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Find the best time to post on Facebook

Find the best time to post on Facebook

by Manavi Pandey May 28, 2020
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best time to post on Facebook

Finding the best time to post on Facebook can be challenging. As of September 2019, Facebook was termed to be the largest social networking platform with about 2.4 billion users. Therefore, it is a given that any and every Facebook user must go through this guide and learn about how to rise above the noise and focus eyes toward your posts.

Read ahead to find out more about what is the prime time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure!

Why does the timing of a post on the Facebook matter?

time to post on facebook

Firstly, let us address the reason behind the relevance of the timing of posts on Facebook. Why should you care about the best time to post on Facebook at all?

For the sale of consumer goods

On average, a user is likely to find over 1500 stories daily on their NewsFeed every time they log into Facebook. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for any seller or consumer goods to be able to tap into the Facebook feed at the right time to increase sales and ad recall.

Facebook’s news feed grows in a very dynamic nature. This is because it tracks people’s fashion of sharing. Company page owners ought to use a strategy with maximum efficiency to extend to the right people. This strategy can be achieved through a blend of captivating page posts; broad advertising focused on promotion and the right timing to do so.

To start with this strategy you need to determine the best time to post on Facebook for you.

For non-profit organizations

One of the main objectives of a non-profit is to increase awareness and engagement amongst the community. As of 2019, Facebook gained 2.4 billion users out of the 3.5 billion online population. It was termed to be the “largest social media platform”.

It is almost impossible for non-profits to be able to reach out on a platform larger than this along with super ease of usage. Finding the best time to posts on Facebook is extremely important to catch the eyes of sponsors and donors. But alongside, it is of vital importance to:

  1. Reach out to potential volunteers
  2. Spread awareness
  3. Showcase the efforts taken by your organization
  4. Build a thriving online body of concerned citizens

For influencers

Popular rhetoric is that the usage of Facebook has declined over time. But statistical data shows otherwise. The number of users on Facebook has been increasing with almost 1.6 billion users logging in daily. Facebook has been experiencing exponential growth with the creation of five new profiles every second.

With the aforementioned growth statistics, it becomes of utmost importance for you, as an influencer to schedule your Facebook posts to the perfect timing. Therefore, I urge you to read ahead and find out the key to increase traffic toward your page through the best time to post on Facebook.

For regular surfers

With the growing popularity of social media, users are constantly finding ways to use better captions; click professional photographs; edit and photoshop pictures; use the right hashtags and what not! But no one realizes that if only you could schedule your posts, you could have a page filled with hassle-free and popular posts by you.

Best time to post on Facebook

Step 1: Who is your target audience?

First and foremost you must identify what kind of audience are you looking to engage with? Modify the sentences and blanks given below to efficiently complete this step:

For the sale of products:

You can determine the best time to post on Facebook following this quick and short exercise:

1. You are selling household cleaning supplies, your posts and advertisements must be shared at a time most convenient with ____________   (Female homemakers/ Male homemakers/ Working women/ Workingmen/ College students/ Senior citizens/ etc.) ?

For non-profits:        

2. You are promoting participation in a car rally to raise funds for victims of breast cancer, your posts and advertisements must be shared at a time most convenient with ______________ (Female drivers/ Male drivers/ College students who drive/ Working women / Workingmen/ etc.)?

For influencers:        

3. You are a 10,000 (approximately) follower influencer and are promoting upcoming movies around the theme of climate change. Your posts and advertisements must be shared at a time most convenient with ____________ (College students/ Parents/ Bread-winners of the family/ Companies that work for climate change/ Teenagers/ Lower economic class/ Working women/ Workingmen/ etc.) ?

For regular surfers:

4. You have all your close relatives, family friends, old buddies, school friends, and college friends connected to you through Facebook. You want to post 3-4 pictures about a weekend getaway to a hill station. Your posts and advertisements must be shared at a time most convenient with ____________ (College students/ Parents/ Your close relatives/ Teenagers/ Your family friends/ etc.) ?

The above exercise was just to brief you on what does it mean to identify your target audience. Your target audience is “anyone interested in your message”. If you performed the aforementioned exercise and fall into the regular surfers’ category, a lower socio-economic class of people like our domestic workers who use Facebook, will not be a part of people interested in your message.

Likewise, if you fall into the non-profit organization category, your target audience will not comprise of teenagers even though anyone above 13 years old is permitted to independently operate a Facebook account.

Identifying your target audience is of utmost importance because that is the first step to narrowing down the perfect timing to post. If you are targeting teenagers your timing will be very different from someone targeting senior citizens or working women or male homemakers, etc.

Step 2: Identify the geographical area and time zone

Time varies from place to place, while you are reading this it might 12:00 pm in the noon in a country ABC and 12:00 am, that is, midnight in some country XYZ. If this article merely told you that noon is the optimum and best time to post on Facebook and you go on to post at noon in ABC but your audience lives in XYZ then it is actually midnight for them and so they might miss out on your post.

