it. Social media managers play an important role in social media marketing.

Tips to become the best social media manager

how to become a best social media manager
Pro tips are always easy to follow.
They help you to find out the loopholes into your matter and solve it. So if you are to become a social media manager, these pro tips might help you.
They come from a trusted group of managers. These tips are useful, unlike the others on the net, which will beat around the bush.
Follow these tips to make certain that you are one step closer to your goal.

Consider getting a degree into communications to become a social media manager

To become a social media manager, it is not always a need to get a degree in media communications. But if you have one, then bingo.
With the help of the degree, you can understand the work of the manager. The role cleared to you, and at the same time, you get the zest.
If you want to be good at your job, you have to become it from the start. If you are ‘nourishing your job role from the beginning, it will help you to get the best.
The same thing happens with social media promotions. If you are into communications and a media-based field, you will understand better.

Stay versed with all the tools in the industry

The social media manager has to get an idea of all the devices used. If you don’t have a basic understanding, then you cannot do your work.
If you wish to become a media manager, then you have to take a look into the variety of tools that are used.
It is the job of a social media manager to execute the company’s rule and policy with the use of tools. The tools form the mechanical part of media promotion.
Some of the necessary tools include:
  1. SEO optimisation
    SEO is often set as a different department within organizations, particularly in relation to social media and content. A great social media manager ought to know how to optimize content on social media networks with regards to SEO. If you include SEO as part of your social media management skills, you will boost your engagement, resulting in more potential customers. As Forbes explained, “content is the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, and your social media manager is the gatekeeper and promoter of much of this content.” While you think about combining SEO with your social media management skills, try to answer the following questions:

    • Do you understand the relation between social media exposure and higher rankings in the SERPs?
    • What strategies will you use to promote blog content on social media?
    • Do you know how  to drive traffic to your company’s?
    • Do you know how increase in traffic relates to your website’s revenue?
  2.  Basics of graphic designing
    Graphic design skills are not a “mandate” for a position like social media manager because you will probably have a graphic designing team at your fingertips. But irrespective of having a team or not basic graphic designing skills will facilitate your job more efficiently, especially because graphics have become highly important for engagement. The basic of using tools like Canva or Buffer can be used by you:

    • To create unique memes and gifs to show off your brand’s unique personality
    • To analyse if the templates submitted by your graphic designing team are up-to-the mark or not.
  3.  Competitor analysis
    Along with being an expert for your own channel, being successful also includes having knowledge of what others on the web are doing. Are your competitors designing campaigns on the basis of:

    • Trending news
    • Trending lingo amongst youngsters
    • Using paid ads

    Those are amongst the few important aspects you should look out for. It important to understand that you need not imitate your competitors, but understand what strategies they’re following and why. This gives a sense of how you can streamline your campaigns and what should be the focus of your channels.

A social media manager looks for opportunities everywhere

If you are sitting along and not paying attention to the possibilities, then you will never become a social media manager.
It is the work of the media manager to take a peek into the array of opportunities. With the help of this work, they can understand how companies are recruiting from all around.
The social media manager is the central part of the company’s portfolio management. So if you wish to become a media manager, then you can approach a local company.
You can enhance their brand name with the use of the techniques and the tools you have. One after the other, you can gather the leads and clients for their work. Then help them to enhance their business regularity.
At the same time, you can plan the various tricks to get the work done right on time.

Remember that you are being watched

A social media manager is always viewed. Becoming a manager is not an easy job. You have to pave in the role and make sure that you have the source out.
When you are working for a company, then they won’t let you off the hook so.
Remember, your work scrutinized from every single point. And the main thing about social media is, you can reach out to the audience.
Once you make a mistake, it can be a downfall for the business.
Always try to stop and pause for a second and then overlook the content you are drafting. If you write something inappropriate or in a hurry, then the audience of the people won’t let you off.

A social media manager never stops learning

“A social media director is the one who never stops learning”
There are a lot of hindrances that you will face in your way. Starting from the underlying problems to ranking your page or company to the top. Social media promotion is not an easy task.
But becoming a manager will help you to understand the task and, at the same time, install it. A social media manager has to learn their ways. If you don’t adapt to yourself every day, then you won’t and cannot do your task.
Always remember that changing yourself to the kind of job you are in is the best part of that job.
If you don’t adapt yourself, then you won’t plan the ideas. It is to your very job profile that you should take the lead and make the changes.
If you are not the kind of person who will adapt, then becoming a social media manager is not a useful return. Your job role is to be versatile. You have to make sure that you are completely versatile in the kind of work you do.

