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How to advertise on Facebook in a simpler way?

How to advertise on Facebook in a simpler way?

by Meghashree Das April 01, 2020
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How to advertise on Facebook

Today if you have a business you know the most important thing is to have a good marketing strategy. When we used the term Marketing we would imagine a bunch of employees sitting in a meeting pointing at graphs. We also imagine a man going home to home with the aim to increase brand awareness.

But today it’s not the same as we come across various advertisements all over our screens right in our hands. Marketing and advertisement today have become way easier due to the existence of social networking sites like Instagram Facebook and Twitter.

How to advertise on Facebook?

In 2020 social media dominates our lives and 75% of the population claims that they have learned about new companies online on social media. We need to understand the importance of social media when it comes to advertising.

How to advertise on Facebook with imported skills?

Facebook is the best social media networking platform out there for marketing and networking along with keeping in touch. Facebook Messenger makes it easier for marketers to follow up with their customers.

Facebook has the most users and around the business on Facebook where most of them are successful. But have you ever wondered about how to advertise on Facebook in the first place?

Advertising on Facebook is not as easy as it seems due to its ever-changing algorithms. We need a complete understanding of its processes and need to work step by step structurally. A planned strategy is important when it comes to understanding how to advertise on Facebook.

We need to know how to advertise on Facebook as only then we can make full use of a big platform like Facebook to its full extent.

Facebook ads and its types- Basics to advertise on Facebook 

Carousel ads

Facebook Carousel ads

Carousel ads consist of various videos and images. This type of add is one of the most efficient as it is interactive, entertaining and attractive. Analysis has reported that carousel ads bring more buyers than compared to any other add type. It’s the fastest when it comes to converting leads into purchases.

  • 3-5 images are allowed
  • Image ratio is 1:1
  • Image size: 600×600 pixels
  • Limited to 40 characters in the headlines
  • 20 characters in the link description
  • 90 characters in the body text

Campaign aim: all times of ads except video or engagement ads

Poll ads on Facebook

Polls add are an interactive form of an advertisement on Facebook. Users through this add poll on one option out of the given options by the designer about the product. The poll can be about topics associated with the product leading them to their product slowly.

Facebook poll ads

These polls ads don’t only increase the awareness of the product in the market but it’s also helpful to you as you learn to understand their preferences. This will help you understand the trend among consumers according to which you can focus and target your audience.

  • Limited to 25 characters in the headlines
  • 30 characters in the link description
  • 90 characters in the body text

Campaign aim: video viewers, spread product awareness

Slideshow ads on Facebook

Slideshow ads are really easy to make and quickly draws attention. These adds are a series of photos or clips put together to create a video. You can even make a huge panorama connecting several photos of a single picture.

Slideshow ads on Facebook

If you don’t have photos that belong to you, you can always find on Ads manager and find the add which most appropriately suits you.

  • Image specification
  • Number of images allowed in the add are 3-10
  • Pixels to be around: 1280×720
  • Ratio limited to 16:9, 1:1 or 2:3
  • Duration of the add: 15 seconds maximum

Collection ads on Facebook

These collection ads provide its users with a unique experience. These ads are specially made for mobile phone viewers.


Once the user clicks on the add it shows 4-6 more or similar products mainly of the same company. Collection ads let the buyers shop for your product without even leaving the Facebook page.

Online shopping using this type of ads is fine even if you have slow internet.

  • Limited to 25 characters in the headlines
  • Characters in link description-n/a
  • 90 characters in the body text

Campaign aim: catalog, conversion, sales

Canvas ads

Canvas ads give users the opportunity to experience full-screen immersive ads that are interactive.

Canvas ads on Facebook

Here the users can view the add just like it would present on its site. But the only difference the viewers don’t actually have to go their site to shop making it convenient for.

Facebook Ad Sizes and Specifications

Video one

Videos can be a minimum of 720p with a 1.78.1 ratio for complete screen engagement. File type to be MOV or MP4.

