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How to be happy with yourself in some steps?

How to be happy with yourself in some steps?

by Meghashree Das May 19, 2020
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happy with yourself

Let’s be honest; you all think about how to become happy with yourself at some point in your life. You are probably doing that now and ended up here. Usually, we just think of things we can do to make ourselves happy.

We then immediately start focusing on achieving those goals. There is nothing wrong if you are continually looking for ways to become happy with yourself.

It has its importance in some way. We, like humans, mostly focus on surviving rather than living in the moment, and it is a part of our lives now. We worry about things like food, shelter while ignoring something basic like the idea of happiness.

In our busy schedule, we often neglect the specific check facts. It includes whether you are happy or not, or what you need to become happy with yourself.

Can you be Happy with Yourself if you have More Money?

Some people genuinely believe that they can become happier if they had lots of money. However, it isn’t the case because there are plenty of examples to prove otherwise. Some well-known and well-off people are there who aren’t happy with themselves.

On the contrary, some group of people without any material wealth consider themselves as happy. Therefore, it’s safe to say that not every wealthy person is happy. The same goes for the opposite attribute as well.

The thing is, there are things that we think will make us happy but actually won’t do so long-term. It is right for us to have a basic level of financial security and stability to become satisfied. Nevertheless, if we look past it, making more money won’t necessarily turn us into the happiest person alive.

Being Happy with Yourself is Less Pursuing and More Finding

Being happy with yourself is not about pursuing happiness but more like finding things that can help you recognize your satisfaction. If you are looking for ways to become comfortable with yourself, know for sure. You may fail to realize that you already have it. Let’s just start with truly accepting ourselves.

You think that things like raises, promotions, a new house, or other material wealth will make you feel good. You will feel good with such possessions, however, for only a few fleeting moments. They won’t serve any long-term goal of being happy with yourself. Things that help long-term goals include family, friends, experiences, gratitude, compassion, and some more.

Consider your happiness as a journey and not as a destination. Try to experience joy right here and at the present moment. Be happy with yourself from the choices you make in your day-to-day life.

Be Happy with Yourself with Self-acceptance


Don’t get confused between self-esteem and self-acceptance. Self-esteem is a way to measure how worthy we see ourselves.

On the other hand, self-acceptance is about embracing everything that makes us a person, including all our flaws and weaknesses. In short, with self-acceptance, we recognize ourselves as involved individuals and being okay with the way we are.

Sometimes, our self-acceptance correlates with how well our parents and other authority figures accepted us. Before reaching a certain age, children look at their parents to provide the acceptance they need.

Because at an early age, we don’t have the ability to form opinions about ourselves. Hence the message we receive from our parents must be positive. This way, we can grow-up accepting ourselves more efficiently compared to other children who did not.

Some people even consider self-acceptance as a challenge. We combat our guilt for years. We often judge and criticize ourselves. That also led us to treat others better than we treat ourselves. Try to redirect those feelings towards you instead of others. Accept that you were doing the best you can in the present moment.

Are Self-acceptance and Self-growth the Same?

This question may cross your mind at one point while making this challenging, sophisticated, yet fantastic journey of finding ways to be happy with yourself. You may think you will be pleased with yourself if you endeavor personal growth.

But these two concepts are not compatible with each other at all. There is nothing wrong with learning and becoming a better person. However, self-acceptance is about living and accepting ourselves in the present moment, not the past nor the future.

And this is one of the essential keys to be happy with yourself.

Make Objectives that are Realistic and Attainable

When we have goals, they give us a sense of purpose. Moreover, when we meet these goals, we get a boost of self-confidence.

Conversely, people make this one major mistake, setting unrealistic goals. When you set unrealistic goals, you may fail to accomplish it. When we fail to attain such goals instead of feeling appreciative and accomplished, we feel worse about ourselves.

This feeling may end up making ourselves harder than before.

Hence, make sure you set realistic goals to become happy with yourself. Set goals you are more likely to achieve. Make sure your objects are specific and measurable. If you are not sure whether your goal is achievable or not, then make sure they are realistic. Setting a timeframe with your goal is an excellent way to motivate yourself better. Take these points under consideration while on your journey of being happy with yourself.

