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The master key to boost and gain Instagram followers in 2020

The master key to boost and gain Instagram followers in 2020

by Manavi Pandey April 21, 2020
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Want to know how to gain Instagram followers? And, how to do it without dishing out gobs of cash or participating in obscure strategies? Then you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Without a doubt, there are easy routes to gain followers like:

– Purchasing followers

– Utilizing bots.

But, Instagram has strengthened up its game when it comes to spotting and clearing “inauthentic action”. Obscure strategies may help increase your followers for a brief time-frame, yet they won’t help you in the long run. This means that regardless of the number of Instagram followers you have if they are not genuine they aren’t going to be helpful.

The tremendous growth of Instagram as a social media platform

instagram engagement rate

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app that was launched in 2010, at first only offered on IOS. Yet, in a short period, it has become a very famous social networking site.

Instagram revealed in 2018 that it has 1 billion active users every month, compared to 800 million in 2017. This makes it one of the fastest-growing social networks at present.

The stories feature is emerging as uncontrollably famous on Instagram. The measure of individuals posting stories has obscured Snapchat’s whole userbase.

Another potential factor adding to Instagram’s development is Facebook’s melting away fame. Nowadays teenagers are rushing toward Instagram. Because of this, the usage of Facebook has dropped amongst teenagers and young adults.

Instagram users are getting more and more addicted to the platform. As indicated by a Pew Research study, 60% of Instagram clients visit the site day by day, up from 51% in 2016. By and large, users spend somewhere in the range of 24 and 32 minutes looking through the app or posting content every day.

As indicated by Instagram, about 40 billion photographs have been posted on the site, with more than 95 million extra photos posted every day. Instagram details also uncovered that it is the social network with the most engaged users –

its engagement rates extend from 2%-7%.

The engagement rate may appear to be low in the first instance.  But compared to Facebook’s engagement rates of 0.10%-1.5%, and Twitter’s being even lower, Instagram is winning it!

While other social networking sites stumble Instagram is continuing to succeed. Emerging as one of the most famous and fascinating interpersonal organizations at present.

What should be the main goal of your Instagram account?

Your main aim should be to grow a following of genuine individuals that care about your posts. Followers who get drawn in with your image. That is the best way your Instagram page will get you genuine business results. It is also very necessary to have a consistent Instagram strategy. Focus on why you want to gain more Instagram followers in the first place?

Why you should boost your Instagram follower count

Nowadays social media users are addicted to numbers. Everyone keeps track of their preferences, likes, followers, comments, reposts. You name it and everyone is watching out for it. These things are significant for building an effective social media profile. Followers are considered to be one of the most significant parameters in gauging an individual’s Instagram profile. Some state it’s pointless to look for such a large number of followers on your social media. But, one can’t deny that having an enormous follower count is incredible from numerous points of view. Let’s see how and why this matters based on what do you use your Instagram account for:

Gaining followers on a business account

The reason why business accounts need a large number of followers is quite direct. Its to sell an item or product. The more followers they have, the more introduction their brand gets.

Having more Instagram followers causes a business or brand to show up increasingly reliable. The individuals who are hoping to build a brand on Instagram need to have a legitimate, dependable appearance.

Some portion of a brand’s prosperity originates from how well they advertise their item or service, not exactly what number of individuals they market to. Having a bigger gathering of clients along with a strong showcasing plan is the way to benefiting as much as possible from your business account.

The individuals who have more followers will have the option to take part in the region of affiliate sales as well. More followers, more clients, more sales!

Gaining followers as an influencer

Instagram influencer advertising has overwhelmed the online networking world. Having a huge follower count to become an Instagram influencer is quite important as an influencer’s worth is decided by their number of followers.

An influencer with 200 followers is probably going to have less impact than somebody with 100k followers.

Your followers should consist of people who respect your opinions and share the same interests as you. The more followers you have the greater the business opportunities to market your product or activity to your intended audience. A huge amount of Instagram followers also increases engagement rates with your content.

Gaining followers for celebrities

For celebrities, social media is all about presence. The present famous stars pull in gigantic crowds on their accounts and are adored by millions who hold tight to their every post. The more followers celebrities have, the more drawn in the crowd is, the more is the likes, retweets remarks, and shares.