Text specifications

500 words are the max limit for text in canvas ads. But as we know that adds are best when short, crisp and to the point, it’s advisable to keep it between 20 -30 words.

Image specifications

Minimum size of photos required for canvas ads is 400px and 150px wide and high respectively. With max set at 1080px -5400px wide and 1920px high.

Messenger ads

Messenger ads show up in the messenger app which is the messaging platform for Facebook. It has over 1.3 billion users. It is designed for a better connection where you can engage with them on the basis of personal conversation. This new feature is added as it has been observed that personal engagement with consumers has led to a high number of responses and success rates. The adds pop in the messenger and if interested users can click on it and a chat box will appear.

Image dimensions for Facebook ads

Image ads are pretty self-explanatory. These are advertisements through attractive images. If you have a high budget you can get a photoshoot done for your campaign.

Just because it’s a still photo and not a video doesn’t mean it has to be dull. You need to be innovative and have a good advertisement team at hand to attract the viewer’s eyes.

  • Limited to 25 characters in the headlines
  • characters in the link description
  • 125 characters in the body text

Campaign aim: all objectives except video views

Video usage on Facebook ads

Video adds consists of a small video that is made to let the viewer grasp the essence of your product. The video should be made in a simple way not complicating things and should give the viewers a basic idea of their company and what it offers. These ads may be shown while watching or before watching a big length video.

  • Limited to 25 characters in the headlines
  • 30 characters in the link description
  • 125 characters in the body text

Campaign aim: serve all objectives

Generating leads with the use of advertising

These ads are designed to make signups and subscription convenient for users. You can gain information about the user directly from your phone ads.

lead ads facebook

When the user clicks on this ad a small page comes up for contact detail. While the rest of their personal details like name and email are already filled. They have to just click submit, this short process of signing in leaves the customer satisfied as it saves their time.

  • Image specification
  • Size: 1200x628pixel
  • Ratio: 1.91:1
  • 125 is the limited number of characters allowed in leads adds text
  • 25 characters are allowed in its headlines
  • 30 characters are allowed in its link description.

Facebook Dynamic Ads!

Dynamic ads are one of the best tools used by marketers as a remarketing strategy.

In this type of add that changes its content quickly to suit the particular user by using their information by pixel ads.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Another thing that dynamic ad does is that it’s used for remarketing campaigns. There are times when the user halfway into the checking out process loses interest in the product and decides to not buy your product. That’s when you can make use of this type of add to bring your customer back to your website. These ads after a while again appear in the viewer’s news feed-in an attempt to attract them back to your product.

How to advertise on Facebook using stories and miscellaneous?

Here is how the other parties play a significant role.

Stories ads have become an additional feature to your news feed on almost all social media networking sites including Facebook. It has been reported that in today’s generation z and millennials are less likely to watch an entire video of an ad. They would rather watch a brand’s short duration story. Only 28% of the millennials would actually tilt the phone and view the video.

stories ads facebook

Facebook stories are exactly what our younger generations want. It has also been reported that stories ad brought them more traffic and way more interested consumers’ response than compared to other ads.

Aim: to increase product awareness, increase lead generation, video viewers and conversion into the purchase

Type of ads which can market in today’s reality

Augmented reality ads

Augmented reality ads are different from other ads as these are not just a still picture with a posing model.

Facebook Augmented reality ads

Augmented ads create emotional connections with people until they feel connected with the product. It gives the viewer experience of a real-world environment stimulated experience

Game ads

Game or also called playable ads which are interactive strategies of marketing your brand. Here users can play a game that attracts people to the ad even if not interested in the product.

facebook Game ads

Ad specifications

  • File size- 2MB or less
  • HTTP requests not allowed
  • Available only in portrait mode

What is Facebook advertising?

For a lot of beginners the first thing that came to their mind is:

  1. What is Facebook advertising?
  2. Will it be successful?
  3. How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook advertising means advertisements that the user voluntarily goes through. These ads are based on a specific age, gender, and region.