Google Analytics is a great tool developed with this feature. Google Analytics has an audience section, with a “Geo” section. The use of this section is to find region-wise analytics of your viewers.

After making use of Google Analytics you should have a fair idea of where the majority of your viewers reside. Through this information, you can set the timing of your Facebook posts perfectly!

Step 3: Best time to post on Facebook

Numerous websites provide multiple answers to step 3. Please find below a list of these websites and their suggested best time to post on Facebook alongside:




Ignite visibility



Saturday & Sunday

Thursday & Friday



9:00 am


Thursday & Friday1:00pm-3:00pm




Oberlo Thursday to Sunday



Facebook features to determine the best time to post on facebook

  1. Facebook insights

Facebook insights are the best place, to begin with, to know when to post on Facebook for maximum exposure.

The Facebook insights feature acts like one-point-stop for receiving an ocean of data about users that engage with your posts. This feature helps to receive data related to your followers, likes, page views and previews, actions on your page, posts, events, stories, people and messages.

Here, under the ‘published’ section you will be able to see the date and time that you posted. This is a key component to understand the best time to post on Facebook. Now you can see the ‘engagement’ and ‘reach’ column and determine which post garnered more attention.

Next the timing of the maximum engagement post will help you have a rough idea of the best time to post on Facebook for you.

Best time to post on Faceb0ook

Image source – Buffer

Therefore, Facebook insights can help you find out the time your viewers engage maximum with your posts and page. Consequently, you can choose the perfect time for your post to be published.

  1. Facebook creator studio

The Facebook creator studio was designed to give influencers, brands and company pages a much greater scope of enhancing their marketing strategies through Facebook.

The Creator Studio interface is split into three sections. The center of the page shows the posts published by you, and you also can search for a post using keywords contained in it. On the right side, you can see insights of the posts from the previous seven days, and information about the number of posts published, scheduled, as well as drafts made in the past 28 days.

On the left, you can see the menu which allows you to access different views of Creator Studio.

  • Insights section

The Facebook creator studio has an insights section. This section is my absolute favorite. The section labeled ‘performance’, under this provides the revelation of statistics for videos and discover top-notch content along with data on the minutes viewed, video views, and reactions.

  • Loyalty view

The loyalty view highlights your followers’ activities. It demonstrates how many viewers returned to your posts. If you post video content it even gives you insights on how long viewers continued to watch the video.

  1. Through Ubercircle

But both the above-mentioned ways are nowhere close to being as easy as Ubercircle is. Below mentioned are the steps to schedule your posts on Facebook accordingly:

  1. Create an Ubercicle account
    Open the Ubercircle dashboard and sign up.
  2. Link you Ubercircle to your Facebook
    The next step is to link your Ubercircle account to your Facebook page (for companies/ NGOs/ influencers) or Facebook profile (for individuals/influencers)
  3. Schedule your post
    Next, create your post on Ubercircle and click on the schedule button. You can customize your time and date according to your results from step III. To end, click on the schedule now button.
    Next, you can check the schedules section to see all your scheduled posts in one go.

Master tips to keep in mind

Finding the best time to post on Facebook will not be an easy feat. Some websites may provide a clear cut answer as to what is the most suitable time to post on Facebook, but it will also be subjective based on your purpose and its relevance.

Unless you are paying huge amounts of money for Facebook adverts, the following tips should you help you understand the best time to post on Facebook suitable and relevant to you:

  • Understand your brand’s target audience
  • Use Facebook tools to help understand what time your target audience is most active
  • The overall best day to post is a Wednesday
  • Sundays may be a weak choice for posting since people tend to engage more in social gatherings and activities
  • Make use of Ubercircle to schedule your posts well in advance, to avoid delays and mishaps in your timing

best time to post on Facebook

I hope this article was of maximum help for you. We would love to hear your answers to the target audience exercise from the earlier sections. Do let us know what your target audience looks like in our comments section below.

Finally, make sure to maintain consistency with your timings and schedule. You can visit this article multiple times and keep in mind the steps to follow while posting. Let us know your favorite step? Is there any step that has worked out for you, but not included in here? Well share it in the comments section and show us your expertise!



What is the most popular time on Facebook?

The best time to post to Facebook is between 1 pm – 3 pm on during the week and Saturdays. We also found that engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays

How many of my friends see my Facebook posts?

The Debate's Over, It's 35% Each user post on Facebook is seen by an average 35% of the user's friends, according to a comprehensive recent study led by Stanford University researcher Michael Bernstein, who collaborated with three Facebook data scientists.

Now that you know how to find the best time to post, use Ubercircle to easily run tests, measure results, and schedule your content for optimal engagement.

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