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Facebook marketing – All You Need to Know

Facebook marketing – All You Need to Know

by Meghashree Das August 16, 2020
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Facebook marketing

In today’s time, everyone is familiar with the word marketing. When the world marketing features, there is an immediate need of joining the best social media networks, one of which is Facebook.

Facebook is the biggest social media network with almost 2.27 billion active users. Whether you are a successful corporation of a starting company, Facebook can serve as the best Facebook marketing tool, to rise and shine. It is the world largest social network and can perform tasks of 360 host videos, selling products through chatbots and more.

The social media influence, achievable from Facebook and Facebook marketing in the state of e-commerce business, referrals, customer relationships, reputation, brand awareness, and much more all adds up for a successful marketing campaign.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Well, the name speaks for itself. Facebook marketing is something that you would relate to publicizing your brand in the market today on social media. Marketing is perceived in a way of financial markets to move in a particular direction over time.

Facebook marketing

Image source – Insights of Technology

So different ways are opted today, to make sure that your product and brand are spread all across where there is a strong user base and where people would want to get interested.

Digital marketing and social media marketing have hence emerged out to be powerful tools where one can talk and promote their products and make money by merely their views or activity on their sites.

Use of Facebook marketing

Facebook pages are the entrance points for business, and Facebook marketing an essential tool to promote products. Now there are many ways, how Facebook can be used to market your business, including promotions and sponsorships.

With the help of Facebook pages, a public presence similar to a personal profile, but this one allows fans to “like” the business, brand, celebrity, cause, or organisation, masses can be reached. In this article you will find, tips for successful marketing through Facebook, and what attracts the customers and enhance Facebook marketing.

No matter if your business has had a page for years or is getting started, this guide will help you with all. Facebooks powerful tools cater to the business that wants to form an authentic relationship with their audience. It permits marketers to create and distribute very helpful quality content.

Facebook marketing budget

All your Facebook marketing attempts are in vain if you do not begin wisely. To promote any brand online, one needs to make a social media budget that they are ready to invest. This requires a lot do with sponsorships, paid promotions, influencers or simple promotions, once your page is created.

Every single statement you make on a social media platform like Facebook, requires marketing strategy, and to cater to this a good, and mindful monetary support or social media budget is required. Often while planning on a budget, it is daunting to realize the sectors where you would require to invest more.

There is no compulsion over a smaller or bigger budget for Facebook marketing. What matters is its intended investment in the right place. Hence social media networks evolve from being social platforms to a large opportunistic place for business hubs.

These platforms pave ways for promoting brands, creating awareness, sharing blogs or articles, encouraging efficient content, and of course as a source of income.

Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook marketing strategy, can be developed and followed, as per the tips and tricks given below:

Step 1 – Making a Facebook page

Although Facebook, is more popular for personal profiles, one can also create business-oriented pages for Facebook marketing. Facebook pages are similar to business profile.

These pages look similar to profile pages but show some information only applicable to businesses, organizations, and causes. If you create a personal profile for your business, rather than a business page, you ride on the risk of getting it down from Facebook.

Facebook marketing

Image source – Entrepreneur

Apart from this, making a facebook page is very simple in a matter of easy steps.  Choose the name of your page wisely. To begin with, there are two categories you can choose from, business brand and community or public figure.

Step 2 – Add a profile and cover picture

Once you have created a Facebook page, next you need to update it with profile and cover pictures relevant to your brand. Adding a profile picture can give a clear idea to your visitors about what the brand is.

This will behave as the primary image for your page, showing up in search results and the content that shows up in the feed. Technically suggested dimensions for a profile photo is 180×180 pixels.

Facebook marketing

Image source – Facebook fever

A profile picture can be anything from a logo to a photo, however, it should relate to your brand and stand relevant for Facebook marketing. Keep a profile photo that catches the attention of the users.

A cover photo is equally important to be updated as is the profile photo. A cover photo is a horizontal image that spans the top of your page. Add a cover photo to your page, in order to make it look more complete.

Step 3 – Add a short description

With a sorted image your page will also require a short description, to let your audience know what your business is all about. Under “welcome to your new page” you get the option to easily add the description.

Facebook marketing

Image source – Marketing 91

One should be sure of adding a description of about 255 characters or one-two sentences only. This description shows up both on your page and in the search results, so keep it descriptive. To know more of how to add interesting descriptions to your page click here.

Step 4 – Create a username for your business page

The last step remaining in launching your page, is adding a username to it. This option is available under the welcome menu again. Your username will appear in the custom Facebook URL, to help people find you easily.

Image source- Buffer

A larger part of exercising Facebook marketing is when people can easily find you, so the care should be taken here.

Step 5 – Add your page to shortcuts

When you are done creating a page and adding necessary elements to it like the photo, and descriptions, aim at adding shortcuts to it. You can also customize your Facebook page for increasing its visibility.

Facebook marketing

Image source – WikiHow

For instance, every Facebook user has a vertical navigation bar to the left of their news feed. By adding your page as a shortcut here, you can always have an easier access to it. Go to your news feed and click over “edit” next to “shortcuts “in the left vertical navigation to make it easy to find.

Step 6 – Designate page roles

With the basic skeleton of the business page standing ready, you need to designate roles to your page parts for Facebook marketing. One benefit of business pages is that multiple people from an organisation can edit and post from the page without sharing login credentials.