YouTube which is also one of the most used media uses advertisements in a more aggressive approach. It forcibly makes its viewers watch ads. Even if it’s for 4-12 seconds after which you can skip it definitely frustrates the users. Face book, unlike YouTube, suggests ads that the user might have shown interest in earlier. It’s based on their likes and dislikes, profile or search history.

If you liked a book or joined a group about books Facebook suggests you add about e-book companies and ask for you to subscribe. One thing about Facebook is that the users choose and decide voluntarily on what ads they want to view rather than jamming it down their throats.

You can tell it’s an advertisement if you see:

  • Like button
  • Sponsored button
  • Subscribe button

So here is a complete guide on how to advertise on Facebook step by step. At the end of reading this guide, you will be able to advertise your company to success on Facebook like a pro effortlessly.

Steps on how to advertise on Facebook

Step 1: on to how to advertise on Facebook- Make identity online

Your first step for advertising on Facebook would be signing in and creating your account. First, create your business account and make sure that you make your profile attractive enough. Post a few ads if you want just to get started. As soon as this is done you have to go ahead and make an ad account. Through the ad account, you make changes in the profile and customize it in the next few steps.

Step 2: on how to advertise on Facebook – set marketing objectives

facebook marketing objectives

You should set some basic objectives for your Facebook advertising:

Brand awareness

One of your main aims will be to increase awareness of your brand. The awareness will not only be limited to Facebook.


Engage with your audience and make them feel connected and prove the relevance of your product. Focus on increasing likes and attendance in your events.

App installations

Try and get more and more people to install your app. Give special privileges or offers for those who are willing to use your app for purchasing.

Video views

Create attractive and insightful content and try and get more and more viewers to view your video. Make the video short and to the point highlighting the advantages of your product.


Invest in messenger ads and encourage users to contact you on a Facebook messenger. Provide appropriate and polite assistance while making them comfortable gaining their trust.

Generate Lead

Focus on generating more and more leads by conversion.


Get more and more viewers to subscribe purchase or like your product


Get more and more people to view your site for awareness


Let your ad reach as many viewers as possible, every viewer is a potential customer

Step 3: Facebook Ads – the first campaign

You can put up your first campaign for your brand account just to get started. Do remember this is just a sample add the real work is yet to be done.

To put up a campaign click on promote on your profile page on the right side.

Click on Go to ads manager. After which you will be redirected to another page, click on the button Create a campaign. As this is your first campaign much customization isn’t required. Select the send people to your website button and it will be posted.

While naming your campaign keep in mind to name it carefully and to be as creative you can be. Along with naming the campaign you also have decided whether you will be setting the budget and if you will be creating a split test.

Step 4: Facebook Ads- target audience

Through Facebook custom audience you can customize and decide who all you choose as your audience. Here you can choose the audience on the basis of:

facebook ads target audience

  • Gender- choose your target on the gender which will be more attracted to your product
  • Age – choose your target on the basis of specific age which will be more attracted to your product
  • Location- choose to target people of a certain specific location or language
  • Interest- Facebook looks at the user’s interests. Pages liked or showed interest in and whether it’s similar to your brand
  • Behavior- has a look at their purchases, previous participation, and regular engagement.
  • Connections- you can send specific ads to people according to their relations with your company. You can decide to send a newly created ad to those who have the same interest yet not yet connected with you.

Step 5: Facebook ads placement

Choosing where your ads will display is one of the easiest tasks while using Automatic placement. In automatic placement, Facebook automatically chooses the platforms to post your ads when they will be best received.

Facebook ads placement

But if you want to take more control of your page and its placements you can choose from the following:

  • Device- laptop, computer mobile phone
  • Platforms- Instagram, twitter, apps, Facebook
  • Placement -news feed, stories, messenger, articles or websites
  • Operating systems- Android, IOS

Step 6: Facebook Ads- set budget and schedule

Once targeting and customization of ads are done focus on ad budget and schedule.