Be happy with Yourself and let Go of Old Grudges

Be happy with Yourself

We all know the benefits of forgiving and not holding grudges. We also know that it is easier said than done. It not only stands in the way of your goal to become happy with yourself, but it may also affect your overall health.

Because when we hold grudges against someone, we host feelings like resentments, hostility, and anger. Such an attitude may put you up at risk for heart attacks.

Focusing more on these negative feelings also drains your energy and waste your time. Do something worthwhile and fun instead of plotting revenge against someone.

Forgiving Someone is More about Forgiving Yourself

While embarking on this challenging journey to become happy with yourself, you will learn many things and lessons.

Another important thing you will learn while trying to become happy with yourself is the process of learning to forgive. “You can’t control the movements of others, but you can control how you react to it” is a famous quote used by millennials.

It teaches us that learning is more about forgiving yourself for holding on to the negative emotions.

You can begin this by understanding how to become in charge of your own emotions. Once you know it, focus on your emotions and feelings for the person or situation that wronged you. Try to look at the same location from a third person’s point of view.

You can even discuss it with your trusted friend or family. Then try to get rid of those negative feelings.

However, we don’t want you to forgive and forget. There is a difference between being upset about a situation and forgetting it. You must remember such incidents because it will help you avoid them in the future.  Learn to forgive but without forgetting.

Be Happy with Yourself by Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Try to find a connection between a healthy lifestyle and happiness. If it is not making sense to you, then think of it from the other way. We talked about how your negative emotions can impact your overall health and happiness.

In the same way, we can compare your happiness with your health and life satisfaction.

It is safe to say that healthy people are happier and happy people are healthier. Strive to become pleased with yourself by becoming more robust and satisfied with your life.

It doesn’t mean that you need to become incredibly strict with yourself. If you forget to exercise or overeat a few days a month, it is not the end of the world. The important thing is you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to become genuinely happy with yourself.

Avoid bad habits, like taking drugs, smoking, and excessive drinking. These habits are not healthy and don’t contribute to your over-time goal of being happy with yourself.

Don’t push yourself either, though. Just try to get enough 6-8 hr sleep, eat more vegetables and fruits, and physical training with your routine.

Converge on your Physical and Mental Health to Become Happy with Yourself

You should get at least 30 minutes of cardio on most days of the week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can run or walk, dance, swim, or play sports to get physical exercise.

You are more likely to keep up with your healthy exercise routine if you do something you enjoy. When you enjoy your application, you will be happier because it won’t feel like an errand.

Now let’s talk about our mental health. Being fit physically mean nothing if you are not fit mentally. It is essential to consider our mental health as well.

We have so many opinions going on in our life. However, it’s essential to take care of ourselves mentally by keeping our stress level low. You must be healthy both mentally and physically to become happy with yourself.

One of the other ways that we overlook our physical well-being is by ‘sitting’. Yes, a simple thing that we all do can contribute greatly to how we feel. Remember that you must always try to sit in an ergonomic posture. The trick to sitting upright is that your spine must rest completely on your backrest.

Happy with yourself

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Reduce your Stress Level and Be Happy with Yourself

There are various ways you can reduce your stress level and become happy with yourself. This includes breathing exercises, stretching, taking a long walk/stroll, and more. If you have so many things going at once, try taking a break and use your time to relax and meditate.

If you don’t meditate often, try closing your eye and gently get rid of any thoughts that cross your mind.  The more you will do it, the more you will be able to extend your meditation skill and practice.

Just like we go to the gym for physical exercise, the same way we must meditate once in a while. Do get mindful-meditation regularly for the well-being of your mental health and become happy with yourself.

Not only will it help you cope with your anxiety and depression, but it will also help you stay grounded. Meditating just a few minutes a day, the day will lower your blood pressure and pain levels. It is another excellent way to become happy with yourself.

You can’t be Happy with Yourself if you are serious all the time

If we don’t take any break and keep working, there are high chances of us becoming boring and unhappy. Don’t forget, bored as well. Don’t believe in the common saying that encourages us to keep pushing ourselves. Don’t try to get ahead by pushing yourself till you reach your breaking point to achieve your goals. Avoid neglecting other parts of your life in favor of your career.

It is good that you are trying to work hard, but at the end of your life, you won’t wish for longer working hours.