Facebook marketing

Image source – Andrea Vahl

But here, you also need to designate who has what levels of editing access. That is were page roles comes into the picture. Locate “settings”, click on page roles, and add a collaborator like:

  • Admin

Admin can manage all aspects of the page, from sending messages, to publishing them, responding or deleting comments, create ads, see which admin published a specific post, assign page roles and more.

  • Editor

Editors possess similar permissions as admins, except for one where editors themselves cannot assign page roles to other people.

  • Moderator

Moderators can send messages and respond to and delete comments, but they cannot publish as a page. They also have no authority to create ads.

  • Advertiser

Advertisers can make ads, and view page insights.

  • Analyst

Analysts do not have any publishing power, but they can see which admin published a specific post and check insights.

  • Jobs manager

Jobs manager can do everything that an advertiser can de as well as publish and manage jobs.

Step 7 – Add page Call to Action

One of the benefits of having a Facebook page for Facebook marketing is that it has immense abilities to attract an audience you might not have been able to reach with the help of any other traditional website.

Facebook marketing gives the power to reach your targeted audience and promote your brand easily. One such exemplary model was the introduction of the call to action button (CTA) model for Facebook marketing.

For example:

  1. Call to Action for shop now
    Facebook marketing

    Image source – Hubspot



  2. Call to Action for sign up
Facebook marketing

Image source – Snapretail

This feature can be added below your cover photo. Admins can select from a range of choices including book a service, get in touch, make a purchase or donation, download an app, simply learn more.

Step 8 – Customize notifications

While you are in the settings menu, go to “notifications”. This action allows you to customize how you receive alerts for activity on your page. For instance, you can choose to get notifications every time there is an activity on the page, or just get one notification every 12 to 24 hours.

Facebook marketing

Image source – Mikegingerrich

Step 9 – Organize your page tabs

To make your page look more professional and upgrade your Facebook marketing skills, add customs tab to tailor the content your user interacts with. For instance, when to check the Starbucks page, there are many options on the page right from finding a store near you to check job vacancies and browse photos. One can also visit their Pinterest accounts from here and of course order online.

Facebook marketing

Image source – Louise Mcdonnell

You can do the same by navigating to “settings”, “templates and tabs”. From here select your pages default tabs, or add new ones. You can also create a custom app, using the Facebook developer portal.

Step 10 – Verify your page

Every verified business page or public profile portal has a blue tick mark symbol next to their names on Facebook indicating it is a verified account. Now, depending on how you categorize your page, you could stand eligible for a verification badge.

A blue badge confirms that Facebook has authenticated a page for a public figure, media company, or brand. Similarly, for business pages, a grey badge is confirmation of authentication. A verification badge adds a sense of reliance over pages for customers and essential for Facebook marketing.

This can be very important, for enhancing upon Facebook marketing tactics and from the perspective of business and e-commerce or online services. Most of them look for such verified pages to build trust and partner for potential customers and initiate transactions online.

How to monetize your brand on social media

Here you will learn, how to maximize the capabilities of social media presence and transform it into a real revenue stream.


Facebook marketing

Image source – Coschedule

  1. Switch to video marketing

Content is king, and has been forever. Today, people are more attracted towards relevant content and associated brands. Since nobody on such a platform has great patience to read 100 lines, switch to visual marketing as the new content marketing. Visuals stay with us, hence creating effective motion and sound vlogs or videos appropriate for your social media account can elevate your brand.

  1. Make a social media community

With social media being a big global village, you can form a community of potential customers who are interested in your brand. This will not only increase your brand visibility but also increase your followers which is a great sign. Give your followers access to try your brand first hand and you are sorted!

  1. Paid promotions and sponsorship

Collaborations are always good and should be welcomed. With social media tools like paid promotions and ads with sponsorship, you can monetize your brand easily. For every click on your promoted brand, you will generate an income that is pronounced.

  1. Let your customers reach you

Once you are done with paid promotions and building a loyal customer community, give scope and chance for your customers to reach you. Making a business account for the same, and offering communication assistance, with WhatsApp accounts or DMs are a great way for letting your customers reach you.


Marketing is the art and science of exploration, creation, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Hence your marketing tactics speaks a lot about your brand value and authenticity.

The marketing trends today have shown that every virtual-reality today influences a man’s daily life, and that’s how marketing statics uses various methods to influence every purchase that you have.  Facebook marketing has emerged out to be one of the greatest platforms, where brand promotions are made easier and reaching an audience simpler.


Why is Facebook good for marketing?

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them

Is Facebook marketing free?

The three primary advantages of free Facebook marketing are: Free: There is no cost associated with having a Facebook business page, and it's free to post and share content.

Do Facebook pay you for views?

Facebook is to start paying some video creators for uploading their clips to the platform. ... Videos that keep people watching for longer will earn a greater share of the revenue from these ads, with Facebook keeping 45% for itself. Facebook says its users clock up four billion video views daily.

Is Facebook effective for marketing?

A giant in the social space with more than 1 billion daily active users, Facebook can be incredibly effective — if you use it the right way. Content Marketing Institute found that 84 percent of marketers use Facebook to distribute content and promote their business, yet only 30 percent rate it as effective.

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