You need to be careful when you are setting your budget for the ads. If you are a beginner it’s better to keep your budgets low as you don’t have a strong source of finance in the beginning.

Facebook Ads budget and schedule

You can schedule the ad either on a day to day basis or lifetime basis. I would recommend you go with lifetime Budget. On day to day basis you have more control and can schedule the ad on specific time periods when you know your audience will be active.

It’s always better to optimize your budget as if selected automatic setting Facebook will choose a daily budget. By using that Facebook will be displaying your ad all day long even when your audience isn’t active. This will only be a waste of your money. Make budget decisions wisely

After you have set your ad budget and scheduled as desired select the Continue button.

Step 7: Create an ad on for your Facebook Campaign

Now is the time to make your first ad for the page. It’s best that you make simple ads as it’s your first brand ad and wouldn’t want to overdo it.

Create an facebook ad

Choose the format you want and type the text you want to be displayed.

I would suggest you use a single image which is your own. Your first ad content should be entirely yours.

While picking your photo check if it’s according to the image specifications.

  • Image specifications:
  • Size- 1200x628pixels
  • Ratio-1.91:1
  • Text limit- 20%/

Note- Facebook does not allow any ads with more than 20% text on advertisements.

Step 8: of how to do Facebook remarketing

Once you have created an ad it will be seen by plenty of potential buyers. These users will like to subscribe but when it comes to purchasing blackout. At this moment you can’t let an almost won opportunity slip away. Use dynamic ads and other marketing strategy and remarket.

Facebook remarketing

Remarketing can also be used when the customer already bought something. You can suggest other products which go with their purchase.

Example- of a customer bought a pen suggests them designed noted pads.

Step 9: of how to advertise on Facebook – drop ads and seek a new audience

After much observation and tracking, you should separate ads that are not doing as well as you expected.

Ads that are not bringing significant leads or traffic to your account. After separating these ads drop these ads and focus on the types of ads that are profitable and worth your money.

Step 10: of to advertise on Facebook – optimize and track

The key to successful advertising on Facebook is the trial, test, and repeat. Every now and then keep changing or introducing new content. The introduction of new content into your profile will give a versatile brand reputation. It’s important to keep testing and keep trying to look increase your audience.

Optimize your preferences with time and keep an eye on new trends. Facebook provides a feature called A/B Split testing.

First testing kit: A/B Split Testing

This allows you to test 2 ads which are mostly the same except a few changes. It lets you create ads that are tweaked with minor changes. This feature is given so that marketers can understand which ad works for them. Also to understand which type of ads and which group of audience is more profitable to invest

A/B Split Testing facebook ads

  • To create split testing ads go to your page and find the ad you want to split.
  • Click on it and find the option of Create a similar ad.
  • Now make the few changes you want to in the second ad like changing the location or lower the budget.

My advice would be not to make more than 1 change in the B split testing ad as it’s always better to tackle one problem at a time. After using this testing method you can evaluate and make changes.

Ways to create an ad from your Facebook Page

Promote your account

Once you create your page on Facebook you will need to promote your account. Attracting as many as interested viewers you can get.

When you log in to your account on the left side of your menu you will find a button saying Promote your page. Once you click on here it will display your accounts bio, cover photo, and account name. If any issue with those makes changes before using promoting your page.

After this, you will find the targeting option on the right side of your ad preview. Here you have target your audience, by deciding their demographic. You can customize from which location, which gender, what age and users with which specific interest you want to target. You also have to set your budget here while scheduling it too.

Once all of the above things are done you can just choose the option to submit. Your page and ads will be sent to the Facebook ad review team.

Give a Boost to your Post to know How to advertise on Facebook

After having created an add and promoting it you may not be satisfied with the amount of traffic you received. For this problem, you need to give your posts a boost.

On the page, there will be an option to boost the post on the right side of the post.