People wish to engage in fun activities or spending more time with their friends and families.  You can have a burnout even from the most rewarding job. You must make time to engage in activities that make you happy.

You will get a new standpoint at work from the time you spent away.

Make Schedule for Leisure to become Happy with Yourself

Just like you don’t forget about conferences and important meetings, don’t forget about adding some time for leisure in your schedule. Making some time for fun doesn’t include accepting any new project or solving an overwhelming project.

You can take a 10-minute walk, watch a comedy show, devote an afternoon to your favorite spot, and anything fun. You can also take up a hobby in your free time.

Don’t spend your entire holidays trying to run chores. Make your days more relaxing and fun. Go on vacation with your friends or family on holiday to take some time off.

Think of your childhood and try to remember things you wanted to do more than anything. Try to become childish while having fun, and it includes doing things without worrying about doing it the right way.

The most material thing to remember is to have fun and relief from your stress.

Make a Gratitude List and Be Happy with Yourself

When we focus more on something good and right, it leaves us feeling happier and satisfied with ourselves. Try making a daily gratitude list for all the things that happened that made you great. It will help you take some time off from negative and worrisome thoughts daily. Gratitude is attached to happiness, both firmly and consistently.

You can name your gratitude journal, and decorate it as you please. Very often, 5-10 minutes right before you sleep is known to be the best time to put down your blessing sin your gratitude journal. But in case you prefer another time then you are absolutely free to do this whenever you want.

When you feel gratitude towards people or things, you get attached to positive emotions. When you give more thanks to people you relish more useful experiences. It will even help you improve your overall health.

Acknowledge and appreciate the goodness in your life and enjoy great experiences that come with it. It will help you connect to something larger than yourself, like another individual, nature, or higher power. It is quality that you can quickly cultivate to become happy with yourself.

There is a strong association between feeling gratitude and well-being of an individual.

Find yourself a Career that you Genuinely Enjoy 

It is a difficult task, but you must prioritize finding your career that you genuinely enjoy. When you enjoy your work, you allow yourself to become happy with yourself. Try to find a workplace that uses your strength. Your work should enable you to experience some success.

Because when we put our energy into something and it lead us to achieve our goals. It allows us to see how we make a difference. Such accomplishments enrich us with positive emotions and a sense of purpose.

Enjoying the company of your colleagues has equal importance.

Your productivity will improve if you are happy at work and generally. On the other hand, your productivity may get affected if you are unhappy. When we are good at something, we love and enjoy, and we can get in to flow with it.

Our happiness gets a boost when we experience such flows. Try finding ways to use your strengths daily to get a happy life.

Learn More about Yourself for Happier Life

Learn More about Yourself

Learn to become happy with yourself by managing your mindset and staying calm. Become more comfortable with confidence; build your strength and self-esteem.

Do things that you enjoy the most, and develop good relationships with others.

Try to achieve small goals at a time, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. It is usually the best way to achieve any goal. When you plan your day and tasks this way, they become a good habit. It will also subtract you to run your day without overthinking it smoothly.

There are so many ways you can allow yourself to be happy from this moment. Try pursuing new experiences rather than new things.

Material things won’t help you achieve your long-term happiness goals. You can try to cultivate an active social support network as well. This way, you will feel better because then you will have a community that feels the same way. It is inherent to spend some quality time with your friends and family to make your life happier!

When you are feeling happy, it makes a big difference in your energy and enthusiasm throughout the day.

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How to be happy with yourself


How do you know if you're happy with yourself?

Ways to tell if you're really happy: 1) You enjoy the lifestyle you've created. 2) You can cope with setbacks. 3) You speak your truth. 4) You pursue your passions. 5) You can create your own joy. 6) You reach out for help when you need it. 7) You prioritize your own well being. 8) You accept yourself as is.

Why Being Happy Is Important?

Your self-confidence can improve a lot when you are happy as well as you will be less negative towards yourself, and others too. Being happy can be contagious, your energy and attitude can affect those around you too.

Can you be happy in a relationship if you're not happy with yourself?

Being in a relationship is about being supportive of your partner. Relationships take work - constantly. If you are not up to the task of committing to the effort for the rest of your life, then you shouldn't be in a relationship. When people aren't happy with themselves, or their life, they get frustrated.

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