Having a great follower count allows them to promote themselves and create their social platform and directly connect with their fans and audiences. Nowadays many casting directors even hire celebrities through their social media.

They look them up and decide and make various judgments. Hence, it is quite necessary to have a huge fan base as a celebrity.

Gaining followers for a personal account

A high supporter check can profit anybody, particularly personal accounts. If you have a high follower count you can use Instagram to associate with genuine individuals who have similar interests to yours.

The more followers you have on Instagram, the more delightful your experience will be. Having heaps of supporters implies that you can promote your hobbies and interests and get a chance to collaborate with more individuals and gather responses on your posts.

For example, if you like dancing as a hobby. You can use Instagram to upload your dance moves and build a base of people who enjoy your content.

If you have a large number of followers, individuals who come across your account will consequently believe you’re intriguing. They’re bound to follow you as well since they need to recognize what it is about you that others like

Steps to boost your Instagram follower count

Through your account

It’s important to concentrate on building a credible and natural crowd on your social media. And you are lucky enough that we are here to give you some of the best ways to increase your follower count:

  1. Create an interesting profile

Your profile is the foundation of your existence on Instagram, and a well crafted one is vital for more followers.

Your profile needs to persuade your new viewers to tap the follow button. They won’t do so if your profile is indistinct, deficient, or unappealing.

Here is what you can remember to include in your profile:

  • Name: When presenting yourself, it bodes well, to begin with, your real name.
  • Username: This is your @ handle. Use a predictable handle across all social media to make it simple for individuals to discover you. Make sure that you do not use a complex username for your Instagram account like @a_l.e_x..i.s_
  • Category: if you have a business account on Instagram then you can choose a category for your business. This shows up under your name and can assist individuals in what you do. Some of these categories include-Art, Music, Health, Beauty, etc,
  • Bio: Instagram profile bio gives you only 150 characters to clarify what your identity is and what you do. An extraordinary Instagram bio features your image character and encourages users to make a move. It should convey your personality and show your crowd that they have come to the correct spot. You can make your Instagram bio interesting by
  • using relevant hashtags,
  • using emojis or spacings
  • using custom fonts
  • adding special characters.
  1. Post Consistently

gain instagram followers

The biggest mistake you can do when attempting to get followers on Instagram is to post content irregularly. To battle this, keep a proper ordinary posting plan. Ordinarily, brands shouldn’t post a lot of times in a day, yet whatever your rhythm is keep it predictable. It has been discovered that accounts that expanded their pace of posting over the three-month study saw a noteworthy increase in their commission rate, and gained higher supporter rates as well! You can dramatically increase your follower rate again by moving from posting 1-6 times each week to once or more every day.

  1. Post on the right time

To make sense of the best time to post for your brand, think about your crowd. What does their day resemble? When are they generally online on Instagram? One simple approach to discover when your followers are online and well on the way to connect with your content is by delving into your Instagram analytics.

Timing should just be utilized to support Instagram content that is already to perform well. As per Unmetric information, brands right now experience the most commitment with their Instagram content when they posted at 11 a.m. or 1 p.m., yet additionally 9 a.m. also, 10 a.m.

Just because there are “best occasions to post” doesn’t mean you can’t post content at some other time. A strong Instagram account prepares for loads of experimentation and testing

  1. Post engaging content

There are 2 ways by which a user can post engaging content:

  • Posting aesthetic pictures

Extraordinary content gets individuals to like, remark on, and share your posts. That commitment gives you a boost in your Instagram algorithm and causes you to get more reach as well as new supporters. All that you present must be fascinating to your intended audience. You will probably illuminate, draw in, and engage them with content. Your posts must be convincing and your captions interesting.

  • Using exciting captions

Captions play a major role in increasing commitment, helping you get more reach. Begin with eliminating unnecessary words. Long options are often boring and uninteresting. Make use of emojis, sarcasm, and humor to make your account worthwhile to look at. For example, If you’re posting a picture of your favorite ice cream. What do you think will be a better caption?