On the right side, you will also see a set target option here you can set the location, age and interest of you’re going to be viewers along with the duration of the ad

Promote site with How to advertise on Facebook

If you have an official business website do not forget to mention it in your bio or description box.

Facebook ad manager also gives you this opportunity where you can advertise or promote your site with viewers.

On the right set the target for interest, gender and run duration of add and click the submit button sent for review by the Facebook team.

You can always make use of the advanced target setting option in the settings menu for better and advanced customization.

Facebook ad ideas to understand How to advertise on Facebook

Make a video

Facebook advertising strategy video

If you have been using Facebook advertising for a while now, you will have some idea about the types of ads and content that gain attention on your account. Making a short and attractive video on the content. This video might give your user a better understanding of your product and help them better get what your companies motto. This might attract more views and might even motivate viewers to buy your product.

Direct sale

Direct sales refer to marketing and selling products online or offline to customers directly and not through some store.

If you are a recognized or well-known company with a good number of followers facebook allows direct sales of your product.

Facebook Drive a direct sale

It would be advised to target users who have previously shown interest on your site. As they are more likely to buy your product if given the write offers. You can make these casual browsing into a real purchase by providing low cost and unbelievable offers.

Beyond web

It’s not necessary that you only focus on online engagement, marketing, and online purchases.

Think beyond the web

Another strategy to use no matter what the size of your organization is to use online platforms for advertisement and encourage offline purchases. You can use advertisements along with which you can give a choice of offline purchase which provides more offers.

Tips for advertising on Facebook

Appropriate audience targeting

Target a specific demographic of viewers first and create a bond of trust and a long term relationship. Create your follower list and keep them engaged. After this turn the target to a higher audience.

Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel

These are codes on Facebook which are to be added in your website, these pixels will bring people to your page or attract people who are looking for similar products. It allows tracking your conversions.

Usage of photos and video

Free stock sites are the best place to find attractive and attention-grabbing photos and videos.

Blurred, dull or inappropriate photos or videos are one of the factors which make viewers turn away.


It’s never safe to just assume things about your audience. Never be definite that the audience will like your idea for sure and focus on that idea for all your next ads.

Always test your new ideas one by one. Keep changing your ad concepts to see what works for your audience.

The blind assumption would be like walking blindly on the edge of a building.

After testing your ideas see and measure through site statistics if it contributed to your account or product anyhow.

Optimize and track performance

Always keep your eye on your performance. You can track that on the Facebook ads manager dashboard.

Facebook Ads Manager track performance

For beginners just getting starting on Facebook, advertisement advice would start slow and small. As right now you don’t have enough traffic on your page start with various different types of ads. Focus and engage with smaller specific users and set a smaller budget.

Helpful Tools for Facebook

If you have a large organization, we know it must get difficult in managing and tracking all your social media activities so I would suggest using Ubercircle.

Through Ubercircle, you can monitor all social media platforms from a single dashboard. You can use it to analyze, schedule and manage your social needs with ease.

Making use of power editor

Photo editor is an additional supportive feature provided by Facebook which helps you to gain more control of your ads. It makes handling, maintaining and controlling your ads easy.

  • This helps to edit your ads in bulk
  • Targeting your audience and gathering information about them through the help of third party applications.
  • Makes you multiple-goal conversion
  • It helps you make various posts where it changes its content according to the users’ interests to attract them.

How to make sure the ads don’t fail?

Get your audience attention on Facebook

The game begins and ends at grabbing attention. The Facebook users are so fickle-minded they change pages in less than 4 seconds. You have this window of 4 seconds to make them halt in their tracks and click on your account. Make your content eye-grabbing and let your product awareness increase in the market. Put hashtags appropriate with the product which is also trendy. These get you a lot of attention.


Once they check your site send them to follow up ads related to that very content.

If they were looking for jackets on your website send them ads about socks or gloves. Build trust in your audience that they dint waste their time and attention on you. Maintain that interest.