Be comfortable in your sphere

If you are working somewhere, then you have to become comfortable in your field. The work of a manager is to be comfortable in the field. They have to make sure that the work obtains done. If you are not comfortable in your area, then don’t consider this job profile.

Always be comfortable in the sphere of your work and be on time. It can yield you a more beautiful result, and you will love working as a media manager in a company that you love.

Find the brands that you admire

The main work of a social media manager is to find a brand that can admire. If you are running with a company that you don’t like, then things can go north. It is better that you work with a brand and a name.
If you have something in your mind, then you can always tool that idea. Make sure that you make a portfolio for the job you are applying to.
After you created it, it will is better for you to drop it in the client’s office. Or you can even lose your portfolio to the need of the client’s website.
It depends on the client or the brand now to hire you.

A social media manager has an online portfolio

Always and always remember that no one will hire you if you don’t have a collection. On the added subject of how to become a social media manager, you have to make sure that you have a group.

A portfolio will get the ranks, and your name is shortlisted. If you have an online site, then you can upload the collection that you want with the help of the website.

It will be better if you choose activities and platforms like Behance or others to make sure of the work. This is how to become a social media manager and this way, and you can make your progress.

Add experience to increase your volume

If you want to become a social media manager, then you have to add expertise. With the topic of how to become a social media manager, the top tip is to add knowledge to your work. If you have the experience, then you have the volume. It is simple maths.

The companies these days are looking for people who can benefit their business. So if you are a person who has a lot of experience, then it is the best thing for you. Always make sure that the experience is built in the work that you do.

So once you have the experience, you will be selected for the job pretty.

Prove excellent time skills to become a social media manager

Another or the last thing to manage to become a social media manager is to get your time skills. Always make sure that you have the right time skills. If you don’t have the correct time skills, you are not fit for the role. The main work of a social media manager is to take care of the posts and the contents of the site. Time skills are the variety of your job which you have to do, right on time.

From a base to the others, if you have don’t have the right time skills, it won’t be a good image for your role. Make sure that your time skills are on point.

If you want to be hired, then you have to impress your boss. Show them that you can follow the time like water on the flow.

How much do social media managers make?

How much do social media managers make

The average salary of a social media manager depends on the role they play. It also depends on the variety of companies they work for. There are two types of media managers.

1. Freelancer.
2. The one who works for a company.

If you are a freelancer, then your work and pay can be more. This way, you can get more clients at the same time. It can be useful for you to help you to stick some experience into your job profile too.

If you are working for a company, then the salary depends. The average salary can be around $15,000 pa for a professional or even less if you are a beginner. As mentioned before, it depends on the work that you do and the company you are in.

Get yourself a social media training

It is always better if you train yourself. If you want to become a professional social media manager, then an exercise will help you.

The work of a social media manager is to handle all types of tasks. This is why formal training can save you from the rut. The practice is the main thing which will get your job done.

So if you are to become a media manager, don’t worry. It is an easy job, and most people can do it. Make sure that you understand it well before you start diverging into it.

how to become a social media manager

FAQ Section

How much money can you make as a social media manager?

According to, the average salary ranges between $34,432 and $56,571. Many executives in social media are people with one to four years of experience. You certainly shouldn't make any of these detrimental social media mistakes if you want to grab this job, and you should inform yourself by reading these posts.

What does it mean to be a social media manager?

Social media managers are in charge of curating the social channels of a brand. They are responsible for monitoring, moderating and responding to comments of the audience; managing social partnerships with other brands and creating or posting images.

What does a social media manager do?

Manage marketing and daily activities in social media including developing content relevant subjects to reach the target customers of the company. Creating, curating and managing all published contents (images, video, audio/podcast)

What qualifications do you need to be a social media manager?

It is expected that the social media manager will keep up with new trends and company and industry news. Most of the time, a bachelor's degree is usually required for someone to become a social media manager in fields such as marketing, public relations, industry, and news. Some of them also have full master's degrees in internet marketing

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