  • “My Favourite Ice-cream”
  • “Relationship Status: Netflix & Ice-cream”
  1. Promote your Instagram account on other social networks

To get more Instagram followers, you have to make it simple for individuals to discover you. Ensure your Instagram account is listed along with your other social networks. Talk about linking to Facebook through the ‘promotion’ option. Making permeability and mindfulness is perhaps the most ideal approach to get discovered. Instagram makes it easy to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, which could be an extraordinary strategy to get some additional exposure.At the end of the day, you have to make your Instagram profile effectively discoverable.

  1. Post content your followers want to see

It’s necessary to realize what content your supporters want to see. You’ll rapidly discover on Instagram that some substance performs superior to others. This is the reason testing is so significant. Regardless of whether it’s channels, inscriptions, content sorts or post times, the littlest detail can have a significant effect. Hold your ear to the ground with new Instagram updates so you realize you’re posting popular content. For example, this quarantine the dialog coffee is quite trending. So posting pictures, recipes and new versions of this coffee will make your followers aware that you are posting popular content which they will enjoy.

  1. Use Instagram Insights

Instagram analytical tools will give you information on impressions for each post, alongside reach, commitment, top posts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise discover segment data about your followers, including sexual orientation, age, and area. Auditing this information all the time can assist you with distinguishing regions where you can modify your methodology to assist you with getting more followers. Based on the engagement metrics, regional data, etc. you can ascertain the right time and right type of posts to share on your account.

  1. Use interactivity Features

To gain Instagram followers you need to provide content of significant worth and the best way to do this is by coming up with user-generated content. Instagram stories provide many features to interact with users such as polls or question stickers.

Using the hashtag and location features in your Instagram stories exposes your account to people who do not already follow it. If your business by any chance has a physical area, make sure to label it and urge your followers to do the same.If other clients click on that location they can see all stories and posts related to your business.This provides your brand the exposure it needs

The Instagram Live feature is the perfect way to connect you with your followers in real-time as it notifies your followers when you’re telecasting live and grabs their attention. Through features like questions and comments in the live video, you can engage with watchers in real-time, making a greater amount of that commitment that can help support your brand.

Using the story highlights is also a great way to reach out and present your brand to your followers or individuals who visit your profile Pack those highlights with heaps of extraordinary information and substance to show new guests precisely why they should click the  Follow Button.

  1. Using the hashtag and nametag feature

Your Instagram nametag is a searchable code that permits all users to follow you immediately. It is a simple and viable approach to promote any account through various offline modes such as – on the packaging of products, pressing slips and signage.You can also use  Hashtags to make your account and Instagram stories discoverable on individuals looking for content identified with your image, industry, or items. You can utilize the hashtag sticker in Stories to increase your chances of reaching new followers.

  1. Instagram advertising

Instagram ads are an incredible method to attract new followers, by getting your content before individuals who might some way or another not see it. Focus on your crowd by location, demographics, different users, and even key practices and interests.You can also use stories to advertise your brand

Through other accounts

  1. Follow and tag other relevant users

When you follow someone on Instagram there’s a decent possibility they will look at your feed. If it is filled with a convincing substance that is important to their interests, they’re probably going to follow you back. You can tag Instagram users in your photographs with a @-handle in your subtitle or by utilizing Instagram’s tagging features. In any case, they’ll be notified when you do so.

Tagging somebody urges them to engage with the post and share it with their followers.

when you tag somebody on your  Instagram Stories, they can share that content with their own Story. By doing so, everybody who sees their Story sees your user name and can navigate to your account.

  1. Tell your followers to tag their friends


View this post on Instagram


Collaboration and co creation always. ❤️ TAG the babes you’re proud of. ⬇️

A post shared by BossBabe™ ( on

From time to time try urging your followers to tag their friends, family, relatives on your posts.This will help you to expose your Instagram account to a larger number of individuals.Your content should also be interesting so your followers feel like they are helping their companions by tagging them.

Wrapping up

As time is passing Instagram is only developing. So we urge you to continue using these tips to get followers will assist you with expanding your social base and get back to us in the comments and let us know more! Try to gather an incredible number of followers to get more eyes on your content since social-media-based life can be extremely beneficial. So, the next time you use Instagram to make sure to follow our steps and we can assure you that you will have people flocking to you and your dedication and hard work will pay off.

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