Once you get their attention and get them interested long enough in sending them the ads they are looking for. The next and the easy step is to offer them such an offer that it’s practically difficult to say no to. This is where you start generating revenues and leads.

The best advice at this stage is to price your products at a lower price. Straightaway giving them expensive products will drive them away. Build more trust and start with lower and shocking offers.

It’s always better to create a long term relationship with your customers

Points to remember before advertising on Facebook

As we move towards the end of the guide of how to advertise on Facebook we need to remember some of the important points:

  • Increase your budget once you have a good idea about your advertisement performance
  • Keep testing even after your business becomes successful
  • Try and give your viewers a pleasant and unique experience
  • Use proven marketing and remarketing strategies
  • It’s important that you understand the difference between daily and Lifetime budget. And to know which one is relevant to your company.

Setting a budget on your Facebook campaign

Daily Budget is where your ad will keep showing the entire day and you will be charged for per day display. 1$ is the minimum charge for per day ad around 2x your Cost per click.

Lifetime Budget unlike its name suggests runs your ad according to the schedule you have set or want.

Use analysis tools to better understand your audience, your performance, and your competitor’s performance.

Make sure to choose the appropriate formats. The image that you use for advertisement should seem friendly and approachable. Don’t let your relevance score be less than 3.

Relevance scores are based on the good or bad reviews received by the viewers. This score is a measure of the relevance and quality of your ad and your brand. It’s best to always have a high relevance score like 7 and above.

The higher the relevance score the less you are charged for per ad or link click my Facebook.

So, How to advertise on Facebook is easy?

Facebook is the best social platform for marketing and advertising your brand through social media. Analytic researchers have reported that there seems to be a halo effect with business around Facebook.

Businesses advertising on Facebook have a 225% higher impression and response than those who are not marketing through Facebook.

Marketers on Facebook seem to get 96% more page and link clicks, 90% traffic and 111% more followers. Advertising on Facebook can be seen as a profitable investment if maintained properly.

As a beginner marketer, you must have definitely thought of hoe to advertise on Facebook and after reading this guide you must have found a step by step marketing strategy pretty helpful.

Analysis and reports can help you!

Take the help of Analysis, Facebook ad manager and power editor to better understand your target audience.

Use dynamic ads for remarketing, it has been proven to be pretty useful in saving companies. Especially companies which lost all hopes while losing leads at a faster rate than gaining them.

You also need to think beyond the web as focusing only on social media marketing is not correct. It’s always better to balance out your budget evenly between online and offline marketing and advertising.

Engagement matters here

Engage with your audience and keep an eye on all the likes, comments, followers you have. Engage with every customer appropriately as every viewer is a potential buyer in the future.

Keep tracking your performance and if you observe that some ads targeting a specific audience are not earning profits kill those ads. While along with tracking you could also make use of the new split testing and easily find where the problem lies. Remove those ads that and invest more on those which attract an audience

How to advertise on Facebook, you have to pay interest

Facebook advertising is a must for marketers who are either want to boost their brand or want to increase their brand awareness. It has advances settings for more control over your advertisements. It’s a social media networking platform worth investing in for the sake of your company’s success.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

If you're measuring cost per click (CPC) Facebook advertising costs on average about $0.27 per click. If you're measuring cost per thousand impressions (CPM),

Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook?

Are Facebook Ads Worth It? When you get right down to it, though, even a great cost-per-conversion doesn't mean a Facebook campaign will be worth the money. In general, if you get more than $4.00 in revenue for every $1.00 you spend on advertising, that's a pretty profitable campaign.

Does Facebook advertising work for small businesses?

Facebook ads can be a powerful marketing tool for your small business. With simple measurement and unparalleled ability to target based on interests and custom audiences, Facebook ads can be the difference maker—to help you cut through the noise, reach your customers, and grow your business.

Do facebook ads actually work?

It's a perfectly reasonable question, regardless of how familiar you are with paid social. Fortunately, there's a short, easy answer: yes, Facebook advertising works – incredibly well

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